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Johanna Diaz


Comment from Johanna Diaz:

Hello! 😃😃 Un peu de fraicheur dans ce monde de brutalite ! Au menu : un panache, 2 saucisse de volaille et une merguez de volaille, une petite salade composé, melon et un camembert 👌👌 Bonne journée 😍😘 regime regimeuses lsdp lsdpienne mincir onlacherien diet fit fitfam fitmum tbc tbc1 mangersain melon saucisse barbeuk barbecue

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nana et puis c'est tout


Comment from nana et puis c'est tout:

Dernière journée à la plage ! fitwoman fitmum blonde blond blondhair tatouage tatoo tatooedgirl tatooed plage beach sun soleil☀️ blackandwhite happy var maillotdebain maillotdebainunepièce

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Michelle Woodhams


Comment from Michelle Woodhams:

12 weeks.... 12 Ultimate body applicators 👌🏾💚 12weekchallenge wrapgirllife ultimatebodyapplicator bodywraps bodytransformation myresults determination tighten tonedbody definition Bodyconfidence bikiniready beachbody fitmum wfhm brandambassador instashop instalove lovemylife 💚

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Monyka Tursi💋Fit_Mum👶Fit_Chef🍝


Comment from Monyka Tursi💋Fit_Mum👶Fit_Chef🍝:

My meal! 💪🙋🙋🌴🌊 . ......💋fitmum lovepowerlifting bodynatural powerliftingwomen blondehair healthylife healthyfood fitgirl girlfashion gym bodytrasformation bodybuilding powerlifting muscleup calistenics calisthenics plank planche weightloss weightlossfood weightlosssupport weightlossmotivation preworkout bodybuilding weightlossdiary healthyfood healthy healthyfood girl girlswhokissgirls bikiniprep bikini

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Weight Loss & Nutrition Expert


Comment from Weight Loss & Nutrition Expert:

If you want your "eyes to be open to a new way of eating" which includes tasty meals to lose weight then you need to sign up for my next 21-DAY SHAPE UP BOOTCAMP commencing Monday 7th August. * I guarantee that not only will you weight, you will also learn how to keep it off for good!! * Registration closes on Thursday 3rd August. * Link in bio * thetorezway fitnessmotivation weightlossmotivation weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightloss losebellyfat fitfam fitmum healthymum healthyeating

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Justyna Kicuła


Comment from Justyna Kicuła:

picture instagood instapic instagirl polishgirl woman brunette makeup pretty beautiful princess model star fit fitmum smile nature naturelovers green garden flowers trip holiday summer l4l f4f smile weekend outfit

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Klaudia Szklińska


Comment from Klaudia Szklińska:

mniam food foodporn fruits blueberries instafood instamood instadaily photooftheday healthyfood healthy and fit fitgirl diet burn calories fitmum motivation fitness dream 😂😂😂joke love eating l4l followme

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Comment from STRENGTH_WOMEN:

Repost teenords (get_repost) ・・・ I have lost 14kgs in 3 months and now I am below my pre-pregnancy weight 🎉 (lost 10kgs straight after Haya came out so lost 24kgs in total 😂) Feels great to be a size S again. One main reason how I managed to stay focused was because of my strict coach that is my husband. From jogging 2-3 times a week, swimming/spinning twice a week to only eating desserts/junk food once a week. Whenever I get mad at him for pushing me too hard, he goes "You'll thank me later" and now I can't thank him enough 😂. His next project is to get me toned and some abs before I get pregnant again 😂 Thanks in advance husband 😘 freepersonaltrainer luckyme happyfitwifehappylife sorryletmebeproudofmybodyonceinawhile And wearing these sport wears from strengthactivewear got me extra motivated 💪🏼 wannagetallthecollection help hidemywallet Thank you for the love and support fit momma... strengthactivewear strengthactivewear strengthactivewear strengthofawoman empoweredwomen badasswomen fitness fitmum fitness fitnessig fitspo motivation

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Basket And Chocolate


Comment from Basket And Chocolate:

🥗Dejeuner🥗 Bon ben même ambiance d'avant-hier et hier 😂 : une salade, again ! Sauf que cette fois je l ai faite avec mes petites mimines 🖐🏾🖐🏾! Composition : salade verte, concombre, tomates cerises, melon, oeuf. Un peu de pain 🍞 et un carré frais Peut être un peu de pastèque en dessert, quand j en aurais envie .... et sûrement mon café chocolat 🍫 , parce que la je suis repue Bon après midi mes beautés 😘💋 weekendregimegroupesanguinsaladlover healthybienmangermangermoinsmangerbieneatcleancleaneatingfitnessfitnessmumhealthylifestyle workingmummumof2fitmumpatiencemotivationonlacherieninstamaideamaigrirmaigrirensemblemyfitnesspalcaloriespertedepoidsperdredupoidsafondlaformeenergieprogressnotperfection

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Comment from ilovemypopotin_fans:

Seance Avec La jolie sarahfitcat ! Position 1-2 travail de l'entre cuisse - adducteur ! 💪🏼👌🏼 Go Sur ilovemypopotin elastiquepopotin elastiquesuperpopotin sexyfit sexybooty sexygirl fitfam fitmum fitgirl fitness noexcuse cuisse legday popotin nelsonmasseur ventreplat abdos

