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Manoel neto maneko Madhusudana


Comment from Manoel neto maneko Madhusudana:

And the week endento like this. Father and son out of step with the world!!! straightedgekids sober drugfree vegan xvx ultramilitants

7 Minutes ago

Jonathan Lavoie


Comment from Jonathan Lavoie:

Honestly, nailed it. I get asked from time to time how I always seem to stay motivated to lift. It's hard to answer because the truth is I have a difficult time staying OUT of the gym. It's not the inconvenience for me as others seem to feel. There is nothing wrong with not having the passion to lift weights.. Find your niche and find the love. Fitness is more than just being in a gym. Don't lose sight of that. Repost av_fit ・・・ ☝️☝️YES ☝️☝ denovo_nutrition helms3dmj

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Harley Fleming🗡👁


Comment from Harley Fleming🗡👁:

Unwavering loyalty. ✖️✖️✖️ straightedge sxe truetildeath drugfree poisonfree xxx

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Imagine Laserworks Malaysia


Comment from Imagine Laserworks Malaysia:

Do you know, smoking may reduce blood flow and cause impotence? We can help you counter smoking addiction, drop us a message for more info. imaginelaserworks addiction quitsmoking nosmoking smokingcessation drugabuse alcoholabuse weightmanagement weightloss mentalhealth stressmanagement anxiety insomnia softlaseracupuncture drugfree painfree

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Comment from canerazor23:

What do you do when you've trained for 8 straight days? Take a rest day. Yeah right. I just go and bench over 22,000lbs of volume. Lol. Things are feeling good and I felt like lifting so why not go into the garage and lift. This was my final set of close grip. 100kg.x15 for a burnout set. Full workout was 125kg.(275lbs) paused for 4x7 and 1x10. After did some wide grip paused with my feet up to take the leg drive out of the lift. That was 115kg(258lbs) for 2x8. Then did close grip bench. 226lbs.x5 258lbs.x5 292lbs. 2x5. And then the set shown. powerlifting powerliftingmotivation rawpowerlifting bench benchpress rawbench rawbenchpress drugfreepowerlifting drugfreemuscle drugfree grind neverquit nodaysoff beastmode fitfam bodesquad usapl usaplflorida 93kgclass 400lbsbenchclub thisiswhatwedo workout workoutmotivation

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Full Recovery Wellness Center


Comment from Full Recovery Wellness Center:

Commit to a fullrecovery, and take it one step at a time! sober recovery 12steps goals improvement addiction drugfree newlife love

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Thomas Schnepp


Comment from Thomas Schnepp:

Warming up into each movement I become more and more focused. Most view sets as simple movements. I visualize them differently. ----------------------------------------------------- Thinking thoughts of victory and overcoming past failure. ------------------------------------------------------ Taking a deep breath as thoughts flow through my mind as I get a bigger pump into the muscle. ----------------------------------------------------- Last time my quads were weak and soft looking. Squeeze them. ----------------------------------------------------- Last time you got smoked from the front do you want that to happen again? Or are you gonna leave that to chance and let the judges decide by not destroying this workout at this moment. ------------------------------------------------------- Your behind the top pro's step your game up. ----------------------------------------------------------- Are you willing to make this set more painful then the person is ahead of you to pick up the pace and catch them? --------------------------------------------------------- Are you willing to put in the work now when no one is watching? --------------------------------------------------------- Believe and you will achieve bodybuilding naturalbodybuilder neversettle

1 Hours ago

Sober Movement ®


Comment from Sober Movement ®:

Here is nicole_pdx with over 1 year clean and sober! So awesome! ( ) soberMOVEMENT sober soberlife sobriety soberliving recovery rehab drugfree aa na ODAAT soberissexy partysober motivation inspiration inspire transformation hope fit fitness me happy apparel addiction quotes fashion namaste celebraterecovery wanderlust life

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Maria Debono


Comment from Maria Debono:

Once upon a time 80kg was my third attempt in a competition, but apparently I can also do it for 10 times in a row. cmon squats quads powerlifting powerliftingchicks girlswholift motivation determination goals squatgoals drugfree competition

1 Hours ago

Slim Biscayne


Comment from Slim Biscayne:

SSB 3rd Set. Did some RomWod, some yoga, some graston, rolled out, stretched out, warmed up, ate clean, ate dirty, ate Halo Top, jumped right in and read four books about how to be a successful book writer and public speaker. After all that, these still blew.

