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Hafizan Halim


Comment from Hafizan Halim:

Drawing study for pose and horse with waving flag. This angle I have been study from video where HRH Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Sultan of Terengganu trying to open Malaysia flag when arrive at the finish line in SEA Games 2017 then winning 2 Gold Medal, Alhamdulillah . Hope the final drawing will be complete successfully with full colour. horse seagames2017 kualalumpur terengganu royal equestrian gold victory glory brushpen copic

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Ida Lindemann Photography


Comment from Ida Lindemann Photography:

Bellamie 🌺 • • © Ida Lindemann Photograpy 2017 nikon nikond500 tamron tamron70200 nikkor nikkor50mm horse equine equestrian horsesofinstagram horsestagram instahorses pony equinephotographer hästfotograf equipefotograf horsephotography bestofequines photography photographer fotograf läger1117

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Comment from amayx33:

WCW melisandre jumper equestrian eventer my woman crush 😘

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Deborah Cerbone Associates


Comment from Deborah Cerbone Associates:

An Equestrian Estate we are designing on a beautiful property in northern NJ for an amazing client! We love what we do!❤️Design for Equestrians by Equestians...equestrian equestriandesign horsefarms landscapearchitecture equestrianlandscape

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Maria Shcherbinina


Comment from Maria Shcherbinina:

мороцкийможет bigboyfonzevs showjumping horseriding equestrian horses конкур лошади pferdesport pferde

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Comment from Diana:

Wenn der neue Glücksbringer gleich mal wieder ganze Arbeit leisten muss 🙄 Danke liebe tessa.liebich für das wunderschöne armband . Das Glück konnten wir direkt gebrauchen 😓🍀 ~ ~ ~ equestrian infinity equestrianlifestyle bracelets rosegold makeawish hufeisen gebiss bit gold reitsport accessorie acessories luckycharms luckycharm glücksarmband ridersofinstagram fashion

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Comment from Tomas28:

❤sv , Jure , divoké koně 👍 horse horses equestrian love nature instahorse pony horseriding equine instagood photo cheval summer instahorses travel horselove drawing followme instagram sky

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Summer Brennan


Comment from Summer Brennan:

Beautiful Amado. The first wild mustang I tamed and fell in love with. So many incredible horses like him are in danger of a brutal end if we do not act. Please do what you can to help by contacting your representatives and bringing awareness to this issue. Privately owned cattle outnumber wild horses on our public lands. Taxpayers are forced to fund the capture, imprisonment and slaughter of our wild horses while ranchers profit from the use of public lands for their own benefits. Why not simply remove the cattle from public lands and require their owners to feed them themselves? Did you know that only 3% of beef grown on public lands is actually consumed in the USA? 97% is exported to other countries. Taxpayers do not benefit at all from cattle on public lands and neither does the environment, the natural predators that are killed off to protect livestock, or the wild horses. With significant profit and minimal overhead, ranchers have the funds to keep changing legislation in favor of their own special interests. Wild horses can be managed in a more humane and logical way. wildhorses nohorseslaughter mustangs blm horserescue slaughter littlebrookfarm equine equestrian animals environment nature wildlife

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Eqiune Photography


Comment from Eqiune Photography:

"Could have a more charming face" (Foal Inspector comment) I love this colt...someone sponsor my "healthy" horse addiction 😂 equinephotography equestrian equine horsesofinstagram horsephotography horse foal foalsofinstagram gracefulessencephotography

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Comment from ФКСР:

В maximastables продолжается спортивно-образовательный марафон «Конкур без границ»! В воскресенье завершился одноименный турнир. Что ждет всадников на этой неделе, читайте на лошадьконныйспорт equestrian equestriansport horses showjumpingequestrianstyle конкур образование программа турнир

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<olivia's equestrain account>


Comment from <olivia's equestrain account>:

thought this was cute minus my face and piper biting the reins🙄🙄 eye meds are working and swelling in leg is going down slowly hopefully I can ride her by next week!!pc equigraphed • • • • • warmbloodsofinstagram warmbloodsofinstagram equinephotography rolex horse horses equestrian equestriansofinstagram equinesofinstagram eventing2017 rolex rolex2017 rk3de kentuckyhorsepark kentuckyproud crosscountryjumping crosscountry gallop

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Julia Nowaczyk


Comment from Julia Nowaczyk:

El-Jad❤️ twohearts dressage dressur dressurpferd specialone horses dressagerider arabian dressagehorse horsepower horselove love horse eskadron kingsland casco roecklgloves workharder roeckl happy passion stallion proud top canter equestrian rider happy workharder workhappier

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Comment from Audrey:

Ugh, I really miss this. horses riding training jumpers equestrian

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PJ Saddles


Comment from PJ Saddles:

The bond between a rider and their horse is unmatchable. Having a well fitted saddle on your horse is very important to ensure maximum comfort for yourself and your horse! 🐎

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Comment from RidersDeal:

Im vollen Galopp in Richtung Feierabend 💞 . riderdeal galopp freiheit koppel schecke scheckenpower freedom young wild free canter feelfree horses horseofinstagram horselover instahorse equestrian equestrainlifestyle . Foto:

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Comment from performancehorseperspective:

🔹🔷🔹 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards." ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ horses horseblog horsequotes barrelracer equestrian barrelracing quotes quoteoftheday instaquote

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Phoebe & Amethist 💗😀


Comment from Phoebe & Amethist 💗😀:

Training yesterday 😍 amethist horses equestrian horsesforlife dressage

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Eliza Eddy


Comment from Eliza Eddy:

On Wednesdays we wear white equilineamerica aztecdiamondequestrian anna.scarpati horse horses horses🐴 horseshow horselove horsebackriding horseriding horsesofinstagram horsefashion horseshowlife horsesoninstagram horsestagram horserider horselover horses_of_instagram hunterjumper equine equestrianlife equinelife equestrian equinelove equestrianlife equestrianlifestyle equestriansofinstagram rider riding horseshow showjumper

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SZ AdiMedina


Comment from SZ AdiMedina:

Bertuahnye dpt selfie dgn tmski ♡♡♡ Walaupn penat dn cuaca pnas Baginda tetap tidak mnghmpakn para peminat2 baginda yg tlh dtg memberi sokongn kpd baginda... Rakyat Malaysia sngt menyenangi sikap baginda yg sangt murah dgn senyuman dn tidak sombng.. Putra Raja Brjiwa Rakyat akn sentiasa dsyngi😉😉🤗😇👑👑👑👑🏇🏇🏇🏇 brunei princeofbrunei prince charming bruneiroyalfamily bruneiroyals royalfamily polosport polo equestrian seagames2017 seagameskualalumpur2017 polite humble

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Danaë | Le Blog 100% équin


Comment from Danaë | Le Blog 100% équin:

Such a beauty moonstrucktraveller with a beautiful horse of course ! Wish it was me 😫 girl travel horses equestrian blog blogger

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