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Gail Nicholls Fitness


Comment from Gail Nicholls Fitness:

WOW!! Cindy is looking amazing! Cindy and her daughter Aimee have been so focused and committed with their Personal training and their hard work is definitely paying off! Cindy has a great goal to work towards for her special Birthday and a fabulous holiday to celebrate too. Cindy's diet is definitely on point and her dedication to her training has been amazing too with 4/5 days of varied exercises including Personal training, gym workouts and running, in fact she ran her first 10k last week in a great time too! It's so nice to share your health and fitness journey Cindy, you are doing fantastic, well done xx G personaltraining fitnessjourney healthychoices healthylifestyle wellness wellbeing workouts workoutmotivation fitnessmotivation trainer fit fitfam fitness healthyeating cleaneating

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Comment from J O S I E:

•Seeking validation is the same as saying "Tell me who I am, tell me what I'm worth" Tell yourself• Hi loves hope the long weekend treated you well! Lately I've been feeling less worthy than I am and I think all of us fall under this rut from time to time. BUT if we take the first step to realize we criticize ourselves too harshly, we can make new progressive ones to teach ourselves to appreciate who we are. Every morning write two things positive about yourself for every negative. It can be anything! For example, negative: I didn't work out since Thursday and I'm not consistent/results won't come. Positive: I have come far already AND I know I work hard every time I step in the gym. We seek this positive affirmation from others but it's only when we receive from ourselves that we can see our true potential to shine 🦋✨ . . . . . . . . . . jenselter challenge seltering gymlooks pumafenty puppy cute motivation motivationforfitness gymmotivation loveyourself learning growing positivevibes positivity fitness fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation workout happiness

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Comment from J&K:

My gym was closed for Memorial Day yesterday so I had to improvise fitness outdoorworkout fitnessjourney fitness nogymnoproblem sunsoutgunsout healthyliving

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Comment from Lids:

Continue to look to the future, but remember how far you have come. No matter what the circumstances are, you are and will forever be strong enough to push forward!

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Jessica P ✌🏻❤️


Comment from Jessica P ✌🏻❤️:

Day 1/21. ✔️ Again! 🙄 . . . . . . icantfeelmylegs 21dayfix 21df totalbodycardiofix autumncalabrese applewatch fit fitness fitmom fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation todayismymonday momlife healthy workout

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🔮 ellie savva


Comment from 🔮 ellie savva:

Results only happen over time.. so work hard, stay consistent and be patient 👌🏽 fitness fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation fit fitfam fitgirls gym gymlife gymlife nike gymgrind gymmotivation motivation pullups pushyourself pushyourlimits progress progression pump back

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smail fitness


Comment from smail fitness:

smail fitness gym workout musculations bodybuilding physique gains fitnessjourney aesthetic beastmod follow me fitfam cardio beastmod fitspiration grind fitness fit lik fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo beautifull dz beaute algerie ❤💪💪

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Comment from Cindy:

Transformation Tuesday. I lost over 50lbs and it really wasn't that hard. My secret? Green team every day to boost metabolism and then I found rawtill4 where you only eat raw food (fruit veggies and nuts) until 4 then you have healthy dinner that can be cooked. I felt great on this, so good that stayed on it learning more about the foods we eat and in doing so I learned about becoming vegan and this has helped me stay healthy (not to mention it saves animals from being tortured and killed for food that isn't even healthy because of all the hormones and other issues) and keep the weight off for over 2 years now. transformationtuesday transformation weightlossjourney smile selfie tuesday fitnessmodel fitnessjourney fitfam vegangirl veganlifestyle goals like healthy veganfit

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Tony Price II


Comment from Tony Price II:

workfromhome work fitness fitnessmodel fitnessjourney gym healthy fit motivation fitnessaddict health fitnessmotivation workout healthychoices diet bodybuilding training cardio lifestyle fitfam instafitness fitspo Powered by TagOmatic

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Comment from Molly:

I'm here, but I'm so not here. Ugh. . . . . . . . . happyhealthyandthick thickchick strongatanysize curvyfit slimthick fattofit obesetobeast thickthighs plussizeathlete plussize fitfam exercise workoutmotivation goaldigger girlswholift fitspo fitspiration fitness igfitness fitnessjourney fitnessgoals gains shredded traindirty whitegirls thickwhitegirl bbw curvywomen bodypositive effyourbeautystandards

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Monkey Fitness


Comment from Monkey Fitness:

Lunch and snack goals. Am well on track today, despite a four-hour meeting which came with the temptation of cakes and bad snacks. Prepared, motivated and staying strong. --- fitfood macros instafood foodporn fitness monkeyfoodandfitness fitnessmotivation instafitness fitnessjourney igfitness fitnessfreak fitnesslifestyle fitnessguy fitnesslife fitnessfood instagramfitness fitnessgoals motivation fitnessinspiration myfitnesspal healthandfitness fitnesscoach mensfitness fitnessblogger fitnessphysique mentalhealth headstogether mind mindovermatter foodporn foodprep

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Comment from healthyhealingjourney:

Is that really too much to ask?! 😒 • • • healthyhealingjourney focused weightloss fitness dreams bodygoals lifegoals gymrat womenshealth menshealth weightlossmotivation fitnessmotivation fat2fit lifting workout summerbody weightlossjourney fitnessjourney vegan daydreaming dailyaffirmations

