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Comment from evolvefitness:

LBT Ladies 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Wow - that was a tough session and you smashed it. Amazing work 💪🏼legsbumstums lbt squat lunge plank crunch fitness fitmom fitmum healthychoices fitpro thiswomandoes thisgirlcan lovemyjob

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Coralie Feuillet 👸


Comment from Coralie Feuillet 👸:

1h30 de fitness à gigafitblaye 💪 Après l'effort le réconfort --> Libanais homemadefood 😍😍😍 Une tuerie 🙈 libanais health healthy healthyfoods healthylife healthylifestyle food foodporn instafood instagood cook foodie fitgirl fitmum fitness fit nopainnogain musculation onlacherien motivation onpreparesoncorpspourlete

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Kirsty SV Phillips


Comment from Kirsty SV Phillips:

Day 23 of ab challenge and squat challenge. Gotta try and prep this mum bod for summer! Feeling motivated 💪🏻mumbod fitmum workoutmotivation fitnessmotivation abchallenge progressnotperfection

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Fitness & Fabulosity


Comment from Fitness & Fabulosity:

Went all the way to this other island in Paris for berthillion. Gotta have it! ilestlouis paris france holidays vacation travelgram traveller wanderer wanderlust instagramhub picoftheday photooftheday instadaily fitnessaddict fitness fitmum instafit instafitness fitnessmotivation fitlife fit getfit stayfit activeliving walking

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Body Evolution Coaching: Kevin


Comment from Body Evolution Coaching: Kevin:

Health is individual & unique to everyone. There is no "ideal" body weight (or shape), diet or exercise program that contributes to the ultimate accumulation of health. . Health isn't about being the thinnest or leanest, it's not about eating according to eating plan or calorie total or simply eating as little as possible, & it's not about testing your limits (I.E being the strongest, fittest or fastest) with the activity of your choice or that a specific style is the best form of exercise. . Respect your body, honor your body & treat it with kindness. . Health comes in a wide variety of fitness levels & physical capabilities, different sizes & shapes, & eats nourishingly in a fashion that is as individual as the person themselves. A healthy life is a life that has completely free, authentic & peaceful relationships with their body, food & exercise. . If you have relationships that create guilt, fear, expectation, dissatisfaction & drive punishment behaviors that are reckless, careless & erratic, then you're not serving your health well. . Being body conscious, having an unstable physical function & state, food manipulation, food restriction & binge eating/driven over feeding, & excessive exercising/unnecessarily pushing physical limitations, exercising when tired/not resting & training in unmaintainable manners are all signs that the relationships are potentially hurting your health, not enhancing it. . For all coaching details please click on the link in bio.

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Danielle Broadway


Comment from Danielle Broadway:

Weekend spent in Dartmoor. Lots of liss!!! No parkrun though 😣 kaylaitsines bbg bbgmom bbgmum kaylasarmy LISS strongnotskinny progressnotperfection postpartumfitness fitmum fitfam nofilter

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Orb boutique- The Mummy Edit


Comment from Orb boutique- The Mummy Edit:

Repost krystal_browne Movie date with the boys. Looking fab in the Shelly Maxi dress. Two left $59.95. Use code ORBFSAU for free AUS delivery. . Link to website in bio

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Comment from B R O O K E:

B A G E L S 😍 oh my lord. I used to eat so many of these as a kid. But then i grew up and forgot about them 😣 why is that? Why is it that as we get older we forget about the things we used to love as a kid?? Anywho... this morn i had the tastiest bagel topped with peanut butter and banana. Im not the biggest fan of banana but it was surprisingly delicious (i think the fact a bagel was involved had a lot to do with it😂). . . . kaylasarmy kaylaitsinesbbg bbg bbggirls bbgfood bbgmums bbgmoms bbgfamily bbgcommunity bbgsisters bbgsupport kaylaskrew kaylasgirls kaylasbbg kayla_itsines kaylaitsines fitmum fitmom fitfam nostalgia

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Mycoach 2


Comment from Mycoach 2:

Mon cours Hiit Cardio🥊 pp_fitlife_coachsportif fitlife_befit stef6734 __________________________ Hiit HiitCardio Cardio Burpees Fitness mycoachchallenge personaltrainer fitnesscoach coachfitness fitnessmotivation aulnaysousbois aulnaysous aulnay fitness fitfrenchies fitfrench fitnessfrance __________________________ fitfrenchie fitfrench fitgirl fitnessgirls fitnesswomen fitnesswoman ebonyfitness ebonyfitfreaks ebonyfit fitnessvideo workoutvideo fitmoms fitmum fitmom __________________________ fitlife_mycoach

