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Deniz Kemirtlek


Comment from Deniz Kemirtlek:

Project 3 (Possible Series) -  Another picture, but different angle from the same "Object". Using the work that i weaved together, I went back to the studio and used them as objects to photograph.  experiment appropriation heritage culture contemporaryart art photography Turkish Scottish identity culture D750 abstract abstractart focus objectart collage

1 Minutes ago

Seren Şimşir


Comment from Seren Şimşir:

Adı Limon ama kendisi bal 🍋 🍯

1 Minutes ago

J a y a K u m a r


Comment from J a y a K u m a r:

Kalamkari by JK Atelier jkatelier jkatelierindia kalamkari womenswear designerlabel fashion wearableart avantgarde Indian textile experiment artistic saree drapes k a l a m handwoven leather pattern antique gold instalike designer handmade handcarved Custommade duskybeauty

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Comment from MZproductions:

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Niehsson Williams


Comment from Niehsson Williams:

Nick D Setting Up A Test Run. Vehicle Code Name: "The Cat!" 🚀🚗💯 RocketCar Project Motor Awesome Cool Vehicle Fast Sweet Tech Cars Play HaveFun Experiment

7 Minutes ago

Dasha Labzina


Comment from Dasha Labzina:

Добавлю страничке перцу))) баловство клубничка бессовестная могусебепозволить эксперимент занятияидиотизмом макияж помада девушка girl makeup sexygirls instalike justfun instalook selfie sometimes experiment модныевеяния отскуки ятакаякрутая ))

7 Minutes ago

Martina Melodia


Comment from Martina Melodia:

Experimenting with samosas 😅 samosa vegetables homemade healthy experiment

7 Minutes ago

John Marvin Dizon Caisip


Comment from John Marvin Dizon Caisip:

Water + sugar + food color vsco science chemistry experiment justgoshoot zenphotography

8 Minutes ago

SUB Göttingen


Comment from SUB Göttingen:

Schwungmaschine, Naire & Blunt, London, etwa 1782 DingeDenkenLichtenberg experiment versuch verletzung auge Ausstellung exhibition Library Bibliothek Makro Physik physics history Geschichte Wissensgeschichte Wissenschaftsgeschichte Lichtenberg Aphorismus Science Foto: Martin Liebetruth

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Comment from C O S M O P O L I T A N:

Last day work experiment

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Comment from TGB_SMR:

After one exhausting week of prep for my exams notes are finally done now I can have a nice cup of Turkish Coffee and read my notes.. Bring it on academia I am ready for a battle Ps: would be so nice if I had a cup reader handy now 😎🎓 sydneyblogger sydney australia downunder homesweethome unilife labreport experiment exams studyhard psych lecture needcoffee now knowledge academic academy feelingrelaxed turkkahvesicandir turkishcoffee falciolsadabaksa

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John Marvin Dizon Caisip


Comment from John Marvin Dizon Caisip:

One drop. vsco science chemistry experiment justgoshoot zenphotography

9 Minutes ago

I Da Taurus Luv 💞 Y'all 🐎


Comment from I Da Taurus Luv 💞 Y'all 🐎:

Your 6th most frequently used emoji is your reaction having your phone confiscated ‾‾‾ ✧❥- cr : Tiger Tomato on YT another of my edited video of the pancake art. Enjoy!! Btw many pals like 3 so here ya go :) going watch Yt bye 👋👋👋 ‾‾‾ ✧❥- use /sccnotice for a chance to get featured! ‾‾‾ ✧❥- fc : 191,467 ‾‾‾ ✧❥- follow my backup : crispymelon ‾‾‾ ✧❥- all self promo , f4f , s4s , hate will be deleted ‾‾‾ ✧❥- ignore the hashtag below ↴ reliefstress anxietyhelp stressrelief sleepaid stressreliever stressfree insomnia soothing relaxing gainpost gaintrain gaintrick satisfy satisfying oddlysatisfying satisfaction delightsdesserts f4f recipe food foodie icecream dessert instadessert like4like instafood instagood cakes cake experiment

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Comment from 🌟:

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Salvatore Graf


Comment from Salvatore Graf:

''SPIRINGUACCHIO'' -Inchiostro su cartoncino 32x32- spiringuacchio scarabocchio inchiostro pennasucarta astratto linea informale informalart lirico colour ink inkonpaper paperboard carta myart mywork painting drawing experiment

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Comment from projectbykty:

test print I dont want no more pain graphicdesign graphicexperiment experiment thailand distort color error college projectbykty trust graphics complicated humanbeing reallost depressed

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Tanushree Vaidya


Comment from Tanushree Vaidya:

Drama in pink. For natontherocks and swishbossofficial. editorial experiment portraitpage folkportraits fashion fantasy pink swishboss love drama folkportraits mood moodyports agameoftones mumbai igersmumbai igersindia igers_maharashtra ig_exquisite nikon naturemag discoverportraits visualsoflife portraitgames

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Karmann Jean Benson


Comment from Karmann Jean Benson:

More racking but with a thicker rib and a longer racking pattern textiles textile textilesdesign textiledesigner texiledesign craft artsandcrafts knit knittingmachine knitter knitwear knitting knitdesign knittinglove knittersofinstagram knitstagram machineknit machineknitting rib ribber brothermachine pattern design zigzag yarn white experiment sample tests textilelove

14 Minutes ago

Ali Hassan


Comment from Ali Hassan:

الجزء ٢ من ٢ تجربة مذهلة حول تأثير الموجات الصوتية على الماء Part 2 of 2 Stunning experiment on the effect of sound waves on water physics earth nature science waves soundwaves scientists instalab instaclass instaexperiments water physicists instawaves instaphysics didyouknow physicsfun physicslab physicsclass studies scienceclass instasoundwaves scienceworld sciencelab scienceiscool sciencemuseum scienceproject scienceteacher experiment experimental stunning

15 Minutes ago

Sarah Richards 🌻

Comment from Sarah Richards 🌻:

Some more HI ☺️Really enjoying working with the one word and seeing what can come from that 🖌 One post on the HI front to go! . . . Experiment Trials Pen Paper Watercolour Watercolours Sharpie Silver Colourful Typography GraphicDesign

16 Minutes ago