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#meditation #mindfulness #happiness #universo #plastic #pollution @pinealprojects Photocredit: @beautifuldestinations Taking notice of the last 6-8 months i have felt this large global energetic shift taking place. Things truly have reached boiling points and a reverse shift has begun in masses. Not only towards reversing current damage but towards entirely new ways of being. The dawn of a collectively spirtual society is surfacing. Just like the industrial revolution and the tech revolution before it, the spiritual and conscious revolution has begun. You can see it in whats trending as well as whats begun to come to the forefront for those who have done the personal work all these years. To now open the doors to public acceptance around non linear spritual ways of being. Awareness is key here and unlike revolutions prior to this, spiritualism maitains awareness at its core, which is why we will be headinf for great times ahead. From what i can sense, this will be the first wholly positive shift forward for us as a global society in 100s of years. For you who lead the way now, you will be the pioneers and early adopters for these new ideologies. If you're reading this you are alive in a very special time for humanity.

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"I want to paint vulnerability on a canvas and show it to children, and I want them to marvel at it and be washed in it; because truly, in all of my living, being sensitive is the most beautiful F'N thing I have ever experienced." THIS. Taking in his pain (& keeping his world shiny) so he can keep smiling. Yet allowing him to know it is okay to feel and show it. At any time. Anywhere. My ☀️-shine. #vulnerability #feel #empathy #depth #motherhood #asburypark #grieving #christoperpoindexter

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That's our future right there, and it's looking pretty freakin' cute. [HT @girlchanger]

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Andrea Sowden, Psychotherapist


Do you judge yourself harshly? How's your inner critic - busy? What is it you are judgemental about in others? If you'd like some assistance to work through this, or anything else - Andrea Sowden is taking appointments. . #innercritic #innerbeauty #innerchild #judgements #happiness #feelgood #positivethinking #humancondition #empathy #compassion #selfcompassion #talkingcure #psychotherapy #perthgirlboss #mentalhealth #expectations #depression #andreasowden #counselling #courage #vulnerability #disappointment #anxiety #notgoodenough #selfcareisntselfish #selfworth #selfdiscovery #selfconfidence #selfacceptance

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Every 1 Let's Talk


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When all you have worked for is coming to fruition. When you don't make new year resolutions. When you "just do it" like Nike. When you know Underestimation is the element of surprise. When you know who you are. When you set intentions for change then do it. When you don't create or allow drama in your space. When men in general are respectful, attentive and protective of you. When people in general are understanding of you. When the Universe allow circumstances/lessons, sometimes immediate, other times not which are in alignment with what you say and do. When people want to be and do better because of the reasons and examples you have provided. When there's always someone who looks out for you. When you have silent partners. When you respect others freedom. When your energy is light. When you assess/correct self. When you always find the "silver lining". When you seek and give truth. When you love. When you work to be your best for the sake of humanity. When you regularly find resolve. When you want to be yourself. When you are in love with someone who loves you back. When you've found inner peace. When you know that you are powerful. When you are not restricted. When you give people hope. When you are not ashamed of your not so glamorous days and when you know those days don't negate your wisdom, glamorous days, or fortitude. The new year is what it is and I'll be who I choose to be for the sake of my purpose. One! #SelfWealth #Every1LetsTalk #E1LT #SelfMastery #HopeDealer #ParadigmShift #Unorthodox #Paradox #earth #leastresistence #realism #Maverick #truth #Balance #Compassion #Sekhmet #Peace #Humanity #LeaderShip #Heroine #Levitation #understanding #Metaphysics #Complexity #Duality #Grace #Authentic #Empathy #Metaphysics

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