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As I was walking to the donut store , I was looking around ,  i started to think. But couldn't get my thoughts right . I was thinking too hard.  To hard. So I kept walking and went inside to buy me some donutsss. Ask for three , got two. Asked for the 3rd one .  He hooked me up with the 4th one. . I said thank you have a nice day .I walked back outside. Clueless of my thoughts .. and "THING" . My writing came along . So i started to write, but I wrote only what I could because I was walking on an intersection. Made my way to Mc Donald's , where their was wifi so I can upload a video and keep writing. . I sat down , everything came to me . .. . I received a call to go back to the car. . So I left. . And without me being patient on saving my work. . I thought I saved it .... never did.. . . I was disappointed because it was good writing. . . And now I wrote this because I wanted to share my thoughts with you of what happened . . . And this time I saved it.

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Apricot Orchard in my city! As I was driving home from work, I came across this beautiful area of apricot trees..and I had to capture this ! The city of Sunnyvale preserved ten acres of Blenheim apricot trees to celebrate the important contribution of orchards to the early development of the local economy. The orchard was designated as Heritage Orchard Park by the Historical Society in 1997. The ten-acre orchard has about 80 trees per acre for a total of about 800 trees. #siliconvalley #california #chitraravalphotography #samsungs7edge #landscapephotography #nature #top #picoftheday #insta #instalike #apricot #fruitlover #bayarea #abc #foxnews #cnnireport #ellendegeneres

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