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Comment from VictoriaLouise:

Trying to incorporate more yoga in my workout routine to help build strength and personal awareness 🕉⚖☮☯ . . . . . yoga fitness vegangirl vegan rawvegan plantbased yogainspiration yoggi sun sunshine ove lovinglife peace om earth earthling planet myyogalife selflove

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Hιɴd Hαвιв


Comment from Hιɴd Hαвιв:

I love the sound and the power of pounding water, whether it is a wave or a waterfall. | | | ¦photography art potd roadtrip earthling trip waterfall waves sunset sunsethunter vogue blogger beautyofnature naturephotography wallpaper braunschweig dusk sony sonya58 traveling travelgram city travelgram weather braunschweig sunrise forest

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Hιɴd Hαвιв


Comment from Hιɴd Hαвιв:

🌳 | ¦photography art potd roadtrip earthling trip sky seagull fly sunset sunsethunter vogue blogger beautyofnature naturephotography wallpaper braunschweig dusk sony sonya58 traveling travelgram city travelgram weather braunschweig sunrise forest

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Comment from Neroli:

Where I am living now is magical 🦋💙✨🐉

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Comment from plinegardening:

Bumblebee enjoying life inside a poppy 🐝bumblebee happylife insects garden gardenlove flowers poppy sunnyday wind leipzig inlove urbangarden urbangardening homegarden growyourown earthling organicgardening organic nature

22 Minutes ago

Lyckobackens© levAnde


Comment from Lyckobackens© levAnde:

Only You have the power to change Your reality. 👊 Pentacle designed by me and handforged by ateljejohannae. I call her The High Priestess of Ravenna. ⛥ IAm rooted grounded bewinged goddessrising unfuckwithable miracle wicca YOUniverse blessed grateful thankful happiness magic meditator spiritjunkie unapologeticallyme soulsearching rawfoodie lightworker intuitive bliss SacredFeminine whitewitch grAttitude gratitude soulpreneur goddess earthling

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KaL eL


Comment from KaL eL:

Unreal ! Beautiful earth ! travelinstyle travelporn travelandlife travel traveltheworld travelingram travelling travelawesome travelgram earth earthpix earthday earthling planet instagram instadaily instagood instanature beautifuldestinations beyondtravels beautifulhotels doyoutravel gypsea_lust earthpix earth travelexploring earthvisuals man_influence man__magazine man_revolution man_speak ig_greece greecelover_gr instagram

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Comment from BRTSZU:

Last week my feelings were hurt by something you said before: that I don't know what it's like to lose something. And I found myself...

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Comment from plinegardening:

Cauliflower getting bigger 🌱cauliflower organicgardening leipzig garden gardening gardenlove urbangarden urbangardening growyourown growyourownfood growsome greens plantbased planting plants veggies legumes jardin blumenkohl eco earthling yummy

29 Minutes ago

World Wide Vegan Food 📷


Comment from World Wide Vegan Food 📷:

🍴Butternut Lentil Tacos by theplantedone 🌱 Use WorldWideVeganFood or us for a chance to be featured 🙌

34 Minutes ago

My Baby's Up There Someplace


Comment from My Baby's Up There Someplace:

Happy 43rd to Diamond Dogs! I was going to filter this into B&W but then I felt like it was a sin to dull the shine of his hair and vibrance of his cloak davidbowie davidjones bowie majortom hunkydory themanwhosoldtheworld ziggystardust aladinsane halloweenjack diamonddogs thethinwhiteduke themanwhofelltoearth thomasjeromenewton heroes lodger earthling scarymonsters letsdance stationtostation youngamericans thespidersfrommars starman rockandrollsuicide moonagedaydream istherelifeonmars spaceoddity labyrinth lazarus blackstar

40 Minutes ago

Russell Hoag


Comment from Russell Hoag:

I only count the sunny hours, brightest hours of day. I never count the gloomy hours I let them slip away. boulder blessed earthling longbeachduballstars

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mia_cardenas66 BASTARD VILE COWARD 😡😡😡😡😡 vile cowards coward wolf yellowstone animals shot bastard shit reward ourworld horrible badpeople humans earthling nowords

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Comment from plinegardening:

This photo blows my mind! 🥒🌱beauty nature earthling garden gardening gardenlove urbangarden urbangardening homegarden homegardening healthy plants planting plantlove plant cucumbers cucumberplant cucumber greens veggies growsome growyourown growyourownfood goodfood jardin legumes sunnyday wind eco organic

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Comment from R A C H E L M A X W E L L:

Now that I have time to eat and make substantial food again 🙏🏼🍒🍌🌿🌞✨ Cherry and Maca smoothie bowl, rudehealth hazelnut milk, goji berries, coconut, mulberries & pipandnut cashew & cinnamon nut butter 🌰 vegan smoothiebowl

53 Minutes ago

Angel's Bliss


Comment from Angel's Bliss:

💙💞💘😇🍃❤🌻💝💖💗miricletime heartlight universalfun missionwork earthling style for you areaccessing the Divine presence within you. Allow yourself to be lifted know that you are safe, you are protected and you are outgrowing your old life and current life mastery, according to our true Self and unfold blessings of flow and abundance you to are being blessed with an ability to create through you now. The Universe seeks to give you the opportunities, teachings, circumstances and synchronicities waiting for you if you wish to take root and grow. May I receive this golden light of peace and spiritual power within our true Self and to live the beauty and Bliss-Fullness of the Universe. Please bring me clear guidance about how to be open to receive new levels of spiritual wisdom and talents from the Heart of the Divine plan. Any delay is in my own heart now. May all beings feel and know this peace within. Your Soul Purpose includes Healing and Empowerment of the Divine light. Just like the Divine plan that is unfolding through your life right now. Om Mani Padme Hum! 😇🍃❤🌻💝💖💗🌞

1 Hours ago

☽✧Jessica ~Soul-Preneur✧☾


Comment from ☽✧Jessica ~Soul-Preneur✧☾:

What's your fave place to chill?🙏🏼✨🌸🌿🌷🗻🌵🌎🍄 . For me I like chillin in my room with all my crystals💎 listening to some Abraham Hicks or other inspiration / music 🎶...Also LOVE the beach by the ocean even though I don't live near one.😌 🌊 I love going for nature walks where I live, traveling, near mountains and waterfalls....but do you know what? You can have inner peace anywhere!☮️ I've learned that. Doesn't matter if you're at work, in a shopping mall or even if you're around people you don't like or in a stressful situation. It can be hard but it is possible to be happy and have inner peace no matter where you are!✌🏽✨☮️

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Comment from SoulJahcreations:

😝 awakening bodystrength compassion crystal etsy earthling fibonacci feelgood giftideas gemstonejewelry healinggems handmade iam jewelry lawofone merkaba Namaste onelove organic pagansofinstagram planetearth recycledart spritual soulfamily trendyhandmadethings universe vegan SoulJCreations

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Danielle & Codyॐ


Comment from Danielle & Codyॐ:

The first wealth is health. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 💚 🍒🍇 Snacking on nature's candy☀️🍭 What's your favorite fruit?

1 Hours ago



Comment from WePickUpPlastic:

Picked up two handfuls of plastic caps on our morning beach walk today. Such a gloomy day! We saw lots of albatross picking around in the sand. Up to 9 out of 10 seabirds have plastic in their guts. Such a sad statistic - please help by picking up rubbish you see. It only takes a few seconds. WePickUpPlastic

1 Hours ago