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Paul Marsh


Comment from Paul Marsh:

Proud coaching moment 🥇🥈 the londonpowerlifting club managed to bring home four English Champions and two silver medalists this weekend! RESULTS: u47s powerliftingemma taking 🥇in her first National competition with a great PB total of 285kg, emilygetsstrong in 🥈 with 250kg. U52 reigning champion weasellulu taking 🥇with a competition PB of 315kg. U57s reigning champion j_nnamani with a total of 392.5kg, _catgraham taking 🥈with a total of 322.5kg at her first national competition and last but not least our u84 M1 Suzy Taljard taking 🥇with a total of 335kg. Looks like a strong year ahead! greaterlondonpowerlifting - - - - - - - marshcoaching epf ipf gbpf usapl skwat squats squat lowbar highbar bench benchpress press deadlifts deadlift deadliftface weighttraining powerlifting powerlifter powerliftingmotivation lifter power lifting liftlife breathe breathing coach coaching course britishpowerlifting

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Comment from a.lash.sweat:

Short week = the weekend is only a hop, skip, and a jump away 👍🏻👊🏻! . . . I took a break from social media over this past long weekend, and I took two rest days and ate and drank a lot. I'm not super happy about all of that, but I have to remember that it's okay, and one long weekend is not going to set me back. I hit leg day haaarrdd this morning (thanks trophybodypt 😉) and I'm ready to have a perfect rest of my week 👌🏼. Who's with me?? 🙋🏻

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Kerry Peters


Comment from Kerry Peters:

So I have been doing yoga each morning over the last week to try and correct my posture. I decided to take this movie to see how my form was and if I am doing it right. To me I seem to have quite a rounded back still even though when I am doing the yoga I have been thinking about it. If anyone has any tips or pointers about what I need to change they would be greatly appreciated.

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Joshua Ares Kemper


Comment from Joshua Ares Kemper:

"It's not gonna happen unless you make it happen." Welcome to The Church of The Painful Truth!

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Coaching 💋 MeeksMeSmile


Comment from Coaching 💋 MeeksMeSmile:

I got into the office this morning and my heart-sunk! I realized that I had left my VERY SPECIAL 365Shakeology Shaker Bottle in the office refrigerator and the Friday cleaning crew doesn’t play :-( They THROW AWAY ANYTHING left behind Friday afternoon, I was excited to start the Holiday weekend and forgot it!!! Now it's gone! Some might say, it is only a blenderbottle and I have others and some that say Shakeology, BUT that one… the 365 was an earned gift for committing to and investing in my health for 365 days consecutively!! It signifies a year's dedication to making a healthy choice each day! It does mean something. I am hoping that Beachbody will be able to replace it – since it is on record on my account that I did receive it…. A little bummed :-| theythrewitaway !!! 365er 😝 shakeology goldenscooper! walkinginwellness 👣 fitness lifestyle veghead naturalhair2wl positive love fitforlife keeppushing eatrealfood weightloss weighttraining determination strong behealthy fitnessjourney workout noexcuses motivation nevergiveup nutrition youcandoit exercise shakeology beachbody tbbcoach411

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Heather Dominie-Smith


Comment from Heather Dominie-Smith:

TransformationTuesday flourishwithHDS 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 🍪 The Left me was clearly settling into a life-cycle of not really caring one friggin’ bit about my health & wellness. 🍪 Left me would >occasionally< think about being “better” than I was, but for a long time, put zero action into words. All thoughts ’n talk. A whole lot of lazy. 🍪 Eventually, Left me reached a new low point, physically and mentally, and without any action, life was not going to be the best that I always thought it could be. • ⚡que sparks⚡ • 🌿 Realization of “what the heck am I doing/not doing, I have to get my shit together.” 🌿 Looked into a random FB post about a cool new program and accountability group where a bunch of others were going through the exact same thing. 🌿 Began planning my days, setting aside time to work on ME. And, guess what happened? Goals became attainable!!! Goals crushed and new goals set…because hard work gets you places, people!!! 🌿 Eventually decided to go all in as a Coach for the ultimate accountability and to honestly show others that it truly is possible to have a fulfilling life, and that it just starts with your mindset and the discipline to learn how to look after yourself!!! There’s no friggin’ pill that can magically make it happen. If there was, wouldn’t we all do it, and would there not be a reason for any exercise or healthy foods at all?! 🗣 Think about it!!! 🌿 Decided to believe in myself and put my happiness and health above all else. It goes above hitting the snooze button. Yeah I find it hard some mornings, just like everyone else - then I think to myself… “I bet Beyoncé or Carrie Underwood aren’t hitting snooze right now.” 😅 ••• 🌻 Working on yourself wins over every other excuse!! You can’t continue on your journey if you don’t fuel yourself first. I'm working on myself every day to be better. Work in progress! That's the key - keep at it. Consistency gets you places. ••• ✋ There’s never going to be a perfect time. The clock is full of numbers but it’s telling you “now!” If you’re thinking of changes & want to see an improvement in your lifestyle, this journey will get you started and on your way. Reach out - I’m here for you!!!

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AJ Bedwell


Comment from AJ Bedwell:

OBSESSED. I seriously cannot stop drinking ice coffee lately and I am loving this combination!

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