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Trying to remember to stretch 😅 stretching stretch workout fitwifey healthylifestyle fit fitfam fitfun fitwife fitness fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation gymtime

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Ashley Erickson


Comment from Ashley Erickson:

Day 1 of Core de force mmaspeed complete! I am working the whole program for the first time! If anyone wants to work it with me you can try Beach Body on demand for free!! Message me for the info. Let's do this together!! 💪💃🏼 . . . . coredeforce challengeyourself determined jeanseasoniscoming fitfam fitmommy momofboys momonthego workoutfromhome mondaymotivation monday pushplay startingishalfthebattle 7monthspostpartum motivation fitnessjourney

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Comment from Redbunni:

Abs finally working on those lol. We did 3 sets of 15. My abs are sore yay! To my followers I have lot of videos posted feel free to use them into your workouts. I've been training over a year now at the beginning I was very small and working my way up now. I actually don't even like to look at the old ones through my thread I wasn't happy with my body at that time. I'm very happy now and looking forward to what I'm looking like a year from now. watchmyjourney abs fitmom skinnyfit fitchicks gainster upperbody absworkout sore instafit gymgirl workingonmyfitness fitnessjourney

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Kristy Richardson


Comment from Kristy Richardson:

This man has stood behind me through thick and thin (literally) and always tells me I can do whatever I put my mind too. When I have a bad day and want to quit my studies, he's right there pushing me and helping me in anyway he can. 12 years together, 10 years of marriage, not always unicorns and fucking rainbows but we always make things work. Together 130 lbs lost and still going! I'm so proud of him! weightlossjourney weightloss fitnessjourney fitness fitjourney fit fattofit fkyoufat fkbeingfat goals momswholift momswhorun momswhoworkout fitnesswomen fitmoms womenwhotrain womenwholift womenwhorun momswithmuscle womenwithmuscle motivation motivationalmonday

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A Aggy


Comment from A Aggy:

shaunweek round 3! I was away for two weeks on my honeymoon which is why you didn't hear from me! We did hit up the gym though while away....woohoo! fitnessjourney accountability mondaymotivation

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Carolina Guimarães


Comment from Carolina Guimarães:

Cadeira flexora 4x até a falha 🍉nutricionistamarcelolangsdorff 🍽 projetofitness projetocarol carolguimabispo top determination foco gymstyle treinoduro bumbumnanuca projetowellness wellness embuscadeumsonho healthy instafit bodybuilding fitlife sweat liftheavy gym muscle strong aesthetic determination eatclean fitnessaddict healthychoices getfit fitnessjourney fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation

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Comment from FIT_X_BODY_dominion:

Рецепт хрустящих палочек! 2 яйца Молоко 100мл Стружка кокос.20гр Геркулес 220гр Фундук/миндаль/кешью всё по 20гр Сахзам по вкусу 1 желток Приготовление: Геркулес и орехи перемалываем в муку грубого помола. Все ингредиенты, кроме желтка смешиваем. Должно получиться густое и тугое тесто. Даем постоять минут 15-20. Греем духовку до 200° Создаем форму палочек укладываем их на пергамент, мажем желтком (его можно развести с небольшим количеством воды) Отправляем в духовку на 20-30 минут до золотой корочки Топим горький шоколад, обмазываем кисточкой палочку и присыпаем кокосовой стружкой, можно орехами🌰 Приятного аппетита😋 _____________________________ fitxbody ems жкдоминион health healthy пп зож fitnessmotivation москва fitnessjourney fitnessfreak instafitness instagramanet instatag gym gymlife gymrat фитнес фитнесс фитнесбикини фитнесклуб фитнесмодель фитнесмама спортзал здоровье здоровоепитание здоровыйобразжизни ппрецепт дренаж

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🌺 N I K K I 🌺


Comment from 🌺 N I K K I 🌺:

Day 1 of new macros and cutting begins! Time to bring the best package ever!! 🔹 🔹 bpiathlete bpi fitness workout BODYBUILDING npc npcbikini florida follow instagood train trainhard girlswholift lift muscle instadaily doubletap bikini girlswholift girlswhosquat followers fitnessinspiration fitnessmodel getfit competitor gains nevergiveup beastmode fitnessjourney monday

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Comment from Jody:

Even the kids love to get in on it. My daughter especially love YouV2 and anything yoga💜 healthylife health homeworkout workoutmotivation workoutathome familytime familyhealth livelife exercise beachbodyondemand beachbody beachbodycoach piyo fitness fitnessjourney happiness

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Comment from Elle:

Such a lovely jog this morning through Regent's Park 🏃‍♀️so good to be able to start training myself again 💪 . . . monday fitness cardio cv running love fitfam instafit fit personaltrainer health fitnessjourney mondaymotivation london regentspark instafit instagood weightloss gains sweat pt workout freshair trees green healthy goals

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Tasha "Babycakes" Graham 💋


Comment from Tasha "Babycakes" Graham 💋:

