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Herbalife Steffi Oxford, UK


Comment from Herbalife Steffi Oxford, UK:

Daily prep 💪🏼 80.5g protein there👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼aiming for 120g a day. 🥛Smoothie 🍎🧀Snack 🥛Smoothie 🍶🍇Snack 🍲Dinner tonight (not pictured) arla arlaprotein fruit 5aday aldi peasnacks babybel strawberryf1 chocolateorange shake smoothie protein highprotein lowcal herbalife nutrition herbalifenutrition fuelyourbody fuel energy power focus muscle gainz fresh eatwell feelgood

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Abby Wilkinson


Comment from Abby Wilkinson:

Breakfast of champs peanut butter pancakes, banana and berries💪 what better way to start the day followed by yep you guessed it GYM 😁 dayoff 3dayweekend . . . fitfoodie morningmotivation fitnessmotivation legday protein healthy strong weighttraining bodysculpt eatcleantraindirty train yogapants bodybuilding bootygains igfitness preworkout shelifts diet fuel journey

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Foodie in Newy


Comment from Foodie in Newy:

Post evening-workout dinner.. can you tell I was hungry? Roasted sweet potato, pumpkin, couscous, sundried tomatoes + some cooked barley for a little bit of plant protein 💛

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Steph Florance


Comment from Steph Florance:

Cheers for the Friyay fueling Grandpa..

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Comment from CC:

Zdjęcie z serii: Klaudyna i jej nastroje. To będzie dobry piątek. Gimme fuel 💪🔥 👊 power Friday mood insta instagirl fuel blonde weekend instamood xoxo now today

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Nawal Doucette


Comment from Nawal Doucette:

weird food fuel kombucha is king right now fermented

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Comment from ksfoodrev:

And breakfast 🍳 friedeggs breakfast brunch energy fuel eggs bacon morning friday homecooking juice apple orange friyay food foodie eat hungry yum delish delicious foodlover

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The Phone Tree


Comment from The Phone Tree:

Starting the day off with a lovely full English and a coffee, fuel for the long day ahead full of repairs! Must come here more often, great breakfast guys aubreyallez aubreyallen breakfast fuel greatbreakfast

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The Fitness Ward


Comment from The Fitness Ward:

The body and it's fuelling system. - To eat is to fuel the body, right? Wrong! Everything we put into our bodies is either; A. used fuel, B. stored as fat or C. removed as waste. A large percentage of our diets are full of foods that fall into category B! - Some people may believe that you can put anything into your body and expect it to move forward with the same power, ferocity, endurance and pace. These people are wrong. - Yes, you will still get on with your day, but will you feel healthy, strong, energetic and overall better? Not at all. - - I've said this in some previous posts. Your body is just like your car. Would you pit unleaded fuel into a diesel engine? The human body is the most complex and hard-working machine we know, so it needs the best fuel. This fuel will need to be specific for the job requires by the engine (body) - Do you have a lot of long, high-energy days? Then learn the ways of carbohydrates (healthy carbs - brown pasta, rice and bread & Quinoa) - Do you want to cut down some unwanted body fat but also maintain energy? Then you need plenty more veg, very little carbohydrates and up your protein gain - It's all about specifics and measurable intakes according to your goals. It's a complicated system but trial-and-error is a big game here. Try searching some website a to find your best calorie and macronutrient (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) requirements. - Here are some foods and the calories that come with it. Also, there is only 1 healthy option here, so be aware of what goes into your body! - Big Mac: 450kcal Starbucks Grande Latte: 190kcal Cake of Coke: 155kcal Pint of Guinness: 210kcal Tropicana Orange juice: 110kcal Entire Outback Bloomin' Onion: 2,310kcal Pint of Ben&Jerry's: 1,16kcal 6-oz Fillet: 329kcal Medium Banana: 105kcal - Fuel your engine correctly, and it will take you where you want to go! - thefitnessward fitness fit motivation trainer training workout workouttrainer skimble skimbler pt gym onlinetraining onlinetrainer mobiletrainer fitnesscoach education nutrition diet health engine fuel healthieryou healthy

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Adam Reid


Comment from Adam Reid:

Good post by thealanaragon . I've previously written about the keto diet and how I struggled with energy levels especially when training whilst on it. This further highlights why. . . 💥remember, you will lose weight quickly on a keto diet - BUT the initial loss is mainly due to fluid retention loss. 💦carbs make us store more fluid. 💪this is also why you may look leaner on a keto diet. 👀 many bodybuilders and fitness models will reduce carb intake before shoots just for this purpose. Pictures are not how they walk around every single day. . . ✅if you do crossfit, play sport, or just do any high intensity activity you need carbs to fuel yourself sufficiently. 🥔🍚but I'm talking about real foods NOT sugary carbs ❌🍰🍩 . . . . . carbcycling carb carbs carbohydrate research science evidence hiit highintensity fuel crossfit crossfitter crossfitcommunity metastrong findyourstrength instafit instagram instadaily instafitness

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Comment from Cara:

Homemade blueberry banana pancakes for breakfast 🍌🥞 breakfast pancakes bananapancakes blueberrypancakes fruit greekyogurt almondbutter maplesyrup breakfastfood breakfastinspo health nutrition healthyfood homemade recipe nutrients fuel cyclingfuel

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Jack Daniel Newing


Comment from Jack Daniel Newing:

Keeping the deadlift sets at a nice steady weight, increasing my endurance and working towards a moderate hypertrophy.. RPE 6 . . gymdeadliftsstrengthtrainingprogresspowerbodybuildingbodybuildermensphysiqueaestheticsbacklegsmusclegainstrainharderthanmepersonaltrainernutrition6packbagsoptimumnutritionaminoenergyfuel

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Jimmy Eng Cheng Chuan


Comment from Jimmy Eng Cheng Chuan:

Friday night party with corona, New Trade Band" & resident DJ Ian. Don't forget to try our new corona cocktail "corita" RSVP 0125008826 fuelautocity fuel AutoCity vibe rave livebandmusic djclub partynight happeningplace hangover music dj penangnightlife penangnightclub dance penanglang penang EDM dance selfie nightlife drunk malaysia 2017 penangladiesnight freewine ladiesnight Barrel2u carlsberg corona

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Comment from loveyourtummy:

Made carrot cakes today to take to my Nana's for afternoon tea 😊💛 Used this recipe and subbed the oil for coconut oil and the brown sugar for rice malt syrup. Turned out great! 🙌🏼 nourish glutenfree lowfodmap fodmapdiet fructosefriendly fodmapfriendly fructmal fructosemalabsorption fodmap fodmapwin lofo carrotcupcakes coconutoil ricemaltsyrup creamcheeseicing walnuts afternoontea moistcake yum healthy healthyfood fuel energy loveit loveyourtummy

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Comment from Bridgesta:

Marathon ready gels allens lollies snakes marathon fuel energy stockingup sugar caffeine marathonfuel

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NB Airways


Comment from NB Airways:

flaps 5, brakes on rejecttakeoff fuel ready, let’s takeoff for the weekend 😁. Come and visit us at! boeing boeing737 simulator cockpit

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Comment from myBlueFish:

IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd - Calodyne IndianOil Filling Station. Tel: 217 2710 / 59 45 85 41 IndianOilMauritiusLtd CalodyneIndianOilFillingStation bringingenergynow tocalodyne refuel fuel

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World Cars Fans


Comment from World Cars Fans:

Pandem beast 🔥 Owner: mrubio_frs toyota gt86 rocketbunny pandem purple japan japanese power import fuel class love perfect dreamcar beast beautiful style eyes face aggressive cute sexy jdm stance stancenation stanceworks spoiler sport awesome brutality Menciona a tus amigos. / Tag your friends. MD para publicar tu coche. / DM to post your car. Apoya nuestra página. / Support our page.

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MPT Fitness


Comment from MPT Fitness:

A 'Snatch' made in Heaven. (Snack Match) Suggested by my awesome wife keavlynn as a healthier version to reeces pieces using dark chocolate and whole earth/meridan Penut Butter. Makes a good pre workout snack. 2 squares and you're good to go! Electrolytes and Natures High Energy Nutts and bla bla bla.. 😂😂 snatch heaven energy fuel workout movement performance transferable fitness mptfitness crossfit gymjones inspired

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Yvan Claude


Comment from Yvan Claude:

More fuel, please! fuel nature fruits veggies vegetables lifestyle lifestyleblogger lifechoices eatinghealthy health healthyfood sustainablechoices sustainability alimentation alimentationsaine alimentationsanté sustainablefood

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