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Andres Tovar


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Dips superset, I gave it a try and it looks easy. But it was so painful and hard to do. My chest was dying after 4 sets. Since I started training 12 years ago, I have always done dips (wide grip and wide elbows, leaning forward and squeezing your shoulders) to develop my chest, specially, the lower part and now for me even to do them with extra 40kgs is easy. Believe me, it is the best thing.

14 Minutes ago

kiara brooks


Comment from kiara brooks:

Weekends are usually when I have to be more creative with working out due to not being able to go to the gym. We are usually at the park for at least an 1 hr and a half. Pushing the kids on the swings, chasing them around the park, climbing playground equipment all make for a great workout. I will sometimes also throw in some squats, jump squats, lunges, push ups, etc and the kiddos will join in. #fitnessmotivation #weightlosstransformation  #weightlossdiaries  #detoxtime  #teatox #detoxteas #transformation  #stayhealthy  #healthjourney  #detoxtea #bloatingisabitch #bloatinggone #bloatingbegone #bloatingsucks #bloating #weightlossmotivation #weightlosssuccess #weightlossgoals #weighlosshelp #fitnessgirl #fitnessjourney #fitnesslife #fitnessmom #fitnessaddict #fitnessfreak #fitnessfirst #fitnesslover

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Kane Waterhouse


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My shoulder session on friday was wicked. I must say I'm really enjoying the stretch of the behind head press plus my strength is increasing which is a bonus! Repping the @toplesswaiters singlet this season. Gotta love the freedom in this hot summer weather 😥😉

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Bodybuilding & Fitness


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Sportswear ชุดออกกำลังกาย โยคะ


Bra 690.- สีใหม่ เทาสายคาดส้ม สวยมากๆ มี 3 สี : ดำ, ชมพู, เทาส้ม ฟองน้ำในตัวค่ะ ผ้า 85%nylon 15%spandex สินค้าเป็นพรีออเดอร์ หลังชำระเงิน10-15วันสินค้าถึงไทยค่ะ สอบถาม&สั่งซื้อ 🆔line : @fitme (มี @ด้านหน้า) #fittyclosetbra

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Bekah Alemagno


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🔵TOTALLY PUMPED 🔵 to be kicking off a new challenge group with some of my favorite people tomorrow!!!! 🔴WILL YOU BE JOINING US???🔴 There's still time!!! I TELL YA WHAT-- there was a weird gap between groups this month because of the New Year and the health bet throwwwwwinnngggg off our routine and WHEW do I feel it!! These accountability groups are what keep ME on track too!!! I struggle SO MUCH MORE to maintain my healthy habits when I don't have these awesome homies holding my nose against my goals! is NOT EASY for me to maintain my weight. It takes A LOT OF WORK for me to reach my goals... but it is a whole heck of a lot easier to stay on track with my healthy habits when I've got an awesome challenge group to check into every day! LETS GET AFTER IT!!!! 🔵message me or comment if you want to snag one of the last spots!!!🔵 Prep week starts tomorrow!

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BreAnna Dore' | ATL |


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Make Every Day Count!


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Back downtown to fly kites on this gorgeous winter's day ☀️

47 Minutes ago

Studio Three


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When it's over 60 in Feb. all weekend in Chicago, we support outdoor workouts. New week, new weather, new schedule, reservations live at 5PM.

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El Gotlieb


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GRL PWR is about teamwork not competition. thank you to the tribe of incredible, strong, articulate women who came to RUN / CYCLE/ FLOW today @studiothreechi.

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