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Comment from Lilli:

Ich wurde auf Instagram gesperrt, weil Fotos in meinem Feed waren, die Frauennippel gezeigt haben. Alle Bilder mit klar erkennbaren weiblichen Nippeln wurden entfernt - alle Bilder mit männlichen Nippeln jedoch wurden nicht von meinem Blog gelöscht. Angry as fuck. Wie beschissen kann eine Gesellschaft nur sein? Wie verdummt, abgestumpft & sinnfrei können das Wertesystem und Moralvorstellungen sein? Ein herzliches "Fick dich" an die Gesellschaft und ein grosses "Fick dich" an Instagram. #feminism #freenipples #fucksociety #angry #keineneueerkenntnis #abertrotzdementtäuschend #fuckgender

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Comment from ♚meagan-rose†:

I appreciate my life; thru the hard times when i get confused as to what my purpose here is, & thru the good, when i feel like i have my life slightly together.🎢 -> Why?? I FAUGHT 21 YEARS to be able to live this way, be able to wake up everyday & have the freedom to do what makes me HAPPY.. .NOT what i HAVE to do. & that is unfathomable 🙏🏽💯🔥🎉🍾🌾 ✨It's NEVER to late to live the life you have imagined, i hope if you find yourself unfufilled or unhappy.. You make a change🙏🏽.. DON'T be afraid to start over..✨🍄 #tb🔙 #beyondblessed #fightforit #freeyourself #keepgoing #positivevibes #staytrue #livethatlife #behappy #goforit #believeinyourself #fuckthehaters #fucksociety #innerstrength

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Comment from 🌚🌝:

We can do it !! Everyone's Unique in their own way Regardless of your skin color , religion , gender , handicap , ethnicity , weight , scars , stretchmarks or whatever the fuck it is IT IS WHAT MAKES U THE REAL "YOU".What u did is seperating us in categories like we are bottles with labels on them.But in fact whatever u did it brought us closer as people as humans on this world trying to live life to the fullest and strive for the rights we deserve.We are all one i mean we all might look different , but from the inside perspective we all got a heart.Love yourself Okay don't hate yourself #fucksociety because they tell you how you should represent yourself.BE YOU stand up for yourself and others.Go for it and don't give a damn of what others have to say about u because in the end they wished they were as badass as u are standing with confidence and ignoring society's standards.Your beautiful strong and together we can strive for our rights and live in peace with eachother.We already had enough wars who had been fought we can see it in our history books.It's not something to be proud of and yet there's still war.But in the end all we wanted was love something we are fighting for.Be you be yourself and love yourself no matter what.Nobody should be jugded because of their fucking #gender woman , men we are all humans so shut up and let people be who they want to be.But yet we are still fighting for being humans , which is worth fighting for. Xxx Zahia @hansolxvernon #womanrights #fucktrump #equalrights #beautiful #beyourself #dontchangeyourself #yourbeautiful #staystrongamerica #humanrights #womensmarch #standupforyourself #confidence

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Follow the arts of 👉👉👉 @ivanhooart - [Quick video of another Betta Fish Painting.;] 🐟✨Medium used : FW Daler Rowney Artist Acrylic Ink On Plywood. #ifwisheswerefishes

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