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This is a repost of a Animal-Lover in Asia!! The repost is of @jia_k8124 She shared a huge Amount of cruelty against Animals in Asia!! So to all who throw all Asians in one Pot...CONSIDER THERE ARE MANY ASIAN ANIMAL LOVERS WHO FIGHT FOR THE ANIMALS TOO!!! As we know,there are wether Animal-Rights nor Human-Rights! Many People are frightend and if we see People like her,then we should appreciate her brave Acts against her Country! Please always think about: we will stand up for helpless Animals and against cruel subhumans. But we should not hurt and blame the softhearted humans in those countries,we shall WELCOME them and take them IN the community!! We all fight for the same issue! Before commenting rude against ALL ASIANS,think about the innocent People who have to live there and who have to witness such cruelty live!!😭💔😭 Let us never forget and let us not loose the Respect of the People who fight with us!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼For the Animals we fight; TOGETHER! WORLDWIDE! There is not the only cruelty against Animals in Asia,it can be found in every country worldwide. But for sure,ASIAN & ARABIAN COUNTRIES ARE THE WORST !! Thank you @jia_k8124 for sharing and standing up!! #dogmeattrade #china #vietnam #laos #bali #indonesia #cambodgia #korea #cruelty #fight #cruelty #brutality #vegan #vegetarian #furtrade #nofur #stolenpets #skinnedalive #inhumanity #norespect #karma #devils

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Thank you all so much for 2K! Unbelievable 🔥. What else would you like to see from this account? Leave a like and comment 👊👌

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Autumn reading. #Devils of #Loudun. As an old elderly friend used to say "'s not the buggers you can't see that you need to be frightened of."

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