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My Block Entertainment


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Nothing toxic comes from genuine love. LoveQuote LoveDoesntHurt GenuineLove Genuine Worthy Kindness Honesty Empathy RealLove Relationships Loving BeLoving TrueLove Commitment LoveIsAVerb QOTD WordPorn RecordLabel

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Seraphina says...


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...CONNECTion... 👉🏼👈🏼👉🏼👈🏼👉🏼👈🏼👉🏼👈🏼👉🏼👈🏼👉🏼👈🏼👉🏼👈🏼👉🏼👈🏼 COMNECTion CONNECT ET ETphoneHOME HOME universalstudioscalifornia ALIENS OUTERSPACE OuterspaceBoyfriend consciousness MilkyWay galaxy stars YouCouldBeHappyHere InOrbitTogether InAgalaxyFarFarAway Intergalactic Peace Love friendship relationships care empathy compassion energy HEALing magic enLIGHTenMEnt extraterrestrial OutOfThisWorld

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Ishan Khosla


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comfortably numb homeless haves havenots empathy

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Veterinarians International


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Nobody has ever become poor by giving. Please, check the opportunities to donate. Every dollar counts ❤️:

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FRANCE WORKS HARD.. VOTE 🇫🇷 ! worker constructionworker ouvrier travailleur headshot portrait portraitphotography face eyes look empathy strength vulnerability streetphotography lifestyle streetscene instagood picofday men man bluecollar

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Massive Phobia


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Massive Phobia HQ is across the street from the now shuttered Honest Ed's in Toronto. anicastillo has taken the liberty to litter their facade with her beautiful art. You should check out her website as well. mentalhealth addiction positivity anxiety depression adhd ocd scizophrenia bipolar ptsd empathy selfhelp selflove selfdoubt selfesteem lowselfesteem love mania healing gethelp healthylife support community art arttherapy therapy trauma honesteds massivephobia

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No judging here. 💜 truth downsyndrome medical occupationaltherapy speechtherapy physicaltherapy children medicine science love empathy compassion helpingout liftothersup qoutes instagood clinics

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linda magistris


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headstogether londonmarathon headstogether Well done all charity causes empathy griefsupport mentalhealth workingtogether

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A B E L Loves


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Sometimes the mind curls into itself in meditation - natures natural ability to return to its source. 🙏love and light. -abel 🦄

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Ashley Taylor


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It's mindset 😉🖤you agree believeinyourself mindsetiseverything realtalkwithashley

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Kesha Green


Comment from Kesha Green:

💯Day 20: "We should never be anxious to volunteer other people’s time." (Brandon E.b. Ward, Precocity Director of UX, from⠀ ⠀ Who's volunteering? Wait a minute ... we're all not getting paid for this?⠀ ⠀ The people using a product or experiencing a service are often the focus of empathetic action. Organizational goals get some play too. Then, there are the people who actually have to do something about those fantastic insights. On the one hand, it's great to have some idea of where things went wrong or where to go next. On the other hand, was it really necessary to mess up this bad thing? 😮⠀ ⠀ Some would argue that the buck stops with the head honchos, while others identify the developer (or builder) as the truly intimidating gatekeeper, according to Ward. Here's a common interview question posed to prospective product managers: "How will you earn the respect of the engineering team?" Alrighty then. 😒 ⠀ While there are various issues that lend toward such perspectives, an empathetic approach for all of the above situations can help ease the way. It helps to acknowledge that "what the user sees and interacts with" is the actual deliverable, not data, insights, reviews, mockups or financial statements, says Ward. It helps to make the effort to trust and be accountable. It helps to communicate early & effectively.⠀ ⠀ The100DayProject⠀ 100DaysofUXEmpathy⠀ UserExperience UX⠀ Empathy⠀ Tech⠀ Technology⠀ Design⠀ ProductManagement⠀ Community⠀ CaringAboutPeople

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Paola Niuska Quilici


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Mon accrochage biennaledegentilly s staring mohaï empathy attrapable choses visible jusqu'au 30 avril

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Thapar University


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Sanmeet Sidhu, Head - Centre for Training & Development (CTD), organised a workshop on ‘Emotional Intelligence During Change’ at TU. The touched upon EI topics like self awareness, self management, internal motivation, empathy and social skills. Education Career Learning ThaparUniversity University Patiala HigherEducation UniversityPlace UniversityLife EducationIsPower Campus TU SocialSkills

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Fremtiden Er Vegansk


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I dag holder arladk deres årlige PR stunt, hvor de viser de økologiske køer komme på græs, for første gang i et halvt år. Køb ikke løgnen! Køer er levende væsener med følelser som sorg, glæde, kærliged og angst. Kalve, der frarøves deres mødre og omvendt er en del af industrien og kan aldrig forsvares! Repost mercyforanimals ✌💚🐮🐷🐥 Fremtiden er Vegansk ❤ Find og følg os på Facebook ✊ dyrefrigørelsenu sundhed klima redliv miljø retfærdighed mad livsstilsændring livsstil gørenforskel dotherightthing vegan govegan veganer plantbased plantebaseret arla økologi veganisme veganism vegandk madmedmedfølelse fortheanimals friendsnotfood empathy rescueanimals bethechangeyouwanttosee vego vegannorway fremtidenervegansk

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Comment from Truth|Empower|Fun|Animals|Love:

snakes animals animallivesmatter stopanimalabuse stoprattlesnakeroundups whatswrongwithpeople why empathy somethingtothinkabout jointhecause endthis

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Comment from #riskhappy:

"There is only one person responsible for where you are today and where you'll be tomorrow." riskhappy

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FIRST For Women


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Daily inspiration!

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Sunder Nihal Singh


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nature God Creator Source Powerful Universal spiritualist spirituality positivemind spiritual positiveenergy positivevibes healer empathy highlysensitiveperson lightworker Goodlife

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Woman's World Magazine


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So true! couponing

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s t e v e ❤️ t h e ❤ d o g


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" Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain." What a concept. steveforpresident❤️ yesourdogisnamedsteve hatewontmakeusgreat lovetrumpshate belikesteve 📷gretahesmer

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