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Comment from Charlie&Archer:

It's the paw patrol! Let's roll humans somanydogs rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedog fosterdog fosterlove fostermama minifoxi minifoxiecross minifoxiesofinstagram jrt jackrussell jackrussellfans jackrussellterrier beagle beagles beagleboy beaglelove beaglelife dogs dogsrule dogstagram dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram lovedogs

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Comment from dcrescuedogs:

Advertising on behalf: Summer 18months old Just over knee height. Lab x Here is what her mum has to say about this gorgeous girl. Summer is beautiful friendly girl, loves lots of cuddles attention and will lick your face for hours if you let her!! She loves playing chase and tuggawar, and will sit on your lap lol. She is very very gentle when taking treats, I just say nicely and she will take the treat with her front teeth! She knows sit, down, stay, roll over and we have been working on her re-call. We use commands which we learnt through her trainer. Summer is also crate trained. She will need somewhere with good fencing. I think she would also love a home with another dog as she just loves other dogs!! She chases cats....and I think older dog savvy kids would be better than little ones as she's very energetic. She is desexed, vaccinated, registered, microchipped etc. Genuine reason for rehoming and a very hard decision. Please PM this page to enquire.

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Eefje Gerritsjans


Comment from Eefje Gerritsjans:

little mowgli ♥️ adoptadog fosterpuppyclub⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ staffylove staffypuppy staffypup staffymoments staffyoftheday staffylovers dogportrait blondie brindle brindlestaffy fosterpuppy rescuepup rescuepuppy rescuedismyfavoritebreed straydog snuggletime bellyrubs instapuppies pyrmont sydneylife fosterdog rspca rspcansw dogloversofinstagram mowgli fostercare fosters adopted downunder

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Leah Byrne


Comment from Leah Byrne:

I feel like this should be made into a meme... greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram rescuegreyhound rescuedog fosterdog

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Comment from AngustheFosterDog:

It's exhausting being this cute... I'll just nap till dinner time adoptme adoptdontshop fosterdog fosterdogsofinstagram angusthefosterdog aussieterrier aussieterriermix aussieterriersofinstagram dogsofinsta dogsinclothes wrappedinmyblanky socuteithurts

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Elaine Adams


Comment from Elaine Adams:

fosterdog favouritetoy comforter

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julie und balko


Comment from julie und balko:

Miss Bella - covered full of sand but the happiest doggie of the world 😁🐕 . rescuedog mixbreed rescuepup fosterdog dog doggie instadog dogsofinsta pets pitlabmix pitmix pitbullmix labbimix labmix pup hund doglife tierschutzhund pflegehund

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Leah Byrne


Comment from Leah Byrne:

Typical greyhound sleeping position... complete with a smile! foster fostergreyhound fosterdog rescuedog rescuegreyhound greyhoundsofinstagram greyhound

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Foster Puppy Club


Comment from Foster Puppy Club:

lookin so innocent, don't be fooled 😏 . . . . . greatdane greatdanecross greatdanepuppy greatdanemoments greatdanes greatdanerescue bullarab rescuepup rescuedismyfavoritebreed fosterpuppies adoptadog rescuepuppy rescuepuppies straydogs puppiesofinsta instapuppies fosterdog dogloversofinstagram instadogofficial couchpotato fostercare fosters doggies mansbestfriend whitedog innocent bigdog naughtypuppy fetchingdogs sydneydogs

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Von Marie Oliva


Comment from Von Marie Oliva:

June 25: It was a scorcher today! ☀️ This little Pride mascot 🌈🐶 did so well even through the delay from the protests and the constant balloon 🎈 popping that would occasionally startle him. What better way to cool off while we waited than to drink some ice cold water and sleep under a bush!! We danced and sang our way through the parade to celebrate love and freedom with the good old Safeway family and had a blast!! 🏳️‍🌈 • Shortly after it ended, Jionni met his future parents 💑 and future older brother, a dog who can show him how to "dog" better than anyone, named Max 🐕 They fell in love with him the same way I did..."slowly, and then all at once". I told them about how he was adopted a couple of months ago and returned two weeks later. They saw just how sensitive and loving he really is. He is promised any bed 🛏 in the house and all the treats he could ever want 🍬! Most especially, he is promised two loving dog parents who are willing to do whatever it takes to watch him grow into the best dog he can be. He goes home to them this week!! We are both anxious at this point (me more than him, I'm sure 😖). We will miss one another very much, but will always be in each other's hearts. Love you, buddy. You have taught me so much just being with you ❤️ (and contrary to popular belief, Milo will miss you, too 🐾) fosterdog fosterlove prideparade pride2017 summer downdogrescue

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Tierengel-Grenzenlos e.V.