1 Hours ago

Tony Soto


Comment from Tony Soto:

4 All Those Ppl Who Say They NEED Weed 2 Function Or Need It 4 Whatever It Is Yu Need It 4 BESIDES STRESS!! Pls Form A Nice Line Of Comments Cuz Yall Deserve A Slap.. Yall Don't Need Anything But A Strong Will To Continue With Yur Day Without It And Even A Stronger Mind Set To Help Yur Will.. I'm Around It 24/7/365 But Yet I Get No Urges To Roll A Blunt And Take It 2 The Head.. THAT GOES 4 WEED AND THE HARDCORE DRUGS.. BeenThere DoneThat DrugFree WeedFree SoberLifeStyle Oakleys

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Evolving Yaqui


Comment from Evolving Yaqui:

Always grateful... God_is_Great christian_soldier faith drugfree clean_and_sober health fitness fitnessmotivation bodybuildingmotivation hiittraining. hiitcardio lifestyle commitment dedication sacrifice gymflow fitnessjourney ironyaquigym diabetic diabetes bodybuilding addict recoveringaddict year33 instafit fitfam aesthetics fitspiration

1 Hours ago

Scott Beitzell


Comment from Scott Beitzell:

518 lbs (235 kg) x 2 DELOAD pull. 6 days out uspapower Tested VA for Lifters. All the work is done ready to get it done Saturday. . . . . powerlifting deadlift RAW STrong backday muscle strength powerlifter bodybuilding fitness strongman weightlifting meetprep athlete drugfree teamBeitzell team_savage_strength

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Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ヴォルチャ:

Sunday vibes, daydreaming🌟🌙

1 Hours ago

Scott Viala《Viala The Viking 》


Comment from Scott Viala《Viala The Viking 》:

kettlebell swings & side kick outs!!! TheUndergroundSandC

1 Hours ago

Daniel Young


Comment from Daniel Young:

1005lb total x2 in a minute. Just a deload day but thought I'd spice things up a bit lol. . . aussiextreme . . DanielYoungPowerlifting AussieXtreme powerbuilding strengthtraining powerlifting powerlifter raw uspa bodybuilding squat squats bench benchpress deadlift gains crossfit youtube muscle strength igfit igfitness STrong instafit instafitness fit fitness fitfam natty drugfree natural

1 Hours ago

Scott Viala《Viala The Viking 》


Comment from Scott Viala《Viala The Viking 》:

If you want to get better you need to change things up. . Haven't done heavy front squats for a while & they damn sure felt Powerful TheUndergroundSandC

1 Hours ago



Comment from Patrick:

Today's work out brought to you by old school Throwdown... I still remember blasting this in my college dorm room. raiseyourfistintheair drugfree gottagetyourselfsomediscipline throwdown straightedge trustkill haymaker

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Comment from INBA/PNBA ElitePRO ATHLETE:

Who got best abs ? who who who Fun time with my best gym bodies. profitnessmodels nepali nepalese goal picoftheday fitness fitspovater inspiration fitspovate fitnessmodel sixpacks abs pump naturalOlympia physique fitnessmodel Natural bodybuilding bali Drugfree Swimsuit gym workout diet cardio fitness push pump kathmandu teamsantosh fitnessmotivation inspiration

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Mikael erkiengill (mimi)


Comment from Mikael erkiengill (mimi):

sober firstday cozyinbed readyforsleep onestepatatime soberissexy watchingmovie drugfree livelife reality lightandlove

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