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Lucas M. Capece


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Geegee ;)


Comment from Geegee ;):

What did I do to deserve such an amazing little sister. Love you yimmyjam86. . . . . lovemysister littlesistersrock littlesister sisters missingone girlsjustwanttohavefun fitfam onelove shesmine idkillforher myfirstbaby

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Comment from fitness_style5:

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Comment from MeganRN5:

My food for the day 😍 Remember: Failing to plan is planning to fail beachbody 21dayfix healthyeating fitness fit fitfam fitchick weightloss progress mealprep mealplan motivation dedication commitment

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Primo Sparazza


Comment from Primo Sparazza:

Eat Clean - Train Dirty Morning Ride girosynthe sworks specialized oakleyjawbreaker cyclinglife cyclingphotos cycling rennrad rennradliebe edge1000 instacycling radsport rennradfahren radsport Bodybuilding newlove bodybuildingvscycling bike bikelife fitfam multisport eatclean itstimeforbiking nopainnogain iamspecialized oakleybike garmin iamspecialized_road

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Dawayne Thompson


Comment from Dawayne Thompson:

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Comment from shaniece82_fitlife:

First workout of the day...short/30min kickboxing cardio/YouTube fitness..👊🏽💪🏾 anyworkoutisbetterthannothing workout cardio goodmorning consistency fitness fitlife fitfam ketolife homeworkout justdoit noexcuses igfit squat selflove motivation inspiration hardwork

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Bryan's Club and Sports Depot


Comment from Bryan's Club and Sports Depot:

FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING!!😲🔥 Track your Packages at 🗣🔥🔥🔥NEW OFFER! USE DISCOUNT CODE: LOVELYMARIE AND SAVE 15% 🤑🤑🤑 💵💵💵💵💵💵 Allow 3 business Days for Tracking Data Contact us Via Messenger for Rapid Reponse Assistance ambition grindtogethershinetogether fitevolution bodybuildingmotivation fitnessaddict fitnessmodel fitfam flex flexfriday healthy aesthetic motivation npc powerlifter evolution issa fitspo fitnessmotivation repost liftheavy gymlife gymfit workout workoutanywhere workoutanytime gymtime battlefieldstrength functionaltraining

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Comment from _____lou______:

Topfenködel zum Mittagessen für das große Schulkind ❥ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . wednesday inmykitchen onmyplate healthyfood mamablogger_de momlife lifestyle health fitfam blogger_de momblog life photooftheday toddlerlife littleones travel mommyblogger wanderlust beingaparent travelling kidstagram instagood instagram instadaily passport fitmom momsofinstagram instamom healthylifestyle

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Irene 🇮🇹 31


Comment from Irene 🇮🇹 31:

ILLUDERE GLI OCCHI ⭐ 170gr albumi ○ 25gr farina avena gusto pizza ○ 50gr polpa pomodoro ○ 10gr Exquisa fitline ○ 50gr tonno ○ 15gr cipolla yummy crepe pizza fitnesseatcleangetfitbodybuildinggymlifestrenghtmotivationworkoutnopainnogainfitfamnevergiveuplifestylechangefoodbodymusclesgirlswholift

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Unique Inches, LLC


Comment from Unique Inches, LLC:

Want to see the difference what Unique Inches 25 Steel Bond Undergarment Waist Trainer can do!?! Being consistent with this aggressive waist trainer will GUARANTEE results! Order yours today and start creating the Unique Inches your heart desires ❤ Visit Unique Inches, Sculpting Our Lives! Snazzywaistmovement supportblackbusiness blackbusiness blackwomenbusiness abs cardio diet exercise fitnessorlando fitness fitfam fitgirls gym igfitness losinginches losingweight blackwomenlosingweight blackweightloss weightlossinspiration fitgirls fitnessjourney UniqueInches SculptingOurLives

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Comment from Trainwithtra:

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Damion T Caldwell


Comment from Damion T Caldwell:

Dip Knee Raise with Melissa. ntensefitway fitness trxtraining fitfam bodyweightfitness functionalfitness training discipline discipleoffitness momswholift dadslife momstrong dadstrong charlottefitness crossfit trx yoga diabetesawareness intermittentfasting keto mindfulness dad strongwomen strongmen philosophicalparenting consciousparenting peacefulparenting violenceisanoption dadshour

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Our best selling product Diet Whey Protein from the Aspire range is currently only £27.99 for 1.5Kg 😱😍 Follow the link in our bio & shop now! healthylifestyle fitfam fitness diet dietwhey protein proteincupboard product lifestyle health nutrition love body boy girl weightloss transformationthursday gym gymlife gymtime healthylifestyle

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βorja Almeida


Comment from βorja Almeida:

Allá por el 2013 cuando estaba mas escanillao, aún no sabía lo que era posar, las piernas empezaban a crecer y empezaba a saber un poquito más....😂😂🙈 . . todoshemostenidounpasado remember recuerdos escanillao tirillas 2013 piscinero playero beach fit fitness fitnessaddict fitfam fitspo adictoalfitness mensphysique mensshort bodybuilding aesthetics muscle motivacion dedicacion vigo galicia aesthetic sixpack abs

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Matthew Bontsema


Comment from Matthew Bontsema:

Deadlifts have a bad reputation for causing back problems, when in fact it can be one of the most beneficial movements to improve your back! 🤗 . Many people make the mistake of pulling with their back, when in fact a deadlift is a hip hinge movement, meaning the glutes and hamstrings work to extend the hips. When done correctly the deadlift strengthens the back via isometric contraction (which means holding it in the same position). This will lead to improved strength in the spinal electors, meaning more resistance to injury and improved posture! 😁🔥 . Also for all the ladies that want to grow their booty (or blokes), this will overload those glutes and hamstrings massively! I'm definitely getting some peach gains from my deadlifts, as it places greater emphasis on the posterior chain than a squat (commonly known as an optimal booty builder) 🍑 . I recommend starting with the barbell at a dead stop at the start of each rep if you are a beginner to refine your form. In these clips I am actually keeping tension throughout the movement to provide greater overload and help pull me into a better starting position. Give it a go but only if you have a good year or two of deadlifting first! 🔑 . My deadlift portion of my workout:(77kg bodyweight) 2x1 - 160kg 3x3 - 152.5kg 6x3 EMOM - 115kg

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Ashley Wolosinovsky


Comment from Ashley Wolosinovsky:

Love love love all of this ❤❤

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Dietitians of Palm Valley


Comment from Dietitians of Palm Valley:

Happy 🐫 day! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Be a 🍍today!

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Comment from REP REGIMENT:

World is dark and full of myths ! 😬mentalhealth warriors selflove crossfit exercise diet healthyeating hotguy fitfam fitness fitspo bodybuilding bodybuilder shredded gymfreak muscle motivation inspiration foodporn culinary inkedmen tattoo weightlifter photographer photography model underwear aesthetic cardio gym

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Fola Odewumi 👑


Comment from Fola Odewumi 👑:

Finallyy able to hold a tripodheadstand without support when I never thought I would. It's awesome being able to work hard and achieve something especially when you don't see results right away. On a more personal note it's even more important not to let all your aims and goals affect your general wellbeing. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and chill 👍🏾lookafteryourmentalhealth P.s if you turn your phone upside down I kinda look like a super hero 😎

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