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Rick Buske


Comment from Rick Buske:

On this memorialdayweekend farrahfriday, I'm saluting my foreverwomancrush in her very best redwhiteandblue idol icon legend star 3dayweekend enjoy celebrate remembertothankaveteran

4 Hours ago

H A S N A ✨

Comment from H A S N A ✨:

Ash is slayyyin 👸🏻 foreverwomancrush beautyqueen classicbeauty

3 Days ago

Angela Chin


Comment from Angela Chin:

Thankful that these two are always willing to go to soccer games with me, and thankful for everything else they do for me. ForeverWomanCrush

3 Days ago

Dustin Wheeler


Comment from Dustin Wheeler:

I can't wait to go on vacation with my forever woman crush to Cancun!

9 Days ago

Swapnil Saxena


Comment from Swapnil Saxena:

Mommy dearest with suhailasaxena and I back in 1998 in Amsterdam. The forever charming, hopelessly kind, endlessly loving Mom, you are everything! 🙌🏽😍💕✨ HappyMothersDay MothersDayEveryday Beaut Travel Traveller TravelerForLife SuchBeauty Us InfinityAndBeyond Love Care Hope MommyDearest ForeverWomanCrush FirstLove

12 Days ago



Comment from Joy:

FullMoon in Scorpio got me like ✨✨✨ transformation higherlevels of consciousness personalpower | more than a physicalbody | a good moon to send your wishes to the cosmos and call on your spiritguides angels ancestors archangels and guardianspirits for help and guidance | manifestations rituals | "Be Open to where the Universe is directing you and know that when you claim your power , there is no mountain too high or obstacle too difficult" ✨✨✨✨word to foreverconscious 🙏🏾 give thanks 🌑 Ms. Ross = foreverwomancrush

15 Days ago

Andi Deguzman


Comment from Andi Deguzman:

Epitome of Beauty 👸🏽 foreverwomancrush classyaudreyhepburn

37 Days ago

Jam Abelgas


Comment from Jam Abelgas:

Happy Birthday to the most admirable woman to ever walk this earth! You have such an old soul and a big heart. You are so graceful, so kind, so wise, so talented and still so full of humility. You are the sort of person one would either want to become or the sort to admire. Please continue being the precious gem that you are! Happy Birthday emmawatson 😘😘😘 feelingclose foreverwomancrush

41 Days ago



Comment from gemma:

wcw foreverwomancrush lemizzy4 thanks for putting up with me

44 Days ago

Misha Mahmood♏️


Comment from Misha Mahmood♏️:

So how is it ur eyes are as sparkley as your dress angelinajolie foreverwomancrush

47 Days ago

Misha Mahmood♏️


Comment from Misha Mahmood♏️:

Angie looks kinda like Lana Del Ray😍😍😍😍 angelinajolie lanadelray likedamnidontlooklikethat omg foreverwomancrush

47 Days ago

🎤Lady $avage🎤


Comment from 🎤Lady $avage🎤:

ForeverWomanCrush itstyrab GivingMeARush

56 Days ago

Le Wanderer


Comment from Le Wanderer:

Je t'aime Jane Birkin 🌺 foreverwomancrush janebirkin janebirkinstyle wcw style fashion classic tomboystyle whitetee denim jeans bluejean womancrushwedensday LeWanderer lewandererloves vintage vintagelove

72 Days ago

Jennifer Butler 💋


Comment from Jennifer Butler 💋:

One of my favorite songs ever by one of my favorite people EVER! ❤ aliciakeys foreverwomancrush

78 Days ago

Tyler Adamczak


Comment from Tyler Adamczak:

Happy wcw I am so lucky to have this woman in my life. She's the most caring and supportive woman I've ever met. Even though we don't always see eye to eye, she still loves and supports me no matter what. Don't forget to thank the people who support you. - - Don't let the picture fool you, I swear she actually likes spending time with me! She's also hilarious and loves Snapchat filters 😂🤣😂🤣 loveher womancrushwedensday wifeywednesday futurewife foreverwomancrush

86 Days ago

Alexandra Naava richards


Comment from Alexandra Naava richards:

Funny I still think that Im older than you gentleman😂😂😂😂😂🙈. You the shy one & sweetest gent forever making die of laughter but stay motivated, I treasure you for that & so much more. It failed to sink into my head but still you've turned out a fine ambitious young even wen both know ur aging😂 amazing gentleman. Nuh luv dont change a thing U was enough always. And its cause Im inked in both your blood & soul. I wouldn't change nor trade for nothing BTW. I luv you to bits soon it will 10yrs & looking forward to celebrate more yrs hun plus our bond. H.A.P.P.P.Y 🎊H.A.P.P.P.Y 🎂D.A.Y🎉 jjoeffrey Forever Ur BestFriend & ForeverWomanCrush PrettiNaava💋❤💋.

91 Days ago

Jaime Alvarez


Comment from Jaime Alvarez:

This is my wake up ring for the week.. I've always admired the lyrics..How the truth hurts, but it's better to know it, even if it means you may not love again .. foreverwomancrush tbt throwbackthursday selena comolaflor whatsinFlorida

98 Days ago

Tumi Makgabo


Comment from Tumi Makgabo:

My ForeverWomanCrush, my Mom! This was her in the mid-60's, long before I was even an idea. She didn't get to meet The 3 Musketeers but funny how, even all these years after she passed, I still see her in them, in myself, in my I know she's always there. ❤

100 Days ago

Joe Korbuszewski


Comment from Joe Korbuszewski:

Happy Valentines day to my main squeeze / special lady friend / favorite person / wife of ten years. ❤ 💖 💕 💗 😍 narrowsbridge bridgevibes tacomawa foreverwomancrush

101 Days ago



Comment from Abby:

I feel like I don't talk enough about this woman/character's influence on my childhood. And also, let's be honest, adulthood. foreverwomancrush jopolniaczek nancymckeon factsoflife inamedaguineapigafterher iwoulddoitalloveragain

108 Days ago