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Comment from Kristina Ryan:

Lately I haven't been traveling or adventuring. I've been staying home, saving money, planning for the future and laying low. It's felt good but I'm so stoked to be going into the mountains in less than a week 🤘🏻🌲

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You probably don’t think about your trash once it’s thrown away. It gets placed in a bag, goes into a dumpster and then it’s picked up and hauled off to landfill. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, it’s time we start to think about the impact our trash has on the environment. 85 percent of the plastic produced in our world isn’t recycled, and around 8.8 million tons of plastic makes its way into the oceans every year, where it pollutes waters and kills marine life. On land, our trash poses a threat to wildlife who ingest plastic pieces or become entangled. An opossum was brought into the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Texas by animal control, who found the animal with plastic rings from a six-pack embedded in its neck and leg. The injury, which caused an infection so severe it became infested with maggots. If a human hadn’t stepped in, this creature would have succumbed to a terrible, agonizing death — all because of a piece of trash thrown away by a human. The opossum is expected to make a full recovery and will be released back into the wild, but not all animals are so lucky. Convenience has taken priority over the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Single-use items like water bottles, cups, bags, straws, utensils, razors, and coffee pods are all tossed into the trash without giving much thought. Plastic is in certain soaps and scrubs in the form of microbeads, And items like plastic six-pack rings, plastic bags, and netting from fishing. Imagine the fear an animal experiences as they try desperately to escape, only making themselves more entangled and causing further injury. Or the pain they feel after ingesting a piece of plastic that tears up their digestive tract. -Arianna Pittman. #crushplastic . #plastic #environment #humans #animals #animalrights #bethechange #beavoice #awareness #consciousliving #beer #crueltyfree #ecofriendly #empathy #education #marinelife #wildlife #lifestyle #teach #proactive #vegan #liveandletlive #nonviolence #peace #protect #respectanimals #planet #ocean #extinction #climatechange

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Comment from Kiana Davies:

#empathy An important reminder to us all. The world is not perfect, and we can't always get what we want, so why don't we try and find the silver lining in all that we are blessed with instead! 😊😊😊

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Comment from Nola Suffragettes:

This wins, hands down. 10,000+ folks gathered in Nola to March for Women's Rights. But then, we have this adorable little peanut join us and we remember exactly what's at stake. Humbling indeed. ✊🏻• • • #nolasuffragettes #womensmarch #womensmarch2017 #womensmarchneworleans #womensequality #neworleans #empathy #kindness #respect #girlpower #herstory #fightlikeagirl #sistersuffragette #whyimarch #beyonce #louisiana #votesforwomen @beyonce @saintrecords @ladiesgetpaid @thewing @womensmarch

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Comment from HERC ™:

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Today has been an uneasy ball of emotions for me. I woke up with such a range of feelings about the current state of the world I am living and raising my children in. I am aware that my feelings of "I don't need anyone extra" (outside of my family I live with) have been a survival tactic I have had to use for way too long now. A lot of my chapters of healing involved going in and finding the answers in solitude. But this chapter involves others. I am open to receive guidance and love from like-minded peers, elders and children 💜 I came on social media this morning to find so many people marching or wanting to March and always lots of talk about love trumping hate, followed by lots of hate. So I am very confused. How do we fight hate with hate? Was it even really hate to begin with? Is taking a someone's words that offend most and turning them into tshirts and signs and outward expression suppose to heal any of us? Whatever the case may be, I asked Ian if we could check out the protest (can't march in snow) happening a block from our house... we went to buy a coffee right near it and ran into a local woman that reminded us of who we are, our path we are walking, & how we never need to follow along with what others say or do. She mentioned so many emotions that I had told Ian earlier this morning, that I bursts out crying in the coffee shop. She saved me today. She invited us over this evening to pray and chant for the whole world. So we are going. She has no idea how much healing happened in our local coffee shop today but I am forever grateful for her honesty, words and enlightenment. My vulnerability and want for healing has slowly been coming out of its shell today and I hope it never has to hide again. This a new chapter that we are diving deep into ✨🙏🏾✨ . . #empathy #earthkeepers #balance #1111 #gratitude #vulnerability #healing #love #prayer #snow #transparency #weareone #rootchakra #nwo #prolife #profamily #prolove #prochange #yinyang

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It was #worldhugday yesterday. 2016 was an interesting year and there are several people who I want to hug and say a special thank you to. They helped me through the dark days when dad passed away, lifted me up when I needed it most, jumped on board and supported me on my journey to becoming a yoga teacher (and they still do), others understood me when I said enough is enough and quit my job as I wasn't going to tolerate working 14 hours day's + weekends while the only reward was a slap in the face. I am also grateful for the valuable lessons as without all of that I wouldn't be the person I am today. Some people showed their true colours during the dark days, they helped me make the choice to make more space in my life, which opened up the doors to amazing opportunities, beautiful friendships and new adventures. Removing #toxic #negative people is liberating and refreshing, highly recommend it. #hugs #love #empathy #thankyou #lifelessons #life #growth #2017 #happy #smiling #selflove #follow #tag

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Comment from Lindsay Joy Taylor:

Coffee, jewelry, and equality, these are a few of my favorite things! ☕️💎✌🏼️ . If you know me at all, you know this is neither a political or religious statement. It’s simply an acknowledgement that everyone’s grief matters equally and your pain is valid whether others agree with or understand it. . Leave a heart in the comments if you believe this too. 💗 #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings #youaresafewithme #empathy

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Comment from Kristen Hopf:

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