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Dr Kay C


Comment from Dr Kay C:

A jog this morning in a city that is full of the old, the new.. the old that looks new... 🏃🏽‍♀️wonderlust.manchester manchester ilovemanchester visitmanchester ancoats manchester mcr igers manc igdaily instapic street uk photography instagood citylife running fitlife jog instafit fitness cityview british fit cardio journey photooftheday instapic

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A Tri-City Girl's Journey


Comment from A Tri-City Girl's Journey:

Confidence only.

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Comment from Beat.The.Boxx:

BEAT THE BOXX Pull up girl. fitspo fitness gymtime workout getstrong getfit justdoit fitspiration cardio gym crossfit exercise weightraining training abs strong weights weightloss motivation fitnessquote youcandoit dreambig success noexcuses bootcamp fitlife

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Tianna Fraynak


Comment from Tianna Fraynak:

Good afternooon😊 Hope you had a great weekend👏🏼💯 •••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tryna have a bum like Kim K? Try this out💁🏼🍑 x45 squats x25 jump squats x35 sumo squats x25 hip raises x25 single leg hip raise x35 dumbbell deadlift Repeat 3-5 times and I'm positive you WILL feel this in the morning😂☀️ Stay Active🙆🏼🏋🏼 tfitness glutes training bepositive workouts buttday sundayfunday motivated fitlife fitlifestyle healthyliving fitnessforlife squatday

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Alicia Dickerson


Comment from Alicia Dickerson:

Stay tuned the next big announcement is coming up. Tired of feeling like that bikini or jeans just won't fit. Well guess what I'm here to help you get into that outfit! Are you ready for a change? fitspo summerbodiesaremadeinthewinter nutritionalcleansing fitlife noexcuses weightlosschallenge girlboss teamtrimdown 40fit 40andfitt fitspo fitspiration

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Atlas Wearables


Comment from Atlas Wearables:

Heart rate can give you real-time insight into workout intensity as well as post-workout info such as calories burned and much more.⠀ ⠀ FitFam FitLife Fitness FitnessAddict GetOutside GetStrong GirlsWhoLift GymLife GymTime NoPainNoGain PersonalTrainer Sweat Weights WeightTraining Workout GymTime JustDoIt YouCanDoIt Fitspiration Ripped BeachBody Exercise Training Shredded Abs Strong HIIT WeightLoss PersonalTrainer

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Sheryl👸🏻✈️🌏💞Jeremiah 29:11🙏🏽


Comment from Sheryl👸🏻✈️🌏💞Jeremiah 29:11🙏🏽:

💥She Stood In The Storm, And When The Wind Didn't Blow Her Way, She Adjusted Her Sail💥She's fierce but kind hearted, classy but flirty, smart and witty... Her heart of Gold has a hint of inappropriateness but the most beautiful part of her is her SOUL, only few have seen, only few had experience because as much smile and laughter she offers the world, her soul remains a mystery only few allowed to go in...🔥🔥🔥 aboutlastnight allblackeverything classy flirty wonderwoman hottie nycnights selfie selfiequeen saturdaze hardworkispayingoff fitness fitgirl leanme fitfam fitlife queendoll asianqueen

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Comment from karldanswe:

Evening session finalized💪🏻😅 fitfam fit fitspo fitness muscle muscles gym gymrat gymlife gymselfie cardio fitlife gymflow abs healthy strong hugoboss selfie mirror underwear body like4like followme selfie me evening body sunday sundayfunday strongman

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Dirti Gainz


Comment from Dirti Gainz:

That Dirti Gainz Sunday hike! Exploring new things and collaborating on new ideas while we were doing it. Big and new things will be coming. I PROMISE!! . . ilovetolift athlete fitness npctexas npcphysique mensphysique fitlife bodybuilding instafit fitfam tattooed tattedandfit dirtigainz nutrishop hardwork workfuckingharder liftwithheart npcbikini girlswholift girlswithmuscles npcfigure npcwpd camelbackmountain npcarizona

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Martinka Padevetova


Comment from Martinka Padevetova:

Hi beautiful souls, this is as far as I got for today 😰 I just couldn't figure it out it was so intense that I couldn't lift that leg at all!!! So this ekapadapadangusthadhanurasana ended up being some kind of puppypose maybe I was to close will probably try again latter.. day 26 of the WallCall by amazing cyogalab and haramichinyc have great night guys!!! 💜🙏💜🙏💜 yoga yogi yogamum yogafun yogalove yogaaddict yogaeverydamnday instayoga instafit fitlife fitlove fitmum fitfun fitchick fitness 34weekspregnant fitpregnancy jogapraha namaste love blessed practicemakesprogress believeinyourself backends heartopeners

