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Zen Goraksha


Comment from Zen Goraksha:

First Photo ever taken of me with my New look ^-^ like 10 Years ago.....still my personal favourite punk punkboy punkboi mohawk crazyhair fucksociety fuckthesystem killsociety punkrock style japanstyle psycho sexpotrevenge malemodel alternative alternativemodel alternativehair stillugly

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Comment from DAN:

La mort lafincommeunoiseaumortfucksocietyfuckschoolaurevoirlesenculés

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Comment from lena🍃:

feminism feminist alllivesmatter rightsforall rightsforeveryone equality society fucksociety lgbt lgbtq rainbowfamily rainbowflag everyoneisequal respecteveryone respecteachother allwomenarebeautiful loveyourself positivevibes onlypositivevibes bodypositive bodypositivity doitnow justdoit

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सागर सोलंकी✒


Comment from सागर सोलंकी✒:

Humans :- More You Feed! More They Hurt! 🌑 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Follow Me On my Personal Account :- _.seenu 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 trueshit haters motivationalquotes selfreflection FuckSociety quoteoftheday quotestags silentvoice

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Comment from altrainbowunicorn:

Sorry I'm weird ( my pic ) taken love society different alternative goth emo music altgirl gothgirl emogirl bands peace emoteen black fucksociety alternativegirl style bmth moonchild selflove blackclothes moon photography

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Busted Chain Apparel


Comment from Busted Chain Apparel:

Breaking chains is the only option... Photo: rejectfuck Model: livarnfieldtattoos bustedchainapparel bustedchain bca bstdchn byc breakyourchains 2k15 lifestyle brand streetwear street style clothes lettering blackwork traditional dark black tattoo tattoos ink fucksociety heidelberg adelaide worldwide

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Comment from gymholic💪:

cal_me_ekku tomboylookbook tomboyfashion red cool classy swag pixiecut tomboyhairstyles chashmish shorthairdontcare💇 fucksociety bae single

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Comment from 💫 DARK ♡ ANGEL 💫:

¿ ǝɯ ? Frase mia : Ho imparato così tante volte a sorridere per nascondere tutto il male che porto dentro, ho imparato a ripararmi dalla tempesta con le mie battute stupide..che se ti fermi un momento a guardarmi in silenzio.. nei miei occhi c'è il crollo, non ti ci perdere annegheresti nella valanga!! me emogirl napoli italiangirl buongiorno like mood moody blackandwhite soul heart sad pensieri hell life demons creepy fucksociety darkness shadow sad angry why scrivere frasemia poesia aforismi

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Karan Bhalla


Comment from Karan Bhalla:

I stayed here I sung songs... Played guitar...heard the river flowing Wrote my first song.. sitting alone Away from that..away from society Fuck society chalal parvativalleykasol travelphotography fucksociety livelifethewayyouwant throwbackalready traveller indiapictures

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g.g.u.s. and proud


Comment from g.g.u.s. and proud:

Look like a woman to ya yet??? Stilll more to come..... p.s. its called gender equality bitch... shove it ya narrow minds fucksociety fuckdoublestandards fuckstereotypes genderequality learn and change peaceinourtime hairstyles superboy

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‎فلورنسا 𓅓⁶  🖤🏳️‍🌈


Comment from ‎فلورنسا 𓅓⁶  🖤🏳️‍🌈:

Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were. growingup nigga change mood stud lgbt gaylifestyle otd fucksociety blacklivesmatter

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Comment from Hardik:

quotes thoughts depression anxiety fucksociety people

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Comment from ✨민윤기✨:

"계속돼 도망쳐봐도 거짓 속에 빠져있어 Caught in a lie 손결했던 날 찾아줘 이 거짓 속에 헤어날 수 없어 내 웃음을 돌려놔줘 Caught in a lie 이 지옥에서 날 꺼내줘 이 고통에서 헤어날 수 없어 벌받는 나를 구해줘." aesthetic aesthetictumblr grunge grungegirl grungeteens grungetumblr grungeaccount alternative alternativegirl alternativeteens americanhorrorstory depression bipolardisorder bipolardepression anxiety socialanxiety antisocial suicidal suicidalthoughts staywierd different societykilledtheteenager musicsavedmylife peoplesuck fucksociety tumblrpost tumblr lostsouls bts lie

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Comment from ✨민윤기✨:

{💕핑크색 사랑💕} aesthetic aesthetictumblr grunge grungegirl grungeteens grungetumblr grungestyle grungeaccount hipster hipstergirl alternative alternativegirl alternativehair alternativeteens alternativestyle emo scene goth societykilledtheteenager musicsavedmylife staywierd different peoplesuck fucksociety tumblrpost tumblr lostsouls

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सागर सोलंकी✒


Comment from सागर सोलंकी✒:

Yeah Barish Ne Muje Ase Roka! Jese Thehra Hu Tere Badan pe! 💞 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Follow Me On my Personal Account :- _.seenu 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 trueshit haters motivationalquotes selfreflection FuckSociety quoteoftheday quotestags silentvoice

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Jamie Skye


Comment from Jamie Skye:

Some things aren't meant to be understood. I'm one of those things 😉boys girls love labels fucksociety music selfmade life imitates art

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Comment from Shubhangi:

You are not a backup plan. You are worth more than someone's second choice. You can't force yourself to stop caring someone, but you can tell yourself that you deserve better. Never settle to be someone's best. Raise your standards and choose to be with the same respect and consideration you would treat them. You can't expect to be someone else's priority if you aren't your own. iwantchange feminism forbiddennomore raiseyourvoice speakup futureisfemale equalright bethechange womenempowerment respect fucksociety rapeculture educatewomen

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Ismail Meqna


Comment from Ismail Meqna:

bnw_society panda Lost fucksociety moonshine laugh crazy boardgames wheelsroads paths

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Ms Ink... @Liftgirl


Comment from Ms Ink... @Liftgirl:

Dear future husband....❤️ Goodnight!!! goodnight goodvibes night husband love real life fake tired fucksocialmedia fucksociety free live olschool takemeback

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