Day 1 ... shiftshop chrisdowning Get up and get it done !!! Early morning workout are the best !!!!! boom fire sweat goodmorningworld fit fitspo fitfam fitness fitlife fitgirls fitnessmotivation fitgirl fitnessjourney chrisdowningfitness beachbody bosslady mood cardio noexcuses

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Comment from J A V E:

Coca-cola Family ! zumba zumbafitness zumba❤️ zumbafun instazumba zumbawear zumbabyzinjave zinjave cocacola cola coke cokefamily FAMILY zumbanation ZUMBAnatics biggestloser sexy fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel fitnessjourney mom moms

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Comment from Hollywood:

This morning workout session! oldschoolgym oldschool hardwork motivation bodybuildingmotivation fitguys fitspo fitwomen guyswholift guys women workforabs abs biceps triceps summer2017 week2 followme followtrain follow4follow follow4followback workout fitnessmotivation fitness fitnessjourney fitnesslifestyle garagegym sweating absworkout abwheel

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Julie Cary


Comment from Julie Cary:

It's always a great day to just be happy! blessed thisisforme mentalwellness fitnessjourney happy

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Work for it! 😘


Comment from Work for it! 😘:

Hey guys, I'm Megan. I'm 14 years old, and I'm 230 pounds and 5'2. Ever since I was young, eating was my safe place. Something I could do to help me feel better about whatever was going on in my life. It started out pretty harmless, I wasn't very overweight and I wasn't really paying attention to the things people would say. In 5th grade, I changed from my elementary school to my middle school. Some new people, but mostly, more new personalitys. People were changing, and I didn't understand why. I've been me my whole life, I never wanted to change. People started saying horrible things to me about my weight. This picture is part of something I posted on my snapchat a while ago, it was me posting about body confidence. Something every single person in this world should be allowed to have. Anyways, back to fifth grade. People would say horrible things and I felt worse than I ever had before. Which caused me to start eating more. I started always thinking about food, every minute of the day I would think about my next meal. I would eat when I was bored, happy, sad, angry, all the time. Because I didn't know what else to do. I didn't want to tell people about it, I didn't want people's help or sympathy. Things took a really bad turn in seventh grade. I started not eating, and I started self harming. I would not eat for days, and I would hurt myself when things got too much. The starving did not help. At all. It made me gain so much more weight. Because after not eating, your body tells you "hey dumbass! You need some damn food!" So you end up eating a ton. Now, I deal with nightly binges and feeling horrible after everyone of them. It is not to the point of having literal binge eating disorder, as my psychologist says, but it is very very hard to deal with. A lot of people don't understand that it is very hard to stop binging. Here I am now, going into highschool, and the only reason I'm nervous is because of my weight. I want to change. And I'm going to try and change. It will be hard. It will be super difficult. And that's why I made this account. I'm always here babes. healthyfood mentalhealth healthyeating bingeeating fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney

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<Do More Fitness Apparel.


Comment from <Do More Fitness Apparel.:

Need some motivation for your Monday? Check out our website (link in bio) for the fitness motivation you need! 💪🏽🤙🏽 . . . . [WORLDWIDE SHIPPING🌎📦] [15% OFF TANKS AND T-SHIRTS] fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney gymmotivation

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Comment from fat2fit@53:

Day 75. Today my weight is 168.2 lbs. I'm down a total of 34 lbs from 202.2 lbs. in only 75 days. Please follow me on this daily journey. "Electric Food = an Electric Body, an Electric Mind, an Electric LIFE!" healthychoice healthyeating healthyfood healthy cleaneating healthychoices cleaneats cleaneating cleansing fat2fit fattofit fat2healthy fattofitjourney fattoskinny healthylifestyle journeytofit fitness fitnessgoal fitnessmotivation fitnessfood fitnessbody fitnessaddict fitnesslifestyle fitnessinspiration fitnessjourney fitnesstransformation organiceating organic diet instafitness

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Rosemary Silva


Comment from Rosemary Silva:

Monday workout done and ready. I have to admit I was not in the mood to do my work out today but no excuses I just had to get it done.

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Lucy, 24, Scotland 👸🏼🇬🇧


Comment from Lucy, 24, Scotland 👸🏼🇬🇧:

Yesterday I tackled the spartanraceuk spartanedinburgh Sprint race, coming 1st in my age/sex, 11th female and 59th out of 895 people! 😵 My friends and family will know I am 100% guilty of self-doubt and not believing in my capabilities and I can honestly say that I (pleasantly) surprised myself yesterday! 😁💪🏻 Your body can take you to amazing places if you just let it! ☺️😇 AROO !

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Comment from jessixafit:

Don't think my wings are big enough to take flight just yet but I'm working on it🤗 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ps can we just appreciate my lack of environmental awareness when taking a selfie for instagram - this is by far the least aesthetic setting to pose in with the bags, jackets & wet floor sign in the background 🙈

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