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Comment from Han Lore:

Love these new tall boots by Dublin 😍anyone interested in entering 👉 @dublinclothingau

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Comment from Robin's Refuge:

"Are you taking my picture? Cause I've got my eye on you!" - Luke 🐴👁 Just in time for Dr. Tara's arrival yesterday, Luke was on the losing end of a fight between him and a tree branch. Somehow, most likely scratching on the trees by the water trough, Luke received a puncture to his left eye. Thankfully by some miracle, the tree just narrowly missed his eyeball (a result that would have required the removal of his eye) and instead punctured the edge of his eye socket. While he requires both an antibiotic and a pain management medications for the next week, Luke will make a full recovery in time! Boy oh boy, there's never a dull moment, that's for sure!

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Comment from Aquis Farm:

Meet Bayonet, aka Basil. He is part of the Aquis Farm Exracehorse Retraining Program. Bayonet was destined to be a superstar, winning both of his races in Hong Kong by one and a half lengths each time. Unfortunately he succumbed to injury and the decision was made to retire him, and he has been sent to us here in the Gold Coast Hinterland to be retrained into a riding horse. #aquisfarm #exracehorse

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Comment from Amy Morris:

Video credits to @beckky.g hope you don't kind me sharing this but this video means so much to me! I still can't believe that I decided to canter up this Hill. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't canter but Monty took such good care of me and it felt amazing to have finally done it! Thank you Becky for being the best hacking buddy you make me feel so at ease and give me the confidence to do things like this! ❤❤🐴🐴🐎🐎

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a ѕмιle a day ĸeepѕ тнe darĸneѕѕ aт вay😊 ------------------------------ Sorry I Didn't Post Yesterday, I Had A Pretty Good Lesson Yesterday😊 Focused Mainly On Getting My Heels Down Over Jumps And Then Not Landing So Much On Bookers Neck. At The End Of The Lesson Booker Threw A Shoe So Great Timing On That😂 ------------------------------ QOTD: Has Your Horse Thrown A Shoe?(If They Wear Any) AOTD: Yes, Twice Actually😂 ------------------------------ ❇Comment "🌹" If Inspired❇ ❇❇Comment For A Spam❇❇ ------------------------------ #horse #horsesofinstagram #horseshow #horseshoe #horsestagram #ilovemyhorse #babyhorse #beautiful #pretty #photooftheday #gallop #rider #riding #bay #bayhorse #darkbay #baysarebaes #ilovebays #hesmybae #lovehim #ottb #exracehorse #thoroughbred #hunterjumper

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Good old boy loving his jumping life , changing leg before the fence , ears pricked forward 😍 so very proud of him lately, starting small and slowly progressing to bigger fences ❤ amount of love I have for him is unreal 💜 @ella_bella1999 #exracehorse #thoroughbred

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