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Comment from Valerie:

Super 💪🏼 to train arms & hit the gauntlet for steady state early this morning on this flexfriday Check ins tomorrow 🙌🏻🙌🏻👙👙 fitfam fitspo fitmom fitmomof2 fitmomsofig fitnessgoals fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation momswholift transformation postpartumbody summer riseandgrind bodybuilding bodybuildingcom

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Comment from Alex:

Chest is finally not being as weak as it used to. Got an infinite amount of progress to achieve chuckthejellyfishlifter is my new camera man muscle muscles fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel fitnessgoals diet nutrition health healthy personaltrainer cardio treadmill workout legday shredz stretching gym gymrat physique pump vtaper

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Comment from Tiffany:

Friday morning before work 5k run to Sunnyside Beach 😄😄😄 Feeling SUPER duper inspired and motivated lately by the beautiful cyclistblondie and her morning run instastory check ins! I am not an avid runner, but there is always something about running that makes you feel SO happy to be ALIVE!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 Also feeling inspired because I saw a patient this week that did not start running until she was 55 and has completed her second half marathon at the age of 64! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Girl power!!!!!! ageisjustanumber strongnotskinny fitnessgoals health running morningbootycall tiuteam tiutacoma tiuseattle bbg kaylaitsines happyfriday fridayfeels TGIF summertoneup toneitup

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Comment from Shalan🌞:

Good Morning Everyone!🤗 It's Flex Friday so here's me attempting to impress everyone with my baby biceps.💪🏻😂 Word of advice for the day is be your own motivation, test your limits & push your goals. flexfriday biceps girlswholift girlswithmuscle motivation selflove fitfam fitwomen fitnessgoals fitchicks strongissexy

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Comment from Kristi:

If you only run to lose weight and get fit, honestly you are missing 90% of what running really can be and ,in fact is. Running is so much more about mental fitness ,self discovery, stress relief, and pushing yourself. BUT running absolutely comes with some nice fringe benefits💖 I fell in love with this dress at first sight. And I think it's okay to enjoy the fruits of your efforts sometimes and indulge yourself. So today is new dress Friday for me and I'm gonna thank running for making it possible 💖 runnergirl runnersofinstagram newdress runningrewards goals runninggoals fitnessgoals running getrunning runner igrunner instarunner WOMENRUNNING fitnessjourney runningjourney bebold beamazing befearless 2017Kristi myrunningstory

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Monkey Fitness


Comment from Monkey Fitness:

. --- This quote is inspired by an excellent article I recently read, written by a headteacher to the teenagers of today. The theme was basically this. Don't complain about something you haven't got, work for it. Don't sit on a throne of entitlement, get out and make what you want. Be what you want to see from other people in the world and be what you want others to see when they look at you. --- fitfood macros instafood foodporn fitstagram fitness monkeyfoodandfitness fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney igfitness fitnessfreak fitnesslifestyle fitnessguy fitnesslife instagramfitness fitnessgoals motivation fitnessinspiration healthandfitness triathlon mensfitness mentalhealth t25 focust25 t25results mindovermatter instafit strong leanin15

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Deepak Gupta


Comment from Deepak Gupta:

cyclinglife fitnessgoals cyclingshots cyclingstyle cycling cyclingkits cyclingaddict cyclingart cyclingislife gopro

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Melina Prediger


Comment from Melina Prediger:

Weekend ☀☀😍😍 cycling fitfam fitlife fitnessaddict fitness getoutside getstrong girlswholift gymlife gymtime nopainnogain sweatingbeauties girlswithmuscles fitnessgirl workout fitnessmotivation fitspo goalsetting healthy noexcuses trainhard fitnessgoals photooftheday weekend

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Comment from AMIT:

Being lean doesn't mean that you can't have a ripped body fitnessworkoutburningcaloriesfitnessmotivationfitnessgoalsbodyworkoutfridaymotivationbodybuildingaftercardiodietbodygoalsputtingupweightstretchingthosemusclesworkoutroutinebeingfitfitlifefitnessaddictfitnessfreakfitspirationfitstagramfocusgains

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Julio Corbacho CorbachoFitness


Comment from Julio Corbacho CorbachoFitness:

