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Inmates take down security in Chicago prison prisonbeatdownfoxnewsnoiretv If you live in the USA, NoireTV now showing nationwide on Verizon Fios on channel 269.Press 269 on your remote control. NoireTV also showing on Optimum Cablevision channel 1100. Press 1100 on your remote control. Follow us on Instagram africa.

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Artie Cortez


Comment from Artie Cortez:

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Thinking Right


Comment from Thinking Right:

Take note boys 😂. trump pence maga usa makeamericagreatagain republican foxnews rightwing right texas conservative 2A christian presidenttrump defendlife globalismsucks smallgovernment capitalism lowtax gop northkorea missile

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Comment from G:

Come see foolishness. This is when you gotta flip over desks and tear up people's faces. FoxNews Work

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Turkey blocks citizens from using the online encyclopedia Wikipedia This follows the rules Instagram don't take it down ____________________________________________ Add us on facebook for more information ____________________________________________ theghettopolitician ____________________________________________ Be sure to follow all of my partner pages and tag your friends .👊🇺🇸 .🇺🇸😊🌍Partner pages🇺🇸🌏😌. . berning_media_network exposing.governments occupy.everything ____________________________________________ Ignore the hashtags .trump mediablackout foxnews presidenttrump newworldorder greenparty fights Europe Seattle obama Washington feminist nodapl cashme melaniatrump worldstar blacklivesmatter progun WSHH losangeles Inglewood london chicago bluelivesmatter losertrump jillstein cashmeoutside fight

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Conservative News


Comment from Conservative News:

So good to have a president who supports our second amendment rights. LINK TO FULL ARTICLE IN OUR BIO. donaldtrump maga usa jesus instagood foxnews red redwhiteandblue usa insta melaniatrump trump jesus instagood foxnews red redwhiteandblue

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Minecraft Memes


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Comment from breakingnumber45:

This got me like 😂😂😂😂 tuckercarlson foxnews fabio impeachtrump now fuckpaulryan fucktrump northkorea kimjongun manafort liarinchief russia traitorinchief resist nomuslimban healthcare healthcareforall fighttrump fightracism fightignorance lgbtrights rapeycanoffanta realdonaldtrump mishacollins supernatural

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Ruttger Gönåker


Comment from Ruttger Gönåker:

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Comment from Savage:

PoorVsRich BabyBoomers 1990sBabies 🌹🔥💸🌊🎬🎮🐢

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Comment from PainKiller:

Jerusalem. Intifada FreePalestine intifadaAlAqsa alaqsa freeGaza FoxNews boycottisrael CNN netenyahu America Britain USA Obama americans Syria foreignpolicy freeGaza Ferguson paris MiddleEast MainstreamMedia france alaqsaunderattack occupiedpalestine Jerusalem westbank Israel

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Comment from Savage:

All I want is credits and royalties for this meme . 🌹

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Comment from PainKiller:

robert_martin_palestine - - regrann

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Born in the 🇺🇸 U.S.A. 🇺🇸


Comment from Born in the 🇺🇸 U.S.A. 🇺🇸:

By "winning" you mean you decided to use the nuclear war option? . ................. grabembythe vanillamilkshake russiansecretdeals theworstpresident oreilly billoreilly oreillyfactor impeachtrump lockhimup trumpuniversity feminismiscancer donaldtrump theapprentice stripclub sextrafficking sexworker foxnews milkshake republicanparty conservatives notgay buildthatwall buildtheswamp bromance inappropriate melaniatrump trumpnews impeachtrumpnow KEEPMAKINGAMERICAGREAT

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Roberto Cezar


Comment from Roberto Cezar:

Repost... donaldtrump parody boanoite godblessyouTrump foxnews brasil humour

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So Cal Constitutionalist


Comment from So Cal Constitutionalist:

Some women choose to be house wives, some women choose to be stay-at-home mom's, hell some women choose to be porn stars... women with thicker skin than you don't need you to tell them what they're "supposed" to be offended by. Feminists need to grow up and understand that their beauty standards have been created by women and gay men who run the fashion industry... not one straight man has set that standard. cnnnews foxnews msnbc abc7eyewitness cnn

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Comment from Trini:

Regrann from babylonstepback - Police dashcam video shows a now-former South Carolina state trooper named Sean Groubert repeatedly shooting a black man named Levar Edward Jones as Jones reaches into his car to produce his license after being pulled over for a seatbelt violation. The video of the Sept. 4 incident was released Wednesday night by law enforcement officials. Groubert has been fired and charged with felony assault and battery. Jones survived the shooting. In the video, Groubert can be heard asking to see the Jones's license. When Jones then reaches into the car, Groubert yells, "Get out of the car! Get out of the car!" and begins shooting. BabylonStepBACK Babylon_Step_BACK POLICESTATE PoliceTerrorism PoliceBrutality InjusticeSystem OstracizeCops CriminalsOnPatrol InjusticeSystem PoliceThePolice GrayState GrayStateTheRise CopApologists CopLovers CopSuckers Bootlickers - regrann wearethepeople blackunity blackkings blackqueens blackgods blacklove BlackAmerica blackstar MoorAmerican problack blackpride cnn MSNBC foxnews

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los noir continent 💪blacnewz 🌍


Comment from los noir continent 💪blacnewz 🌍:

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