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Dallas Laser Healthcare


Comment from Dallas Laser Healthcare:

We can help you quit smoking in less than an hour. Over 90% success rate. Visit or Call us now at 469-387-5026 for more info. . . . . . . . . . imaginelaserworksdallas addiction quitsmoking nosmoking smokingcessation drugabuse alcoholabuse weightmanagement weightloss mentalhealth stressmanagement anxiety insomnia softlaseracupuncture drugfree painfree imaginelaserworks quitsmokingtreatment dallaslaserhealthcare

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Boca Recovery Center


Comment from Boca Recovery Center:

The Best Time To Plant A Tree Was 20 Years Ago. The Second Best Time Is Now!

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Comment from Originalchestbrah:

"190kg bench press and dab" 😅💪🏿💯 ___ I'm addicted to dabbing haha. Click the link in the bio for full highlights. ____ Some heavy lifting before the poundage.( repping out moderate weights) misjudge the weight but got it up. ____ New week more gains. Let's get it. Hope we all have a good week. ___ shoutout miguel_hernandez007 on 🎥 ____ live love laugh lift

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Comment from Dayo:

02.20.17 || The gym was jamming this morning with some pop muzaak. . Today's work: Warmup 1x10x135 2x5x225 . Working Sets 5x5x315 (fourth set shown) . Happy Monday!

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я люблю русских женщин


Comment from я люблю русских женщин:

redneck flexin cowboyup drugfree lift

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Jason Showers


Comment from Jason Showers:

DE Lower Squats 10x2x315 on 60-90 seconds rest. 2 weeks out, straight comp. lift practice from here on out. Taper is only gonna be 3-4 days or so because after a traditional de-loading week all my lifts feel like shit for a little bit. Can't afford to de-train. Also did: Deadlifts 10x1x405 on 60-90 seconds rest. 3x12 narrow stance hack squat 3x12 hamstring curls Saw some very impressive squatting by scottqsullivan and deenobahri12 as well as some beastly trap bar deadlifting by benjaminloehrer

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Jane Hendershot


Comment from Jane Hendershot:

7 months clean today! drugfree fuckheroin fuckcocaine 7monthsclean

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Joe Nyce


Comment from Joe Nyce:

Look who got nominated for MCM by fitcops 💪🏼👮🏻 😂Thanks for the Love♥️🏆 joenyce success motivation fitness policefitnessnutrition bluelinebeasts shreddedlife shreddedathletes dedication commitment diet naturalbodybuilding drugfree abs absaremadeinthekitchen sixpack competition hardwork workhard becomethelion neversettle iam1stphorm legionofboom nycelife fitlife gymlife mylife

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Drug Rehab Centers


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DrugRehabDrugs DrugRehabCentersAddicts AddictionAddictQuotesSobriety12stepOrangeCountyAlcoholabuseSoberFamilySubstanceUseSubstanceAbuseLoveimshoutMentalHealthDrugAbusedrugfreeRehabHeroinshoutout

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Principles Recovery Center


Comment from Principles Recovery Center:

💚MEET THE TEAM💚 Joanie Donahue CFO It is Joanie's personal mission to use her 15 years + experience in recovery to ensure that our clients receive the best possible care and treatment while at Principles Recovery Center. Joanie's understands that each client’s situation is unique and she strives to meet everyone’s needs on a case-by-case basis. In Joanie's current role, she works to ensure that the agency’s facilities remain at maximum occupancy offering treatment to as many individuals suffering from substance abuse as possible. At Principles Recovery Center, we know that the road to recovery is one filled with many potholes. It is Joanie's mission to ensure that we don’t allow anyone to fall through the cracks. recovery meettheteam compassion addiction motivation treatment sober soberlife clean newlife drugfree newlife itsworthit anxiety depression love gratitude

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Maddy Bkr


Comment from Maddy Bkr:

Check out. decent stuff straightedge xxx xvx drugfree drugfreeyouth straightedgekids

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Jenny Charlie Fitzgerald 🌹🌹🌹


Comment from Jenny Charlie Fitzgerald 🌹🌹🌹:

this is where we live now 🙌🙌🙌 tonight is round 7 of 11 afireinside bandofnothing souvenirsca in san diego observatorynorthpark xvx afi thebloodtour Feb 20, 2017 - San Diego, CA Feb 21, 2017 - San Diego, CA Feb 22, 2017 - San Diego, CA Feb 23, 2017 - charmingliars Los Angeles, CA Feb 24, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA Feb 25, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA

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Comment from Niels♔:

Start the week with a productive day, hunt your goals and make it count! Happy goal hunting everyone. mondaymotivation stoplazyness myprotein myproteinnl

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Tuomo Väänänen


Comment from Tuomo Väänänen:

Kisoihin 5 viikkoa, hermoottelut alkakoon.. 260kg x 2. squat powerlifting voimanosto drugfree saynotodoping palokankuntokeskus powerteampalokka nikeromaleos2 sbdapparel gometal darktranquillity tanssiaiset diskomusiikki

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sndr.vgn | 33 | hamburg


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vegan goulash for dinner

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Cody the Camel


Comment from Cody the Camel:

Avoid feeling like an ass… WEAR PROTECTION. camelapprovedlikeaboss turnup fiuhealth drugfree fiu20fiu19 fiu18 fiu17fiu16 turnupresponsibly drinksafelypreventHIV hivawarenesscheckyourself higherthoughts

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Evolving Yaqui


Comment from Evolving Yaqui:

Self-sabotage is a ugly thing. Pssst... it doesn't get in your head by itself. You're better than your mistakes. God_is_Great christian_soldier faith drugfree clean_and_sober health fitness fitnessmotivation bodybuildingmotivation hiittraining. hiitcardio lifestyle commitment dedication sacrifice gymflow fitnessjourney ironyaquigym diabetic diabetes bodybuilding addict recoveringaddict year33 instafit fitfam aesthetics fitspiration

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Pav Sehmi


Comment from Pav Sehmi:

The hardest thing I've ever had to work for veins teamnatural drugfree hittraining motivationmonday arms muscle veins gains vascularity roadmaps highreps tattoos guns pump gymshark workout punjabi fitnessmodel strong fitspo gym instafit fitfam diet bodybuilding aesthetics picoftheday instadaily instafollow ripped

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Tara phillips


Comment from Tara phillips:

Introducing Emma... 2 great days training & now she's ready to go with fitting totalcoverplus_hairsystems hair systems... we're off for a celebratory drink!!! boutiquesalon newbeginnings changinglives bestjobever hairloss hairlosssolution hairlosstreatment hairlosshelp hairlossspecialist malepatternbaldness malegrooming hairsystem totalcoverplus painfree drugfree nonsurgicalhairreplacement hairstyle hairstylesformen salonlife barbershop barberlife barberlove undercut fade wahl wahlpro

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Advanced Genetics


Comment from Advanced Genetics:

Getting it done! Oo-rah! 💪🏼 Repost jmo26 ・・・ swolesaturday I'm sick as a dog, anabolicanaka was in fine form tho. Ya know just finishing with some 270lb working sets after a new PR 215lb military press. thisishowwedo wemakemuscles hobby serioushobby forfun gymdates hardworkers dedicated motivated wafflepump growing cutting hesgrowing imcutting competitors bodybuilders shapeshifters agarmy agarmyelite advancedgenetics allnatty homemade drugfree idfa idfapro idfamania advancedgenetics chrisjohnson_ifbbpro hit a PR too, 125lb flat bench for 4 booyah

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