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Emma Espinośa


Comment from Emma Espinośa:

So this isn't my arm. But I'll be getting this tattoo hopefully soon! So excited, I'll post pictures when I get it done eventually ☺️ { beautiful queen wuddup inked tattoo arm cute slay fierce lovely model vintage kissmark marylinmonroe excited futureink fabulous }

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Comment from saber5702:

Just so happy fangirling got a goodnight from my fave cosplayer!!! excited happy fangirl

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Josip Van Josip


Comment from Josip Van Josip:

zürich zurich suisse switzerland swagger swag insta igers i j excited expression club studio instadaily instamoment instamood picoftheday photooftheday vsco vscocam gay instagay gaystagram gayguy thisismyeurope spotyourlife

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Kiana Rhines


Comment from Kiana Rhines:

gloomgames excited happy To be able to talk to one of my favorite youtubers is in fact awesome 😊 Some other shoutouts include kubscouts ogchan It was awesome to get a reply from them as well and i hope to continue to help support some of these awesome youtubers. Ill try to comment more often 😅

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Comment from Anto:

harrypotter and the philosopherstone june 18 eighteen lunapark excited loveit vsco instagram 💛💛💛

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Dia D.


Comment from Dia D.:

I literally can't publicly praise isaaqowenz enough these days. THANK YOU my amazing and supportive friend for these yummy gifts on my front step! excited letsdothis

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Ben Forster


Comment from Ben Forster:

Nearing complétion of this beauty, and im a little excited ,... tfbleather graffiti urbanstyle westernfashion leatherbelt

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Teegs. 🐺


Comment from Teegs. 🐺:

✖️✖️ 6 DAYS LEFT FOR 10% OFF! ✖️✖️ This challenge is designed differently to a lot of challenges you see around! It's not just a fad thing, it's something more! We want to work with you for 12 weeks to change your entire lifestyle, so that you have long term effects, it's not just about losing weight! It's about becoming stronger, being healthier and feeling amazing in every aspect of your life!! How? ✖️✖️The challenge will include the following:✖️✖️ ✖️ Challenge Information Evening ✖️ Devietti Fitness Starter Pack Includes: - Shirt or Singlet - Vision Board - Diary & Pen - Nutrition Warehouse Gift Bags ✖️ Challenge Launch Night – Nibbles & Packs ✖️ Weekly Meal Plans ✖️ Weekly Workouts & Challenges ✖️ Weekly Group PT Sessions – 4 per group ✖️ Weekly Running Training around Forest Lake followed by a Catch Up to Discuss Weekly Topics of Interest eg: setting goals, food & mindset, removing barriers, importance of protein, massage & rehab, clothes, shopping and so much more. ✖️ Monthly Fitness Testing – part of your PT session (extra cost of $30 monthly if not already doing a PT session weekly, appointment to be booked and paid for each month) ✖️ Monthly Outings – Mt Cootha, Tree Top Challenge, Daisy Hill Stairs ✖️ Continued Help, Support and Adaptability to all weekly exercises, challenges and meal plans through the entire 12 week period. ✖️ End of Challenge Awards Night – Prizes & Nibbles ✖️ ALL OF THE ABOVE FOR ONLY $40 per week! (Weekly PT session for an extra $30 per week!) ✖️ This will be an amazing way to meet people who are on the same path as you, help motivate you, make new friends and have one amazing support network! Kicking the challenge of we will be doing the Mothers Day Classic run as a team and to end it we will be seeing how much your hard work has paid of with the True Grit Challenge, all as a team! (At your own expense!)

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Kayla Chavez


Comment from Kayla Chavez:

My new baby spyro 😍🖤 beardeddragon excited

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💋 JeSSie 🇵🇷🔥


Comment from 💋 JeSSie 🇵🇷🔥:

Is that time of the year again. BaseballSeason Supporting my little man TeamLuis LetsGo HispanicFireFighters NewarkLittleLeague JuniorLeague myson mysecondchild mylife excited lovemychild

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Oscar Murphy❤️


Comment from Oscar Murphy❤️:

shake noselicker puppypaws excited fluffycoat

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Chris & Caitlin


Comment from Chris & Caitlin:

Who could have knew a little black book could provide so much excitement 😆 decisions selections boutiqueinspo boutiquehomesvictoria boutiquehomes riviera32 bromptonlife wefoundtheone caromaaustralia newhomes designinspo excited freestandingtub happy haveyoufoundtheone 2018settlement

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Megan Julianna


Comment from Megan Julianna:

I am finally starting to feel human again! After 3 months of complaining, napping, bad skin, dark roots, inability to work out, and bloating, I am so ready to get back into my routine! isurvived feelingbetter pregnancy journey firsttrimester over timeforthenextone blonde 20something firsttime experience happy excited baby blackandwhite 3months

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Sierra Lyons


Comment from Sierra Lyons:

LAST CALLLLLL! . Bootcamp starts may 1st and spots are filling up fast!!!! Comment your email below and I will send you the details! Or if you are in comment "save me a spot"! Feel free to DM me as well! . Let's get the bikini body transformation started now!!! . lastcall bikinibody summer bootcamp letsdothis workout fitfam lifestyle teamtripleD springintohealth healthy excited woowoo may longhairdontcare diamond tattoos piercings

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Comment from famouslittleliar_:

Who else is ready for tomorrows new episodes?

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Comment from Pamela:

The difference between boys and girls! Look how excited the twins are at the mall. Starting young with the jewelry. beckhamkoo could not give an eff. ptfo shopping accessories

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Esther 😘


Comment from Esther 😘:

This is what I WILL be doing at midnight excited harpersloan favorite lostrider harper_sloan

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Comment from 187bee:

Tired 🙂 can it be the weekend again excited tired makeup oneofakind longhair livelife fontana focused birthdaycomingup blondehair soloprovider single fitfam

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Shawn Ronsse


Comment from Shawn Ronsse:

It hit me really hard a few days ago that Pops wasn't going to be here for any of this. The one father figure that stood by my side no matter what and actually meant it, will not get to see his son grow into the man that would have made him proud. I want to talk to him. Tell him what's going on. What I'm thinking about. I want to ask him if I'm living my life right and would my decisions be making him proud. I just keep reading the letter I wrote to him the day of his funeral. I don't think I'll ever get the willpower to burn it like I said I was going to. It's the only thing I have tied to him. ❤️ Love you old man. trans love transguy boi transboy tattoos ftm transman transboy ftm hormones t testosterone smile happy smile sun instahappy goodmood sohappy happier excited bro smiling funtimes funny gauges tattoos feelgoodphoto joy happy enjoy love

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Comment from Chantal:

Let the lights lead you 🎡 coachella vacation music discover musicfestival excited fun blessed friends party experience californialove

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