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K. Srisakda


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😂😂 I like foodies saturdaynightfever fucksociety

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Rami Said Malek Italia


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Nancy Jaimes Reyes


Comment from Nancy Jaimes Reyes:

This is throwback to 2012 when I was super skinny. Although, I was skinny... I don't remember loving my body back then. Which goes to show that being skinny doesn't mean you'll automatically be happier. Living with body dysmorphic disorder has stopped me from seeing the beauty in myself. I didn't accept that I had BDD until the spring of last year. Since then, I can feel myself being gentler with myself. I'm not like before where I would constantly (for hours on end) call myself ugly. But I do still have a bad habit of not wanting to leave the house or having to change over and over and staying in bed just so I don't have to see myself or allow others to see me. I know I have a long way to go but I appreciate the moments where I can look at myself and be happy to be me. Oh body, you did nothing wrong! You're so cute, even if we have gained weight since this picture was taken. If you're reading this, start loving the things you don't want to love about your body. Practice self love. You deserve your own love and care ❤ I know your body would really appreciate it! BodyDysmorphicDisorder BDD 2012 Skinny Fat Chubby Selfie Bodies LoveYourFlaws FlawsCanBeBeautiful whosaysIhavetobeskinnyanyway fucksociety

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👀Lurk Away


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" What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth, they share It. " 👽👾 Sharpen your rough edges and be the best version of your weird self. youcantsitwithus idontfeelathomeinthisworldanymore facialtattoos bodymodification piercings throattattoo tattoos tattoo dotwork dotworktattoos dreads dreadlocks skinhead skinheads trippy inkedgirls pagan viking vikings norway naturalbeauty fuckyourbeautystandards fucksociety fuckyouropinion throattattoo ink inked tattooedgirl rasta rastafari youareyourowngod

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Slouma Rjichi


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fucksociety fuckpeople

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Fuck Quotes And Memes


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Fuck it, let's do it 🖕 fuckquotes fuckit fuckyeah fuckup fucksociety quote quotes quoteoftheday InstaQuote quotestoliveby quotestagram instaquotes quotesoftheday quotestags tumblrquotes quotesdaily dailyquote quotesofinstagram

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Moi je joue... embrace your curves les femmes ronde pulpeuse vous etent belles necouter pas les skelettes jalouse qui ressemble a des sacs d'os...aimer vous telle que vous etes. N'ecouter pas la société qui vous pousse a etre maigre et en mauvaise santé.Love yourself curves femmepulpeuse loveyourself curvygirls englishgirl bedifferent fucksociety fucklesmaigres teampulpeuse femme girls instasize marseille redhair benatural

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Alex Cardona


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Me trying to block whatever lies society has made us believe. We deserve a right to be who we are. . . positivity positivevibes breakfree freedom rights fucksociety bewhoyouare love life selflove selfcare progress stayalive staypositive selfie DrawMeCarlos drawmecarlos cucumberlemon

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Lana Michelle💖👽


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furry shenanigans at walmart I'm in love with these things made me laugh so hard exactly what I needed today! animalhead dancing sloth loveofmylife fucksociety dance

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Brian Phillips


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Since someone wants to report my post saying it's infringing upon their rights, you can suck my dick cuz imma post it again bitch nigga fuckit fucksociety fuckbitches fuckhaters blazer blazeup smokeweedeveryday smoketime weedlyfe weedislife weedislove stoner stonerboy stoned

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Sandeep Dixit


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This is really sad & disgusting ... How can someone even take a video of such act.. and still there are so many parents who treat their children in this cruel manner and also gave excuse that "ye inke liye acha hai " Sharm kro sharm शर्मनाक Be kind with your childrens ..Please.. bekind behuman saynototorture tortured child humilation hurt shocking worstway teaching punishment control power disturbing sicksociety fucksociety shameful act choosekindness spreadkindness spreadlove

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Blue 🌙

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Vermiss' dich jetzt schon :/ its.inoa Wieso bist du wieder weg Neben dir hätte ich bestimmt nicht so scheiße geschlafen.🙇 - - - - art creepy creepyart scary missglücktewelt gothic psycho l4l blackandwhite photography portrait satan 666 1323 evil rebel blood cut svv scars suicide depressed sad fucksociety dark alternative selfmade aesthetic loveislove

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fight club


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Power 2 The People


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start_revolution_ - You cant break us. We are stronger than we have ever been before. anoynmous army_anons truth fuckwar fucksociety fakesociety knowlegde vendetta usa peace violence love hate savethetrees enviroment whistleblower corruption fuckthesystem fuckthegovernment fuckthemedia cannabis freethinker awakened freedom humanity poverty

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Power 2 The People


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start_revolution_ - Whats right, is not always legal👊 anoynmous army_amons legion legacy healer humanity love hate violence vendetta weareone weareeverywhere darkness fuckbankers fuckcorruption fuckcensorship🚫 fuckthesystem fuckthegovernment fakefriends fakesociety fucksociety exceptus fuckwar fucknsa humans

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2nd account of daria_levin


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Cheriour Shateiel


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Trina Vasks ☠ ♫♪♫ 🤘 🖤 🤘 ♬♪♫ ☠


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