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Elizabeth Summerley Cameron


Comment from Elizabeth Summerley Cameron:

Jen Magnus is leading the charge to change the culture within our police force, if you haven't read up on this I really recommend doing so 👌🏻 Thanks to Rembrandt for showing up 👍🏻portrait summerleyphotography metronewsca freelancer daily nikon calgary yyc light rembrandtlighting

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Jeanette / Pei


Comment from Jeanette / Pei:

Sometimes, getting rid of things solves/prevents problems. . . . illustration drawing igsg witch thefreelancingwitch ink freelance freelancing freelancer original witch witchcraft waninggibbous moon moonphase clean clear sweep nature earth tips witchtips selfcare selfcaretips healing unclutter declutter

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Comment from SAMIRA:

pose for the camera now flick 📸 model freelancer levelup issagoddess Hair ~ tasseledbytay Mua ~ deshayq Top ~ crocheted_maniwear

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MAAC.Airsoft team 🔵⚪🔴


Comment from MAAC.Airsoft team 🔵⚪🔴:

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Mo. Creative Marketing


Comment from Mo. Creative Marketing:

kombuchibrewingco getting me through the day. kombucha kombuchaaddict balikombucha bali canggu instituteofcode ioc

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Rahayu Pawitri


Comment from Rahayu Pawitri:

Good books to read... Regran from myclyq freelancer contentwriter workingfromhome

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Agência Ànima


Comment from Agência Ànima:

FlatWave é uma empresa que oferece treinamento de desenvolvimento para empresas nos meios digitais, web e afins. logo proporçãoaurea logoinspirations processocriativo design branding negócios consultoria marketing publicidade designergráfico freelancer agênciaánima animapublicidade animadesign design socialmedia grafica idvisual instagram love art illustration graphicdesign graphicdesigner work cowork office behance dribbble pinterest

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Marlon Moreno


Comment from Marlon Moreno:

Logo MACCUEVIT evolucionado! designlovers entrepreneurship freelancer smallbusiness goals mylife

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George Villa


Comment from George Villa:

Logo and letterhead for Tu Camino Dance Company • • tcdc tucaminodancecompany dance dallas vector illustrator mockup branding adobe photoshop dance salsa bachata dallas freelancer

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Breezie Castell Marketing


Comment from Breezie Castell Marketing:

A note to my freelancer friends: I used to brag about working two days straight, but no more. Your health is so affected by exhaustion (and in her case energy drinks, but probably adderall let's be honest) ... no client is paying you enough for your health to decline. Take care of yourself FIRST. People will hound you for deadlines but you NEED TO SLEEP. I'm telling you this because at 31 I'm just realizing not to put my work ahead of myself and especially not ahead of my health. Your loved ones need you, and your customers don't care that you stayed up 30 hours they just want their deliverables. You will be a much better , mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter if you love yourself enough to take rest. There is always time for work. Take care of yourselves. Xoxoxo, Breezie

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Lindsay Humes


Comment from Lindsay Humes:

my "sabbatical" hasn't really been much of a break! I have had so many orders over the last two months, that my portfolio is incredibly out-of-date! I figured I would share a few projects on IG including this recent launch and revamp for Julia of theroastedroot! fwportfolio studiolife blogdesign brandstylist foodblog

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Hungry Innovators


Comment from Hungry Innovators:

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Hair Love


Comment from Hair Love:

Sewin 💋 The question is where does it start!! I focus on all of my sewins looking like theirs and how my client feels when wearing it!!! NaturalAsEver Book Today!!💋 | 877.695.8361. | DM Me HairLove Brooklyn Dyckman Cute Curls PersistantToBeGreat GodMade Extensions Braids Blonde Brooklyn NYC TobiSalon HudaBeauty BoxerBraids NYCHair Freelancer Hairstylist TravelingStylist HairInBrooklyn ChristianLadies CurlBox ProtectiveStyles Hair_Videos

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Post Art Studio / D E S I G N


Comment from Post Art Studio / D E S I G N:

Рисуем визитные карточки;) визитка визитки дизайн графическийдизайн графическийдизайнер айдентика дизайнер дизайнеры фриланс фрилансеры фрилансер дизайнказань услугидизайнера vector вектор cdr coreldraw businesscard businesscards aidentica design designers designer graphicdesign graphicdesigner freelance freelancers freelancer

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Angga Dwi Prabowo


Comment from Angga Dwi Prabowo:

📨🔥 . . freelance graphicdesign graphicdesigner freelancer vector illustration vectorillustration apparel clothingline clothingdesign easycore merchdesign illustrator typedesign ukpoppunk poppunk typography designforsale

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Evan Pittson

Comment from Evan Pittson: Updates to my website // + images for my new typeface design "Mecha" // freelance graphic design & illustration // fontography • EvanPittsonDesign graphicdesign design illustration digitalillustration computerillustration drawing fontography typefacedesign typography logodesign branding fonts fontdesign freelance freelancer freelancedesigner packagingdesign commercialdesign artist scifi sciencefiction futuristic modern website webdesign business marketing entrepreneur

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Gerando Vencedores


Comment from Gerando Vencedores:

Se você pode sonhar você pode realizar! empreendedorismo empreender motivação dinheiro sucesso empreendedor empreendertransforma oportunidade carreira geracaodevalor coaching endeavor freelancer thinkingwithbooks sucessoepoder fabricadementes qr gerandovencedores

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Dare To Fly | Graphic Design


Comment from Dare To Fly | Graphic Design:

New year, new website! | I am very excited to launch my new website for 2017!! It is now up and running so it would be great if you could all go and check it out! The link is in the description . . . daretofly graphic design website freelancer designer madeingeelong smallbusiness visual art mockup minimal pastel branding collateral organic madeingtown visco webdesign viscom graphicdesign custom portfolio

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✘ Sabryna Wilson Dakau ✘


Comment from ✘ Sabryna Wilson Dakau ✘:

I believe that a trusting attitude and a patient attitude go hand in hand. You see, when you let go and learn to trust God, it releases joy in your life. And when you trust God, you're able to be more patient. Patience is not just about waiting for something... it's about how you wait, or your attitude while waiting. xoxo ! 💋 🌸 🍃 🌾 Venue: Aiman Resort Batang Ai, Lubok Antu 📷:konspirasi.pocong igers motivationalquotes attitude selfmotivation love nature flowers motivation batangailonghouseresort sarawakian sarawak sarawakianbeauty batangai photography potraitphotography freelancer potrait nature

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Amber Ahern, Virtual Assistant


Comment from Amber Ahern, Virtual Assistant:

Women supporting women: Should you ever find yourself in Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮 please visit the most beautiful paper and stationary store paperikauppa - owned by my treasured friend mrsyrjola

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