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Abbie Bentley


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Reposting bruce.vanhorn: Stop searching for peace & happiness. It's not out there waiting to be found. It's inside you waiting to be enjoyed. follow: acb1492 believe business entrepreneur faith goals grateful growth happy hope inspiration leadership love meditation mindfulness motivation positivevibes selflovespirituality story success thankyou thinkpositive transformation truth wisdom

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Frank Brander


Comment from Frank Brander:

Do you have the peace that can only come from the Son of God? "The eunuch answered, ‘I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.’” ACTS 8:37 Annahita Parsan has baptized hundreds of former Muslims and has preached to thousands—even millions—thanks to her regular appearances on satellite programs broadcast in the Farsi language. She knows the journey from Islam to Christianity well, for it is one that she made too, after escaping from her native Iran as a teenager. She knows that many Muslims reject God at first, and that some become angry when they hear about Jesus, God’s Son. Annahita never talks about Islam or tries to describe the differences between it and Christianity. Instead she simply tells people she was a Muslim too, that she understands, and that she has something they don’t know about. Then she prays, leaving the rest to God, knowing it only takes one moment of the Holy Spirit at work for them to open up. And when they finally do, Annahita hears from their lips the same words time and time again: “I have freedom here,” they say. “I have peace inside. It stays with me even when I go outside the church.” Do you know this God of peace, too? ❤🙏😊 Jesus Christ Savior Godislove Grace Hope Faith Believers Praise

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🇦🇹 IFBB Natural Athlete


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be kind and generous to yo self and to others; accept what you can't change and work hard on what you can. ... sometimes life throws at you impossible situations. cry if you need to, but then get up, inhale, exhale and flex your mental biceps. .... courage, faith and trust in your abilities is all it takes. ... have a great weekend guys 💪🏼 tag someone who needs motivation today ❤️ ... fitchick fitgirl instafit flexible courage strength faith IFBB figurecompetitor athlete sponsored workhard staystrong believe liftheavy romaniangirl fitnessjourney fitness foodlover eat progressnotperfection edrecovery followme

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Joseph Foreman


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Escondido Spanish SDA Church


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Feliz Sábado! | Happy Sabbath! happysabbath felizsabado youthsabbath sábadojoven sda adventist adventista walkinfaith hope ministry ministerio faith walkinlove

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Christina Grenga


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Chris Mott


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Sprinkles of focus, wisdom, and strength to live by. - Chris Mott -

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Comment from Bert:

Your beliefs can be modified to lift you up, or they can be modified to pull you down. It's your choice. Choose Inspiration faith saysomething

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Amber Gerbode-Grant


Comment from Amber Gerbode-Grant:

Be the best you that you can be. We have nothing to offer the right one if we are pouring from an empty cup, right? I used to think being alone was the worst thing that could happen in my life until I was in a relationship where the other person withdrew their affection and simply existed in the same room but had no desire to be present in the relationship. Now I am excited about giving myself the love and self care I deserve so my soul is complete and healthy for the one who deserves it. love selfcare faith adventure grateful abundance goals oneday👙 fitness motivation bodybuilding inspiration glutenfree sugarfree dairyfree pescatarian keto paleo primal vegan organic

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Comment from luciana:

Regrann from 1jovemsabio - . ❝E se hoje estou aqui, é só por tua graça Pai.❞ . . •Siga: 1jovemsabio •Use: 1jovemsábio •Adm: brennofju . . 1jovemsábio nonebutjesus deus god jesuscristo jesuschrist fé faith biblia bible love lovegod cristao deusnocomando deusnocontrole jesusfreak smile amor somosumso proposito insta instagramcristao escolhiesperar igscomproposito holy EspíritoSanto somospartesdecristo TeamJesus HolySpirit

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Loved this reminder, the mind is a powerful thing. . . . instaquote positivevibes positivequotes mindiseverything goodthoughts love goals goodenergy reminders dailyreminder Repost metamorefit_wellness with repostapp ・・・ Repost essentiallyobsessed ....... Late night gratitude & focus. 🙏✨💙 The mind ALWAYS arrives first. What story are you telling yourself? faith truth love doterra mindsetiseverything alwaysgrateful

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คนคนนึงที่ภายนอกอาจดูสดใส แต่จะมีซักกี่คนที่รู้ว่าภายในใจ เขามี"แผลเป็น" timewillheal faith believe เวลาจะช่วยเยียวยาทุกอย่าง ความเชื่อ จงเชื่อ noo1shaneethaiinnorway noo1naka noo1isshaneeteehappy noo1happymomentin2017 camera360app

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Honey: From the Rock


Comment from Honey: From the Rock:

First, let me say thank you so much for following this Instagram page! I hope the content has been a blessing to you in some way.⠀ ....⠀ ⠀ It's been a way of "dipping my toe" in sharing my thoughts and ponderings on living for Christ.⠀ As you know, God is not interested in toe-dipping (is that a thing?...LOL!) He wants us to go "all in"!⠀ ⠀ ....⠀ ⠀ So in obedience, I am conducting a short survey for Christian women 35 and older.⠀ It's short and sweet and should take you less than two minutes to complete.⠀ Please share with anyone else who it might suit.⠀ ⠀ Here is the survey link:⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ christiancreative christianity christianblogger bible bibleverse christianlife jesus jesuschrist faith christiansingle christianwoman grace prayerjournal devotional womenintheword biblestudy holyspirit scripture wisdom grace AlmightyGod prayer christ motivation inspiration gritandvirtue proverbs31 saturday verseoftheday

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Today's been great so far! I was awake by six and was able to get in some great me time before the rest of the house woke up. As I grabbed my mat and headed outside I started up a good ole conversation with the big man upstairs. I'm in a great place in my life and my daily conversations with him really help get through the day. I feel like life is all about loving one another, not judging, and forgiveness. Find that time to be alone to meditate, pray or just to do some good self evolution. Give off positive energy and recieve it in return AKA blessings 🤗😄 hope everyone has an awesome Saturday! ✌ yoga peace love forgiveness faith hope meditation zen om yogi namaste yogaeveryday positivesoul positivity positivevibes blessings selflove fit fitmom thisisme lovewins loveandalliscoming saturday yogaoutside naturelover mothernature husky huskies huskiesofinstagram ighuskies

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Polonia Montero


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Polonia Montero


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Polonia Montero


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Polonia Montero


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Polonia Montero


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