Muy buenas 🌍‼️ Deja tu like 👍🏾 y comentario ✍🏾 Que me motiva muchísimo a seguir 💪🏾. Hoy en ComprandoConCorbacho (dale clic al hastag para ver todos los productos) tenemos...🔎✅. . UNA MUY BUENA OPCION PARA HACERSE PALOMITAS SANAS!! LO APRUEBO. RECIBE EL SELLO CORBACHO!✅ RECUERDA: LA DOSIS HACE EL VENENO! (Si le das click al Hashtag de abajo donde pone supermercado te llevara a todos los productos que he subido de el) . 🍔Usos/recetas: CON STEVIA O CON SAL DEL HIMALAYA. AL GUSTO DE CADA UNO. . 🔵Marca: HACENDADO. . 🛒Supermercado: CORBACHOMERCADONA . . Espero que os haya gustado 👍🏾❤️! ✌🏾️Nos vemos en la próxima, hasta entonces manteneros 👊🏾 A FULK 👊🏾!. . SI BUSCAS MEJORAR DE UNA FORMA FÁCIL: CAMBIAR FISICA/ESTÉTICAMENTE Y AUMENTAR TU RENDIMIENTO CONTACTA CONMIGO⏬ 💻ASESORIAS ON-LINE PERSONALIZADAS PLAZAS LIMITADAS 💻 (Todas ocupadas no quedan plazas libres hasta nuevo aviso) . ✅Sin pasar hambre ni tener que estar llevando tuppers a todos lados. 🚷 ✅Contacto 24h via WhatsApp y E-mail ✅Adaptada a cada persona y sus necesidades de forma individual en base a sus objetivos ✅Perdida de Peso/Grasa ✅Aumento de la musculatura ✅Ganancia de fuerza y resistencia ✅Evita dolores y corrige posturas ✅Conoce tu cuerpo y aprende a alimentarte y entrenar de forma correcta. Pide información sin compromiso a través del boton de Contacto de mi perfil o escribiéndome a: 📩 🎥 Visita mi canal de Youtube para aprender de una forma sencilla y divertida (link en mi perfil). . CorbachoFitness personaltrainer modosaianon aesthetics fitnesslife fit fitfam fitfood fitboy fitnessgoals fitnessfreak fitnessmodel fitnessjourney gym gymlife gymrats gymtime gymmotivation bootyworkout bootybuilding BootyDay like trainer IIFYM

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Comment from Soffe:

We've teamed up with trealandon for a Soffe shorts giveaway! Visit his account to enter. WhenIGetThere

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Madison ☆Tinker-Bell☆ Awe


Comment from Madison ☆Tinker-Bell☆ Awe:

Ive Found that if My Tummy isnt Feelin so Good, Nothing Helps More than Getting on My Mat and Stretchin It Out😉😁 YogaIsMyMedicine

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Comment from bossgirlsfam:

Wow she is a boss 😍🔥 Double tap to show your love 😉 Tag model👇 Follow bossgirlsfam 🍭 🍭

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James Murphy


Comment from James Murphy:

Today's workout log is up, today was a tough one! I'm feeling best up after my first week back to squatting everyday! weighttraining workout bodybuilding train training fit fitness fitnessgoals nodaysoff powerlifter powerlifting powerbuilder powerbuilding bodybuilder startingstrength usapl freeworkout freeworkouts squats deadlifts 74kg personaltrainer onlinepersonaltrainer

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Maria Rodriguez


Comment from Maria Rodriguez:

"you shouldn't lift too heavy you'll hurt yourself" • "you shouldn't get too muscular" • "muscle mass isn't attractive on a woman" - - - these are just some of the things I hear pretty often from outsiders and even people who have been close to me. this is a message to y'all today that no matter how poor or well you're doing, people will always have something to say. people are ALWAYS gonna talk. but their happiness about you doesn't matter, YOURS does. if you're happiest when you're hitting the gym, then spend all the time you want in there 😆 if having strong muscles makes you happy, you lift dem weights guuuuurlllll ✨💪🏼🔥🔥🔥 Happy Friday! 💕 imthatannoyinginspirationalgymrat 🙃 ipromiseitstohelpyallout

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Samantha Romiti


Comment from Samantha Romiti:

HUGEEE shout out to the inspiring ahleeyahxox who has officially lost a total of 70LBS 👏🏻🙌🏻!!! It has been amazing to watch her succeed on this journey of hers! Consistency, Patience and Discipline takes you where you're aiming to be 😎✊🏻👊🏻! ProudCoach HardWorkPaysOff HappyFriday

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Comment from alexandros_vls:

Abs and smiles come together..👻😁💪🏽 koukouuugoodvibeslaughphysiquegoalspricelessfitnessgoalsfitnessloverbodyshapeshreddedrippedveinsabscheckallphysiquesmatteryo

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Comment from FIT▪️HEALTH ▪️SUCCESS:

Sun kissed ☀️💋🌴😘 fitcouple befit couplesgoals beachlife travel enjoylife suntan beach fitfam fitspo shelift abs abslines smallwaist stayfit cardio sweat squats gains legs protein nutrition shelift workout trainhard everydanmlift fitnessmotivation fitnessgoals girlsworkout fitnesspageforall muscles shredded musclegains

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Twerk and Tone Island Fitness


Comment from Twerk and Tone Island Fitness:

TGIF from our makeshift studio at Frank Bay 🌴 Only 2 more outside workouts- MW next week- and we are back in the AC'd studio! Thanks to everyone for being so flexible! Hope to see you at the drink_stj party tonight or at the ChaoticKayak event on Sunday! I 💙 StJohn and our TwerkAndTone community!

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Natasha Yi 🦋🎧


Comment from Natasha Yi 🦋🎧:

Please humor me and just tell me you see some abs forming lol 😫😂 ifyouloveme humorme thestruggleisreal 😩

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