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Comment from Sophie:

It moves not too bad! Cannot wait to be able to get on 😍 one week to go and lots of ground work/confidence building to do 🙏 I've decided I'm going to call him Louis as I feel as though it really suits him, turns out it means warrior or something so it's valid 👍 equestrianism equestrian equestrianlife ottb offthetrack exracehorse thoroughbred showjumper showjumping bay eventer eventing dressage horse lovehim

5 Minutes ago

Sola Ⓥ Laurence-Bade


Comment from Sola Ⓥ Laurence-Bade:

This amazing horse makes all the stress of life go away...always brings a smile to my face and makes me forget just how hard things get...lovemyhorse besthorseever exracehorse

11 Minutes ago

Emma Moseley


Comment from Emma Moseley:

Graf back doing what Graf does best 😊 southdownsbloodhounds hunting whippingin whipperin whipshorse thoroughbred exracehorse huntservice huntstaff

49 Minutes ago

Alex Hansford-Smith


Comment from Alex Hansford-Smith:

Gally weighing up his career options western showjumper showringorrodeo showring rodeo jumper ott offthetrack exracehorse galiando newcareer freshstart myheart

2 Hours ago

Animal / Nature Photography


Comment from Animal / Nature Photography:

••| tattoo |•• _______________________ tattoo photographer photography photogenic gelding exracehorse exracer standardbred equine equinephotography equinephotographer canon canont5 canonphotography animalphotography horse horsephotography

2 Hours ago



Comment from Mindy:

Welcoming this big fella into my horsey family 🐴Hank🐴 An ex race horse, hopefully will be a handy farm horse horses thoroughbred exracehorse causeineededanotherhorse notyourtypicalstockhorse

3 Hours ago

Arden Moad


Comment from Arden Moad:

What a good boyyyy. Great weekend at the Bobby Dreyer clinic! Learned a lot. PC: sxbelle - - - horsebackriding showjumping hunterjumper equine equestrianlife equinephotography ottb thoroughbred exracehorse

4 Hours ago



Comment from Vic:

Our relationship in a nutshell 😂 Also looking high af 😅 ottb movingday exracehorse newhome iswearidontdodrugsanymore restinghighface

4 Hours ago



Comment from coloradottb:

Alright followers, what do you think? This is Brew, a 2012 ottb mare, raced 4 times, then sat at pasture for a year. In the last few months, she has done a bit of trail riding but has no other training under saddle. This video was taken during her first time at this barn/in this arena, and it was her first time seeing jumps. What level headed baby, huh? . . . . . ottb ottbsofinstagram baymare eventingprospect jumpprospect dressageprospect hunterjumperprospect thoroughbred retiredracehorse raisedtoracerecycledtoride younghorse greenhorse babyhorse equine equines equestrian horsesofinstagram horse horses dressage eventing exracehorse

5 Hours ago

Arden Moad


Comment from Arden Moad:

So proud of Moose this weekend at the clinic! He was calm, collected, and controlled, which is something we've really been working on with him, and he's made tons of progress. - - - horsebackriding horseclinic horsesofig equinephotography equine showjumper showjumping hunterjumper equestrian equestrianphotography ottb thoroughbred exracehorse

5 Hours ago

Britt Wrighton


Comment from Britt Wrighton:

Our most successful day ever with this boy. He was just amazing yesterday in all his rounds. 65a2 he got a refusal as the jump was very scary before going straight over it. His 75cms were both brilliant he was just a goose and got too fast taking one rail in each round haha. - - - - - - exracehorse horses thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinsta thoroughbredsofinstagram jumper jumping jumpingthoroughbred showjumping2017 showjumping showjumpingthoroughbred eagleburraparkshowjumping horses horsesofinsta horsesofinstagram photooftheday photooftheweek

5 Hours ago

Emma joyce


Comment from Emma joyce:

Buddy's first muster. Who said thoroughbreds couldn't be stock horses? thoroughbred newzealand horses horsesofinstagram exracer exracehorse stockhorse mustering sheep stock views pro

6 Hours ago

William Robertson


Comment from William Robertson:

Tourist is a Training horse now!!!! horsesofinstagram exracehorse ottbofinstagram ottb streetcall jumpthestarseq

8 Hours ago

Lauren Cooper


Comment from Lauren Cooper:

my pretty boy gankster💞 countryatheart wildatheart countrygirl blonde thoroughbred gankster exracehorse

8 Hours ago

Shelby Speer


Comment from Shelby Speer:

He's been so sleepy lately! But he works really hard for me, and I love him all the more for it!!! . . . horse horses OTTB exracer exracehorse thouorghbred Jumper Jumpers DarkBay SterlingForli Cherokee ShowHorse showdays loveHim HesACollegeBoy InItToWinIt horsestagram horsebackriding horsenation horseaddict horseback horsecrazy horsegirl horsesofinstagram horseriding

8 Hours ago



Comment from Rach:

Mud monster!!! horseriding horse horseofinsta horseofinstagram thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram exracehorsesofinstagram exracehorse baygelding dirtyhorse

9 Hours ago

Sarah Tegtmeier


Comment from Sarah Tegtmeier:

So glad I got to spend time with family and my horses this weekend! There's no place like home ❤️

9 Hours ago



Comment from Lauren:

Beans isn't keen on smooches thoroughbred irishdraft exracehorse kisses

9 Hours ago



Comment from Lauren:

Half giraffe half model 🐎😍 giraffe model exracehorse thoroughbred goodegg

9 Hours ago

รpɑɱ ѳʀ ɓɛ ɗɛʆɛtɛɗ(24 ɦѳuʀร)


Comment from รpɑɱ ѳʀ ɓɛ ɗɛʆɛtɛɗ(24 ɦѳuʀร):

Booker!😍 • Didn't Go Out To The Barn, Had To Help My Mom Today, She's Been Having A Hard Time With Her Sight Right Now. • Hopefully Gonna Ride In A Lesson Tomorrow If It Doesn't Rain In The Early Morning And This Time I Won't Forget Bookers Ear Stuffers😂 • QOTD: Coke Or Dr. Pepper? AOTD: Dr. Pepper • ❇Comment "🌹" If Inspired❇ ❇❇Comment For A Spam❇❇ • horse horsesofinstagram horseshow horseshoe horsestagram ilovemyhorse babyhorse beautiful pretty photooftheday gallop rider riding bay bayhorse darkbay baysarebaes ilovebays hesmybae lovehim ottb exracehorse thoroughbred hunterjumper

1 Days ago