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Ajaz Hussain


Comment from Ajaz Hussain:

muslims islam salah pray deen emaan muslimah Christians religion christ jesus god faith christianity hollywood bollywood judaism torah jews kosher halal haram moses muhammad Hinduism bhagvadgita hindus sports science sikh

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Uzezi Ekere Adesite


Comment from Uzezi Ekere Adesite:

I just want to share this . . . The past few days are some of the most challenging I have had as an entrepreneur who provides services. I’ve been struggling to complete one task for a client. It’s one of the most challenging jobs I have done and I have failed to meet my deadline twice. . Once, I was 80% done when I realised my error. So had to begin from the very beginning as I couldn't use what I had previously done. Coupled with no power supply, power generator issues, my services to all my clients was in shambles. . Then the Holy Spirit whispered to me a few minutes ago to relax. “Take a deep breath. Take a moment. Remember. God is in control. When you are weak, He is your strength. When you are down, He will lift you up. The turbulence will sooner than later, pass, and the rest of the flight shall be peaceful.” . Isaiah 43:2 says: ‘When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.’ . Indeed the Lord is a strong tower for God’s children. . Isaiah 41:10 says: ‘So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’ . Thank You, Jesus. I feel encouraged. . Dear entrepreneur, if you are in this place too, trust the Lord to pull you out. Cast all anxiety upon Him, because He cares (1 Peter 5:7). You will succeed in Jesus name. Good morning. . . godsword bible biblestudy beyourboss ceo entrepreneur  entrepreneuress doingitgodsway startups startsmall bizsolutions businesstip businesstips growyourbusinessonline growyourbusiness motivation faith believe passion whatcanidodifferently possibilities dreamscometrue evangelism soulwinning motivation encouragement

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Live your life before God,😇🕆


Comment from Live your life before God,😇🕆:

dailyverses devotion Godsword Bible Godislove Jesus christian church dailybread KingdomofGod praise HolySpirit God faith HolyGospel Gospel Readingsoftheday Christianity fatherSonHolySpirit heaven JesuslovesYou Scriptures hope grace Godisgood amen light truth joy

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Christ Follower Life


Comment from Christ Follower Life:

I Trust God With All My Heart. . . . . spiritual faith faithful god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful

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Ajaz Hussain


Comment from Ajaz Hussain:

muslims islam salah pray deen emaan muslimah Christians religion christ jesus god faith christianity hollywood bollywood judaism torah jews kosher halal haram moses muhammad Hinduism bhagvadgita hindus sports science sikh

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Nancy Collins


Comment from Nancy Collins:

Be Grateful And Appreciative For The Hift Of Life!!!!! rodanandfields reverse redefine unblemish soothe brightening lightening antiaging wrinkles acne scars sensitive skincare results business opportunity workfromhome girlboss changinglives success goals beyourownboss determination motivation inspiration godisgood faith believe rodanandfieldsconsultant letmehelpyou

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Comment from 🎶©🏀DannyFitinked✒Muscle🎯:

"Success is the great revenge,failure a friend it never pretends" "El Exitoo es la mejor rebancha,el fracaso un gran amigo porque nunca pretendra" Con un plan honestidad no tiene dos caras como el camino solo tiene un paso!!! If nothing else matters,look at the chatter,you see how gratitude sits on no golden platter!!!!!!! Si nada otra cosa importa,mira como hablan,ves la gratitud nunca se sienta en un platiyo de oro aunque la mires brillar!!!!Caminando🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 bodybuilding love fitness fitfam fitspo tflers god faith blessed motivation fitnessmodel fit music monday tattoo gym squat getfit squats fitnessgear losangeles girls beard girl fun model latepost fashion photo smile

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Sam Bond

Comment from Sam Bond:

The bad things will burn you... . . . burn heal happiness happy depression depressed feelings thoughts knowledge struggle mylife caring fate faith religion writer writerscommunity words wordsofwisdom wordstoliveby together people powerful influencer

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Emanuella Faith/Emanuel Knight


Comment from Emanuella Faith/Emanuel Knight:

The talk if you will 🤗written voiced/produced / composed /all instruments and arranged by J. Knight 👌🏾🎩🕶😀❤️ 🍷🙌🏾 😘✌🏾️🙏🏾🍷Daily-Vibrations that I live for ❤️🙌🏾🐶👌🏾london life love music soul moon meditation words musician dogs poetry art peace family sisters brothers writer producer faith elevate mindfulness spirituality sunrise creative journey singersongwriter

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God Is A Designer🔝


Comment from God Is A Designer🔝:

Jesus love you!! ❤️ godgoodgodisgood faith second

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Spiritual Strength


Comment from Spiritual Strength:

Read John Chapter 6 with this in mind. Jesus instructs us using the clearest possible language to eat His flesh, which is the Bread of Life. spiritual spirit faith hope love pray soul heaven angel angels holistic consciousness one blessing blessed awakening life religion religious holy holiness prayer spirituality God journey truth universe energy kindness peace

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Steve Miller


Comment from Steve Miller:

Truth Philosophy Reason Quotes Memes Jesus Judaism Jews Christianity Christians Islam Muslim Muslims Hinduism Buddhism Religion Religious God Lord Torah Bible Quran Holy Church Science Evolution Blasphemy Faith Atheism DavidGMcAfee

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Lisa Ann


Comment from Lisa Ann:

All the better to see you with my having fun with my Bella😘Peace and love y'all! pitbull pitbullflowerpower pitbulllove pitlove pitbulladvocate love peace me familygoals instafamily familyphotography familyfirst photooftheday photoofthenight photobyme goodday eclipse2017 lovegod getrightwithgod awake faith lovemykids instagran picotheday picoftoday

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Comment from ●《E.R》●:

/not my picture!/ posting this until I get the time to make my own. ♤ anyone get good pictures of the solareclipse today?? ♡ motivation inspiration love quotes quote beautiful quoteoftheday happy inspirationalquotes followme motivationalquotes instadaily happiness truth positive lifestyle instaquote faith follow inspired hope funny deppression sad alone

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KapCity 🐘


Comment from KapCity 🐘:

This is a shot from my video Komfortable Sofa dropping soon! In the verses I explain how people who you may be really close to are closer to you than you are to them! They watch you, study you and envy you. Who are your friends? Are they with you cuz of you or cuz of your situation that coincidentally is convenient for them at that very moment? These are questions I've had to ask myself over the years and believe me I've had to cut off a lot of people. However, I feel more like myself and im surrounded.l by the same energy that I give out now. You HAVE to cut off the dead weight and stop settling for it because it's situational! Fuck that! Maybe that's whats been holding you back! 🤷🏾‍♂️ Get off your Komfortable sofa and step inside of the unknown. The unknown is scary but very rewarding if you know why and where you're trying to go! 📸 by shootpreme believe focus faith success hiphop newmixtape artist tvshow mixtape love hate rapper music Spaceboy KapCity KomfortableSofa miami usa truth rapmusic trendy new zimbabwe ItFeelsGoodToBeHome television gold kapitalk icon photography KapCity 🐘KomfortableSofa Spaceboy

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Comment from Keegz:

Revelation 6.12. can you believe the 6th Seal has been opened. bible jesus worship faith judgment repent christ holyspirit bible endtimes holy bloodofjesus eclipse 577

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Ajaz Hussain


Comment from Ajaz Hussain:

muslims islam salah pray deen emaan muslimah Christians religion christ jesus god faith christianity hollywood bollywood judaism torah jews kosher halal haram moses muhammad Hinduism bhagvadgita hindus sports science sikh

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Comment from Livewithpurpose:

Everything worth gaining is Uphil, keep growing and stay consistent. Nothing begins or keeps steady when you keep your downhill habits. motivation uphilbattle goodhabit consistenteffort helpingothers onefamilyatatime believeinyourself faith godstiming association

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Sarah Szabo Health & Wellness


Comment from Sarah Szabo Health & Wellness:

Day 8! Insanity Max 30 insanitymax30

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Comment from _saltrock_:

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