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Equine Jumper


Comment from Equine Jumper:

❤Love this❤ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Pc: =========================== achieve showjumper showpony friends angel animals adorable beauty beautiful cute dressage edit gait

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Comment from Jessica:

Only the most brilliant babies at megtaylorgerber 's 🦄 equine equestrian horses horsesofinstagram lovely hunter jumper dressage springeneq fabregas kwpn

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⚠️Back Away From The Horse⚠️


Comment from ⚠️Back Away From The Horse⚠️:

Y tho

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Emily Herbert


Comment from Emily Herbert:

The cowgirl and squaw show the good, the bad and the ugly parts of a dressage test 😜 Steele & Woody were impeccably behaved! dressage pasdedeux costume

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Eric Chaman


Comment from Eric Chaman:

horse horses psl lusitano dressage horsesofinstagram restday

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Molly Stewart


Comment from Molly Stewart:

Monty😍🐘 - I have no idea what my arms are doing but Monty is so cute that I had to post it😂 - Make sure to check out firstplaceapparel horsetreatery katherinecosmetics peachy.polos

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Wind Rider


Comment from Wind Rider:

This handsome guy has exceeded my expectations AGAIN. Today we were kind of (VERY) annoying in the crossties and a little (VERY) air headed at the mounting block, but once we were up we were SO good. We cantered BOTH directions in the round pen. Cantered him more today than I cantered my first OTTB in a YEAR. Can't wait to try it in the big boy arena in the morning! ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ ottb tb thoroughbred offthetrack offthetrackthoroughbred racehorse kentucky gelding bay brown horse equine equestrian showjumping showjumper hunterjumper rrhp dressage equitation saddle bridle stable barn missouri trot canter gallop

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Magda Lene 🐴


Comment from Magda Lene 🐴:

caballo eveningwalkinstagood dressage cremello nickyjam enriqueiglesias lusitano portuguesehorsedressagegirl horselove horsepower happyplacefollowback horselife spring lusitanos dressagelife cremellohorse

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Comment from Grace:

DaVinci enjoying his birthday present! The dogs got a little too close to it kfps friesiansofinstagram friesian friesianhorse horsesofinstagram horselife equestrian dressage

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Isabella Paul


Comment from Isabella Paul:

Our XC colors were POPPIN' let me get that straight. UGH she's so cute. I love her so much I can't deal with myself sometimes. I wish I could hug her all day, but she won't let me 😂😣 horsesdutchwarmbloodconnemarachatthillseventingeventingshowjumpingwarmblooddressage

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Olivia Cliver


Comment from Olivia Cliver:

Mitch, you are a gorgeous creature and I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks. poniesofinstagram horsesofinstagram ponies pony eventing ottb thoroughbred bay bae dressage

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The Pup and Pony Tag Co.


Comment from The Pup and Pony Tag Co.:

You guys are loving our wave browbands, and the sapphire colour combo seems to be your absolute fave! Anyone wanna help me name this look?

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Comment from between_her_ears:

just found this! I can't believe this is Finale😍 anyways I guess her birthday was yesterday and I had absolutely no idea☹️. So I'm gonna bake some treats tonight and give them to her tomorrow after our ride! ______________________________________________________ horseshow horsephotography eventers horses horse horsesofinstagram jumping riding equine dressage ponies pony ridinghorses equinesofinstagram eventing equinephotography warmblood horsey horserider thoroughbred horsebreeds photographyf4f horsef4f showjumping horseshowing jumpers hunterjumpers jumping horsetreats

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Amber Deets


Comment from Amber Deets:

We had another baby today 😄 colt foal foalingseason itsaboy stallion bestofinstagram legacyhillfarm dressage

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Comment from moiraeq:

Sunny before a dressage test ⚡️ - horse horses equinephotography equestrian l4l f4f equine equestrianphotgraphy bay bayhorse thoroughbred bridle dressage

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♛ 1k | Skye ♛


Comment from ♛ 1k | Skye ♛:

Ari - Lesson horse for dressage 17 yo - 3/4 Frisian x 1/4 QH ♡♥♡ No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the ѕα∂∂ℓє - 1/3 Ari - EC: canter.lead VC: 1hankrider2 💕 - Had a great lesson on this dude Friday and Thursday I got to ride a client of my trainers horse, Zephyr. We are helping to train him for them. He's 5 and has only been saddle broke for about 3 months, so he's still pretty green but he's very good for what he has now. He's also adorable! ______________________________________________ horse riding equestrian fav gelding ari quarterhorse qh frisian dressage sweet best lovehim myboy goodboy fun video videoedit

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Georgia Arabian Horse Assoc.


Comment from Georgia Arabian Horse Assoc.:

Just a few snap shots of some of our members at the MagnoliaSpringClassic this past weekend in Perry, GA! Members be sure to message or tag us and use GeorgiaArabianHorse with your adventures so we can share them! Who all will be attending our trailride this Saturday at AshlandFarm? Make sure to pre-register! . . arabianhorse halfarabian horseshow equestrianlifestyle sporthorse hunterjumper equitation dressage westernplesure trail reining showmanship halter equestrian saddleseat georgiahorse georgia horse arabian

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Emily Marie


Comment from Emily Marie:

Exciting Update! foxhunting hunter jumper eventing dressage schoolingshow tynh schoolingshow showseason equineevents mulmer gta

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Isabella Paul


Comment from Isabella Paul:

That's me and Aurora... and how good do we look? HELLA👏 Aurora and I did our best test yet, our best stadium yet, and our best XC course yet. I love going to chatthillseventing horsesdutchwarmbloodconnemaraeventingshowjumpingwarmblooddressage

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Why Fly When You Can Jump


Comment from Why Fly When You Can Jump:

Phanta had his first fall with me on after refusing a jump from cantering up to it. He fell onto his knees and i went over his head. I was really shocked and when he didn't get up straight away and I had to pull him up I was so scared. I don't know if he refused because he couldn't judge the height properly... The pole underneath didn't cover the whole bottom of the jump 😫 I can't stop beating myself up about it! I just feel so stupid! What if he had gotten hurt and it was my fault!? Anyway he was fine after and we did a few smaller 30-40cm jumps to end on a good note. ☺️ Thanks to everyone who made me feel better ❤ - - Followers Instagram Pets Equine Horses Ponies Pony Horse FreeFollowersFollowForFollow SpamForSpamShowjumping Dressage Horseriding BestHorseEver Thoroughbred OTTBridingpony Chestnutbaycrosscountry Riding HorseridingIsTheBest LoveMyHorses Lovecheeky Showjumping Jumping

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