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Mackenzie Miller


Comment from Mackenzie Miller:

Finally pulled the trigger on getting my belly button pierced! Thanks piercingsbynathanmorelli it really helps that my piercer is also a bodybuilder and knew what kind of gem to give me for my active lifestyle. Abs & tone are coming innnn 😍 cannot wait to continue getting leaner. I loveeee it 😈 bodybuilding npc figurecompetitor girlswholift girlswithmuscles abs fit fitfam fitgirl bellybuttonpiercing piercing

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Comment from Jewel:

So I've honestly been slacking off with my diet so hardcore this month (gym is still 💯). Lately I've been feeling like my old self...hungry but too busy doing stuff to eat, bored of food, squirreling away/rationing my food (for no reason anymore)... I'm not sure why I'm feeling like I can't eat. Anxiety maybe? I just have to start and keep reminding myself everyday that it's okay to eat whatever I want and that I don't have to "save" it. I buy my own food now, so I can eat as much as I need for alllll of the gainz. Leggo, 16 weeks till I'm 16 weeks out. Focus! 😬🍕🍟

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FitLife Products


Comment from FitLife Products:

Good luck on stage 2017 hulk_maroc 💪athlete bodybuilding bodybuilder npcnewsonlineofficalpage physique classicphysique mensphysique mrsolympia bikinicompetitor figurecompetitor npccompetitor champion mrolympia arnoldclassic weighttraining aesthetics weights ironaddict fitlifestyle photooftheday

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Jessica & Felipe


Comment from Jessica & Felipe:

TB When literally zerofucksgiven and you lift wearing your soccer sandals cause you know its a piece of cake!!! that plus hes wearing custommade mini-hulk tights!!! . . bodybuilding figurecompetitor bodybuilder futurerockstar kidsfashion minime weightliftingislife crossfitboy makinmommaproud hulkmad musclesarecute strongkid hesahandful fitfam fitmom imthehulkhesaid

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positive vibes only ♡


Comment from positive vibes only ♡:

There is sunshine in my soul today 🌞 happy sunday everyone ❤

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Fit To Eat


Comment from Fit To Eat:

Vegan Falafel plate. fittoeat vegan veganlife bodybuilding figurecompetitor fitfam ufenation aroundtheopa stcatharinescatering niagaracaterer glutenfree mealprep mealdelivery

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Joshua 1:9


Comment from Joshua 1:9:

2.26.17: 8 Weeks out from Figure Comp 20weekprep 20weekfigureprep npcfigure npcfigurecompetitor figurecompetitor figureprep figure npc bodybuilding transformation beforepic bodygoals bodybuildingmotivation bodygoals watchmetransform body beforeandafter bodybuildinglifestyle watchmego imdoingme imdoingit npcfigure npcfigurecompetitor npcfigureprep

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Bethany Lord


Comment from Bethany Lord:

This week I have changed my intensity of training by increasing my volume to 20-30 reps. This is known as a training cycle, after 6 weeks of heavy training my body's been screaming for rest and to start hitting some slow twitch muscle fibres. The benefits of this are to give my CNS a chance to repair, to reduce stress on the joints/ tendons/ ligaments. Excited to see my body changing each week. Stay tuned💪. . fitness fit fitnessmodel fitfam fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth active strong motivation instafitness determination lifestyle diet cleaneating eatclean exercise goals figurecompetitor glutes

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Comment from ashleykollenzeats:

Breakfast is served! Cinnamon toast oatmeal, 1c liquid egg whites, stevia & cinnamon! Nom nom nom AshleyKollenzEats

20 Minutes ago

Nathalie Camou


Comment from Nathalie Camou:

tbt may2016 Repost lilnatcoaching with repostapp ・・・ ❌BON WEEK-END À TOUS BOUM 🔥 TeamMoustache 👨🏻 Tbt Avec tiboinshape et nathaliecamou_bodyfitness Photo: darwinshots 📸 Pendant le tournage de la vidéo YouTube pour tiboinshape ✖️➕✖️__________________________________ Ne rêvez plus vos objectifs, vivez les !! Result Plan alimentaire, entraînement personnalisé ✔️ "Joailliers du corps, Nous taillons vos objectifs en résultats"

