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I post a lot about rebuilding my legs for #TransformationTuesday, but you guys.... TWO YEARS! It took me two whole, stinking years to come back from falling off a rope, demolishing my R ankle, and doing a serious number on my L knee. Two years of doubt, two years of pain, two years of surgeries, two years of rehab, and two years of rebuilding my self-esteem back up from zero. When your identity is tied to your strength and athletic ability, it is amazing how low you can sink when that gets taken away from you. When you go from squatting 200lbs to having to crawl to get anywhere. When you can bench your body weight for reps, but your hands are so sore from crutches you can't push a door open. When you watch your body transform from lean and muscular to soft and flabby. When you don't know if this is going to be the last cast, or the last surgery... These things take their toll, and they did. But... depression paved the way for self-exploration, led me to yoga, illuminated my true path, and helped me see and start to address deep-seated issues with self-image and intimacy. As awful as it can be, I thank my depression for that. So this picture may seem like nothing to you, but besides being the difference between flexing so hard I almost passed out on the bottom, and relaxed, hanging off an incline bench on the top, it stands to remind me of all the amazing things that have come to me since I let go of fear and started actively pursuing my passion 💪💕 #findthelesson #theuniversehasyourback #hurricanpersonalfitness #strengthnutritionfreedom

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Jajaja omw to big girl weights. Ik nam ff de tijd hier. Rustaaaaagh.

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