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DANYUL HOWL 💙 8/8/17💙

Comment from DANYUL HOWL 💙 8/8/17💙:

Listen to daddy :(: ✖· · · · · sad kitten babyboy babygirl prince anxietyattack anxiety little ddlb ugly littlespace lgbt musically panicattacks trans transguy transboy transgender mommy daddy unhappy bisexual fat worthless depression depressed nothing killyourself suicidal depressed

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Comment from K.F.🦄:

Pan Samochodzik 🚗 Miłego Poniedziałku😘 . . . . . parenthood instababy instadziecko jestembojestes bornin2016 babyboy mummysboy dumnamama instamatka fitmama novemberbaby2016 mojewszystko daddy daddysboy

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in need of help


Comment from in need of help:

I wish that bell was my ass 😤😫 - - - - doggo autism sexy woah asian meme wendys emo bleach queef mcdonalds furries seinfeld minecraft roblox daddy filthyfrank cringymemes triggered shitpost vape spicymemes offensivememes vaporwave realniggahours eataburger ayylmao blacklivesmatter dankmemes

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Comment from SICKBOY_TROY:

Love this girl for so many reasons. littlethings thesemoments qualitytime illalwaysbehere illalwaysloveyou illalwayshaveyourback daddaddy dadlife daddyday daddysgirl daddyslittlegirl beardeddad skateanddestroy lifelessons

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Freddie Mercury


Comment from Freddie Mercury:

😍🤤❤️ freddiemercury queen queenband queen80 queen80s 1980s 80s 1980 classicrock rock music band musician singer leadsinger songwriter composer pianist hot sexy damn daddy frontman ilovehim vocalist frontman queenforever brianmay rogertaylor johndeacon

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Jeremie Santander


Comment from Jeremie Santander:

Alive on stage in Germany 1ManAlive . . . . mimizan barefoot alive live music edm electro jump jumping beachlife beachday sunset sunglasses espagne daddy holidays holiday plage playa sand nature natureboy travel counrty discover landes discoverearth

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Aye Yuh


Comment from Aye Yuh:

offensive communism anime daddy funny cancer suicidal dumb poo unfunny dank weeaboo tumblr donaldtrump pokemon bdsm milf nazi feminism emo funny autism

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Stacy Pie


Comment from Stacy Pie:

sundayfunday bowling family mine vcarlos_8 daddy zaddy mine mine mine 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

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Comment from AYLA:

Ain't nobody takin my baby.. - baddie openrp weed everyrp rp roleplay rpforboys rpforgirls tumblr takenrp tumblrgirl truebeauty yeezy igbaddie ovo anyrp aesthetic stoner singlerp dark daddy drizzy feminism feminist gucci coachella beauty beauty nike

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Comment from ゆか:

* 今日から息子の付き添いスタート♡ やっと育児がスタートって感じがします♡ そしてあっという間に新生児卒業 ♡ ・ 付き添いの準備として、ずっと欲しかったスリッパをget✨これでママ頑張れるー(笑) ・ あと、10年以上ぶり?に髪を15㎝切り、良さげなシャンプー買いました💇乾かす時短と、これからくるだろう産後ハゲ対策に🙃 ・ 先週末は地元から父も来て、先に来ていた母と一緒に息子と面会&雰囲気の良いお蕎麦屋さんへ🍴蕎麦自体はそうでも無かったけど、冷やし抹茶バニラがさっぱり美味しかった😋 * 0m29dしまむらスリッパmomdaddyお蕎麦板蕎麦鴨南蛮冷やし抹茶初代伝五郎aveda育児スタート男の子ママ

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misaki sakuma


Comment from misaki sakuma:

楽しすぎた城ヶ島🐠💗 晴れ男最強!デブ最高!海最高! . . . みんなで本怖みんのも面白かったー😎 次の日また会っちゃう感じも💮(笑) 本当夏大好きすぎて終わらないでほしい🙏 城ヶ島 飛び込み 海 デブ DADDY 天サロ 晴れ男 ドッコイ お祭り万歳

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Comment from YoUng_ScHwiFtY:

. . . . . . . . . . . vogue piercings adaytoremember aliceinchains disturbed marijuana doubletap evanescence followforfollow fivefingerdeathpunch fallinginreverse instalike instalikers likeforlike daddy psychedelic maydayparade mychemicalromance nirvana ofmiceandmen hippiesabotage piercetheveil chancetherapper dreadlocks sleepingwithsirens art theprettyreckless webstagram tattoos

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| M a r l y |👽🌿💻💕🇲🇽


Comment from | M a r l y |👽🌿💻💕🇲🇽:

Cute kawaiigrunge kawaii obsessing 90s 90sgrunge grunge grungeaf grungefeed borninthe90s grungekids grungesociety bruises bruise cute daddy grungestyle likeforlike followforfollow lfl deadcat pastelgoth pastel indiesgrunge hipster sadbutrad grungeaf yourmom hoeislife ohmygothyeth makeuplover

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Comment from YungSnow:

Missing my mans so much already 👑 moneysgirl money yungsnow fiance fashion swag baddie daddy papi boyswithtattoos girlswithtattoos unconditionallove moneyrodriguez_100bandz

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Lisda Yuanita


Comment from Lisda Yuanita:

Mau di terkam dino😂😂 mybaby jadenxavierlim daddy chef chefmarco chefmarcolim zoo singaporezoo singapore singaporetrip

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박지민 JIMIN┃( ु ⠁⃘ ⠁⃘ू)┃


Comment from 박지민 JIMIN┃( ु ⠁⃘ ⠁⃘ू)┃:

Hello~ jimin bts chimchim soft daddy cute cutie mochi mochibearcollection jiminie bangtan christianchimchim disrespectfulmochi (C)credit to owner

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Comment from Cadbury:

Rosie had her final puppy needle last week 🎉 she was so good that daddy took her for an icecream to celebrate 🐷 don't worry though he brought me home a yummy cheeseburger so I didn't miss out 👅🐶🤗 (mummy has been very slack and is only just posting this now 🙄)puppy needles celebrate icecream cheeseburger maccas mcdonalds daddy yummy happiness sharingiscaring rottie rottiepup rottweiler rottweilerpuppy rotttweiilers teamrottie therottweilerworld rottweilerlife rottweilertales rottweilerlovers rottielover puppylove cute funny sun7 love cadburythedog_official

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Sylvana Loos


Comment from Sylvana Loos:

I love you😍 💑💏💓💕 family myman iloveyou photooftheday fotoshoot photoshoot beach beachshoot photography protographer pregnantbelly pregnant pregnantshoot cantwait daddytobe mommytobe proud handsome daddy loveyoureyes tothemoonandback ourbaby

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Comment from ®m:

' 收工同👨🏻撐抬腿 點知佢仲忙過我! hkig hkgirl mickyyip iloveyou daddy daddysgirl

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Comment from CringeMusicals:

Such a babe😍😭I just wanna lick him😂👅🙅🏽 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BabeHottieDonutsCringeMusicallyLikelike4likeHotGuyszaynmalik DaddyDeadmusers doubletap

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