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Comment from rpmnclassics:

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Melancholy Hill


Comment from Melancholy Hill:

⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅ • • • sunset ocean pinksunset pinkclouds nature universe tumblr aesthetic aesthetics aesthetictumblr colouraesthetic photo photography photooftheday earthpixs2017 vaporwave sadboys grunge anime otaku pixel cyberpunk vintage old retro 60s 70s 80s 90s

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Torell Madsen


Comment from Torell Madsen:

⏳🔧🗯👤💭🔩⏳ "Keep the Gears Moving" SteamPunk CyberPunk ScienceFiction Science Technology NeoVictorian Victorian Western Futuristic Past Present Future Cogs Rivets Machine TimeTravel SteamPowered Fantasy Imagination Brain Steampunkaneer Chrononauts Contraptor Gizmologist Shellacker Scriptorian Audiotorian Gadjet Primocoggler Clockwork

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techwear discord


Comment from techwear discord:

twgi01 is the group instagram of Discord's largest techwear community. DM for the invite if you'd like to join the discussion. nosteppysnek . . . . . ootd potd ff followme blvck blvckstyle blvckfashion allconditiongear acronym nikelab nike fashion streetwear streetstyle streetwearfashion highsnobsociety techwear techwearfashion futurism cyberpunk cyberpunkfashion technicaldiffuse

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Comment from retrograde_1980:

🎨 synthwave retrowave newretrowave synthpop retrofuture retroart retrostyle 80s 1980s 80sart 80sstyle mograph loop videoart futurism cyberpunk futuristic retrofuturism vaporwaveart abstract spaceart graphicarts futureart 3dgraphics digitalart glitch glitchart 80slook gif

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MADHECHI™ - Madhura Kulkarni


Comment from MADHECHI™ - Madhura Kulkarni:

Man meets Machine MADHECHI leather lasrtcut handcrafted handbag LED emoji blackandwhite monochrome contemporary fashion design ootd luxury futuristic conceptual cyberpunk cyborg machine robot accessories avantgarde

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Karolina Szablewska


Comment from Karolina Szablewska:

Unfortunately, I gotta take these down later because I'll be submitting this painting to a competition, so enjoy while they last. I'll put up album after it's all over. oilpainting peinturehuile inmystudio cybernetics

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Circuit System


Comment from Circuit System:

🔲coming soon🔲 circuitsystem futurefocused techwear tacticalfashion technicalfashion tacticalgear technicalapparel streetwear streetfashion cyberpunk festivalwear cobrabelt cobrabuckle milspec techninja acronym

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Comment from FELT Zine:

Sleep Support 🛋✨🛌 (via gokm )

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DLM: DopeLandMusic


Comment from DLM: DopeLandMusic:

Thiago Tan Aka - Waiting For Ft.Tara Louise (Tone Rios X B3RHTO Remix) ──────────── • Connect with DLM YouTube Channel for full track! Link in Bio.☝

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Valeria Lauri


Comment from Valeria Lauri:

About last night🔞💓kawaii pastel cute girl boy wedpack tumblrgirl punk grunge softgrunge pastelgoth alternative pizza cyberpunk palegrunge sassy style pale tumblr teen selfie grungegirl rad trill vintage hipster trippy sad

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Comment from vouguegirl99:

hippie dyedhair greeneyes trans transgender followforfollow follow4follow f4f spamforspam vapor aesthetics sadboi beautiful sadbois cyberpunk 80s anime white amazing wow stunning galaxy soft cute design beautifulpics sadboys2001 nostalgia pretty blonde

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Digital artist


Comment from Digital artist:

Hooked. Fed by lies. Wired by social networks. Mouth is sewn. Melting bit by bit into the future noir. _ illustration blackandwhite bnw bnw_art body futuristic futurism future noir futurenoir cyberspace cyberpunk wires pipes valve artist instagramartist

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Kai Kuroi


Comment from Kai Kuroi:

Patreon エロイラスト エロ エッチ サイバーパンク cyberpunk sex セックス イラスト illustration art drawing erotic manga anime nude censored NSFW

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Comment from ダニー:

Just pure mindless vandalism « My edit » ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Follow these artists/aesthetic accounts that I've tagged 😉 and let me know if you wanna be tagged ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Video Game: F-Zero ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• vaporwaveaesthetics vaporwave aesthetics grunge grungeaesthetics cyberpunk futurefunk retro retrowave synthpop synthwave comment like follow l4l f4f fzero nintendo videogames indie Tumblr trippy psychedelic hipster cool cultclassic vaporart retroart 90s samuraigoroh

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Comment from Derosidemusic:

Everyone seems to be getting engaged, forming relationships and Starting families where as i am happy without those things in my life ♠️💜♠️💜 asexual asexualandproud ace asexualguy

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Comment from trudie:

nobody cares about st george

28 Minutes ago

Kaithzer Morejón


Comment from Kaithzer Morejón:

Official geekfest 2017 convention poster cyberpunk retrowave synthwave 80s neon flare tron arcade Cgart digitalart oc ilustradores.ecuatorianos share

30 Minutes ago

Tyler Recchia


Comment from Tyler Recchia:

Older sketch sketchbook sketch pen ink goth black cyberpunk design lines

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Comment from gluteus_maximuz:

Dreaming.iso vaporwave vaporwaveaesthetic vaporwaveartglitchglitchart glitche glitchartcollective pixelpixelsorting datamosh aesthethic artartworkinstagoodlovedigitalart digitalarts cyberpunk90s80svhsretroeyeacidlsdmaryjanehousefireburnmodernart

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