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Wiola Grabowska


Comment from Wiola Grabowska:

Merehead- best flatwork session to date. Two days till next event... exracehorse exracehorsetoeventhorse britisheventing canhekeepthisrelaxed 🤔😁

1 Hours ago



Comment from Kellie:

My 2 favourites... sunsets and my boy! ❤️🐎🌞 thoroughbred exracehorse horsesofinstagram horse sunset england wiltshire countryside countrylife countrygirl equestrian

1 Hours ago

Kylee Kathleen


Comment from Kylee Kathleen:

When you try to take selfies with your horse but she refuses to cooperate 😁

2 Hours ago

Project Equine


Comment from Project Equine:

Why are you so handsome? We definitely don't deserve horses. jazz jazzy horse horses exracehorse exracehorsesofinstagram thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram tb showjumper showjumping schooling flatwork racehorse racehorsesofinstagram racehorsetoridinghorse beauty eveningrides love equine equinebehaviour equestrian reschooling eventinghorse eventing projectequine

2 Hours ago

Ellenor Cooper


Comment from Ellenor Cooper:

Horse boarding is a real thing, some of these teams get up to 24mph 🏇🏻🏂 eustonhall thetford horseboarding exracehorse beautiful horseworldbrasil countryfair countrygirl countrygames thrillseekers adrenilinejunkie

2 Hours ago



Comment from jasminestreef:

Do you trust your exrace horse enough to let go of the reins at a canter? 💕 this takes a lot of hardwork. horsebackriding horsesofinsta horsesofinstagram ottbofinstagram OTTB thuroughbredhorse thoroughbredhorse thoroughbredsofinstagram exracehorse traininghorses equine equestriansofinstagram equestrian workhard

2 Hours ago

Ellenor Cooper


Comment from Ellenor Cooper:

Watching the horse boarding at the east Anglian game and country fair today..🏇🏻🏂 countrygirl countryfair gameandcountryfair eastangliangameandcountryfair horses exracehorse beautiful horseboarding thetford eustonhall

2 Hours ago

✨🎀Laura Jennison🎀✨


Comment from ✨🎀Laura Jennison🎀✨:

A room with a view🙊❤️

2 Hours ago

Cyd Arnold


Comment from Cyd Arnold:

This mornings selfie!! 💚 him horses exracehorse happymonday positiveenergy

3 Hours ago

Bree Peters


Comment from Bree Peters:

More Danny spam, sorry everyone 🙈 dannyboy thoroughbred exracehorse tracktohack dressage eventing trot workingperfectly wegota10 dressagegoals

3 Hours ago



Comment from Ché♡:

Sorry about the terrible quality video 🙈 it's the only video I got from my lesson on Saturday, these where the warm up jumps. It was a tough lesson 😔 not one of our best. But I'm still so proud of Draco and his progress 💕

3 Hours ago

Becky Robinson


Comment from Becky Robinson:

Bally enjoying his freedom...🐎🐴☀️🌾🌱 thoroughbred exracehorse springday trotting slowmo retiredracehorse paddockpony

3 Hours ago

Abby Pinter Equestrian


Comment from Abby Pinter Equestrian:

Da Bois 💞💖😍 Going XC tommorow 💪🏻 can't wait for Reynella even though I'm only taking Neddy ❤️ : horsesofinstagram warmblood thoroughbred CaptionThisTB KingsSidingWB prestigeitalia prestigemeredith westphalian hanoverian exracehorse ott ottb emceeapparel pampeano equiline mountainhorse southernsporthorses showjumping eventing kepitalia acavallo

3 Hours ago

Luisa, 22 🙋🏼|🐴OTTB lover


Comment from Luisa, 22 🙋🏼|🐴OTTB lover:

Rici hat heute Abend einen Chiro-Termin 😊 Ich möchte abklären, ob das nicht ganz klare Gangbild von vor zwei Wochen, an einer Blockade/einem Problem im Rücken liegt 🙄 Das Sprunggelenk ist die meiste Zeit dünn, dann mal wieder etwas dicker, wird dann bei der Bewegung aber wieder dünn, 0 druckempfindlich, Beugeprobe war ja top - deswegen würde ich mir eigentlich gar keinen Kopf mehr machen 😌 Das ist nichts, weshalb Rici lahmen würde und es war auch kein richtiges "Lahmen", er lief einfach nicht rund und verhalten. Hab ihn vor zwei Tagen nochmal kurz an die Longe gehängt, sah immer noch so aus 😐 Passt irgendwie nicht zusammen, also heißt es auf die Suche gehen 🕵🏼‍♀️✊🏼

3 Hours ago



Comment from prettylittle__ponies:

Good morning sleepyhead 💕 Absolutely loving these prework pony visits at the moment! Such a gorgeous time of day 😍 evenifimlosingsleep early sunrise morning fog gorgeous besttimeoftheday prework vetnurse work earlyvisits sleepyhead bestview happy bay gelding noah exracehorse tb thoroughbred ottbofinstagram ottb ott

4 Hours ago



Comment from Eleanor:

Schooled over some bigger fences this morning to test the water for the clinic this weekend as we've been put in a higher jump group than planned. It went about as well as you'd expect 😑 what am I doing😐 horse thoroughbred equestrian ottb exracehorse mare instahorse horsesofinstagram

4 Hours ago

Recycled Racehorses


Comment from Recycled Racehorses:

Barksdale aka Willis getting lots of pats after another fab ride, his fifth since coming off the track ❤️ • • • • • • • thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram offthetrack recycledracehorses horse ott ottb equestrian racehorse exracehorse racehorsesofinstagram horsesofinstagram horseriding cute fun love tb equine instagood instalove horsepower photooftheday picoftheday showing showjumping pretty like4like follow4follow followme instadaily

5 Hours ago

Marga und Maxi Kahlert


Comment from Marga und Maxi Kahlert:

Mit Seegraf heute eine kleine Bummelrunde durchs Dorf gemacht :) thoroughbred vollblut pferd horse horseriding equestrian exracehorse rennpferd reiten riding frühling bay

5 Hours ago

Melissa Fuller 🇬🇧


Comment from Melissa Fuller 🇬🇧:

Indian Violet showing off his beautiful hkmsportsequipment bridle, bought a year or so ago from equusengland and waiting for a reason to finally use it 💕 Indi indianviolet exracer exracehorse tb thoroughbred ottb retraining ror horsesofinstagram exracehorsesofinstagram thoroughbredsofinstagram racingdownthecentreline dressage racehorsetodressagehorse equestrian horserider horsegirl horse retrainingofracehorses dancingpartner twohearts horseracing ror retiredracehorse love luckyboy bridle browband diamanté hkmootd

5 Hours ago



Comment from Sian:

Night shifts mean early morning pony rides. Fred loves exercise really 🙄❤🦄 . . . . . . exracehorse dressage schooling prenightshift thoroughbred

6 Hours ago