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Safe Space Feminism

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here's a little flashbackfriday to a lovely sign i saw once -❄️ hearourvoice standingup feminism istandwithpp mybodymychoice

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This is the fucking dumbest edit ive ever made so here you go everyone the SHITTIEST shit post of the week!... Follow us, we're desperate! - - - - - PLEASE FOLLOWmemes idubbbztv meme Cringe dance nickelodeon lgbt girls fanedit dancing cats vsauce feminism hot drama music trump dancing jesuschrist anime funny ecchii hentai animegirls rave grammys follow4follow party hotanime isis

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King Of The Shitpost


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Beren Hamilton


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Comment from Gus:

How many inches is thine dong? Please answer truthfully. . . Follow the backup pushingmemewards . . . dankmemes dancemoms dancemoms2 emo emotional nochill feminism scene depression disabledandcute blacklivesmatter memes lgbt transgendered shitpost cats furry brony minecraft dank autism oc offensive edgy weed shitposting freethenipple filthyfrank racism weeaboo

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lord tangy


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SO my videos aren't working bc they won't upload with audio bc of some insta glitch so you're all gonna have to deal with photos for a bit. sorry. gn BACKUP - tangys.citrus.ass.v3 fivenightsatfreddys mylittlepony mlp anime kawaii attackontitan hentaianime dankmemes yiff furry furrypride fursona pewdiepie brony sonic meme christianmom cancer openrp 5sos emo feminism kidzbop minecraft weeaboo filthyfrank jacobsartorius 4chan warriorcats

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Queen Tiara Damáge


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Professional Me Me Stealer


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Dizzle Memes


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Her big buffalo butt

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Jordan Shatton


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Hello motherfucker . . . . . . . . dankmemes papafranku pinkguy memes cashmeoutside cringe bleach kys gamingmeme jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams edgymeme idubbbz furry doggo gaming l4l selfie feminism offensive ayylmao hitler future f4f clashofclans bushdid911 edgy edgymemes FilthyFrank tanamongeau vapenation

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david aiden shane ylber


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fricking rad broski ~ ylber - - weightloss weightlossjourney bodypositive inutero blessed blackpower blacklivesmatter alllivesmatter papafranku starwars courtneylove memes kurtcobain cancer wagegap feminism equalpay trump hillaryclinton muslim rogueone gameofthrones hbo spongebob mexico nirvana immigration genderfluid fnaf hitler

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Chief Queef Soma


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I wanna watch that so bad • • • • • • spicy filthyfrank idubbbz maxmoefoe howtobasic cancer pinkguy kys feminism autism adolfhitler nazis feminist feminazi dank cringe bleach joebiden trump cancer depression autism

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Pineapple Man:Meme War Veteran


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______________________________________________ Follow thy backup: your_local_backup Meme account: antifem_central -------------------------------------------- feminist gender gay lesbian trans transgender fucktrump cisgender offended sjw socialjustice muslimban black race racism reverseracism lovetrumpshate men women antisocialjustice antifeminist antifeminism equality dumptrump rapeculture feminism paygap trump Clinton -------------------------------------------- 1. Retarded comments get posted 2. If you threaten someone, I will block you 3. Don't be an assberry.

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Comment from -sophie☀️:

she makes me want to go on vacation so much mylifeaseva 🌸

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Mind Ascension


Comment from Mind Ascension:

THIS IS THE INSPIRATION FOR MY LAST POST...**TRANSGENDER CHILDREN**???😕😕😕😕😕😕😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 there is no confusion in that NO "HUMAN/HUE-MAN" CHILD ON THIS PLANET IS BORN "TRANSGENDER" THAT IS COMPLETELY "MAN-KIND MADE"feminismwhitefeministtrannytransgenderlgbtgayprideBlackwombmanblackwomanblackwomenafricanwomenafricangirlsblackgirlsblackgirlsrockblackgirlmagicwomenhealthblackwomenhealthafricanhealthholistichealthwholistichealthafricansexblacksexblacksexualityafricansexualityblackpowerblackmothers

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