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online smoothie and juice bar


Comment from online smoothie and juice bar:

Iron is a mineral that has long been known to be important during pregnancy. It is essential to making haemoglobin, (the molecule that carries oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body which is basically a combination of iron-heam and protein -globin). During pregnancy, blood volume increases by about 30%, which means women need more iron to make more haemoglobin. This is especially true during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. The increased need for hemoglobin production in pregnant women inspired us to develop our bestseller pregnant mummy recipe, It contains an iron rich green vegetable; Nigerian fluted pumpkin leaf, milk, energy and a little ginger to help control nausea! let's help you maintain good health and wellbeing during pregnancy! Credit: healthybabycode internetpicture nutrition digestion nutrigest smoothie healthyjuice healthyeating healthyliving instafam pregnant ugwu milk ginger fitfam fitmum mummy yummy pregnancy mum health wife livinginlagos haemoglobin blood lifestyle lagos eatdrinklagos faithfoodfun

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Comment from NORMA💍:

. Monday workout is done 💪. . .workout gymtime fitness girlthatlift girlthatsquat bootybuilding bossgirl fitspo fitmum yoga running transformation plannutrition yyc yycfitness yycfitspo yyclifestyle passion healthcoach 🍃 balancenutrition

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Kristy Lee Wilson


Comment from Kristy Lee Wilson:

[10 min HIIT Workout] Do the following exercises for 30 seconds each with no rest in between. After the push ups test for 30 seconds and repeat for 4 sets total! 💥 Sprint in place 💥 Squat Burpees 💥 Broad Jump Back Pedal 💥 Single Leg Push Up to Single Leg Mountain Climber (make sure you do both legs) Push yourself to do as many reps as possible in the 30 seconds but remember form first always! 💪 ------------------------------- Join our Everyday Champions community for more home workouts like this as well as support and accountability to help you reach your fitness goals! BEanEverydayChampion HomeWorkouts HIIT HIITWorkout

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Mum Who Lunches!


Comment from Mum Who Lunches!:

After months of avoidance, me and a group of Mums decided to take the plunge and dip our toes back into the world of exercise! Cue, planking, squats and interval runs round the park (stopping for a quick nappy change) then recovery coffees in the cafe. Actually felt really good to get active again, hopefully it will continue! *eyes up leftover Easter egg 🤓

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Comment from maamabaara:

Love my postworkout meals 🍓❤️ Not so "foodstyled" but that taste....😋 hungry oatmeal protein letthemusclesgrow ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ gym meal oats fuelyourbody recovery gymtime fit fitness fitnesslifestyle gains muscle fitnessgirl girlswholift fitmum fitmom fitmummy legday squats heavyweight

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Comment from Ppweightlossjourney_nicole:

Vanilla and raspberry protein after spin , I mix mine up with water only and fill it only half way as I find it easier to drink and it not too much , protein-20g 👍🏼 protein getlean fitfam follow followme fitmum myprotein postbabybody postbabyfitness postpartumweightloss slimmingworldmums mfp toneup

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Julia Cumberworth


Comment from Julia Cumberworth:

Today's Trainingspartner 😁😸😼 miao crossfit basementgym fitmum today's workout: heavy cleans; 4 rounds for time: 400m run, 20 Pull Ups, 30 Thrusters; 3 sets sumo stiff leg deadlift; EMOM 3 rounds: 45sec glute bridges, 45sec leg raises left, 45sec leg raises right, 30sec Hollow hold, 30sec leg lifts

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Fitness & Fabulosity


Comment from Fitness & Fabulosity:

Find me! odetteparis paris france holidays vacation travelgram traveller wanderer wanderlust instagramhub picoftheday photooftheday instadaily fitnessaddict fitness fitmum instafit instafitness fitnessmotivation fitlife fit getfit stayfit activeliving walking

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Emeline, 24 ans.


Comment from Emeline, 24 ans.:

Day 6 ! Rien de bien compliqué ce soir. Il est trop tard et je suis trop fatiguée après ma longue journée de boulot (le lundi service du midi et du soir, et deux cours de danse pour enfants).. yoga yogachallenge yogalove practice igyogachallenge yogamom zen supermum fit fitness fitgirl fitmum followforfollow like4like challenge motivation

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Comment from 💋Sarah:

Can't lift our arms🔥🔥 !!!! 5am upper body session done .. now off to the coast !! lifeofafitmum teamg teamgenerate allysangels wbffgc17 mumof4 gym

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Comment from als:

Reprise en main sérieusement pour éliminer ce fichu gras post bébé... C'est dur mais motivée fit fitgirlenconstuction fitmum motivation durdur reequilibragealimentaire

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