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Ben Hales


Comment from Ben Hales:

Overhead Press from yesterday 55kg 3x3 3rd and 2nd set shown Hoping for a new PR soon! theironstronghold power powerlifting powerlifter powerliftinglife bodybuilder squat squats bench benchpress deadlift deadlifts ipfpowerlifting ipf powerliftingaustralia gpc proraw prorawpowerlifting rawlifting handstands strengthsystem transformingthehills betterbodyproject betterthanyesterday MNfam strongmotherfucker realmovementproject innerbeast

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Crossfit Memes


Comment from Crossfit Memes:

It be like that sometimes crossfit PR berpees weightlifting olympicweightlifting pullups muscleups WOD why meme killcliff likes powercleans squats snatch deadlifts crossfitgames doubleunders progenex rogue USA OLY FRAN legday wallballs clean

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Amy Walker


Comment from Amy Walker:

Β° Midweek Motivation Β° I have been very quiet lately with my MM as a lot has been happening this past peedie while but I'm back on track. Well phase 2 - it's been a bliddy tough journey, I have pootsed, gotten mad and sometimes nearly been in tears but I am on the right track. This photos proves it's not just a walk in the park and to get somewhere you have to work as hard as you want it, bliddy burpees get me mad. There is days the last thing I want to do is go to the gym and work my ass off but if you don't go, your a quitter... I ain't no a winner!! πŸ’ͺ new plan, less reps more weight. Challenge accepted. I'm excited to see my changing even more. This is just the start 😎 happy hump day ✌ girlswholift rhanellfitness deadlifts squats carbs aintgottimetopleep bitchno getsquatting macros kgkgkg

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Comment from armaturepilates:

Armature Strength Studio πŸ’ͺ🏼 Fully renovated and waiting for you - 132 Victoria Street, Brunswick East. Try out this space with our Functional Fitness, Badass Box, and NEW Push/Pull Progressions classes πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ fitness strength weights fitspo cardio functional boxing pilates yoga reformerpilates lygonst brunswick brunswickeast challenge armaturepilates deadlifts strong fitnessmotivation strongnotskinny strongwomen

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Sam Bennett


Comment from Sam Bennett:

220kg Deadlift. This was fucking heavy. Not the prettiest lift, but it's a PB so I'll take it 😎 stankyleg packingheat deadlifts

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Comment from mich2316:

Switched up my workout days to give my back some rest... did 2x3225lbs & AMAP (5)230lbs (shown)... deadlifts powerlifting powerliftingmotivation powerliftingchicks powerliftingmeet girlswithmuscles girlswholift meetprep rps raw howmuchyabench gainz powerlifter girlswholiftheavy girlswhopowerlift liftheavy 114 training4japan training4nov

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Comment from Christine:

First deadlifts since glute injury. Have held off these a bit longer than squats. Felt ok though & no pain yet. Couple reps here at 130kg. Sets of 5 120kg before and after these. Taking it easy. Feeling hopeful I might still pull a decent deadlift. What a mess of a prep haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ where's the fun if it all goes smoothly though right? πŸ˜„ deadlifts deadlift powerlifting powerlifter girlswhopowerlift

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Impact Personal Training

Comment from Impact Personal Training:

Workout Wednesday Try this hamstrings and glute workout as practiced by impact_rich and sam.prettypt on Monday (with Gem doing some leg extensions just for the viewers 😜) A1 - 4 x 8 Stiff Leg Deadlifts B1 - 3 x 10 Hyper Extensions C1 - 3 x 12 Laying Hamstring Curls C2 - 2 Lengths Walking DB Lunges D1 - 3 x 15 Barbell Hip Thrusts D2 - 20 High Wide Leg Press legday legdayworkout glutes hamstrings workoutwednesday freeworkout hamstrings impact teamimpact teamIPT ipt personaltrainer personaltraining luton deadlifts hamstringcurl

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Goddess Nutrition


Comment from Goddess Nutrition:

Happy humpday with amylouiseclement and her BCAA Boost in Blue Slush flavour!πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ

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Comment from NothingBut_Tshirts:

Get yours!!! πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰project_fit_nation Tell them you saw it on Nothingbut_tshirts . . Project_Fit_Nation projectfitnation fit fitness exercise workout muscle muscles gym gymwear deadlift weightlifting flex squat squats deadlifts lifting gymshirt strong shirt tshirt pose benchpress activewear fitwear lifting dedication powerlifting wordstoliveby

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Comment from NothingBut_Tshirts:

πŸ‘‰disciplesofiron Tell them you saw it on Nothingbut_tshirts . spartan loyalty guns gains gym flex lift fitness muscle Austin Texas savage beastmode deadlifts squats benchpress motovation inspiration strength honor freedom fit squat deadlift gun

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Brian Adams


Comment from Brian Adams:

Saturday was compitition day with rawplcanada , goodie81 scboss thehulkhansen coach__hunt. Not only was it tons of fun but I also managed to take second place and smash a bunch of personal best. Here is all three of my deadlift attempts, at 205, 212.5 and 222.5 kilograms(451,467 and 490 pounds). Deadlifts have always been a pretty big mental game with me, so it makes it even better when I can push past a lift and make it count. powerlifting bodybuilding powerbuilding deadlifts legs back compitition dedication training consistency training fitness gym gains

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Brian Pankau


Comment from Brian Pankau:

Go figure I pr on my pause front squats and camera is positioned slightly off 😧 oh well at least you can see most of position haha 220lbs 5 second holds for singles. Before these pause reps I did 3x5 185lbs and 2x3 205lbs. Definitely took a few sets to get hips opened up even after warm up. . . . . . . vital4u teamvital4u depth deepsquat squat frontsquat squats crossfit crossfitter ironaddict deadlift deadlifts powerlifting powerlifter strengthtraining olympiclifts olympicweightlifting olylifting fitgeek liftheavy transformation weightlifting gymlife beast beastmode savage fitnessfreak fitnessaddict

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Comment from Paul:

Low cal bedtime meal. Tuna, πŸ… tomato and a drop oil olive oil and balsamic glaze with salt and pepper. One of my favs. 200cals highly protein 13g per can. . . . . . . squat ripped cleanfood ketosis powerlifting healthy transformation keto nutrition glutes IIFYM legs protein strong deadlifts personaltrainer deadlifts personaltrainer squats health transformation Abs crossfit workout powercleans likeforlikes

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gloria 🐻


Comment from gloria 🐻:

255 lbs for 6. Can't wait to switch back to sumos just to see how much these conventional deads will pay off. πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ thresholdtf_ genetictyler

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Comment from Gi_anne:

Pictures are what motivates me because I cant see any change if I dont take pics. 2012 is when I began training but knew very little about the importance of nutrition and how to properly position my body. 2014/2015 is when I took it seriously dedicating alot of my time and energy into weight training. When I feel progress, beat my P.B and I can see progress thats when it became huge part of my life. It builds self esteem and gives you focus away from negative energy. It gives you drive and positivity. Its a sport that can lead to lots of other sports that perhaps Id have no interest in before. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺgirlswholift nutrition training work selfesteem squats deadlifts fitness fitnessjourney cardio muscle muscletone posehelps skinny lean glutes legday

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CrossFit Raw Appeal


Comment from CrossFit Raw Appeal:

112 people showed up for "Diane" today. That's a new record and a whole bunch of new PRs!! benchmarkwod classicwod crossfit hspu deadlifts crossfit

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The Manish Singh Rawat


Comment from The Manish Singh Rawat:

Wear your opinion wyo crazy cool muscle strength igfitness instalike like4like likeforlike fitnessjourney fitfam achieve workhard gohardorgohome squats crunches deadlifts biceps curls fitness sweat pushpullgrind physique girls photography model looks bodybuilding transformation strength

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Katie Rosato


Comment from Katie Rosato:

You know what. With zambrero having $6 burritos today I am definitely going to take advantage of that deal 🌯🌯🌯 I already worked out today so it's time to treat myself treatyoself

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Comment from ironartlanzillo:

vikingpress strongman strongmantraining deadlift powerlifting vikingpresses liftheavy gym fitness bodybuilding workout workhard weightlifting strength squats grind framecarry deadlifts winnerwinnerchickendinner training trainhard thepalmettostatesstrongestman strong squat riseathleticperformance riseathleticclub rise powerlifter liftheavyshit ironartlanzillo

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