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Troy Parkhor


Comment from Troy Parkhor:

Today's just the beginning, first day of actual classes but it's also mostly just physical training/testing for 16 hours recruit firefighting traininghard training

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Fire & Rescue NSW 312 Gulgong


Comment from Fire & Rescue NSW 312 Gulgong:

Perhaps one of the best things about this job, and particularly working at this station, is the varied backgrounds of those you work with. As on call firefighters, we all have other full time jobs, ranging from electricians to mechanics, from nurses to paramedics and from bus drivers to printers, and everything in between. The varied knowledge of our crew and their willingness to learn from and bounce ideas off each other makes for one very effective firefighting team. Good culture is everything in this job, and when everyone in the station is on board with that concept, everybody benefits; especially the community. gulgong australia rescuelife mudgeeregion fire fires frnsw firefighting firefighter firefighters feuerwehr feuerwehrfrau feuerwehrmann emergency emergencyservices firerescue firerescuelife firefightingobsession fireXphotography chiefmiller Photography by paul.cavalier chief_miller firexphotography firefighting_obsession firefighting_heaven

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Comment from firefighter_girl_love:

A good laugh is sunshine in a house💋😍❤️ firefightersfirefighters_dailyfirefighters_unitefirefighterslifefirefighterswifefirefighterswagfirefightersgirlfemalefirefighter firedepartmentlifefirefighting fireman firemenfirewoman fdny brandweer bomberospompiers straz chief_miller chiefmillerrescue911 911firerescue ehrenamtfreiwilligefeuerwehr feuerwehrfeuerwehrfrau feuerwehrmannberufsfeuerwehr Double tap & tag a Friend Below

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Mark Walsh


Comment from Mark Walsh:

White Horse Fire Company -- Engine 49-2 irisheyezphotography firefighter pierce piercemfg engine firetruck apparatus chiefmiller firetruck firedepartment fireman firefighters EMS kcco brotherhood firefighting paramedic firehouse rescue firedept workingfire feuerwehr brandweer pompier medic ambulance firefighter bomberos feuerwehrmann IAFF chive fireservice thinredline irisheyezphotography

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Pipe and fittings provider


Comment from Pipe and fittings provider:

Flow Meter supplied by TPMCSTEEL. It is widely used in firefighting system. & Certificate:UL/FM & Connection Ends: Flange or groove style connection. & Size: 3” 4” 6” 8” ullistedflowmeterfirefightingfirefightingsystemfireprotectionpumpandaccessories tpmcsteel

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Pascal Vlutters


Comment from Pascal Vlutters:

Kazerne vliegbasis brandweer Volkel firefighter firefighting chiefmiller smokeshowing feuerwehr atemschutzgeräteträger PAtrager bombercrew bomberosvoluntarios pompiersvolontaires brannvesen fireservice firedepartment straz oefenen training

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branden frame


Comment from branden frame:

People seem quick to want help, but never want to give it? emergencyresponse firefighting volunteer training stokethefire rescue miner mining underground

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Fairfield Fire Department


Comment from Fairfield Fire Department:

Fairfield firefighters perform a LARO after a vehicle went off the road and down a ravine. LARO firefighter firefightingpicoftheday chiefmiller leatherheadmafia BAFNbayareafirefightersnetwork californiafirefighterfirefighters_daily fireservice chiefmiller firefightingsmoke_showing firefighter_brotherhood chief_millerfirefightersinstagram leatherheadssocialclubfirefighters_daily _ firefighterpostsfirefightingpride intothesmoke bayareafirefightercaliforniafirefigthers californiafirefigther csfafirefiregroundcertified firefightersinstagram cafirefound

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近藤 啓一


Comment from 近藤 啓一:

3㎞ぐらいで調子悪くなり10㎞で終了💀後半復活したからもうちょっと走れば良かったなー🏃🏿‍♀️さぁトレーニングいくかー🏋🏿 fire fireman fireworks fireworkout firefighter firefighting workout training benchpress deadlift squat running run nike justdoit nrc ランニング トレーニング ナイキランニングクラブ 消防士電車 JR北海道

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Dwidya Sista Varuna


Comment from Dwidya Sista Varuna:

Kali ini pasukan selamat dan api padam. firefighting training samsontiara samsontiaratraining cilegon

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Comment from efesmarin:

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Sullivan Photography


Comment from Sullivan Photography:

Facing the Giant - Robertson Fire, South Africa

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Comment from californiafirefighter:

1913 Throwback !! San Jose Fire Fighters were honored to don vintage uniforms & assist members of the "7:30 Social Club" with replacing their American Flag today. The Club's home for the past 65 years has been Old Fire Station 5 on N. 8th St. This Station was built S.J.F.D. in 1913 and housed Chemical No. 2 (photo) and then Engine 5. After closing in 1950 it was purchased by the club for only $5000. This is one of several retired and now repurposed firehouses you can find throughout the City of San Jose. Repost sanjosefirefighters californiafirefighter bayareafirefighter sanjosefiremuseum chief_millerfirefighterposts firefighters_daily firefighter firefighting fireservice leatherheadmafia BAFN bayareafirefightersnetwork firefighters_daily firefighter_brotherhood leatherheadssocialclub firefighterposts firefightingpride cafirefighter bomberodesigns

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Code Green


Comment from Code Green:

Challenge coin throw down! Post a picture of your codegreencampaign challenge coin and tag us! 💚💚💚 savingpublicsafety biggerthanbroken noonefightsalone everyonegoeshome emtlife ems_universe ems paramedic emt firefighter firefighting firstresponders police leo corrections ptsd suicideprevention

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Chelsey Flores


Comment from Chelsey Flores:

Late night with some 3" hoses . . . firefit minnesota firefighter firefighting 555fitness emt ems fireengine workout notperfect strivingtobegreat werklife toughnessknowsnotgender femalefirefighter

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Comment from californiafirefighter:

Bodega Volunteer Fire Department equipment check, March 3, 2017. Repost kpfotog ・・・californiafirefighter kentporter santarosa pressdemocrat pressdemo volunteerfirefighter firefighting firefighter photojournalism photojournalist nppa

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McKenna Thomas


Comment from McKenna Thomas:

I wasn't ready😂 firefighting navylife

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Bahria Town


Comment from Bahria Town:

Bahria Town firefighters and rescuers helped put out a fire in Rawalpindi on Saturday. According to details, a cotton factory on Chack Bali Road caught fire and the cotton stock fuelled the fire further. Bahria Town firefighters and ambulances were the first one to respond and reach the site of the incident. They put out the fire after hectic efforts of six hours. The firefighters used state-of-the-art fluoroprotein foam to put out the fire that had engulfed the oil tanker. Ambulances and 8 fire fighting cars along 10 water bowsers who replenished water for not only Bahria Town Equipment but also of Rescue 1122. In the past, Bahria Town rescuers played a similar role in rescue efforts following the Oil Tanker Fire at Gulraiz, Ghakhar Plaza fire incident and Marriott Hotel and Karachi Airport attacks. BahriaTown firefighting fightingwithnation Rawalpindi pakistan

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Comment from Wyrmtaler:

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