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Ian Hemmings


Comment from Ian Hemmings:

Gear-nose is shocked! FacesInThings iseefacesinthestrangestplaces

2 Minutes ago

Ian Hemmings


Comment from Ian Hemmings:

Mohican paper-towel holder is pleased with himself FacesInThings iseefacesinthestrangestplaces

3 Minutes ago

Sarah Lew


Comment from Sarah Lew:

Cracked linoleum friend! Bearing a beautiful toothy grin and belly button of the handsomest kind. Smile back at him, flash those pearly whites, fellas pareidolia iseefaces everywherefriends facesinthings

15 Minutes ago

Kate Bielinski Forrest


Comment from Kate Bielinski Forrest:

Is it just me or does this piece of dried banana look like Chewbacca? iseefacesinthestrangestplaces facesinweirdplaces facesinthings facesinweirdplaces

39 Minutes ago



Comment from Smynl:

surprised smynl facesinthings sticker stickerslapping stickerbomb slaps urbanart streetart chicagostickers igerschicago

57 Minutes ago



Comment from Mike:

Troll. Not a neon hair coloured cute one, but a bone-crunching, dwarf-eating turn-to-stone-in-daylight one (who just happens to have neon coloured hair by pure coincidence). troll lotr tolkein thehobbit iseefaces facesinthings facesinplaces facehunter pareidolia

59 Minutes ago

Bori Kiss


Comment from Bori Kiss:

Monday is like... facesinthings chalk pebble

1 Hours ago

owen evans


Comment from owen evans:

pareidolia iseefaces facesinrocks facesinthings

2 Hours ago



Comment from Pach:

El cielo más bonito me sorprende con lo azul, despejado y limpio que se ve. :D

2 Hours ago

Lillian Jeziorski


Comment from Lillian Jeziorski:

Artartfaces fantasyfacesinthings funny

2 Hours ago

Suzanne Ellis


Comment from Suzanne Ellis:

Funny and scary at the same time hahaha lol facesinthings faceart

2 Hours ago

Massimo Pini


Comment from Massimo Pini:

The sobriety of the restroom wall. facesinthings

2 Hours ago

Csaba Zombori


Comment from Csaba Zombori:

Upside down iseefaces faces facespotting facehunter pareidolia facesinthings faceseveryhwere lego homersimpson

2 Hours ago

John Hollingworth


Comment from John Hollingworth:

Anyone know why treemans smirking... iseefacesinplaces facesinplaces facesinthings

2 Hours ago



Comment from Mike:

'I vont to suck your blood'. Apologies if I have any Transylvanian followers who I may have just highly offended. pareidolia iseefaces facesinthings facesinplaces facehunter vampire

3 Hours ago

Liz Francis


Comment from Liz Francis:

Always nice to see a smiley face! 😊especiallyafterchangingawrigglybaby rugbytackle toomuchlikehardwork facesinthings smile happy

3 Hours ago

Ute Bartsch


Comment from Ute Bartsch:

Regrann from mitandrenaugen - Hase... MitAnderenAugen (Rinde einer Platane in Barcelona) Bunny... withDifferentEyes BorrowedEyes (Bark of a tree in Barcelona ) pareidolialove pareidoliarocks ISeeFaces iseefaceseverywhere Pareidolia iseefacesinthestrangestplaces facehunter facehunters FaceFinders facesinplaces wackelaugen GooglyEyes Hiddenface TakeALook FacesInThings FacesInStrangePlaces Augen Eyes Art creativephotography ISeeAFace doyouseeme canyouseeit DoYouSeeWhatISee faceisee Bark

4 Hours ago

Marcel Uyeta


Comment from Marcel Uyeta:

I see faces everywhere. iseefaces pareidolia facesinthings pareidoliafeelings faces photooftheday facesinplaces facesinthings iseefacestoo oca ocaparqueibirapuera whpiseefaces whatdoyousee

4 Hours ago

Svante Colerus


Comment from Svante Colerus:

Mary, the little lamb. pareidolia iseefacesinthestrangestplaces iseefaceseverywhere iseefacesinplaces iseefacestoo iseefaces face faces facesinthings facesinthings art lamb

4 Hours ago



Comment from butterflysuicide:

Today has been fact this week has been shit! So I'm home from work to drink wine in the afternoon and lose myself in upcycling stuff. When the world gives you wine facesinthings redwine casillerodeldiablo vinotinto upcycle upcycledfurniture shitday fuckoffmonday mondayblues

5 Hours ago