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Baby Beats


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'A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.' . . . . . . pregnant pregnancy newborn birth babyontheway baby babyshower flour maternityshoot maternityphotography maternitymakeup maternitymodel pregnancyannouncement pregnancylife pregnantandbeautiful pregnantbride babyonboard itsagirl itsaboy instababy instapregnant instalikes mothertobe futuremum babymoon unique creative beautiful

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빵누리(농가밀 빵으로 연결된 이야기)


Comment from 빵누리(농가밀 빵으로 연결된 이야기):

구례 홍순영 농부님 금강통밀 천연효모빵. 하나언니네의 앉은뱅이밀빵과는 향과 맛이어마어마하게 다르다!!! 하나언니네 앉은뱅이밀이 풋풋한 향이라면, 진주언니네의 금강밀은 조금더 다채로운 향을 낸다! 오롯이 햇밀만이 줄 수 있는 신선함이 아닐까. 오늘아침은 쓱쓱 갓 썰어낸, 반나절 묵은 빵을 도톰하게 잘라 세조각과 꼬다리 하나😋 빵누리농가밀홍순영농부님금강밀통밀 천연효모빵 localfarmflourlevainsourdoughbread

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Comment from Snow❄️Flake:

This just gave me the best feeling 💕🦄🦋 RaeDunn unicorn Flour Tea

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ଲӏєѧ ⿻ ℜⅈƘⓘƴɑ


Comment from ଲӏєѧ ⿻ ℜⅈƘⓘƴɑ:

🍌🍎🍍 . ひょー!!! やるじゃん!!! いただきモノの 🍹ミックスジュース 今そこで ガァーって回して 作ったような味! 期待してなかっただけに (スミマセン ^_^; ) 余計美味しい 😋👍🏻 . . 順造選 ミックスジュース soulfood 大阪 frutta flour おうちカフェ おうちごはん

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Comment from Lu:

I love messy kitchens . teamhomemade potluck foodies patties jamaican spicy nonvegan meat beef cook flour cumin dough instafood miam fries homemadefries homemadepatties Toronto 6ix chef summer

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Comment from allan:

Me había olvidado de subir este video 🙉🙈 un combo que me gusta mucho 😻💪👏 pole crossfit polemen mens me art perfect dou dupla friends flour live love lifeyoga mens cross athletic wear street yoga like4like sëxचतtâçkğõटट follow followforfollow fire ship wearing style street aerial cute flexible

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Alyx's Pop-Up Kitchen


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caramel + chocolate = match made in heaven 🍫🍪😍

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Comment from BluebirdGrainFarms:

GIVEAWAY! The amazing Hilary Dahl of Seattle Urban Farm Company​ is hosting a giveaway of our einkorn products on Instagram! For a chance to win, do the following: 1. Go to her post seattleurbanfarmco and Leave a comment on her Instagram post on why supporting small farms is important to you. 2. Tag at least one friend. That's it! 2 winners will receive a free 2 lb. bag of our Einka flour and a 1 lb. bag of whole grain Einka. Photo c/o Hilary Dahl. Hilary is an amazing source of information and beautiful photos about growing food. Check out her Instagram feed and her awesome podcast called Encyclopedia Botanica: hilarydahl organicfarming mpany goodtothegrain flour einkorn Einka wholegrain wholegrainflour freshflour flourambassador organicfarming eatlocal farro emmer bluebirdgrainfarms supportsmallfarms familyfarm finkleandeinhorn gardeninspired gardengalette summerofgalettes growfood ancientgrains bluebirdgrainfarms vegetablegarden beets galette giveaway shopsmall

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Comment from Nina:

Tonight's menu: Homemade Japanese pancake or if you prefer, Japanese pizza! 🍕 okonomiyaki is a very trendy dish in Japan ... Crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, it's made with flour eggs tempura cabbage porkbelly bonitoflakes greenonion and seaweed ... I always add mushrooms and daikon .. 😋 foodie foodgasm japanesecuisine japanesefood japaneseculture comfortfood bonappetit

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Winnie 🇩🇰 Denmark


Comment from Winnie 🇩🇰 Denmark:

