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Inhale the future @obj

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#WellnessWednesday After teaching tonight's Y🌎GA class I was reminded of a quote I came across recently... "IF YOU FEEL DRAINED FROM GIVING, THEN YOU ARE GIVING TO THE WRONG PERSON" I think this is an interesting quote and something we should all think about. We as people (especially woman) have a tendency to become drained and work ourselves too hard without ever stopping for some much needed TLC 💜 Personally when I teach a class, no matter the kind of day I am having, Yoga always revitalizes and energizes me. I find afterwards I'm more relaxed and feel like I'm glowing and radiating such positive energy and warmth 🎆✨ The next time you're about to go through your daily routine, visiting the same places, talking to people...Notice how you feel afterwards. After each interaction, Do you feel energized? Enlightened? Or Do these places/ people have the opposite effect on you? Just something worth thinking about on this rainy Wednesday evening! ✨🌎🌟💙✨💛🌃🌴😴 #WisdomWednesday #Goodnight #QOTD #positivevibes #foodforthought #Mindfulness #Recharge #detox #renew #yogisofinstagram #Zen #tranquility #meditation #gratitude #NewYear #LetGo #ExhaleThePast #wordsofadvice #quoteoftheday✏️ #MindBodySpirit #HealthyLifestyle #fitfam #HealthyFoodie #YogaTeacher #FollowYourBliss #Smile #YouAreLoved #YogiInTheKitchen #InTheKitchenWithJenny

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Comment from Stephanie Gilstrap:

🌌I struggle with self-belief because my dad programmed my unconscious mind in ways I am learning to overcome. 🌌I experienced extreme postpartum depression after the birth of our first son. 🌌I grew up in a trailer park and struggled with acceptance as a child. And honestly, just writing this still makes me embarrassed, even though I'm learning not to be. 🌌I go to therapy 1 day per week because I am far from having all my shit together. I'll always be a little rough around the edges for reasons not everyone always understands. But my hope is that if you've ever struggled in your life, like really struggled, you'll take to heart this one piece of advice from yours truly: ✨Your past SHAPES you, but it doesn't have to MAKE you✨ xo Steph . . #mypeople #goodvibetribe #againstallodds #ididitandyoucantoo #exhalethepast #inhalethefuture #lifelessons #believeandyouwillachieve

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I've noticed many people expressing that 2016 has humbled them in many ways, and I surely feel the same. This year I've faced many new trials and tribulations that has changed me forever. Though some of those internal scars are still healing I have never been more ready to exhale the negativity of the past and inhale all of the positivity the future has to offer. As long as I continue to pray the prayer that resígnated with my soul (which I've shared with you in a previous post), "Dear God, If I am wrong, right me. If I am lost, guide me. If I start giving up, keep me going; lead me in light and love. Help me stay true 🙏🏽," I have faith this will be a year of strength, goal conquering, giving, and all that HE has in store for me. I pray the same for all of you. 2017 = The year to turn it all around 🙃 _________________ #theseventhyear #yearofrenewal #yearofrevival #yearofgratitude #yearofstrength #yearofcourage #yearofgiving #yearofmytruth #goalconqueror #inhalethefuture #exhalethepast

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