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Lily Riley Personal Training


Comment from Lily Riley Personal Training:

185kgs for a single which is a 10kg PB 😍 4weeksout critta_ epic_coaching ginger_lifting dawesknows scott83murdoch - πŸ”ΈEmail: πŸ”ΈInstagram: lilyrileypt πŸ”ΈFB: Lily Riley Personal Training - personaltrainer pt brisbane brisbanetrainer health powerlifter powerlifting exercise fitness cleaneating nutrition foodie coach strength strengthcoach LRPT squats deadlifts benchpress

56 Seconds ago

Dylan Donoghue

Comment from Dylan Donoghue:

Alright, I've never heard of this Preworkout before. But on my first scoop I broke my 1RM for Bench Press. On my second scoop I trained for two hours instead of the original 20 minutes of rehab work I was meant to do. Who knows what wonders the third scoop will bring 😱 Pimping it out with a bright red muscleworxaustralia shaker. bpmlabs 'The One' πŸ‘Œ

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Comment from Tina:

When you're stubborn and trying to match your personal best (75kgs and 160% of bodyweight) after missing weeks and being inconsistent with training... The struggle (shakes and all) is so real 😭 . . . . . . . βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž– fitspo fitness weights deadlifts exercise motivation health inspiration bulking gains muscle instafit hypertrophy weighttraining weightlifting girlswholift fatloss

1 Minutes ago

Move and Function Aus Qld


Comment from Move and Function Aus Qld:

This is it right here! Special moment where hard work pays off! My client, my friend a mother , a grandmother a busy business owner of a few companies got a Pb today 60KG/2! We went from a 10KG kettle bell Deadlifts to now here we are! Mindset, Strength, Functional and mobile is how we have got here! strong mums muscle mobility movement healthandfitness fitspo fitness fitnessmotivation clienthighlight mindset healthandwellness active sweat pb deadlift deadlifts functionaltraining mobility sweat burncalories personaltrainer brisbanecity brisbane

3 Minutes ago

Zach Scott, M.S., EP-C


Comment from Zach Scott, M.S., EP-C:

Worked up to a heavy double275 and a few sets of super sub max deficit deads. Lack of sleep and poor prehab have me feeling pretty weak, imbalanced, and achy (distal biceps insertion and hamstring). Working on weaknesses for the rest of the week, hence deficit DL with a pause and controlled eccentric. weak powerlifter tired fat benchpress deadlifts squats howmuchyabench rp glutes

4 Minutes ago

Luana Hilson


Comment from Luana Hilson:

Working on my dead lifts a got stronger managed 8 reps with 50kg gainz deadlifts fitgirl thisgirlcan gymunicornintraining fitchick bootygainsplease backgains strongnotskinny strongwoman xercise4less

6 Minutes ago

Samuel Owen


Comment from Samuel Owen:

Finished pressing with some 50kg speed reps gym fitness workout fitfam backday deadlifts squats motivation dedication sofitpersonaltraining tattoos tattoo ink bodybuilding powerlifting strongman

13 Minutes ago

Samuel Owen


Comment from Samuel Owen:

63kgs after heavy bench pressing....still got a clean 6 πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Šgym fitness workout fitfam backday deadlifts squats motivation dedication sofitpersonaltraining tattoos tattoo ink bodybuilding powerlifting strongman

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Comment from OneBlessedGirl3:

letsdothis legday earlymorningworkout earlymorninggrind legsfordays legday getit squats deadlifts lunges exercise weights gymtime golds

18 Minutes ago

Jennifer McT


Comment from Jennifer McT:

Back to 'greasing the groove' to get my chin ups into the super high and heavy rep range. Greasing the groove is basically practising a move often like a skill so it becomes easier and easier. πŸ’ͺ🏻😘 fitmum fitmom strength movement functional crossfit iifym flexiblediet gains fatloss weightloss stronggirls fitgirls lean abs postbabybody postbabyfitness summer physique aesthetics fitgirlsmotivation calisthenics muscleupmum deadlifts fitspiration nature girlswholift

19 Minutes ago

CorMax Fitness International


Comment from CorMax Fitness International:

Repost integral_physio (get_repost) ・・・ Deadlifts Cormax Fit_in_a_box Do exercise first on the easier side, cement it into the brain, dig it out and repeaton the 'harder' side. fitnessmotivatis fitgirl girlswholift girlswithmuscle ocr functialtraining functialfitness core corestability coreworkout coretraining corefitness corestrength grouptraining groupfitness circuittraining outdoorfitness outdoortraining strength strengthtraining aquabag balance stability bootcamp pilates hiit spartanrace aktivsolutions spartankidsrace chrissportsph jordanfitnessuk

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Comment from Tom:

Some sort of shape is arriving there now, cracking stuff biceps workout back deadlifts curls gains gym progress cutting training bodybuilding fitness phdwithgains pump

22 Minutes ago

Thiago Ferreira


Comment from Thiago Ferreira:

Soon... vacation ferias feriassualinda instacrossfit instafitness instafit nike instanike crossfitkcf family crossfitfamily crossfitbox paleo paleolife paleofood recovery overheadsquat deadlifts pushup chocolatecake crossfitfamilyfood crossfitter lift dontworry bacon crossfitteam behappy bebetter

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Comment from Jackmotivate:

❌HAVE YOU EVER...❌ Had one of those days where nothing can stop you? β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Today I was on such a high mentally, that not even the fact I forgot to take my lunch to prac and had to train on pretty much zero carbs could stop me hitting every single rep. 230kg for 2x3 190kg for 3x5 Crushing it day by day. jackmotivate dominate musclenation powerbuilding deadlifts

24 Minutes ago

Michael Olivier


Comment from Michael Olivier:

Training 1/4 done πŸ’ͺ🏼 Morgen beginnen met een nieuwe uitdaging: Romanian Deadlifts πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ fitdutchies pbp personalbodyplan

25 Minutes ago

Stephanie Folkard


Comment from Stephanie Folkard:

Just a little transformationtuesday πŸŸπŸ°πŸ” 1 years progress ✌

25 Minutes ago

Georgia Westbrook


Comment from Georgia Westbrook:

Another day, another smoothie bowl 🍡 Had to sit in a massive blanket eating this because it's so cold and rainy today!😫 It's days like this when I just want to sit next to a fire all day and have a cuddle, but I'm going to have to venture out at some point to walk to the gym 😰 . . . . lean protein girlswholift cleaneating flexibledieting girlgains eattogrow macros fitness health weightlifting vegan exercise fitfam fitnessaddict getstrong gymlife weighttraining weights girlpower squats deadlifts girlswhosquat motivation greenbowl smoothie smoothiebowl

27 Minutes ago

George Hall


Comment from George Hall:

Not dead lifted in week but new Personal best 130kg snapbacks fitness beardgang inkedlife deadlifts newpersonalrecord followme

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Comment from Brandon:

Game time!!!!! nodaysoff strongfirst weightloss fitness getfit workout swole grindout strengthtraining strengthcamp soalpha ironaddict overtraining fitfam beastmode gym fitnessaddict fitnesslifestyle instadaily fitnessfreak deadlift strenght fitnesstoronto 416 ironaddict soalpha bodybuilding deadlifts deadlift fitnessfreak fitto fitnesstoronto transformation bodybuilding instafit 416

29 Minutes ago

Ben Gallagher


Comment from Ben Gallagher:

πŸ’₯ 280kg deadlift πŸ’₯ . . This was a +10kg PB ☺️ . . Strengths on the way up and so are my lifts! Couldn't be happier with my training and diet at the moment. Bodyweight around 105kgs now... 😎

30 Minutes ago