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Comment from Ammunition_FromTheUSA:

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Red Eye Outfitters


Comment from Red Eye Outfitters:

As waterfowl hunters, we view every life we take as a trophy some just shine more than others, not to mention a blessing to say the least. The real story is what happens before the harvest, that's what draws us to the great outdoors! Beautiful curls on both birds, Mikes was even a triple curl! ------------------------------------------------------ redraider0330 captkemosabe duknutz drakewaterfowl alwaysinseason bisoncoolers Godsgrocerystore greenhead ghg curls dinneronthetable thepursuit staycharged nauticsport bennelli prettybird sexmachine conservation bigmeatslammin duckhunting limits trophys tangouniform titsup zrowecalls duckblindfellowship duck ducksunlimited

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Harvest Clean


Comment from Harvest Clean:

Harvest Clean has teamed up with Real South Hunting! We are excited to work with these guys and their TV show! hunting deerhunting realsouthhunting harvestclean fishing turkeyhunting duckhunting

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Backwoods Magazine


Comment from Backwoods Magazine:

Lucash with the 40+ pound largemouth in the kayak today lukeskywallace48 - Go follow: easternbassanglers themittenexperience global.bassin - Pro staff: Kyle, Branden and Max 🎣 - TAGS: | Fishing | BASS | DeerHunting | FishingDaily | FishingPicture | FishingPicOfTheDay | InstagramFishing | Fish | CatchOfTheDay | Hunting | Deer | Whitetail | outdoor | OutdoorPhotography | Freshwater | Saltwater | HuntKings | TurkeyHunting | PigPatrol | instabass | Puremichigan | photooftheday | TagsForLikes | fishporn | DuckHunting | Nature | NaturePhotography | LargemouthBass | BowHunting | Trapping

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Comment from caza_hunting:

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Vin Scully


Comment from Vin Scully:

Just going for a swim. . . . . . . . . . swim swimmingduck duckhunting water waterfowl dodgers picoftheday dogoftheday brittanyspaniel fun rain pnw washington happy puppy dog follow followme

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Vendetta Waterfowl


Comment from Vendetta Waterfowl:

2016 LA State Speck Calling Champion Nathan Flemmons with some mid-range work on "The Bad Guy"! vendettawaterfowl GetMeanGetEven specklebellies speckcalls specklebelly goosehunting goosecalling goosecalls waterfowling swla louisiana MacksPrairieWings DeceptionOutdoors SWLAsportsman SpecklebellyHuntingClub waterfowl hunting whitefrontedgeese gooseseason barbellies duckhunting speckhq duckcalling rigemright bloodsweatgear

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Justin Scontrino


Comment from Justin Scontrino:

I miss the sound of " hold tight there cupping stay down " like no other. duckhunting lousianawaterfowlhunting gatortail ducksducksducks

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Nick Hoffman


Comment from Nick Hoffman:

feathersfriday Waylon with his first banded duck. This picture makes me smile as much today as it did 2 years ago. banded duckhunting duckdog finalapproach final_approach_waterfowl

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Comment from huntinglifelessons:

flexfriday love the size comparison between mom and her chick in this 🐥

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Delta Customs


Comment from Delta Customs:

Edge os handle that mounts snug and tight anyone? deltacustoms edgeboats southernliteled duckhunting muddyfootoutdoors

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Western Kansas Pheasant Hunts


Comment from Western Kansas Pheasant Hunts:

Nice bird one of our clients shot with us the 2nd to last weekend of the season last year!! pheasanthunting

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Comment from backwoods_slayer:

I don't know about y'all but this has saved my skin a time or two trying to catch pigs🙏🏼🎣 blackmax vendetta baitcaster lunker lunkerlab oakley goatee bassfishing bass shimano rnt rntcalls ducks duckhunting drakewaterfowl nh bassmaniacs booyah luckylipper fishthenorth tattoos oakley ford superduty basspro yumbait zoombaits watchthewake largemouthbass bassfishing rigged

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Comment from Chicks/Ducks/Gardens/Flowers:

Is this not adorable!!! 😌😍 🦆🦆 . . . duck ducks myducks instaduck fresheggsdaily waterfowl myyard ducksofinstagram noduckhunting ducklife alwaysduckseason ducklove ducktales duckcalls ducksunlimited ducksmakemehappy ducksmakegreatpets petduck petducks freerange freerangeducks petducksofinstagram nature creation bydesign smallbackyard backyardducks backyardpoultrymag

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40K👍🏻Hunting Fishing Outdoors


Comment from 40K👍🏻Hunting Fishing Outdoors:

arnobernardknives manufacturer a superb range of knives. Their handle material varies from lovely timber to a wide range of animal products. This model is called the 'Wildebeest' and it's shown here with giraffe bone handle. A great skinning knife that will get plenty of use. Made to a Rockwell of 59-60 they hold an edge well for general hunting use and all models come with a quality leather sheath that's wet formed to fit each knife perfectly. This model is soon to be released, but you can click the link in my bio to see the full range of knives they offer that are available for global shipping. ⬆️ Give them a follow, these knives will make an incredible gift or a great addition to your personal hunting kit. arnobernardknives arnobernardknives

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Comment from irishfan415:

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Daily Guy Gram


Comment from Daily Guy Gram:

Let the shit talking begin!!! 💥💥 tacticalgunners . . . . . . . . . . . . 2a gunslifestyle guncollector gunsdaily pewpew pewpewpew pewpewlife 2ndamendmentrights 2ndamendment secondamendment hunting gunmemes gunmeme guns gunsandammo airsoft airsoftworld duckhunting hunter outdoors outdoorsman modernoutdoors modernoutdoorsman huntingmeme

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Comment from Chicks/Ducks/Gardens/Flowers:

What can I say....they love me! Haha! 😁😂 or my MiBand?? 🤔 🦆🦆(I won't even mention the one or two ducks eating my feet 👣) 😆 . . . duck ducks myducks instaduck fresheggsdaily waterfowl myyard ducksofinstagram noduckhunting ducklife alwaysduckseason ducklove ducktales duckcalls ducksunlimited ducksmakemehappy ducksmakegreatpets petduck petducks freerange freerangeducks petducksofinstagram nature creation bydesign smallbackyard backyardducks backyardpoultrymag

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Clear The Sky Waterfowl


Comment from Clear The Sky Waterfowl:

Training is getting ready to go to the next level!

57 Minutes ago

Bo Curtis


Comment from Bo Curtis:

Patience in a duck blind just isn't in Riley's DNA, but he's managing somewhat. englishsetter duckblind duckhunting damjumping retriever setter birddog

1 Hours ago