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Sandrine Toussies 👸


Comment from Sandrine Toussies 👸:

Ils ont transpiré et ils ont pas regretté !! Prochaine session mardi a 18:15 et oui les calories partent pas en congés et nous on va t'aider a les bruler!! sport nutrition fit fitnessgirl fitness coachforeverybody fitmum hydratation controledepoids prisedemasse cr7 marseille minhtouss successangels happy instagood feelinggood goodvibes

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Comment from Gymima:

Lunch. Omelette stuffed with mushrooms and reduced fat Brussels paté. 305cals Wasn't sure if it would work, but it totally does and is really delicious. This is the joy of saving eggs for lunch and not having them at breakfast. lunch lunchtime instafood eat eating fitspo fitfam fitfamuk fitmums nofilters nofilter fitmum myplate notadietdiet delicious ukfitfam gym gymfood tasty fitnotfat noexcuses foodie foodporn eggs omelette saturdaylunch

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Amandine 🐼


Comment from Amandine 🐼:

🌞 healthyfood reequilibragealimentaire régime mangerlight pertedepoids diet stopauxkilos tbc tbc1 onlâcherien onsebouge regimeuse perdredupoids mincir minciravecplaisir onsemuscle musculation onlâcherien maigrirensemble warrior fitness fiere fieredemoi motivation postpartum fitmum sport 2017nonauxkilos

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Mel Robson


Comment from Mel Robson:

Erin killing it at worldgymmaitland gymtime teamrhino fitmum mumof3 rhinofoodcoach down30kgs jamie_salad_dodger

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Join Me On 👻crystalsquires


Comment from Join Me On 👻crystalsquires:

I've never been able to do more than one pull-up EVER. So it's my mini goal that by Christmas time (21 weeks) that I am able to do 6 💪🏽 so far my best is 1.5 😂 but I am going to practise these constantly because it's something I've always wanted to be able to do but never been consistent enough with practising them. Is there something you've always wanted to do but just never "got around" to doing them or practising? I'd love to here of some of your mini goals below 👇🏼❤️

6 Minutes ago

Nikki --10mo Postpartum


Comment from Nikki --10mo Postpartum:

Start your weekend strong, then go relax and have fun! Happy Saturday!! (Sorry for the awful glare) --------------------------------------------- fitmom fitfam fitmum fitness fitspo saturday sabadao ejercicio squats squat functionaltraining functionalfitness fullbody fullbodyworkout weekendwarrior weekendfun fitnessfun workhardplayhard girlmom girlswholift workout momworkout bikinibody bikinibodymommy summer

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➕🌹• • O R L A • • 🌹➕


Comment from ➕🌹• • O R L A • • 🌹➕:

When baby sees and wants to join in too 🙈👶🏼💙 fitmum girlswithmuscle aerialist poledancersofig happiness stretch flexibility training irishfitfam fitspo mumandbaby girlswholift contortion yoga yogawheel

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Amy Nelson


Comment from Amy Nelson:

Do or do not. There is no try. I work early today and leave the house at 6 am. So I had to rise & shine early to get my day 12 done ✅. Easy? No. Worth it? Heck yes🙌🏻 I got goals y'all!!! And seeping in does not get me closer to them. This busy Momma is shifting forward not staying the same. How about you? Where is your workout taking you?

9 Minutes ago

Jax & Joseph 🖤


Comment from Jax & Joseph 🖤:

Feeling so cold & wintery today! Standard chucked back Mum hair and a bit more make up than usual to try and hide the spot to spot which seems to be happening to my face right now?! Going for some outdoors fun with my baby today & can’t wait!! Love comfy & baggy clothes💙 _______ alittlebeautyeveryday bikinifitness bosslady childhoodunplugged curiouslittleexplorerers cutekidsclub documentyourdays empowerment everydaystyle fashionblogger fashionmum fashionover20 fitmum happylittlebuttons honestmotherhood illuminatechildhood joyfulmamas letthemplay lionessmama londonstyle lookoftheday mamastyle mblogger modernmum mothersonduty mumfashion mumsthatslay mumswag

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Fitness & Lifestyle Coach


Comment from Fitness & Lifestyle Coach:

Selfie in my girls room with a quality facial expression. So I have a confession, for the last 5 days I've been extremely tired! I at first put this down to the nightmares that have started occurring each night for around a month, but turns out both issues might have the same cause! Just over a month ago I started to focus on increasing my training frequency for my cut from 4-5 days per week with days off scattered throughout the week to as often as is logically possible, for the last few weeks this has looked like 6-7 days on in a row and 1-2 (usually two) days off after that. It's been a very productive time and I do intend to keep this up, but it's also helped increase my stress hormones which has been making me or tired and the increase in specific hormones can definitely help nightmares occur, yesterday I just did some light stretching/calisthenics/Pilates at home for 20 minutes, took today off training and will take tomorrow off too. Then I get to hit it again on Monday! The intensity will depend on how I feel. I also did skipping (not very long lol) the other morning on top of my training later that day so I have definitely been hitting it 💪🏽 I have hit the point where I just wanna train but I know I need to rest 😹Love you all and remember to listen to your body and intuition 💗

10 Minutes ago