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Champagne Brimoncourt


Comment from Champagne Brimoncourt:

We were very proud to be the official champagne at the London Classic Car show this weekend classiccarldn - Vintage cars with a glass of delightful bubbles. See you next year...?

11 Hours ago

Katy 🔬🔭


Comment from Katy 🔬🔭:

oitavo versículo Em vão procuras um guarda-chuva que te leve para casa. Como se o importante fosse a chuva e não a fuga deste ardor que te consome. Domingo de poesia francesa.

14 Hours ago

Hasret Subaşı


Comment from Hasret Subaşı:

Yine bir gün eğleniyoruz .. 😍😊lovefrance jaimelefrançais jaimelafrance frenchclass parlerfrançais fransızcakursu fransızca

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Comment from Rodolphe:


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our poetry


Comment from our poetry:

so my French class thinks I should dance to a song called "Les Champs-Eylsees", which I love, at the upcoming talent show & even though I've lowkey already made choreography for it I'm hecka scared- just bc I've never danced in front of the entire high school by myself. And to make it even more intimidating, I'm a freshman. Soooo, you see my dilemma. But I'll figure you it out i guess😁 also, sorry for being inactive this week... haven't had much inspiration lately I dunno -anna quotes writer poetryhive poetry boss job quit fired Sunday leschampselysees France French frenchclass dance solo talentshow dilemma choices neutral neutralcolors

16 Hours ago

Learn French! 🇫🇷


Comment from Learn French! 🇫🇷:

Nouvelle leçon: L'emploi du subjonctif! C'est un des choses plus difficiles à mon avis mais on va l'apprendre ensemble 😊

17 Hours ago

🌵flo_mimizzang 🌻


Comment from 🌵flo_mimizzang 🌻:

언제쯤 이런색조합하려나 무튼 이번주 프렌치반 꽃다발 ❤🍃💐 플로리스트꽃하는사람꽃수업꽃꽃그램꽃디자인꽃다발핸드타이드프렌치반닉스플로스floristflowerfleurfloralflowergramflowerdesignhandtiedbouquetfrenchclassflowerclassnixflosseoulkorea

18 Hours ago

World Language Classroom


Comment from World Language Classroom:

Link to blog post in profile. french spanish italian portuguese Nicaragua Haiti foreignlanguage spain france paris quebec mexico learnfrench portugal brazil learnspanish frenchclass spanishclass linguistics language italy spanishtribe learn teacher vacation volunteer travel teachersofinstagram

19 Hours ago

Isaac Oz Silvertongue


Comment from Isaac Oz Silvertongue:

French class. Cours de Français. class frenchclass

19 Hours ago

Alicja Kaczmarek 🌸


Comment from Alicja Kaczmarek 🌸:

Always working 🇫🇷 french frenchclass homework learningfrench books laptop pink

20 Hours ago

Only the d a n k e s t


Comment from Only the d a n k e s t:

too true 💯

20 Hours ago

Blog - Rill in Japan


Comment from Blog - Rill in Japan:

Very important french lesson today. glocal_matsui French Frenchlesson FrenchTeacher Nagoya Backpacker GlocalHostel GlocalCafe Nagoya Japan JapanLife Franponais FrenchStyle FrenchCuisine FrenchCook OusontLesToilettes WereAreTheToilets FrenchClass TravelFrench

21 Hours ago

Mouhamad Ali Chahine 💇✂


Comment from Mouhamad Ali Chahine 💇✂:

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Comment from mishu.ksm:

😍😍😍😍 Finally after 3 years of continous begging this lazy ass sent our pictures😂😂😂🙈 Copying during board prac exams 😉🙈 frenchclass bestielove💕💋🌌🙈 mishualina💞😍👻🙈

1 Days ago

Angie Torre


Comment from Angie Torre:

Ha ha ha! What's punctuation? the_teacher_team

1 Days ago



Comment from Gabe:

We're all in this picture frenchclass

1 Days ago

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀αυтυмη 🌿


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀αυтυмη 🌿:

// 👀 - - - Tags 🏫 // Hallway School Class Photography SimondsHighSchool Tags Classroom Tags Simonds Like Follow Heart FollowMe DoubleTap Lockers Repost Alternative MyPicture Aesthetic FrenchClass \\

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Comment from 아일라:

Part II ifoundanotheroneanglesinacameramakesadifferencewhenshespeaksfrenchiforgoteverythingilearnedinfrenchclasssoiwouldspeakkoreantoherpaybackmategoalsstalkergoalsfriendshipgoalsbootyfulfabulousthanyallslanguagestudents프렌치미술ijustrealisedwelookthesameinthisangle

1 Days ago

💃Jill Peusca® 💋


Comment from 💃Jill Peusca® 💋:

Proud Paxon students from Spanish & French class (including our son Francis) represent at NE Fl. World Language Festival got awards for Declamation, Poster making & Amazing International race. Go Eagles!!! paxonschoolforadvancedstudies theeagles frenchclass spanishclass youdidit greatjob proudparents northeastflorida worldlanguagefestival paxon 1stplace togodbealltheglory

1 Days ago

Learn French! 🇫🇷


Comment from Learn French! 🇫🇷:

Music Recommendation: Frero Delavega! Ces deux amis sont devenus célèbres après leur participation à "La Voix France".

1 Days ago