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Diana Ramsey


Comment from Diana Ramsey:

deadlifts legday 155lbs happy goodmorning happymonday fitfam iifym buildingphase gainz ilovemybutt funny fitnessaddict instafit bodybuilding personaltrainer ilovemycoach live love beyourowndamnhero badass liftinglikeagirl girlswholift strongissexy

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Incline rows 💪❕ back fitness gym bodybuilding workout muscle fit motivation abs fitfam gains training body health protein strong healthy fitspo bodybuilder rows backday lats deadlifts pullups squats lift powerlifting deadlift mumbai youtuber

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Julie Gervasi


Comment from Julie Gervasi:

I totally ❤️ trying new things. crossfit is new to me- but I love the community already. Looking for a 1 Rep Max Deadlift. 250 here.... but I think I can do more. 😉plantpoweredathlete deadlifts keepingitreal 250 recover fitmom

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Kasia Rucińska


Comment from Kasia Rucińska:

Gdy Ci się nie chce, gdy jest ciężko, gdy boli nie odpuszczaj! Pamiętaj o swoim celu. Pamiętaj po co to robisz! healthylifestyle healthyliving shelifts shesquats deadlifts polskadziewczyna polishgirl fitness fitnessmotivation fitgirl fitnessgirl bodybuilder bodybuilding motivation workhard passion girlwithmuscle girlwholift absmakeinthekitchen abs fitspot fitspo abs kulturystyka siłownia sixpack smile haveaniceday fitnessphysique

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Comment from misssamanthajeanne:

Happy Monday fam 😊 body fat is down 1% since last week. Patience is KEY and most of the time that is so hard for me! I always want to see results right away but hey don't we all 🙃 start the week off strong 💪🏻😘

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Comment from CORE:

Imjustsaying You don't like to feel strong and healthy ? 😐😳 Do u like feeling weak and pain in your lumbar and back due to it lacking muscle to hold ur spine and body up all day? FukUMean U don't like DEADLIFTS 🤔😈 My clients know Bette than to tell me what they dislike because I make them learn 2 ❤️ what they hate the most by doing it more frequently. FAKTO❗ HealthisWealth Eatkleantraindurty ExerciseIsTheFountainOfYouth lovewhatido❤️ Progression Fitladies FitGuys TrainBackMuscles Finaxxxxx👌🏽🙌🏽❗️AestheticAddiction AnaerobicAnimals & BeautifulBeasts Wemakeem CorepersonalTraining PrivateTraining FunctionalTraining Results Awake BlackOwnedBusiness SelfMade NoFuksGiven FRGLifestyle

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Comment from Jessicia:

🌈Never land🌈 isn't a place , it's a State of mind . . . . . Thoseeyes geeneyes photography photooftheday justme selfie monday riseandgrind selflove canada canadiangirl fitness fitfam fitness shelifts cardio yoga positive divine amazing goodsouls instastyle instafashion instaselfie instaday instagood squats deadlifts motivated legday

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Niina Fred


Comment from Niina Fred:

Sweet Monday, it's deload week! trainingiseasy recoveryishard powerlifting powerlifter urbanistaboston deloadweek beyourowninspiration benchpress squats deadlifts lovingit justhavingfun

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Branford CrossFit


Comment from Branford CrossFit:

Noon class working through today's metcon deadlifts rowing boxjumps crossfit

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Vegainz🌱 - Strength Training 💪


Comment from Vegainz🌱 - Strength Training 💪:

SunzOwtTitzOwt Just some light speedy push press (60kg) for triples as accessory work after bench 🌱💪 bodybuildingbodybuildingmotivation naturalbodybuildingsquats deadlifts benchpress gainsweightlifting veganbodybuilding veganveganism vegansofig veggiestrongmantraining strongman veganathletesathlete veganfitness plantbased goveganveganlife plantpowered plantbased gainzhybrid myprotein

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Emily Sablone


Comment from Emily Sablone:

Overhead press after skwaats today. Missed the gym for 10 days, so figured might as well get an arm pump 🙃fitnessedge843 deadlifts skwaats bench ohp powerlifting gym gains fitspo fitmom girlsthatlift fitnessaddict fitness lightweightbaby squats vsx lululemon

