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Ivan Alejandro💪"Monstruo" Fit


Comment from Ivan Alejandro💪"Monstruo" Fit:

Leg day TeamMonstruo . . prep legday squats deadlifts hams quads npc bodybuilding competition motivation focus 4monthsout gains bulking goheavyorgohome

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Barbell Ruckus


Comment from Barbell Ruckus:

The Ruck-Hood🖤 built to keep you looking good whether you're at the gym, out on the town or doing creepy shit in abandon parking lots😜 BarbellRuckus

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Comment from pursuitofbalancepl:

It felt so good to go to the gym today. Another easy workout 4weekspostpartum. Still not able to run and won't be pushing it. I hope to get some answers at my physio consult this week. Did cardio ( walking + bike ), deadlifts chestpress assisted pushups sumo squats shoulderpress and some stretching. Feeling great!! pursuitofbalancepl workingout postpartum training weightloss weightlossinspiration weightlossjourney girlswholift momswholift fitmom over30 over35 fitness fitspo fitsporation

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g i n a . g u t i e r r e z


Comment from g i n a . g u t i e r r e z:

I was really just checking to see if I had anything up my nose. 🌊☀️

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CrossFit Inversion


Comment from CrossFit Inversion:

nevermissamonday monday mondaymetcon wod fortime deadlifts frontsquats handstandpushups crossfit crossfitinversion CFI fitness yorbalinda anahiemhills

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Comment from pak.pak:

脚の日やったけど、昨日ジェットで筋トレになったと思うので、肩に変更! ショルダープレス インクライン デッドリフト ベンチプレス ボディメイク workout ivanko benchpress homegym ダイエット フィットネス fitness ジム deadlifts squatgopro ゴープロのある生活

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Sting Fitness NZ


Comment from Sting Fitness NZ:

Come train weeninjanz said it will be fun he said. He was so rite love killing myself 👊🏾 bring on Wednesday smashingit howbaddoyouwantit 100percent noshortcuts justhardwork barfloortooverhead toestobar deadlifts barjumpovers strongman carry destroyedit kindof 😂😂 functional_strength_crossfit walkingthewalk leaderslead ptlife

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Comment from Penni.D:

Caught before doing lat pull downs. Great one to build thoes wings 😍 bring on the v -shape Thoes military chin ups are working a treat. One of my faves to do😈 gym workingout fitnesslife fitnessmodel fit fitnotskinny fitfam fitspiration fitspo nike Nikilove shredded crossfit weightlifters weightlifting bodypositive bodybuilding girlslift toneitup tonedlegs glutesglutesglutes flex lats latspread back dedicacion deadlifts squats

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Paige Kernot


Comment from Paige Kernot:

285 like a piece of 🎂 deadlifts powerlifting powerlifter girlswhopowerlift goodfuckingangle ps some of my favourite people in the back ❤️❤️

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Comment from Jo-nathan:

This might be a conventional PR. Single at 445. Slight pulling feeling in the traps. Considering calling it a day..maybe. ------------------------------------------------ Youtube youtubetraining youtubefitness youtubechannel fitfam igfitness igtrain training trainingclip trainingvideo lotsofdeads deadlifts deadlift deadlifting conventionaldeadlift weighttraining weightlifting strengthtraining powerlifing motivatedresults

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Comment from Mimi:

The time I almost drowned myself in beer 😲

10 Minutes ago

Kylie Maree


Comment from Kylie Maree:

Around the world training.. Did all body parts today, after having 2 days off was good to work all of my body.. Legs- Squats 2x20 30kg 40kg Deadlifts 2x20 30kg 40kg Back- Tbar rows 2x15 30kg 40kg Arms- biceps curl and Tricep Extension with plate. 2x20 10kg 20kg Shoulders- shoulder press 2x12 15kg Chest- chest bench press 2x12 kg Glute Bridges 2x20 15kg 40kg beastmode17 beastmode aroundtheworld legs back shoulders chest arms compoundlifts weights weightstraining barbell dumbells bodybuilder bodybuilding push lift liftheavy realwomenliftweights çhickswholift mumswholift mumswithmuscle fitmum instafit instaworkout deadlifts squats triceps biceps glutes

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Livin' On The Edge W/Seasoning


Comment from Livin' On The Edge W/Seasoning:

After 2 back to back vacations and 1 out of 2 work trips completed since March, ALMOST back to where I left off in February. It can be hard not to get frustrated when you lose gains💪 but put in the time and work and you'll keep progressing forward. deadlifts are one of my favorite 😍 movements! Been critiquing my form over the last few months to get my a$$ lower but I've finally came to the conclusion, my giraffe legs are way to long compared to my short torso. Keeping my shins vertical and flat back is my main focus for now. 2017goals is to rep 200lbs by end of summer, it will come! Today I felt accomplished completing 5x7 180. Gotta love the kid caught staring behind the rig 😂

12 Minutes ago

beast INtraining


Comment from beast INtraining:

Carbfree protien balls dietdown 1/2 cup natural pb 1/3 cup honey 1tsp flaxseed 2 tsp coconut 1 scoop cookies and cream protien 1/3 cup peanuts Made 6 Only eating 3 trapzilla winning recordbreaker gripstrength strongmantraining scottishpower powerissexy whateverittakes killinit deadlifts powerlifting vanfit chilliwack

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Mizuki Rayment


Comment from Mizuki Rayment:

Good evening everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and have a amazing week ahead of you! Today I worked on arms and legs but I'm just showing ya a small segment of what I did. 3x15 of dumbbell sumo deadlift s.s with 3x12 squat curtsy. Lately I've been feeling like I've been going backwards on all my progress from my fitness and it's really getting in my head 😣 I just know I need to take it easy, strengthen those small muscles, and keep working on my body. I also keep forgetting to be patient. 😅 Anyway, have a good evening! I'm about to relax with my hunny, eat some dinner and catch some zzz 😴 doitforthebooty deadlifts dumbbells workout wod workworkwork rahrahbooty bootybuilder bootyfordays crossfit consistencyiskey roguefitness fitness fitthick thickbooty bliss gainz sundayfunday girlslifttoo lightlifter gymaddict gymlife patience

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Comment from Jo-nathan:

Been running around for 90% of the day today but I have to make some time to get these deadlifts in. Won't do much or any accessory movements. -------------------------------------------- Youtube youtubetraining youtubefitness youtubechannel fitfam igfitness igtrain training trainingclip trainingvideo lotsofdeads deadlifts deadlift deadlifting conventionaldeadlift weighttraining weightlifting strengthtraining powerlifing motivatedresults

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Damian Conklin


Comment from Damian Conklin:

Deadlift from about a week ago of 470lbs, recovering from a lower back injury and this is the heaviest I can go without breaking the machine, should've used more glutes, deadlifts are getting back on track 😀 powerlifting deadlift powerbuilding teenbodybuilding fitness health fitness fit TFLers fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding gym train deadlifts traininghard health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean exercise

2 Days ago

Madison Gunter


Comment from Madison Gunter:

Here are a few of my favorite exercises at the moment! I do these almost everyday. Plank 30 sec. Plank Hip Twist 20 sec. Side Plank 30 sec. Side Plank Dip 20sec. *Switch Sides* Bridge 30 sec. Single Leg Bridge 30 sec. *Switch Legs* Repeat 3X

4 Days ago