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Comment from BodybyPreeti:

stronglegs are so important to supportthespine and giveyouenergy alwaysremember to stretchyourlegsout if you want them to remainstrong and stay flexible This here is an amazing stretch for the quadriceps and the illiopsoas or hipflexor fitnesstips fitnessbadass fitnessaddict addictedtostretching nutritionist fitnessblogger certifiedpersonaltrainer bodybypreeti

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12.2.2016 🎂


Comment from 12.2.2016 🎂:

💃💃💃💃💃 . ohhhati dance dancer dancing dancerecital music song songs ballet dancers dancefloor danceshoes instaballet studio instadance instagood workout cheer choreography flexible flexibility photooftheday love practice funnypictures

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Ella Mason


Comment from Ella Mason:

Florida gave me time to think, contemplate, and librate myself. I am so grateful for my trip to be closer to the sun, to kiss the ocean, and breathe with the wind. . . . . thankyouuniverse blackgirlmagic anodetoselfcare yoga iloveyoga yogiofcolor yogalife yogajourney fitness fitnessjourney blackgirlyoga blackfitness blackyoga blackwomendoyoga yogaeverydamnday trillyoga yogawithcurves curvyyoga curvyfit thickfit thickandflexiable tattedandflexibleyogis igyoga yogalove flexible yogaaddict thankyouyoga

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Sage Nelson


Comment from Sage Nelson:

Reposting cause this video is better👏👏👏 DNA💃kendricklamar Choreo: mdesid Dancers: _tehya.n_ mdesid dance dancer dancing dancejunkie dancerecital music song DPAsage hiphop dancers dancefloor fitness dna studio instadance instagood workout kendricklamar choreography ilove flexible mtafam photooftheday love practice fun mtakids mtaagency dancersplaza

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Comment from CheerRegular™:

good night everyone!! -k • cheer cheerleading cheerleader TagsForLikes TFLers cheerathletics stunt stunting tumbling jump toetouch flexible box stretch scale scorpion backtuck instacheer love cheerstagram sport fit cheerperfection cheerclassic instacheerleader cheerislife cheering cheersport cheerpassion cheerpractice

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Comment from Adventures_of_Paisley:

Getting her nightly stretch on! Good night IG! 😌😴😴

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Paola Andrea Vargas


Comment from Paola Andrea Vargas:

⭕️Buena noche a todos 🙂 Espero que todos hayamos tenido un fin de semana increíble! ⭕️¡Damas! ¿Quieren mejorar tu FLEXIBILIDAD? ️ ️Todas queremos músculos Tonificados y Largos Verdad?? 👯👯😉 ➡️ ¡Prueba esto !! : ¡Date el tiempo para practicar ESTIRAMIENTO ESTÁTICO al final de tus entrenamientos! Puede ser 2X o 3X por semana. Manten las posiciones por lo menos 30 s, pero sin sobre extender la articulación! ¡Verás cómo mejoras en un par de semanas !! ¡Incluso mejor incorporar FACILITACIÓN NEUROMUSCULAR PROPIOCEPTIVA !!! Pero para eso necesitarás a alguien conocedor de la técnica !! Pero lo más importante como siempre !! ¡¡Práctica práctica práctica!/////////////////////////⭕️Good Night Everybody! 🙂 Hope we all had an amazing weekend!! ⭕️Ladies!! Do you want to improve your FLEXIBILITY? ➡️We all want Toned & Long Beautiful Muscles isn t it?? 👯👯😉 ➡️Try this!! : Make time to practice STATIC STRETCHING at the END of your workouts!! Might be 2X or 3X per week. Hold the positions at least 30 s but do not over extend joint!! 🔹You ll see an improvement in a couple of week!! ⭕️Even better to incorporate PROPiOCEPTIVE NEUROMUSCULAR FACILITATION!!! But for that you will need someone knowledgeable in the technique !! But the most important as Always!! Practice Practice Practice!! 🙂💕 fitfam gym workout yoga toneitup yogapants yogi fitgirl aesthetic pushpullgrind inspiration motivation flexible fitchick nightlife fit nevergiveup believe neversettle schoolofgreatness strongnotskinny womenfashion lululemon personaltrainer coach consistency onelove academia vegetarian spiritualbeauty

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Javi ૐ RYT200 SFL 🌴


Comment from Javi ૐ RYT200 SFL 🌴:

When you and the babe finally meet after a 4 year journey on Instagram! We clicked just as if we were neighbors! This chick is awesome! 💙💚💙

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Chelsea Circus Gypsy


Comment from Chelsea Circus Gypsy:

aerial acroyoga acrobatics aerialist aerialistsofig aerialsilks aerialfabric acrolove circus circusarts circuslife circuseverydamnday partner partneryoga flexible splits

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Forex Signal Service


Comment from Forex Signal Service:

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Pole & Yoga


Comment from Pole & Yoga:

