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Clayton Cassidy


Comment from Clayton Cassidy:

Every time I buy a new rifle I tell my wife I sold one of mine to get it....but I have a bunch of "sold" guns in our guest room shower.... • • fire firearms gun guns rifle rifleporn gunporn edc everdaycarry gunporn pewpew

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StarKnot Survival


Comment from StarKnot Survival:

You are in charge of your own survival! selfdefense selfprotection guns firearms womenandguns refusetobeavictim sigsaur 380 concealedcarry ccw edc

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Basic Black


Comment from Basic Black:

pressplay▶️: Gun violence is nothing in communities of color. But does it matter if there's a racial divide about gun control? - - - - raceinamerica wematter secondamendment firearms NRA blackgunowners poc

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Israel Coutinho


Comment from Israel Coutinho:


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Comment from AlignmentAirsoft:

Nice ! 😍👌 -- -- Photo by gamble_swe -- Supporting | -- -- Team Members! rogueuk_airsoft rogue_uk_matt rogue_uk_liam rogue_uk_sean rogue_uk_harry UK - Hampshire Team chubs_alignment sabre_3_0_alignment USA - MW A Team callsignicy anthony.Brock.184 NetherLands - Team section_delta01 section_delta06 zero_eightt -- -- Knifes For Airsoft = -- -- BBs = -- -- Facebook account: connorlee & AlignmentAirsoft == YT: == vckers airsoft sniper weapons sniping shooting gun gunporn tactical gunsdaily operator military airsoftgun airsoftguns airsoftworld featureairsoft worldairsoft airsoftphotography guns airsoftuk airsoftinternational airsoftobsessed outfit firearms milsim photography photooftheday airsoftglobus loadout

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York Co.


Comment from York Co.:

The gunmagnet under nightstand polymer 9mm semiauto guns gunstuff 2a firearms theyorkco Walther Firearms

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Havoc Development


Comment from Havoc Development:

Follow the boys 🍻 💥gunfu.official 💥 💥guns_knives_suppressors 💥 💥pixelpredator 💥 Regrann from backuptactical - The TFB REVIEW of our THREADED BARRELS is up! Check it out. threadedbarrel suppressor silencer glock asa hearingprotectionact ar15 2a nfa sickguns pewpew smithandwesson guns gunsofinstagram firearms cz fn threadprotectors gunfanatics gunporn glock19 glocksdaily gundose glockporn hashtagtical dailybadass knowsilence agencyarms

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Comment from Manuel:

spikes tactical 223 guns firearms spikestactical accesories ar15 dailygundose gunsdailyusa johnnapolitano guns.glory spikes_tactical

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Comment from LEGÍTIMA DEFESA® 🇧🇷:

Legenda com vocês. CRÉDITO: Rifle Fuzil Tiro Sniper Atirador Guns Weapons Firearms Armas Arma Badass legitimadefesa_br Brasil Brazil USA

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Comment from Matteo:

gunporn gunpowderandlead gunsofinstagram shooting weaponsfanatics guns gun weapon gunlife firearms freedom ak weaponsreloaded rifle gunsdaily defendthesecond gunfreaks ak47 secondamendment military firearm 762x39 2aAllDay molonlabe 2a hashtagtical shallnotbeinfringed selfdefense tactical igmilitia

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Trojan Firearms LLC


Comment from Trojan Firearms LLC:

A view from the top of one of our charging handles on the TFA-PCC9G 9mm AR-15's. trojanfirearms ar15parts ar15 pewpew 2a firearms guns glock 9mm

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JD Grayman


Comment from JD Grayman:

Crack! Chili and ground up pepper jack Cheez·Its. I prefer the green Tabasco ones, but these are pretty good too. - lunch cheezits pepperjack chili bugout bugoutbag gethomebag bugoutvehicle edc everydaycarry prepping prepper preparedness urbansurvival survival emp offgrid offthegrid apocalypse shtf tactical bushcraft guns firearms camping hiking california cali socal hollywood

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Firearms Outlet Canada


Comment from Firearms Outlet Canada:

Sig Sauer P229 M11-A1 On sale for $1,350.00 Reg Price $1,499.95 Available at:

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Swab-its Firearm Cleaning


Comment from Swab-its Firearm Cleaning:

Who else is getting their equipment ready for the weekend? shootandclean

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Main account @jsyms84


Comment from Main account @jsyms84:

I tried to take a cool shot... But my camera was out of focus. 😔 gun guns gunsdaily gunchannels arpistol weaponsdaily weaponsfanatics makeamericagreatagain usa madeinusa comeandtakeit firearms gunporn igmilitia instagun ar15 ar15news ar15build blackrifle murica pewpewpew blackrifle 2a

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TBT to this clip, "BELIEVE IT OR NOT YOU WERE SWIMMING!" ___ Follow the crew canadian.forces _world.forces_ military.heroes mericas.usmc marineinthemaking patrioticamericans_ operators_co canadian_military_ kennybpasten ukrainian.military thestatesofamerica mxmarines ukrainian_armed_forces _____________________________________ marinesmerica USA GodBlessAmerica secondamendment 2ndamendmentunitedstatesofamerica military supportthetroops operatordonaldtrump Americaconservative armypolitics patriotguns firearms guncontrol patriotic patriotism righttobeararms navyamericanforces556instapicmeme

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Modern Rifleman


Comment from Modern Rifleman:

The rain wasn't going to stop this yankee_hill_machine Turbo from silencershop shooting nfa nfafanatics nfaaf yankeehillmachine yhm silencer suppressor firearms 2a 556x45 556nato ar15 guns gunsdaily gunstagram gunsofinstagram pewpewpew pewpewpew hashtagtical gundose igmilitia nra 223 turbo

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🇺🇸Lets show off some toys🇺🇸


Comment from 🇺🇸Lets show off some toys🇺🇸:

Springfield Armory M1 Garand CMP Special. m1garand springfieldarmory m1 ww2 history battlerifle woodart 3006 1944 smallarms ironsights civilianmarksmanshipprogram guns firearms gunsofinstagram

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GunMag Production's


Comment from GunMag Production's:

firearms guns rifle pistol weapons gunporn ammo gunsofinstagram specialforces likeforlike like4like followme army military tagsforfollow airforce marines spetsnaz likesback operator likesforlikes likeforfollow likes4likes tagsforlikes soldier gun edc

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Ivy Li


Comment from Ivy Li:

Day 3&4 at workshop Airbrush Hansen Style in Klagenfurt☺️🙌🏻thank you so much peanutsthings for being my model for theses days❤️finally finished all the workshops today and ready for enjoying the festival yay!! wfb bodyart bodypainting bodypaintingartist airbrush airbrushmakeup waterbasedpaint firearms modeling artist art artwork

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