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Comment from Larry:

I truly mean this! If you follow your dreams, I know that you will find a way to achieve your goals! There is nothing that canstand in the way of you, if you want it bad enough! You will scratch, claw, fight and find a way to make it happen. Get your mind right, set it on your dreams and go after them! I know you can do it! I BELIEVE IN YOU! ibelieveinyou followyourdreams followyourheart followyourheart❤️ livelifehappy Ibelieve makedreamsreality makedreamsareality youcandoit

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Larry - 💻Nerd - 😜


Comment from Larry - 💻Nerd - 😜:

That’s all there is to it, if you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen and get it done. If you only kinda want it, but don’t feel like putting in the work necessary to achieve it, then sure you’ll find an excuse to make yourself feel better. You will find that the most successful people always find a way to get what they want! There are entrepreneurs and then there are wantrepreneurs! The wantrepreneurs are those that want to be entrepreneurs but they don’t want to put in the work necessary to follow through or achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs on the other hand always find a way to get it done! WHICH ONE ARE YOU? alwaysfindaway entrepreneurs hustle entrepreneurhustle workyourassoff achieveyourgoals followyourdreams wheretheresawilltheresaway

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Marcy Bravo Tang


Comment from Marcy Bravo Tang:

Wishing the happiest 18th birthday to my son Jaden! You are the sunshine in my life! Your love and respect for family, friends and self can't be taught. You make me so proud! jadennn10 lovemyson birthday eighteen proudmama followyourdreams smile live dream

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Workout DXB


Comment from Workout DXB:

When great minds meet.. • FOLLOW NATURALELEMENTSDXB • momlife girlswithmuscles strongnotskinny weightloss 21dayfix sahm momswithmuscles training healthylife showuporshutup personaltraining believe dubai fitnessdubai gymcop followyourdreams success mydubai podcast personaltrainer showupfitness bestoftheday uae dreambig bethebestyoucanbe

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Klaudia Paskali

Comment from Klaudia Paskali:

Them 2 are my number 1 ✨❤️ couldn't be prouder my inspirationmumslifeseetheworldmy❤myworldmotherluckyproudproudmummyprouddaddygoodvibeshardmomentsmakeusstrongerbestrongdreamscometruedreambelivefollowyourdreamsinspiredskateboardskatelifestylefatherandsonskateloveloveloveyourselftoddlerskills

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Comment from Camilla:

Come essere bloccata a casa con il raffreddore e perdersi una fantastica giornata di sole 🤧😷 milano personalshopper stylist imageconsulting stylegram picoftheday relax followyourdreams

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Comment from Elizabeth🌿🐝:

Here are some strawflower seeds that I saved from last summer that I will be planting up after I throw some chocolate mugs. I will also be planting hens and chicks, sedum, and dahlias. The reason why I love gardening and pottery so much is they both involve creating something beautiful from earth. I find so much serenity from all of the time I invest creating and nurturing plants and clay vessels. To take the plunge into following my dreams, balancing these loves with business and transforming them into my career is truly a joy! 💕🌻🌿seeds seedsaving strawflower cutflowers flowers flowerfarm flowergarden flowerstagram seedsofhope seedsavers seedheads seedsaver garden gardening greenthumb summer colorcombo warmcolors dreams followyourdreams lifepassion smallbiz

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Mikeb Official


Comment from Mikeb Official:

Day off , time for chillin ...manwithstyle fashionboy fashion fashionblogger hiphopfashion hedonisticlifestyle getrichordietrying followyourdreams travelaroundtheworld livethepassion lifeisbeautiful iloveart timeismoney hiphoplifestyle livhappy happy hiphop likeme motivation motivationlifestyle instatravel dreamchesser followyourdreams like4like follow4follow

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Jerika Renee Art


Comment from Jerika Renee Art:

Playing around, getting back into it after a newhome newstate nashville move. <3 These are all the same painting, just showing the progression of my fun since I documented it. Started with a cover-up in the bottom right corner, then began to move the paint, which is the picture above it. The largest of the 3 is the current state of the piece, after being texturized and it drying. I'm excited to see where this little guy is headed! Def looks like it needs a sea creature. :) <3 Follow me to see how this painting progresses! art artist jerikarenee jerikareneeart abstractart abstract acrylic painter blue sea ocean wip followme painting progress followyourdreams

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Kundan Sharma


Comment from Kundan Sharma:

Live for your dreams not to survive : Amazing Lenses instago instagram photographylovers💕💕 naturephotography naturel dream followyourheart followyourdreams love live laugh day❤️ beautifulday beauty birdslovers birdsofinstagram amazingday like4follow likeforlike dslrofficial indiantourism india nikonphotography nikond3300 photographers.of.india instagram amazing_lenses photographers_of_india

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Your daily motivation!


Comment from Your daily motivation!:

Always keep pushing yourself to your limits! You can live your dreams!🔝💯🔥 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📸credit belongs to respective owner

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Ali Clover


Comment from Ali Clover:

After a couple of nights of stuffing my face with junk, I don't have to put on tight workout clothes to know I feel like crap. 😓 I woke up this morning with a headache and feeling bloated and sluggish, and looking forward to a fresh start. • This is the stuff right here - creamy, chocolatey goodness. 😍 I've never been a "shake" person all honesty, I thought it was a waste of money because I've always made my own smoothies. But there's NO WAY I could get all of the nutrients that are in Shakeology into my own smoothie. And because I'm paying for the Shakeology, I'm going to use it every day. And since I've been using it every day, I have more energy 💥 I'm getting more plant based protein and feeling more full so I eat fewer carbs 💥 I'm losing inches 💥 AND I have been VERY regular, if you know what I mean 😉😉😉

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Caterina Lusiani


Comment from Caterina Lusiani:

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Umar Shoukat


Comment from Umar Shoukat:

I choose to listen to my inner voice not the random opinions of others.sundaytimes lifechanges followyourdreams yourchoice photography historicalplace mugalarchitecture

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Comment from RudimentaryKnotes:

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MetroMaids NYC


Comment from MetroMaids NYC:

After a long week and a strong finish, this one is in the books! ••• will post a before/after tonight••• cleaning cleaningservice clean greencleaning brooklyn ny nyc newyork entrepreneur entrepreneurship selfemployed love photography photographer dreambig followyourdreams dreams longisland queens manhattan office Officegoals homedecor home love passion lights bed fashion beautiful

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💗🍀Roberta Tuzdjian🐚🦋


Comment from 💗🍀Roberta Tuzdjian🐚🦋:

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Comment from Brittnaberry:

St Petr a Pavel karlovyvary byzantine church

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Shelia McAllister


Comment from Shelia McAllister:

dream followyourdreams

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Navi the Basset Hound


Comment from Navi the Basset Hound:

Once upon a time, I wasn't allowed in this chair at all. Now it's my throne, and it belongs to me only! Just goes to show - never give up on your dreams, even if they seem impossible! ❤

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