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Kansas City Fitness/Health


Comment from Kansas City Fitness/Health:

Let pain propel you to greatness! Go through the pain it will take you to the next level! motivated kansascity fit kcfit MyTrainerGT deadlifts grind

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Luz Adriana Garshell


Comment from Luz Adriana Garshell:

Starting my week workingout some deadlifts gettingstrong gym workout train mondayworkout workoutdone fitness

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Comment from peteyxcore:

Meet prep week 3 day 1. Deadlifts with 570 for 5 sets of 6 reps. First 2 sets were beltless but I had to throw on my belt for the last 18 reps. Not mad about it since my percentages are based off my belted 1rm anyway and my back has taken quite a beating the past few days. "Unless you continually work, evolve and innovate, you'll learn a quick and painful lesson from someone who has." - Cael Sanderson powerlifting powerlifter USPA Europe AmericanBarbellClub 198 deadlift

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James Lu - RMT, 🇨🇦 TO


Comment from James Lu - RMT, 🇨🇦 TO:

Your squat variation (high/low bar) may determine whether you are anterior (front) or posterior (back) dominant. A lifter that is more anterior dominant (quadriceps) will usually complain about aching knees, hip flexor and excessive middle back tension. Somebody that prefers a low bar may be more posterior dominant (hamstrings and lower back) and could experience chronic lower back pain, hip impingement and excessive calf tension. Frankie (frankiepu) experienced chronic knee tension that was also associated with the occasional "click" during squats. Because of his long torso, he favors the high bar squat and is considered to be anterior dominant (quadriceps overpowering the hamstrings). We focused on releasing the quadriceps along with hip flexors with different manual therapy techniques. However, receiving treatment on his tight quadriceps is only half of the equation. Posterior dominant exercises such as Romanian Deadlifts and GHD/GHR were prescribed to help restore balance between the anterior/posterior aspect of his body. Incorporating these exercises with regular maintenance treatments are the key to solving this problem!

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Comment from #ibun®:

15 reps405 for a rep PR! deadlifts powerlifting bodybuilding backday legday hiking adventure mma yoga veganAF fitfam beard manbun topknot utah utahfitfam hike tattoos HeeHee stretchitout hiking dadbod2k17 luluemon nike lululife thickthighssavelives vans vasafitness completenutrition teamnocalves

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👻snapchat: iron.strong


Comment from 👻snapchat: iron.strong:

There are still spots left! Pick that heavy sh*t up & Pull for Pride! June 10 in 4 cities including NYC. Dets below _________ Repost womensstrengthcoalition with repostapp ・・・ PullForPride 🌈 is a deadlift-only competition to benefit the Ali Forney Center! No gendered weight classes. All people are welcome to compete. Flights will be determined by first attempts. 💪🏻 Lifters: wear *whatever* you want, just be sure to cover shins & wear safe, athletic shoes! Register is open at for the NYC PFP! strongertogether womensstrengthcoalition

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Ana Filipa Lima


Comment from Ana Filipa Lima:

😊 O peso morto passou a ser um dos meus exercícios favoritos. Trabalhamos vários musculos ao mesmo tempo como os da coxa ,tanto anterior como posterior, gluteos e costas , esses sao os principais para alem de tambem trabalhar a região abdominal e trapezio, daí ser um dos exercicios mais completos que existe. 💪gymlife gym motivation nopainnogain noexcuses lovegym workout gymmotivation exercise weights weightsexercises leg glutes back abs deadlifts

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Echo Supplements Windsor


Comment from Echo Supplements Windsor:

Our Instagram reflexnutrition winners prize has arrived! Hope you enjoy it!! - - - --- gym teamEcho fitjourney bodybuildinglifestyle fitnessinspiration powerlifter healthybody deadlifts fitfam fitforlife pump deadlift fatloss gymmotivation biceps powerlifting gainz fitnessjourney bodybuilder gymtime physique squats gymrat aesthetics muscles shredded fitnessaddict muscle bodybuilding fit

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Comment from Caroll_81:

Bootyif you stay with me I promess to make you squat!

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