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Comment from samoanstrongman:

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Comment from Mari, 36yrs:

Workout done 💪🏻😅 And it felt great! Everything except my heightened sense of smell- which was really put to the test when the gym held "senior workouts" today 😝😳 Oh boy 😷 😂 #pregnant #fitpregnancy

3 Minutes ago

Comment from Dynocharge:

Quads the foundation of the House 😀

5 Minutes ago

Comment from Rachael Anne De Luca:

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Comment from Agueda:

9 Minutes ago

👯 BIGGEST CLASS EVER CALLS FOR KILLER TRACKS 👯 Doubleview Tribe you survived one intense hour of KONGA® tonight and finished off with this track. Smiles on your faces and all!! 😊😊 @the_jungle_body_with_jenna and I absolutely love our Tuesday night's with you all!! Rest up, and see you next week 🤗 #konga #thejunglebody #thejunglebodywithbec #thejunglebodywithjenna #doubleview #fitness #perthfitfam #perthfitness #perthisok #activeinperth #fitmum #tuesday #fearless #loveme #sayyoudo #tribe

9 Minutes ago

Comment from The Fit Mama Plan:

I love seeing all the new faces January brings 😀 keep it up mums, you're just going to get fitter and fitter as the weeks go on

12 Minutes ago

Comment from Anastasia Quincey:

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