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Comment from Tara:

Today I took my first boxing 🥊 class things I learned: ✅ I smile really big when I punch something ✅ I don't know my left from my right ✅ I lack all forms of coordination ✅ i picked my hand wrap colors based on the food truck I dreamed of owning ✅ I can't wait to do it again morningworkout boxing tryingsomethingnew girlswithmuscles figure figurecompetitor fitness shoulders ilovepink titleboxing

23 Minutes ago

Rachel Klein


Comment from Rachel Klein:

When you want a back like The Shadow, do Yates Rows to hit the lower lats and mid back. 185x15 🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️ rowtogrow yatesrows thickasfuck (dude next to me was a fan😂😂)

24 Minutes ago

Baylee Glanzer


Comment from Baylee Glanzer:

When I'm on prep, I like to try new things and eat stuff other than eggs & oats all the time 😍 Since today is high carb day, I made pescience protein pancakes. All I did was combine • 1/2 cup oats • a medium mashed banana • 1/2 cup egg whites • 1 scoop of this protein or any • baking powder • cinnamon 👌🏽 Topped it with pb2, some of the leftover banana & Walden farms syrup 🙈 Soooooo yummy!

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Comment from Ning:

When you're supposed to be practicing your poses but you can't take anything seriously 😅. And my sister is "mean-muggin" hard, what a tough guy.. don't mess with her. I always have a great time at vanarchy_gym. One of my favorite gym by far! posing figurecompetitor npc gymflow powerlifter powerlifting exercise girlswholift fitness workout gymrat squats deadlift benchpress lifting lift igfit instagramfitness fitchicks strength muscle aesthetic fitfam fitnessaddict bodybuilding liftheavy gains gym girlswithmuscle

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Jillian Nicole


Comment from Jillian Nicole:

Sunday sauce & meatballs 😍🤗 Making it early so bae can take it to work this afternoon! 😘 wifey fiance domesticated sicilian italian fitfam girlswholift girlswithmuscles strongisthenewskinny strongwomen likeagirl whateverittakes igbodybuilding teamglutes teamthunderthighs figureprep figurecompetitor instalike instagood f4f l4l ootd selfie

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Image Nutrition


Comment from Image Nutrition:

Drive can only get you so far . When your driven by the ability to push limits. You never back down from a challenge, and there is only one way to reach higher is to keep moving forward. For those of you who continue to set goals and crush them, we've created the next level of HMX. Available Now only at : hmximage imagenutrition leanrippedjackedpreworkout drinkberry potent hot workout sexy fitness crossfit figurecompetitor ocb npcbikini npcfigure npcnews

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Comment from Queenfit👑:

I'm so happy Dr. Alwyn functionalanatomy thought me today proper stretches for my sciatic nerve problem. I wasn't aware that I have been stretching to cause more tension in the nerve 🤦🏻‍♀️!!! figurecompetitor sciatica learnfromthebest

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Comment from Kimberley:

Are you all sick of my posing suit or side pose photos yet? Or naw?... lol side pose is my favorite you can just see so many muscles 💪👌

46 Minutes ago

Gheeda Chamsaddine🌟★


Comment from Gheeda Chamsaddine🌟★:

I will beat this me ⏰ DUBAI mydubai figure womensfigure uaebodybuilding fitness postive compatition hussle bodybuilding bodyfitness ifbb ifbbamateur ifbbbodyfitness dubaimuscleshow umff umff_me trainsf trainstrenghtfitness figurecompetitor rabbitmusclefactory muscletech signmeinmuscletech lean mean womensbodybuilding signmeinmuscletech musclequeen strong powerfull train_sf sportercom muscletech umff_me

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Comment from Athlete:

ABS check Look yourself in the mirror. That's your competition 👌🏻✨💪🏻 figurecompetitor 1stpharm bodybuilding npc npcfigure npcbikini npcflorida npcathlete onseason precontest protein progress countdown goals ifbb ifbbrio lifestyle fitmom

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