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inhalethefuture exhalethepast zebra serengeti africa 🐾 🦂 🌵

6 Hours ago

Krystal Lynn Proctor


Comment from Krystal Lynn Proctor:

inhalethefuture exhalethepast letitbe ilooktowardsthefuture forgetthepast

1 Days ago



Comment from Jen:

Takeing in the moment inhalethefuture exhalethepast peacewithmyself

1 Days ago



Comment from 👻:

poonhill mountains connecttotheearth buddies greenlovers yogi yoga ashtanga yogateacher energy inhalethefuture exhalethepast naturelovers nepal fun sharing

2 Days ago

Jommy K


Comment from Jommy K:

E X H A L E T H E P A S T hookah and boba hookahlounge koreatown ktownla exhalethepast

2 Days ago

Iulia Caraiman


Comment from Iulia Caraiman:

Inhale the future, exhale the past • away cloudy dreamer dreamy daydreaming embracingnature escape constanta freshair goodvibesonly getaway inhaleexhale inhalethefuture inhalethegood inhalethelove spreadlove livesimply livehealthy peace pure memyselfandi mothernature exhalethepast mood motivation quoteoftheday windy wildandfree wildsouls

3 Days ago

Kenneth Lambert Gaa


Comment from Kenneth Lambert Gaa:

Chasing clouds without running out of breath - ) inhalethefuture exhalethepast vapelife mayospeak G2

3 Days ago

Inspirational Posts🕉


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Ehhh it was probably not that serious any way🤷‍♀️ nostress quietthemind justrelax exhalethepast inhalethegood dontworry behappy 420 weed maryjane ganja 🍃🍃🍃

4 Days ago



Comment from susalues:

This calming feeling of watching the sunset... exhalethepast breathinthefuture universehasyourback nofilter somewhereingermany train traveller ICE doubleseatalone

4 Days ago

Melissa Green


Comment from Melissa Green:

My mood reflected the sky this morning. My head and my heart are at odds Mood Sunrise Sun Clouds ThisMorning Uncertainty Restless Tumultuous Breathe InhaleTheFuture ExhaleThePast MovingOn Focus Positivity NoGrowthInComfort Fearless Love LoverOfLife UnconditionalLove♥️

4 Days ago



Comment from CJ:

okay signs travel headingwest bepresent headingwest inhalethefuture exhalethepast 🦋 colorado denver nebraska truth

4 Days ago

Anja Skårhaug


Comment from Anja Skårhaug:

When you see the stunning view from over the fog, you'll just have to take a deep breath and than exhale💕this is just peace of mind💕🇳🇴peacefulplace peacefulstateofmind relaxingview amazingview😍 amazingviews overthefog tåke mountainsofnorway mountainfog exhalethepast enjoythemoments enjoythemagic amazingnorway amazingplaces etlitestykkenorge etlitestykkelykke westnorway2day westnorway beautifulnorway nordfjord liveinthenow opptur opplevelse opptur_norge etminneforlivet etlitestykkelykke visitnorway viewoftheday vestlandet exhalemagazine

4 Days ago

Melissa Mitchell


Comment from Melissa Mitchell:

goodmorning goodvibes future inhalethefuture exhalethepast 420

4 Days ago

Fabiola Peñaloza


Comment from Fabiola Peñaloza:

En tiempos de cambios 🇻🇪🕊🙏🏻 "....A LOS QUE ESTAMOS AQUÍ, A LOS QUE ESTÁN DEL OTRO LADO..." inhalethefuture exhalethepast tiemposdecambios venezuela venezuelalucha 19A firmadelactadelaindependencia venezuelaenlacalle jaquematemaduro hackematemaduro freedom marcha Repost nacho ・・・ TENGO QUE SER VALIENTE. 🇻🇪 francodevita victormunozvzla nacho

5 Days ago



Comment from Jonny:

Broken but not out. 0530club cold morning of -6 but was in need to vent some speed. ExhaleThePast NeverGiveUp TrainHardRaceEasy keepchallenging Cyclists cycleshots cycling instacycling cyclingpictures cyclingpics activelife outsideisfree biking cyclingphotos cyclinglife roadcycling dreamride dreamcycle cyclingpics cyclingimages triathlontraining triathlon swimbikerun outsideisfree triathlete bike run

5 Days ago

Inksane Art Fersho


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motivation inksaneart inhalethefuture exhalethepast personalove tattoos tattoostijuana

5 Days ago



Comment from doraliavm:

🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️present justbreathe yogilife welcomingthefuture gratitude exhalethepast love ready 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

5 Days ago

Reformers Student Ministries


Comment from Reformers Student Ministries:

Luke 1:78- A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful. 79 He will give light to those who live in the dark and in death’s shadow. He will guide us into the way of peace.” AnewDay InhaleTheFuture ExhaleThePast Jesus kcreformers KCcentral Tuesday

6 Days ago

Olga Fugina


Comment from Olga Fugina:

inhalethefuture exhalethepast вдыхайбудущее выдыхайпрошлое

6 Days ago

Destiny Revels


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👄💄🍒 girlswithtattoos inkfever anothercomingsoon tattitup addicted ilovetattoos collarbonetattoo inhalethefuture exhalethepast

6 Days ago