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Scott Viala《Viala The Viking 》


Comment from Scott Viala《Viala The Viking 》:

Build a bulletproof core and everything else will fall into place TheUndergroundSandC

3 Minutes ago

Keri Samantha🍭


Comment from Keri Samantha🍭:

I'm 31 years old and just got my very first pedicure! One sister treated me to Starbucks and my other sister treated me to some pampering! I adore my sisters! My built-in-besties! I enjoyed every fucking moment of the pedicure! Thank you novemberain82 and butakfour for a beautiful sister date! I needed us time! 💖💅😘 Best Sober Sunday I've had in a long time! (( excuse my ugly ads feet! It's a family curse haha)) sober soberlife sobermovement newme eatingdisorderrecovery edrecovery thisisme onedayatatime sobriety cleanandsober drugfree mia morethananumber youarenotalone eatingdisorder healing hugsnotdrugs truth nevertoolate strength youcandoit miarecovery rebuild yourlife recoveryisworthit strong drugabuse newlife recovery recoveryispossible

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Comment from Titin:

simplifica I❤MMA lucha work life straightedge drugfree mma mixedmartialarts discipline sacrifice equipo sport deporte truelife vivencias heart workingclass design free like4like likeforlike wrestlers grappler strikers honor nobleza actitud trabajo corazon

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Comment from SoberMode:

All jokes aside- you know I'm giving him the biggest hug ever, stinky or not. I'm grateful when anyone makes it back because we all know the other outcome. 🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉 wedorecover endthestigma sobriety soberliving recovery rehab drugfree aa na motivation inspiration inspire transformation hope fit fitness me happy apparel addiction quotes fashion fellowship

15 Minutes ago

Warren Fahrenfeld


Comment from Warren Fahrenfeld:

The most amazing moment of my 23 year coaching career came yesterday at the ocbspiritofamerica in Cape Cod where we won 5 classes and the overall and came with 5 Pro Cards!!!!!!! WE SWEPT EVERY BIKINI CLASS so it was an all teambbw Finals !!! Need to thank my hotwife for doing all my girls makeup and tanning as well as their posing. This was a complete team effort that brought us this amazing victory! !!! That now brings a total of 83 NATURAL Pro Cards to the team !! If you are interested in becoming a part of the hottest and most experienced drugfree team around shoot us an inquiry at cleansweep drugfreebikini drugfreefigure joinateamwithexperience 23yearscoachingexperience 83naturalprocards competitonprep contestprep bikinicoaching drugfreebikini NOTiifym diet onlinedietcoach onlinecoaching onlinebikiniteam notjusttalk justresults cantarguewithsuccess

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Scott Beitzell


Comment from Scott Beitzell:

Deficit deads from Friday 4/21. 500 lbs x 5 off 2" bumper plate. First time pulling all sets from a deficit and let me tell you these were harder than I though. Will do these and rack/block pulls ever other week to fix my weak points and finally get over 700 next meet. . . . powerlifting RAW STrong backday lats muscle bodybuilding fitness strongman weightlifting motivation drugfree athlete teamBeitzell team_savage_strength

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Comment from xhernameisamyx:

RockYou. lake nature trip weekend naturearchitecture mountains spring water atmosphere wild protectthenature animals love protecttheenvironment forest gogreen blue bluesky ecology motherearth trees sxe abandoned photography travel outofcity drugfree places urban girl

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Clear Sky Recovery


Comment from Clear Sky Recovery:

Sunsets at Clear Sky Recovery plantmedicine ibogaine ibogainetreatment detox beach-life drugfree healthy gethealthyagain recoveryispossible heroinaddiction opiatedetox

21 Minutes ago

Alanna H.


Comment from Alanna H.:

halotherapy saltroom drysalttherapy breathe detox respiratorysystem skin natural salt holistic drugfree salty saltmines complementarymedicine

23 Minutes ago

🇨🇦Guillaume Campbell•Inspiring

Comment from 🇨🇦Guillaume Campbell•Inspiring:

1️⃣▶️ 315 Lbs/ 13 Reps | 2️⃣▶️405 Lbs/ 1 Reps | sundayfundaylegsfordaysasstograss drugfree

24 Minutes ago



Comment from RCVRY:

I used to think how horrible it would be to never be able to drink again. I used to think what a horrible existence. I drank a bottle a day. Who was I fooling? Fast forward 2 years and I love AA, I love life, I NEVER obsess of alcohol, never! I love being SOBER, I love going to meetings, I love being of service, I love being a good father and good husband. My 😊my kids will never see me drink. And I love giving back! NOW THAT'S LIFE! . . . . transformationsoberlifesobrietyRCVRYLIFESTYLERCVRYrecoverysobrietyrockssoberlivinghopesoberinspirefashionlivesobermotivationapparelcelebraterecovery12stepsinrecoveryrehabdrugfreeaanadrugfreepartysoberaddictionfitnessgearalcoholismrecoveryispossiblemindfulness

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Jack DiBenedetto


Comment from Jack DiBenedetto:

healthysnack BrickhouseApproved . . THE ONLY THING STOPPING YOU IS YOU!!! . . . . BRICKHOUSE BRICKHOUSEpower breedelite Promerasports TeamBrickhousePower ConcretStrong TeamConcret TeamPromeraSports IronAuthority TheOnlyThingStoppingYouIsYou DrugFree Powerlifting Motivation Strength Driven Ambition Inspire strengthCoach personaltrainer BestCoachInNJ benchblokz

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Comment from JIMMY GARCIA:

What a beautiful day for some Sunday baseball!!! Here's a little action of my big boy getting a dinger to the fence and getting a double!!! sundayfunday baseball baseballgame sober sobersunday lovemyson drugfree sobermovement soberlife drugless

44 Minutes ago



Comment from chris:

I get emotional everytime I see my progress, the joy of seeing my hardwork in action makes me want to go bigger. I finally understand that the only person I'm up against is my self, fitness isn't a compition of who is bigger and who looks better. It's about bettering your self enlighting your understanding of how YOUR body works. I'm glad on the choices I've made in my life , embrace the bad choices you have made , 100 percent of the time that is your biggest modivation.The left is only a 20 pound heavier difference 🙈 drugfree fitfreak worldchangers body build beastmode fitfam yeglocal flatoutfit snapback phatnutrition gymshark boss motivation asthetics bulking summerbody loveyourself tat transformation fat to fit

51 Minutes ago

Looking for Brand Ambassadors


Comment from Looking for Brand Ambassadors:

what's yours??! inspiration soberlife fashion happy fit wanderlust quotes odaat inspire drugfree soberissexy rehab transformation soberliving life hope recovery me aa na addiction sobriety celebraterecovery namaste motivation partysober sober fitness apparel

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Comment from G A V I N R O G E R S:

Woo! So I'm kindaa, sortaaa, finally starting to actually look like a natural bodybuilder. Now if I can only just remember to keep my legs flexed whilst looking at the camera 😅. I feel that I've made immense progress in my recent gaining phase and am pretty excited to see what my physique looks like at the end of this cut and can see if I'll be somewhat competitive in the not-too-distant future. It's a slow journey, and I've made A TON of mistakes that I've grown and learned from along the way, but dang is the process rewarding. naturalbodybuilding enjoytheprocess thankyouTeam3DMJ yourwhattrulygotmestarted istillneedtolearnhowtopose😅

1 Hours ago

SE Frank


Comment from SE Frank:

I go on at 9:30pm tonight! I'll have merch available.

1 Hours ago

Training the Reg Park way


Comment from Training the Reg Park way:

Getting those shredz on a daily basis 😬😊💪

1 Hours ago

Nicky Nash


Comment from Nicky Nash:

"johnny cash said love would burn, I never thought it'd hurt this bad!" -Front Porch Step tattoos girlswithplugs piercings redhair redhead music NickyN straightedge sxe drugfree partysober singersongwriter youtube youtuber adventure

1 Hours ago

Substance For You


Comment from Substance For You:

So today is the 23rd of the month and this Recovery Man is turning 23 months sober TODAY!! GIVE IT UP TO JOEY joeycarson72 the proud CEO/Founder of thesponsorapp which is a pretty stellar tool for those in all sorts of recovery needing to connect! Sponsor is a new startup company built to support people in recovery from any addiction. Joey was sober for 25 years, and made it back after a 5 year relapse now celebrating this wonderful new clean time!!! GO GET EM JOEY!!!!! ~ ~ To get your photo featured go grab a tee like Joey is wearing (Recovery Man/Woman) by clicking the link in our bio to redirect to our site now! ~ ~ recoveryispossible sober soberlife sobriety sobermovement Soberissexy partysober recovery addictiontreatment addictionrecovery recoveryroad alcoholicsanonymous mentalhealth drugfree eatingdisorders advocate awareness selfhelp amwriting reading author awareness clean cleanlife cleanliving positive SubstanceForYou Lifestyle

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