And here the story to it 😄 polejam for FSFPoowAprilChallenge17 with desi.kupo togetherisbetter 🤓 speed times 2 in order to fit and no music because ig doesnt allow it 😒.. copyright.... . . . pddragonfly pdfish pdbrokendoll pole polechallenge poledance poledancersofig flexibilitytraining flexible strongisthenewskinny stronggirls girlwithmuscles poleathome xpole badkitty cherries🍒 girlswithmuscles sexygirl polecommunity poleaddict progressnotperfection

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Refind Inside


Comment from Refind Inside:

vinyasa flow sunsalutation yoga yogalife yogagirl yogagram yogalove fit fitness fitnessmotivation sunday chakra meditation yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday yogini metime weekend back breathe hipflexors spine open flexible

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🇹🇭Dancer&Aerial Arts


Comment from 🇹🇭Dancer&Aerial Arts:

Miss you all, v.studioyoga Yoga and yoga fly studio 👍🏼beautiful place

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Jimmy King


Comment from Jimmy King:

Day 8️⃣ of AsanasInBloom is fishpose 🐡 . matsyasana . Hosts: FitnessOver50 _Monette InversionJunkie MermaidsDoYoga . Generous Sponsors: NuxActive ReeChearth HairSlinky IndigoLuna_YogaWear omsoulshop Sports_And_The_City MyMatMyMantra Glow.Designs G.Wilson_ActiveWear HotDameClothing . . . . . practice practiceandalliscoming fitnessmotivation goodvibes yogalove flexibility flexible fitnessaddict mensyoga stopdropandyoga picoftheday yogainspiration instayogi igyogacommunity yogaanywhere yogamotivation

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Cultivate A Vibrant Life ✨


Comment from Cultivate A Vibrant Life ✨:

What an incredible weekend! Moving into our new home, lots of yoga events (Athleta & TapsterChicago) and celebrations of life. I also napped like a boss today - now that is living 😂💤 Can't wait to see what new adventures this next week brings ☺🍾🤸🏼‍♂️🎉

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Comment from Alicia:

~*~ mondaymood ☁️ I felt hazzy & dull, forced myself to walk down Cronulla and lasted a whole 10 minutes, drove home, fell to sleep again then got myself up to go to Bootcamp. It was ALL in my MIND. Physically, sure I may not have felt 100%, but as soon as a changed my thought patterns and told myself 'Today is a new day, a chance to start fresh for the week, so get yo act together and smash it out' and BOOM 💥 I had a great session 😅 I've now finished an assignment that I completed whilst sitting out in the sunshine & about to eat lunch☀️ If today you are feeling like it just isn't your day, I promise that can change. Keep yourself busy, think positive thoughts, convince yourself that today is a good day and just see what happens from there 💁🏼 Some days I try these little motivational self talk techniques and they don't work because I actually am just physically and mentally drained, but majority of the time it works and I hope it does for you too 😁 🌈 😁 ~*~ . . . . monday mondaymotivation love moveon mentalhealth active exercise walk selflove positivevibesonly influencer gymtime gymnast flexible dance newweek newgoals kickass trainhard balance foodisfuel change thoughts photography gains leangains muscle strongwomen fitgirl

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Comment from hilarygetsfit:

Successful Sunday today! Planned, bought, and prepped all meals for the week. Decided to switch it up this week by doing enchiladas and chicken tacos (feeling a Mexican theme apparently). Also made these protein Blueberry muffins from bodybuildingcom

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Darla Coffman


Comment from Darla Coffman:

Welcome to Day 7 of HamstringAsanas 🦋 SuptaKonasana aka RecliningAnglePose I feel a stretch in my tight neck always more than my hamstrings here. High waisted pants can be a blessing whilst trying to get an attractive pic in this pose...😂😂😂 Hosts: vanessaeyoga mmaneevese chelseasyoga angelakukhahnyoga (Day 8) Sponsors: aloyoga baekiiara radhabeauty openheartwarrior

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Amber Elizabeth (Elisheva) ✡


Comment from Amber Elizabeth (Elisheva) ✡:

Mantra: My body is not a collection of problem areas. It is a wonderful whole that supports me to live a full and fabulous life. . Good evening Instafam! Welcome to day 6 of knowthyselfyoga (round 3) and I'm excited to be your host for the day. For day 6 our pose is 🐟 fish pose 🐟 with any leg variation that is speaking to your soul. Be gentle and kind with yourself. This challenge is all about doing what feels good to you. Do your thing, stay safe, and have fun! ❤ Our beautiful hosts (in posting order): intrinsic_journeys elisheva_yoga mama_fitness27 kamaste_ . Our generous sponsors: liforme intrinsicjourneys_jewelry onzie (my outfit) stresslessbox in_the_weeds_apothecary

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Comment from Summer:

I love my squad jreitmeierfitness, behuger, ashfitness_nz & Boba of course ❤️Kelowna Okanagan acroyoga kelownanow bendy bathang balance stretch handstand couples fitchick strength instafit flexible flexing core

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