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Shayna Marie Satzman


Comment from Shayna Marie Satzman:

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Comment from Mak:

Next time someone asks me why I eat around 5 or 6 meals a day...Il just show them this video. I hope they understand! The man himself 1dayumay speaking the truth about having to eat big to get big! 5percentnutrition . . . . Regrann from makaveli_motivation - I don't Eat For Taste 💪 EatBigToGetBig EatToGrow Diet nutrition food protein gains muscle body shape physique bodybuilding dedication discipline lifestyle love passion shredded NoExcuses Shredded DietHard ILoveMyProtein IEatForFunction fit fitness BelieveToAchieve MakaveliMotivation - regrann

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Comment from LIVIY BASIL:

ANKARALICIOUS!!!! Happy girls are the prettiest.... guests Cuteness overload baby kamsi and baby kosi go to church... ______________________________ itsaliviybasilproduction twin boys toocute newbabiesalert goldenchildren beautiful beautifulladies ankara ankarafashion luxuryedition babydedication babyboys fresh smiles liviybasilproduction dedication picsoftheday photography happysunday nodaysoff asoebiafrica asoebibella asoebi bellanaija asoebiafrica asoebiladies

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Comment from 💪:

Kirill Sarychev deadlift 410 kg!!! powerliftingmotivationfitnessfoodgymworkoutcrossfitusafitnessmotivationkraftsportfitnessstudiogainzdedicationmuscletrainingfocusstrongpainpowerbodybuildingfitnessaddictпауэрлифтингжимлежаbenchpressсилаrussiatherockmalanicheveddiehall

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Aleksandra Japundzic


Comment from Aleksandra Japundzic:

Ze za nje 🙈😄 mondaylegdaytraditionnoexcusesgymtimeafterunistudyingnowtrainlikeabeastlooklikeabeautyeatcleantraindirtyfitnessaddictgymratdedicationeverydayskinnybitchleanmakeprogressgainsbulkinggohardlifestylebitifitlavovskijeposao 💪💪😝💞📚🌞

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Comment from LiveLikeKing:

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TGB Supplements💪


Comment from TGB Supplements💪:

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Killian Murphy 🇮🇪


Comment from Killian Murphy 🇮🇪:

MondayMotivation "It's a slow process, don't make it slower by quitting" 💥👊 BiggerAndBetter KillianMurphyFitnessAndPerformance Coaching JDGYMCoventry Progress Dedication Transform Strong Fitness Performance Physique MensPhysique Ukbff Bodybuilding BodyPower aesthetics PersonalTrainer LiftHeavy GetShredded Vascular WeightTraining fitspiration IrishFitFam ukfitfam

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Sergio Guzman Kunstmann


Comment from Sergio Guzman Kunstmann:

deadlift 5x130kg dedication bodybuilding backday shredded aesthetic

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Comment from jech_training:

25 min i prattempo i solen gav bra resultat. ☀️🙂 yogagirl yogis celsius motivation dedication juoksu løb runshots laufen runplanet lovetorun happiness wellnespromenad löpning springa löparglädje träna träning run running runner runhappy runspo justrun runnergirl inspiration happy

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Gym - Fitness - Babes


Comment from Gym - Fitness - Babes:

HTers HashTags bigbench cardio dedication eatclean fit fitness fitnessgear flex focus grind grindout grow gym gymlife instafit instafitness lifestyle motivation muscle pushpullgrind pushpullgrind ripped shredded squat strength sweat swole trainhard

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Pirinella - My Motivation


Comment from Pirinella - My Motivation:

Jeg har altid rispapir i huset, til de dage hvor jeg ikke gider at stå i køkkenet for længe. 🙈 Plus det er en super nem måde at tømme ud i køleskabet 😉 - Ingredienser: Rispapir. Grønkål. Gulerødder. Rosiner. Bananskalotteløg. 😊 I always rice paper in the house, to the days when I did not bother to stand in the kitchen for long. 🙈 Plus it's a super easy way to empty out the fridge 😉 - ingredients: Rice paper. Kale. Carrots. Raisins. Banana Shallots. 😊 Ich habe immer Reispapier im Haus, zu der Zeit, als ich mir die Mühe nicht lange in der Küche zu stehen. 🙈 Außerdem ist es ein super einfache Möglichkeit, den Kühlschrank zu leeren 😉 - Zutaten: Reispapier. Kale. Karotten. Rosinen. Banana Schalotten. 😊 healthy cleaneating gym fit fitfam fitspo fitness fitfamdk fitfamuk fitnessfreak fitnessmom fitnessmotivation motivation weightloss vægttab livsstilsændring fitnessaddict sport dedication scandinavian healthydiet ig_fitness_freaks lovefitness diet bodybuilding dullermedmuller igers dedication fresh diet fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle

