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Rosa Marie


Comment from Rosa Marie:

People change, things change. If you are still in my life, consider yourself lucky! I have learned to let go of negative people, vibes and two faced bitches. Sorry not sorry ✨killer fitnessislife gymaholic fitness slowlybutsurely ilovemuscles livelovelift liftingislife gainzzz fitspo fitfam fitchick fitnessmotivation progress getitgirl womenwholift ironandink sorrynotsorry life appreciate onlypositivevibes whatworks dowhatyougottado dowhatmakesyouhappy

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Comment from Cara:

I've been trying to write a lot more lately. It's mostly just mantras and daily thoughts. It's helped me work through some things, and get over others a great deal as well. I think I'm going to give this a whirl. I love writing, and one of the biggest reasons I don't do enough of it is because "I don't have time". Quite frankly, I'm sick of that BS excuse. We only have time for what we make time for. Time is stupid, I do what I want. writing writingprompts writingchallenge challenge challengeyourself beaboutyou beaboutyourlife dowhatyoulove dowhatmakesyouhappy idowhatiwant joinme 30daychallenge 30daywritingchallenge

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Comment from caca824:

The face you make when you hang up after doing your first product Q&A call for the number 1 income earners in your company. They offer us LIVE team training calls every morning, at 830am. The Nurse that usually does this call every week, wasnt able to do it this morning. And I was asked. ..ME ! This is a vision of mine that I have had for over 3 years.. to one day do a call for Patty and Herb.. this morning... it came true. I said yes to a silly little shake, that silly little shake was the stepping stone to an amazing life transformation. I am so blessed and grateful for this moment, and where I am going. liveyourlife livehappy blessed grateful growth dowhatmakesyouhappy smile itssomuchmorethanashake transformationtuesday alwaysgrowing healthymindandbody

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Sean Smiddy💪


Comment from Sean Smiddy💪:

I could give two shits if someone posts a lot of gym pics. Honestly, it's no different than people posting pics of food, cars, nature, or anything else. Do what makes YOU happy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow me here on Insta: smiddy_fit Snap Chat👻: smiddy0023 Facebook: Sean Smiddy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------justdoit workoutmotivation workout gainz fitspo gymtime shredded veins truth motivation sorrynotsorry fitness gymlife beastmode bodybuilding fitsporation gym excercise muscle weights aesthetic athlete lift vascularity flex dowhatmakesyouhappy nodaysoff zyzz fitfam gymquote

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Cami Bertrand


Comment from Cami Bertrand:

Mañanas cada vez más frías y oscuras pero seguimos con pecosa100 💪🏽💪🏽 Se vienen gorros, guantes y luz frontal para seguir esperando al sol corriendo .. Teamsalming NaturalRunning salmingrunning SalmingChile Running ExpoMaratón2017 locosPorSalming SoyDeEsosLocosQueCorren nononsense nohayexcusas trilife triathlon triathlete swimbikerun dowhatyoulove dowhatmakesyouhappy instapic instachile instahealth fitness 14semanas

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Advance Beauty College


Comment from Advance Beauty College:

Hair by parispaintsdahair sunkissedhair balayage happyclient softhighlights wella blondor colortouch eimi speakeimi longhair hairgoals ocbeautyschool lagunahills cosmetology cosmostudent hairstyle abc opentill10pm career artist hairpaintingartist dowhatmakesyouhappy

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Comment from Kat:

That drop though!!!! 😁😁😁🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻 excision paradox dubstep purplelambo skrillex edm edmlife edmdrops edmlifestyle edmshows raves production amazing lifeisgood goodvibes dowhatmakesyouhappy

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Sandee Masigan


Comment from Sandee Masigan:

And I will dream of you tonight... Good night world! ❤️💋fatbuthappytuesday dowhatmakesyouhappy 102midnight

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Ann Göransson


Comment from Ann Göransson:

Njut av stunderna i Livet imorgon är de Minnen ❤ takecare love life family dowhatmakesyouhappy

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Kíd Zör


Comment from Kíd Zör:

Get it in! food foodstagram eatgoodfeelgood fuellikeapro yum pasta beer pilsner chopsticks cooking dowhatmakesyouhappy flatlay

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Robyn G - MiniHulk


Comment from Robyn G - MiniHulk:

Today's shape. 💪🏼💗 ⠀⠀⠀ The boys always assume that as my age gets higher... So does the waist of my pants. 🙄 Little do they know... It's the tummy saver/hider and I've been doin this 💩 forevesssss. 😎✌🏼️🐷 ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ • • • • MiniHulk HighWaistPantsAreLIFE LoveYourself IamME PerfectlyUnperfect WhatAbs AllFlabs TeamBeyondYourself VanFitFam GymMotivation GirlsWithMuscle BodyEmpowerment DoWhatMakesYOUHappy

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Severine Papin


Comment from Severine Papin:

Deuxième journée sur NANCY!! Au programme : cheveux longs! Quel groupe 😍 Merci au magasin Pro Duo pour l'accueil, Pascaline ne change rien!! Le Mans , je rentre .......paulmitchell longhair dowhatmakesyouhappy

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Comment from Luna_Fit_mom88:

Today in my happy hour💪🏼💚💥metime youareapriority loveyourself behappy lifeisbeautiful fitlifeisthebestlife gymtime tuesdayworkout gym dowhatmakesyouhappy

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Just A Girl


Comment from Just A Girl:

It takes time too become who you want to be. Don't rush it, and always remember to breathe ; 🌙❤️😊👣✌🏻️☀️😍

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Comment from Poet+Thief:

C O L O U R singer singersongwriter vocalist instamusic goodmusic musicislife musicians musiclife musiclover piano musicphotography musicflow musicindustry indiemusic indieartists instamusic mybeautifulmess withgracemovement livefullyalive liveinthemoment keepgrowing soworthloving livingintentionally nourishyoursoul focusonthegood dowhatmakesyouhappy enjoythejourney gritandvirtue mindbodysoul

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Kasandra Gajic


Comment from Kasandra Gajic:

Frühlingsgefühle 🌸☀️🌷 . . . . . . . . . spring feelings positivevibes enjoyinglife dowhatmakesyouhappy moments lipstick happy youonlyliveonce staypositive fitfam balkan austria bosnian

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Zo-Mari Tanker


Comment from Zo-Mari Tanker:

We can't take ourselves too seriously all the time. livelovelaugh😁😂🌸🌹🌻 dowhatmakesyouhappy smile

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Radka Macháčková


Comment from Radka Macháčková:

,,Hello Radka, you are the best yoga teacher I've ever had and also the funniest." ... I got this sweet card from my nine years old girls. I love teaching this little angels! :))) loveyourjob yogateacher yoga dyogifly flyingyoga dowhatmakesyouhappy wishcard sweetcard littleangels littlegirls prague smile love fit fitlife job movestudio123 gym aeriallove aeriallife intent heart emoticon greatmood goodfeeling

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Just A Girl


Comment from Just A Girl:

Some before work yoga yesterday ; 👣☀️😊🎶❤️👌🏻🐶😂

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Comment from Tereze:

I have tried to keep one of our rooms as white as possible. I even painted coffee "table" white. It is awesome that you have handy friends. I just mentioned that I would love to have that kind of table and next day I had it. I still need to work on it:) iloveallwhiteeverything

2 Hours ago