Comment from Tierengel-Grenzenlos e.V.:

Genau deswegen engagieren wir uns! Selbst wenn sie in der Tötung sitzen und geschlagen werden, sehnen sie sich nach ihren Menschen. Das schönste Gefühl, wenn sie dann wieder neues Vertrauen schenken! hundeliebe auslandstierschutz augenvollerliebe shelterdog fosterdog romaniandogrescue dankeanalleadoptanten quotesoftheday quotes

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Jessy Harris


Comment from Jessy Harris:

Newest member to the fam for the next few months. For the past month or so we have volunteered to be foster carers for dogs in need. Every dog deserves the best possible chance we can give them and it can be a great family bonding experience. I also believe animal fostering is an important role. It helps to play a vital part in the rehabilitation in animals and helps improve their chances of finding their forever home. fosterdog loveher animallover fostercarer dog bonding doglover catlover foreverhome fostering saveslives secondchances dogsofinstgram dogstagram kisses cuddles

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Aykay's Adventures


Comment from Aykay's Adventures:

My foster hooman loves taking unflattering close-ups of me half asleep 🙄 beautysleep smooshface mondayblues unflattering halfasleep cutie adoptdontshop staffy staffyx staffycross labradorcross foster fosterdog saveadog scheme

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Bangerz N Mash


Comment from Bangerz N Mash:

We have been a little MIA lately but we have another foster sister who joins the fam a few weeks ago, Ollie :). She's the smallest foster we have had sharpeicross fosterdog fosterfamily dogsofinstagram

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Hettrick-Ramey Rescues


Comment from Hettrick-Ramey Rescues:

Swipe to see her now!! - We saved this girl with the help of some friends last week. With four different people driving her to get to the vet asap. She went from near death (the vet said the quills had been there for days and that she had not drank or eaten) to a new chance at life in her foster home ❤️. - - fosterpuppy fosterdog foster rescue rescuedog rescuepuppy rescuedogsofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram puppy puppiesofinstagram reservedog reserve reservepuppy mutt rezmut furchild stray canada saskatchewan canada

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Shelby, Bender & Foster Dogs


Comment from Shelby, Bender & Foster Dogs:

She's smiling 😊 .. .. abby fosterdog chocolatelab labradorretreiver adoptdontshop labrador dog rescue indilabrescue retreiver smile sleepy chocolatelabrador

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Hettrick-Ramey Rescues


Comment from Hettrick-Ramey Rescues:

I was contacted about this boy a few weeks ago. Due to life situations his owners had to rehome him and had contacted everyone in their local area. They were running out of options.. He was in Alberta more than 8 hours away from me, but I posted him onto the rescue network where I place all the dogs we have and found a rescue to take him in and rehome him! I have no doubt he'll find a loving home ❤️❤️ I feel so great when people contact me about helping animals 😍 - - fosterpuppy fosterdog foster rescue rescuedog rescuepuppy rescuedogsofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram puppy puppiesofinstagram reservedog reserve reservepuppy mutt rezmut furchild stray canada saskatchewan canada

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Abo Lie


Comment from Abo Lie:

Look Mom, I can do air swimming 🐶 • • • qualitytime reunion reunitedanditfeelssogood adoptdontshop adoptdontbuy fosterdog rescuedog dog doglover dogstagram stopanimalcruelty stopanimalabuse dogsarenotfood petkingdom alamsutera playdate swimming

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Michael Williams


Comment from Michael Williams:

Our 6th foster in 2 years. It doesn't get any easier seeing young dogs come and develop in the family before they disappear to their forever homes. Rupert is off to live with his new 4 legged siblings in what can only be described as 'the dream'. rupertthebear dinkthestink leximavis puppiesofinstagram rescueisthenewblack thebestbreedisrescue fosterthefuture fosterdog

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Clare Verrall


Comment from Clare Verrall:

SOMEONE ADOPT BEAUTIFUL WINSTON For some reason, we haven't received a single call regarding our boy Winston who is currently up for adoption. 😢 poor Winston has SO MUCH LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️ xxx1000 to give. Please share in the hope we can find Winston an amazing home. Winston is a two year old desexed American Bulldog. He comes with all his certificates. He is the happiest dog EVER! He just wants to be everyone's best friend, dogs & people. I would say he is a bit TOO dog friendly as when an aggressive dog approached (Winston on lead, aggressive dog off lead, me yelling at his owner)and went for Winston. Winston misunderstood the aggressive dogs clear F-Off signals & tried to play with it!!! 20 seconds later, they are BFF's & the dogs owner kept saying 'omg, he never plays, ever' she was videoing the whole thing. He has two modes: overexcited wanting to play, walk, run & wrestle with his doggie friends OR snugly asleep cuddled into you mode. There is no in between. For this reason the best home for him is an active person/couple/or family with teenage children. He really wants to be very involved in his family's life. We have been working with Winston for a few weeks now & he has come a long way already, however he does need a Home who will keep him in his place. My housemate who has been taking him running every day said if he wasn't going home to the UK next month he would keep him. If you are a jogger & wanted to run with your dog, but your partner bought a Frenchy, Winston is the dog for you! He LOVES to go jogging & has been jogging with my housemate 5-8km every day in addition to his walk with me & hours of face bitey head bitey hit each other's legs wrestling (such a weird game, but they seem to like it) Could people start putting their feelers out for Winston. Interested parties should contact me via DM Findwinstonahome RunWinstonRun adoptdontshop🐾 AmericanBulldog FosterDog MelbDogs

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