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Jennie Yandle


Comment from Jennie Yandle:

eskadron ng aloha exracer rockleyrehabber stubben jins lmebridlework giraffe

27 Minutes ago

Hannah Kate


Comment from Hannah Kate:

Love these photos of Seamus πŸ’•πŸ’™ seamus scorchedson horsesofinstagram timvaughan horse racehorse exracer exracehorse love bay beautiful

39 Minutes ago

Melissa Fuller πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§


Comment from Melissa Fuller πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§:

This cutie is off to his first ever dressage show today πŸ’• wish us luck πŸ‡πŸ»Indi indianviolet exracer exracehorse tb thoroughbred ottb retraining ror horsesofinstagram exracehorsesofinstagram thoroughbredsofinstagram racingdownthecentreline dressage racehorsetodressagehorse equestrian horserider horsegirl horse retrainingofracehorses dancingpartner twohearts horseracing ror retiredracehorse love luckyboy dressagerider

52 Minutes ago

Fleur Rohleder


Comment from Fleur Rohleder:

So incredibly happy with Hank, did an awesome dressage test for a green combination to 2* level. Half pass, walk to canters, shoulder in, turn on the haunches, serpentines of counter canter... a very busy test for us with many movements we are relatively new to! He handled it like a pro to sit mid field on 63.8% πŸŽ‰ had a good show jump round, I just rode him a bit backwards in the deep ground for two rails but he jumped well. 😁 newzealand eventer exracer ottb

1 Hours ago

Patricia Isherwood


Comment from Patricia Isherwood:

I don't think he believes that it's lucky birdpoo laurie greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram greyhoundadoptionprogram exracer

1 Hours ago


Comment from Louise:

My beautiful black boy πŸ’• Hes so calm and placid, hes defo a gentle giant, bless his heart 😍 exracer greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram greysofinstagram greyhoundsofig greysofig adoptnotshop rescuedog blackdog blackgreyhound lovehim calm placid gentlegiant

2 Hours ago

Maddie Lundahl


Comment from Maddie Lundahl:

Amelia! exracer exracingdog retired retiredracedog dog dogs doggy puppydog greyhound greyhoundsaspets greyhounds

3 Hours ago

Wannabe Eventer


Comment from Wannabe Eventer:

This horse, breaks me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hey Bud! πŸ‘‹πŸ» heybud bud budly budweiser fondofadrop wannabeeventer stable stables horse horses horselover horsestagram horserider horseriderblog equine exracer eltoreros equinelove equinelife equestrians equestrian equestriansofinstagram funny love lordbudly

3 Hours ago

Katie Campbell


Comment from Katie Campbell:

"Snacks"? 🐴πŸ₯• horsey goodmorning tb exracer autumn pertheats

3 Hours ago

Dave Banas


Comment from Dave Banas:

Contrasting Greyhounds - Buddha (XL + sleepy) . . Prince (S + awake) . . . . . . italiangreyhound greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram galgo adopt exracer

6 Hours ago



Comment from Bob:

I got so excited about this mornings walk that I lost my ears, hopefully I'll find them tomorrow when we go walking again greyhound_bob greyhoundsofinstagram greyhoundcorner hounddog exracer adoptdontshop woof morningwalk weekend pets woof dogs dogsofinstagram happy brindle thoseeyes

8 Hours ago



Comment from C:

Hi would you just look at the way my dog sleeps smiling 😍I will forever recommend rescues, greyhounds, and rescue greyhounds 🐢 . friday fbf fridayvibes weekend weekendvibes TGIF tfif

9 Hours ago

Kona the Greyhound


Comment from Kona the Greyhound:

I'm ready for the weekend... greyhound greyhounds gracanada needlenose retiredracer retiredracinggreyhound exracer thedogsofinstagram greyhoundsofinstagram retiredgreyhound adopteddog theinstagreyhound greyhoundlove greyhoundsoninstagram greyhoundnation

9 Hours ago



Comment from klevenhounds:

"I. Is. Back." Β£ Leon ______________________________ greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram greyhoundlove sighthoundsofinstagram rescuedog rescueismyfavoritebreed exracer retired realdogshavetattoos needlenose dogmom leon booger boogernut boogernutsquash boogerbaby boogieb Gambell gambellers gambinos habinos habinospepper bestintheworld ohhappygrey

10 Hours ago

Shelby Speer


Comment from Shelby Speer:

Low key upset that I didn't get to jump today, because Mr. Smartypants pulled a shoe and hide it somewhere!! 😐😐 horse horses horsesofinstagram horsestagram horsenation horseaddict horseback horsebackriding horsegirl horsecrazy OTTB exracer exracehorse thouorghbred Jumper Jumpers hunter hunters SterlingForli Cherokee ShowHorse showdays DarkBay HesACollegeBoy

10 Hours ago

Rebecca Glaze


Comment from Rebecca Glaze:

Swapsies tonight gordon chestnut gulliblegordon exracer hunter Shropshire horsesofinstagram horses bestboy countryside countrysidelife rural country countrygirl horseriding horse horsey instahorse bantheban hunting thoroughbred racing hack england cityvscountry backinthesaddle

11 Hours ago

Jennifer Li


Comment from Jennifer Li:

When your dog forces you to make room for snuggles... soneedy greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram bestsnuggles rescue exracer retiredracer

11 Hours ago

Ash 🌸


Comment from Ash 🌸:

Hallelujah for the weekend! Playing with friends, napping and eating makes for a long week!! Goodnight friends - have a great weekend! ❀️🐢 greyhoundsofinstagram greyhound weekendvibes adopt exracer retired adogslife

12 Hours ago

Aimee Rees


Comment from Aimee Rees:

This stunner thoroughbred exracer datassthough

12 Hours ago

Jake aka Sir Sniffs Alot


Comment from Jake aka Sir Sniffs Alot:

That one tooth dogsofinstgram dogs dog dogπŸ• tooth teeth greyhound greyhounds exracer Jake dogsofinsta

12 Hours ago