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Dark Soulz


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Comment from lue~lue🌴:

Society has become so fake, that the truth actually bothers people. fakelove fakefriends watchwhoyoutrust inspirationalquotes instagood instago georgia floridabound jamaican goodread photogram picart vacation rehab clearyourconscience fucksociety loyaltyiseverything gratitude365 blessed lgbtq lgbt

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Prof. Vitor Portugal


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A pedidos, amanha tem show do Freddie Mercury 🎤🎤. Ingressos limitados. . freddiemercury prateado elbigodon vaoviver personalidade fucksociety 2v sunday blessed pracimadeles

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La hija de Cthulhu *:・✧

Comment from La hija de Cthulhu *:・✧:

Hoy aprendí que la paciencia no es una de mis virtudes y quiero mandar a la mierda todo porque en esta sociedad culia no hay tiempo para nada y todo es rutina y obligaciones y expectativas. .. ugh okbye excuseme lol no fuckno flowers instasantiago instaflower instaflowers gardens pale flores naturelovers nature green grunge likeforlike likesforlikes like4like likes4likes like4follower vsco vsco ipreview fucksociety ughh

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a.k.a (all know asher)


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And fuck everyone else 😠💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀fuckismyfavoriteword riseasthewholedamnfire fuckyoufuckers fuckingdone fucksociety befuckingnicetoeachother alltimelow4allknowasher choosetobefuckingnicetoeveryone ithinkmygaurdianangeldrinks atleastlifewantstofuckme readafuckingbook intelligenceissexy genderdoesnotequalbiology goodguysdoexist lionhearted loyalasfuck ftm transgenderasfuck transandinked findyourwild trans transgender transgenderftm loveshouldalwayswin fibonacci sapiosexual

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Bobby Nuggz™ 📷


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The Art of pawelkuczynski

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Kym 🌟


Comment from Kym 🌟:

We all go through many challenges in this lifetime. I'm a survivor of anorexia and bulimia, thankfully the light of yoga found me, and it graced and positively changed my life. I've written a book 'Keeping Cool in the Cosmos' and hope to inspire others by sharing my journey ❤️

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Mark McPhee


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Epataph Czar Az


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Max Blackwood


Comment from Max Blackwood:

I fucking hate cis people. I'll never be accepted into a society that wasn't built for people like me. I give up. FuckSociety

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Comment from cr8tiveace_designs:

"The world is a dangerous place, Elliott, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." Mr. Robot Illustration. mrrobot elliott remimalek christianslater samesmail fsociety fucksociety cr8tiveace etsyshop etsysellersofinstagram etsyseller creativeentrepreneur tvposter artsanity artsy artoftheday fanart fsociety10101

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Comment from Sasha:

Fossicking and swimming in the creek ❤ found heaps of treasures!! australia nature creek water fossicking nsw fun happy love loveyourself beautiful zen relaxing photography photograph picoftheday instapic instagramhub instagramers amazing fucksociety seeaustralia getoutandabout outdoors fucktechnology swim swimming tree trees

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Female Entrepreneur • Business


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Seriously... what's up with that?! makeupyourdamnmind . . Regrann sheconquers - True 💯The irony 😏 Society : Be yourself  Society : Not like that 😕 . . . . bossladysuccessgoaldiggerhustlebeyouconfidencefucksocietysuccessmindsetdoyoudoyourthingentrepreneurbusinessownerwomeninbusinesswomenempowermentfemalepreneurgrowthmindsetselfworththefutureisfemalewomenhustlersselfworthintelligentwomensmartladybossgoalgetterbosswomenempirebuildingempoweringwomenempowermentcourage

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Bobby Nuggz™ 📷


Comment from Bobby Nuggz™ 📷:

Inventious 💻 • • • Credit: hashem.alghaili

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Rowan Firewind Moonchild


Comment from Rowan Firewind Moonchild:

According to Society I should not have this bikini on. According to Society I am "fat ugly obese gross etc". According to Society I am not worthy of love "like this". According to Society I should hide my body. According to Society I should be ashamed. According to Society I am "a slut" bc I am showing skin. Here's the reality!!!!!! According to the UNIVERSE i am perfect. According to the universe I am worthy of all wonderful things the way I am. According to the universe I need to embrace and show my body. According to the universe I am a BEING OF PURE LOVE AND LIGHT!!! Society has told so many that if u r not the "perfect image" they give u in the media that u r gross, nothing, unlovable, slutty, shameful, and so Much more. But that is a GOD DAMN LIE!!!!!!!! I LOVE my body. After years and years of hating it. Harming it. Even trying to KILL it (literally) I am now shedding the lies and coming out. This is my body and it is beautiful and perfect the way it is. So my belly ain't flat. So my thighs touch. So I have jiggle. So I have stretch marks. So I'm not toned up. So u can't c my collar bones. Etc etc etc etc. SO FUCKING WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lemme tell u what I see in this picture: I see rawness. I see happiness. I see beauty. I see acceptance. I see love. I see such imperfect perfection it's sexy af. I see a goddess who has chosen to be "wild crazy radical" and break the god damn media/brainwashing code. Don't let Society hold u back and break u down. Break those chains. Show ur true pure self bodypositive thisisme fucksociety nomorebodyshame goddess

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Comment from Woke:

Hmm be 'normal', and miserable as fuck...or crazy, and the most content/happy/at peace, I have ever felt in my life? Well, guess I'm crazy folks. awakened thirdeye innerpeace zen forgiveness spirituality awakening higherconsciousness purgenegativity selflove selfgrowth healing woke enlightenment fulfillment openyourmind freeyourmind fuckthesystem vibratehigher wakeup questioneverything freethinker lawofattraction sheeple fucksociety

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Rami Malek Italia Fanpage


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Bobby Nuggz™ 📷


Comment from Bobby Nuggz™ 📷:

Regrann from mapsnews - The March 2017 edition of RollingStone features two new investigative reports on psychedelic research, “The Psychedelic Miracle” ( and “What Psychedelics Really Do to Your Brain” ( - psychedelicsociety LSD therapeutic mapsnews

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⠀⠀⠀⠀🎩Audacity Of The Mind®🔪


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_____________________ You're not ugly. Society is fucksociety _____________________ liveauthenticway2illexploretocreateshootermagwatchthisinstagoodinstagoodmychicagopixvisualsgangvscoworldampt_communityquietthechaosstreetdreamsmaginstagoodmyphoto nikonnofilterlivefolk igersusainstachicagoinstagoodlifeofadventurelivefolksocalityvscocamvscogridigmastersagameoftonesStreetLife_Awardhuckberryvisualsgangdeftonysrealmenjoyillinoisshootmastershuffpostgram nikonusa nikon_photography_ instagood

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Comment from 😡:

I'm really passionate about college and serious about passing this year. I really do see myself as having a successful, productive career and being a great asset to society. 🙂 ohwaitno fucksociety fuckcollege fuckyou

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