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Amanda Hanquist


Comment from Amanda Hanquist:

My goodness was I craving pizza tonight while making it for the family...I'm on prep so I had to be creative...I used egg whites for my crust to give me the low carb extra protein to fit my macros and stay clean and lean!! . . . fitjourney goals fitfood fitness cleaneating cleaneats eatclean fitmom fitwife npcbikini fitness pizza

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Ghifar (Big-G) Aboudan 😆


Comment from Ghifar (Big-G) Aboudan 😆:

Post workout meal creation by fawalmais ,, butternut squash & ground beef foodporn offseason postworkoutsnack gettingbig bodybuildingfoods fitnessnutrition fitfood

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Comment from Fran:

Carefully coated cauliflower awaiting the oven ... I am substituting these wheat-panko-coated beauties for chicken in General Taos Chicken. Dredge in rice flour, baking soda, salt and cornstarch, dip in egg white and coat with panko. Then toss these bad boys on parchment paper in a 400° oven for 30 minutes or so and BAM! 🍽 Top with your favorite sauce or gravy. ✌❤😋 veganwannabe eatlikeitmatters cauliflower vegan cooking baking veganfriendly itsgoodforyou vegan veganfortherestofus generaltaos healthy cleaneating fitfood eatyourveggies

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Nutritionist Rachel Saunders


Comment from Nutritionist Rachel Saunders:

I struggle with absorbing fructose (technically this is called fructose malabsorption), so I have to follow a low FODMAP diet otherwise I am in a world of pain. Apples is one of the main culprits so apples are generally no longer in my life. When you follow a low FODMAP diet, eating fruit can be difficult. But it's still so important to get your two serves a day. Fruit is so nutritious + your body really does work much better when you eat a balanced diet. So what fruit can you eat on a low FODMAP diet? Knock yourself out on these ✔️Bananas ✔️Blueberries ✔️Raspberries ✔️Strawberries ✔️Kiwi Fruit ✔️Oranges ✔️Mandarins ✔️Lemons ✔️Limes ✔️Grapes ✔️Honey Dew Melon ✔️Rockmelon Whichever you like better is up to you, just make sure you're getting enough!

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Comment from Ryn:

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Roberta Kenney


Comment from Roberta Kenney:

hangry means snacktime with tuna, avocado mayo, maille dijon, craisins (no added sugar), goat cheese and avocado 👊🏼fitfoodie fitmeals fitnessmeals fitfood fitnessfood healthyfood healthysnacking healthymeals cleaneating primaleating mediterraneandiet 🐟 fitness fitfam fitmom fitgirl fitlife fitnessmotivation fitstagram fitnesslifestyle fitjourney fitnessmodel fitnessjourney fitnessinspiration fitfriends fitnation fitmodel

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B Lean Deaneen


Comment from B Lean Deaneen:

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The Healthy Mummy


Comment from The Healthy Mummy:

Yummy spinach, pesto and ricotta rolls from community member Em-j Radley‎! FREE recipe on the blog search 'pesto' on!

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Comment from Pampa_healthy.fitnesslife:

Cana del viernes... Zanahoria, puerro y cebolla con eneldo! ❤. Buenas noches a todos 😴 . . . . . . . . health healthy healthydinner healthyfood healthylife healthyactitude fitnessdinner fitnessaddict fitnesslife fitness fitnessactitude fitlife fitfood comersano habitossaludables comidasaludable tasty eat eatclean yummy foodporn foodpics instamoment instafood verduras

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Millie's Kitchen


Comment from Millie's Kitchen:

It is Spring, right? Handmade Spring Rolls 😊💕😋 and a spicy peanut sauce blended in my vitamix millieskitchen springrolls cleanfood cleaneats eattherainbow food fresh glutenfree healthy healthyfood nutrition organic plantbased realfood veganfoodshare vegetables healthychoices fitfam homemade mealprep weightlifting paleo healthyeating eatclean whole30 gymlife goals fitfood dairyfree

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Crystal Kelly Yzaguirre

Comment from Crystal Kelly Yzaguirre:

Went real grocery shopping for the first time in probably a year or more. Y'all, Craig and I eat out so often that we don't grocery shop because the food goes to waste. It's so expensive, and the money really could go to so many other things. Like new workout clothes! I did get some junk for Craig so he won't starve to death. So the goal for the next two weeks is NO eating out. groceryshopping groceryhaul foodporn food ineedtocookmore fitnessgoals weightlossgoals weightloss fitfood instafood veggies vegetables workingonit goals startsmall