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Comment from CAIN THOMPSON:

Savage BIXTRI routine could keep phone still 💪🏼😂 Sunday training ❤ Spotify: caindtz26 . . bodybuilding definition workout gym fitsporation fitspo fitnessmodel elitefitness pullups beastmode gains tan fitness personaltrainer fitnessmotivation motivation fitfam ukfitfam justdoit shredded ripped gainz crossfit muscle squad nutrition 2017goals gymlife fitlife tattoo

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Yann Pellegrinetti Charlot


Comment from Yann Pellegrinetti Charlot:

corsica ❤❤fitfamteamshapemusculationinshapetiboinshapefitfitnessnopainnogainfitnessaddictinstafitnessmotivationbodybodybuildinggymgymlifetrainingworkoutmensphysiquephotoofthedayaestheticsfitboystrongfitfrenchiesshreddedfollowfollowmecorsicamuscleproteinfitlife

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Zuleika Estevez


Comment from Zuleika Estevez:

Free shipping 4x6 size flyers 16pt thick paper 500 for $75 $4 to add info Full color Email to order printing photoshop ig SmallBusiness entrepeneur selfemployed hairsalon barbers realtors jewelry makeupartist mua fleek february USA winter print graphics hp technology 2017 silk highquality success fitlife tea weightloss lose5

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Pasta, pasta, pasta 🍝! Yum! Take your pick! Order today! MealPrep

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Americas Top Trainers


Comment from Americas Top Trainers:

Be the HEALTHIEST version of you!!

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Nathalia Luna


Comment from Nathalia Luna:

Domingo combina com o quê??? 😍😍 bolinho de banana fit com café ☕️ amooo demais!!! Aproveite pra comer no lanche que não sou besta 😂 e comi também chips de coco da flormeloficial e o bom é que é sem lactose 😋 Me lembro quando era beeeem difícil encontrar alguma comida sem lactose 😂 e de uns tempos pra cá.... vrá!! Tem praticamente tudo! Ainda bem pra mim e pra quem é intolerante à lactose também!! 😊💚 Boa tarde, pessoitxas!!! 😘😘 comidasaudavel comendodeverdade comendolimpo 60npb 60healthy healthytododia healthychoices lowcarb desafiouniaofazofoco geracaosaude fit fitness saudefoco projetodarecifense recife greenmix mundoverderecife pernambuco fiife fitgirl umdiariofitness lacfree semlactose comidadeverdade comidasaudavel 10dayseatclean tips4life foconameta vidasaudavel alimentacaosaudavel fitness fitlife

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Miuly Guzi


Comment from Miuly Guzi:

😇 😍DUBAI😍 fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl fitnesswoman fitnessisalifestyle fitnesslover fitnessprogress fitness fit fitnessismylife fitnessismypassion fitnessgirl gym academia mivida mylife minhavida pasion paixão amor love fitfam fitlife fitlifestyle fitlove dubai murcia carnaval

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🎀Jennifer 💋


Comment from 🎀Jennifer 💋:

Got something to tell ya!! 😭😂 Being silly again. Hope this will make your day! 😂😂 murves shakeology weights muscle fitfam goals liftweights dedication homefitness determination lifestyle 21dayfix workout muscle gainz gains hammerandchisel 22minutehardcorps insanityasylum coredeforce fitlife exercise sinfulgains fitlife

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Ripped Vids


Comment from Ripped Vids:

ashleytenberg Working those legs and booty 🍑. This exercise will not only help build a great booty but will help to greatly improve your squats. Working on the lower half of a squat motion will help you push out of that "hole" or the first couple inches of your squat where most people generally fail. . . . . rippedvids gains determination motivation fit fitness fitgirls fitnessmotivation fitjourney fitnation fitfamily fitstagram fitspiration fitfam fitforlife fitnessgoals fitgirl fitlife fitspo girlswholift girlswhosquat bootybuilder bootybuilding fitnessaddict fitnessgirl trainhard instafit instafitness legday

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Madda Pung


Comment from Madda Pung:

I almost did a 17.1 redo this morning, but my body was like NO PLS. So I had to listen to it and rest (we'll see if I end up redoing it tomorrow or not 🙃) In addition to warm up/ cool down stretching, I try to dedicate one session per week to recovery. I'll do some light cardio just to get moving - either walking on incline on the treadmill, biking, or stair master at a steady pace for 30-40 minutes. Then I spend a good 25-30 minutes on stretching/rolling/mobility work. This is crucial for athletes - it helps release tight muscles and increases blood flow & range of motion. If you want your performance to improve, don't neglect your recovery!! Your body will thank you 😊

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