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fıtness hakkında herşey


Comment from fıtness hakkında herşey:

inkworkoutfitspoigfitfitfitnessshreddedrappidbodybuildingbodybuildingmotivationmotivationinspirationpowertrainingsquadgymbeastmodemodelmusclemodelfitsporationmensphysiqueaestheticsmusclesfitfamdedicationifbbpagegoldsgymfitnessmodel fitness Beğenip Ve Takip Etmeyi Unutmayınız Desteğiniz için Teşşekürler Thank You for Your Support

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Comment from Kyl_OP_fitness:

Il est inutile de se comparer aux autres , chacun a un parcours différent, par contre tu peux te comparer à toi même et a celui que tu étais hier , ça , ça te fera avancer. On se regarde tous dans le miroir sans être satisfait , parce qu'on a en tête des idéaux , et c'est normal. Mais parfois prends juste le temps de regarder derrière toi! Au final tu verras que tu as fait du chemin , tu verras , tu es meilleur qu'hier et c'est ça le plus important! Travailles dur , sois déterminé , fais les choses avec passion , et tu y arriveras! 👏🏼💪🏼🔥 ***************************************** Tu veux sécher?🥗 Prendre de la masse? 🍗Améliorer ta récup 😴, ou conserver ton poids?⏲ Il y a tout les compléments que tu veux sur le site prozis! Go faire un tour!!! ( ) ⚠️🛑Code PROZIS 10% : KYLIAN12🛑⚠️ ****************************************** shape aesthetic workout determination dedication fitboy gymnast gym posing shredded prozis gainz flexing boy teamshape nathanmozango bodybuilding fitness fit fibo fitnessmotivation model photography cut abs chest squat haircut

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Álvaro Agj 💪


Comment from Álvaro Agj 💪:

Pues aquí, con mi hermano gemelo pasando la tarde ...🤣🤣 ripped gym estilodevida fitnessaddict dreams cardioworkout changeyourlife bodybuilding nopainnogain eatclean dreambig fitnesslifestyle hardwork trainhard aesthetic pursuingdreams  ilovebodybuilding dedication asalvajado sinpeinar sinfiltros

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Phil Agostino


Comment from Phil Agostino:

Had a beard trim in a proper barbers today for the first ever! I feel so manly 😂 According the samrich21 this will make me 10% stronger, and I'll take that ;-) Definitely liked it! Not sure if I'll keep it long but it was good to try! fitness teamskip diet wellbeing gym fatloss nutrition onlinecoach ukbff ifbb weightloss fitfam health entrepreneur prepcoach bodybuilding strength gymlife businessman fitspiration business dedication successful lifestyle transformationcoach motivation exercise goals gymflow healthyliving

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Comment from happy_fitgal:

Kick Monday in the tush and workitout, fitfam! mondaymotivation fitnessmotivation inspiration dedication workout workhardplayharder fitspo fitchicks fitfluential kickstagram tushy eatcleantrainmean traindirtyfeelgood fitnesslifestyle

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Petit-frere 🌍


Comment from Petit-frere 🌍:

CORE!🏋🏿abs core abdominal 6pack builtbyiron muscles gymrat gytime work lookthewayyouwant beyourself behappy begreat herculeed awesome iron dedication cobra abs biceps chestday bigger stronger faster athlete

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Rhiannon Smith


Comment from Rhiannon Smith:

Went to the gym wanting to have an awesome leg day... maybe go for a max if I was feeling it. But instead everything felt off, my hips were tight, my head felt like it was going to explode, and my knee was popping and grinding more than a rap video. Needless to say I did NOT expect to get a 4RM at 205lbs!!!!! Trying to keep tight and control that butt bounce... which clearly screwed me on the 5th one so I not-so-gracefully dropped it instead of dying 😂😂😂 Come to find out I was coming down with food poisoning... but still got a PR so screw it. 😏👊💪 4RM 205 progress liftheavy squat deadlift booty hamstring legs thegym247 fitfam bodybuilding girlsthatlift girlswithmuscle dedication confidence fitmotivation thefaceofstruggle trainharderthanme grind gains strongissexy flex inzer inov8

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Jen and Dana


Comment from Jen and Dana:

Excuse my paleness 🙈 Taking a few weeks off and then getting back into my next prep for the year. Looking forward to this next show I picked out and hopefully my other half can get her shit together so I'm not alone back stage again!!! Lolol jenhutchens03 😘😘

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