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Physique Chef


Comment from Physique Chef:

--> PHYSIQUE SEASONINGS AVAILABLE NOW! <-- ... DIRECT LINK TO ONLINE STORE IN BIO! 👆👆 ... ➰ All Purpose. ➰ Pink Himalayan Herb + Garlic. ➰ SpicyCajun Blend. ➰ Thai Spice (Low FODMAP). ➰ Taco Fusion (AIP Friendly). ➰ Chocolate Cinnamon Scroll Dust. ... 🌱 100% All Natural. 🛇 ZERO Fillers. 🛇 ZERO Added Sugars. 🛇 ZERO Gluten. 🛇 ZERO Sodium (Selected Flavours). 🌸 Pink Himalayan Salt (Selected Flavours). 🌱 Paleo Friendly. 🌱 Vegan Friendly. ... 💯🙌 ... If you need any information regarding products, order status or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us! ... 📧: ... 💻: ... "Eat for your Physique!" ... 🔹 physiqueseasonings breakfast lunch dinner delicious mealprep tasty yum food foodpic foodstagram foodporn lifestyle cleaneating cooking fitfood foodie fit healthy taco thai herb garlic allpurpose cajun chocolate cinnamon colorful seasonings

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Barbara Zeiss


Comment from Barbara Zeiss:

Happy FriYAY everyone! I finally got my cake and the inspiration comes from the talented datesandavocados - I really love her account and her cute cakes and I have been wanting to make one of her cakes for a long time. This cake is a chocolate mandarin cake and you can find the recipe over at her account. I topped it with freeze dried raspberries and shaved chilli chocolate. But the best thing is the filling, it's so smooth and silky, just delicious

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Comment from Arlene:

Tilapia and celery 👅💦😉💪🏽 fitfood

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Ishbel Graham


Comment from Ishbel Graham:

-45kg for 4 is decent considering i've had a week off all exercise, continued to lose weight and am hungover af🤔 -chest and back workout will be on my story 💙 {51kg/112lb body weight}. ps my arch is feeling goooood

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Comment from VasMenos36kg:

Regrann from tipsdabri - Receita da torta de frango saudável. Ingredientes: 4 ovos 2 Colheres de sopa de manteiga ghee ( pode substituir por óleo de coco ou azeite ) 7 Colheres de sopa cheias de farelo de aveia 1 Colher de chá de fermento ( de bolo) Temperos a gosto Frango desfiado temperado ( 1 Peito) Cream cheese Coloque os ingredientes em um recipiente ( menos o frango e cream cheese) , misture bem até ficar homogêneo. Disponha a massa em uma forma untada ( a minha tem 16 cm de diâmetro), coloque o frango bem no meio da massa, e vá espalhando e espirrando pra baixo formando um círculo menor do que o de massa. Coloque o cream cheese por cima. Salpique parmesão ralado. Leve ao forno 180º por mais ou menos 35 minutos ou até que esteja assado. Pronto!! Não esqueçam de curtir e de marcar o amigo/ parente que vai fazer essa receita no fim de semana. equilibrio paleo nutricao geracaosaude receitasfit dieta saudavel foco foconameta dietasemsofrer saude amazing foconadieta fitfood fitlife fitness comeeagacha healthy natural foconofoco 30tododia light lowcarb lifestyle cleaneating comidadeverdade fitnoverao cozinhasaudavel

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Sem mimimi! . fitquotes bloggeracaofit geracaofit 🎨⚡️❤️

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Danelle Nicanor


Comment from Danelle Nicanor:

☔️☔️ Vancouver is wet and grey right now so we decided to head to Stephos on Robson to get some Greek 🇬🇷 When it's wet like this, everyone seems to have a "get me a warm drink and a blanket" disposition... and then there's me and my food. 😄😁 I do like warm drinks and a blanket but if there is no food, I just don't feel complete. 🤗 youfeelme 😜 comfortfood souvlaki 604 vancitybuzz buzzfeedfood raincouver ☔️

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Comment from Short.Sassy.Strong:

Friday Night Grocery Haul 🍎🍓🍒🌶🍅🍑🍊🍋🌽🍌🥑🥒🍏🍐🍈 eattherainbow shortsassystrong

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Comment from hskillman:

All the green (and tofu).

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