. . 🌱 Here comes a little series of the best known cereals grown here in Denmark. This picture is hvede which is used for mel - flour 🍽 and here I think you know what you can using the to 😘 . June 27.  2017 Location:  Fyn . . visitfyn fyn fynerfin visitdenmark denmark dänemark danmark Dinamarca loves_united_denmark  loves_united_europe opdagdanmark loves_united_scandinavia modmixx atagwithnoname detalhes_em_foco explore_earth_ addressplanetearth igersverybest worlds_beautiful_photos allthingsofbeauty_ exceptional_pictures 7flowers_vip explore_skies tv2vejret total_danmark denmarkmyhomeland zonephotographer

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Madame Stefanizzi


Comment from Madame Stefanizzi:

Spiced doughnuts 🍩 from smithanddaughters cookbook veganeat ended up with more that I could eat on my own...but I did anyway 🤤 vegan vegetarian plantbased plantbaseddiet mediterraneandiet dough doughnuts ilovedoughnuts donuts eat dessert naughty delicious cinnamon spiced flour melbourne

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Comment from EAT IT.:

I've been experimenting with my first batch of Sourdough. 1: Barm 4 days old without being refreshed used as the starter 2: Refreshed Barm used for starter As you can see, the 1 proofed better and faster. It was fluffier. However, the taste only seemed to have a slight sour taste. 2 was denser and firmer, but had a better taste! - I'm still working on developing a better flavor and a porous texture, so if anyone has any tips let me know!- sourdough dough bread baking bakingandpastry eatit sour rye flour whiteflour experiment science hypothesis breadbaking oven

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Comment from cakeandfooddomain:

Graduation Unilag Akoka 2016 Flour Cap Lovewhatido Yellow white Black Baking Proud Graduands Cakeandfooddomain Cake Passion Jubilation People

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La Fabrica de Azucar


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Rosa de fondant rosa rose fondant art artist foodartist sweet pastry pastrydelights patissier pastrychef instafood food doce doces foodporn delights delicious amazing comida dulces saboresbrasil butter flour baker bakery cake

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La Fabrica de Azucar


Comment from La Fabrica de Azucar:

Tarteletas dulce dulcedeleche tarta tarteleta sweet pastry pastrydelights patissier pastrychef instafood food doce doces foodporn delights delicious amazing comida dulces saboresbrasil butter flour baker bakery cake

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Comment from Dick:

medicaliglass medicaliglass medicaliglass apriciation, one of my favorite peices i own, so simple, great quality glass and a breeze to clean. 🤘🙌🏻👌🏻💨 swm medicali tinicum smoke blaze smokewithme dailytoke flour glassappreciation

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Comment from ThinkOutsidetheBoxLLC:

'kingarthurflour, a bcorporation, is America’s oldest flour company, operating for over two hundred years and continuing its promise to create the best flour available to bakers and consumers across the country. Their employees believe that an earned respect among their competitors and customers is what makes King Arthur Flour the top-selling flour in New England. They are proud and honored to have been named one of the Wall Street Journal’s Top Small Workplaces. All of King Arthur Flour’s success can be attributed to the fact that the company is one hundred percent employee-owned. By having a vested interest in the company, an employee ensures that King Arthur Flour is committed to producing the best bag of flour available and keeps the company accountable for its practices. Each person working there has a real stake in the company’s success – or failure. Furthermore, the direct relationship between the employees and products enables King Arthur Flour to be the reference for bakers and consumers across the country. King Arthur Flour inspires companionship among people worldwide through the creative joy of baking. All King Arthur employee-owners are encouraged to volunteer in the community. In addition to centering the company on the employees, King Arthur Flour provides its employees with forty hours of paid time to help any non-profit organization that they choose.  King Arthur Flour also arranges company-wide service outings.

As an ardent advocate of sustainable living, King Arthur Flour’s stewardship team devotes itself to environmental sustainability on a company and local level.  We are currently working on projects ranging from enhancing recycling and composting programs, to reducing energy use. Recently, we have actively supported the development of a community walking trail which crosses the backyard of The Baker’s Store at our company headquarters.' 🍞🥐🥖🍪sustainability environmentallyfriendly environmentalsustainability sustainable

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Jayne Seddon


Comment from Jayne Seddon:

Tonight's antics- it's not everyday you get to throw eggs and flour over your boss 🤣teamwork cheflife goodbyedrinks chef cook group crazy egg flour team oneteamonedream oneteam

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Flour Restaurant


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Just another day at the office.

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No knead bread raisins and nuts obsess bread 18h pastry pastrychef nokneadbread sugar breads flour baking bakingday

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