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I'm putting together a Social Media 101 list! What do you wish you had known from the begining of your Social Media journey? If you think back, what's the one thing you'd do first? I'd love to hear your most fundamental tips to getting your Social right, right from the start 🎓✏📒

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GOD is the GOD over all the big and mighty things. The amazing things. And He is also the same GOD over the twinkle in the poor man's eye. Build the greatest tower, and it is an affront to YAHWEH. Show me the finest golden Altars. And they are beggerly. Alas, make the great temple and can it ever be more than an insult to the LORD of HOSTS? "But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." - Matthew 9:13 There is Mercy. There is Peace. But only In Christ. #TeamYAHWEH #JESUSFREAK #JESUSPUNK #BIBLE #JESUS #Faith #Hope #Truth #TeamYAHWEH #XGene #XFactor #Xreligion #ThunderRumbling #Christian #RelentlessLove #Fundamentals #Church

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3 sets of each: - 3 point plank with row x 5 reps each side - resisted dead bugs x 5 reps each side - TRX rollout x 10 reps Lately I have been really trying to focus my "core" training on stability and breathing. One of the most important aspects of stability is to not allow your ribs to flare while performing these exercises. By maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt and working on diaphragmatic breathing, it will allow you to get the most out of your "core" training. This will then transfer over to your big compound movements like squatting, deadlifting, etc... Slow and steady is the name of the game. #core #stability #antirotation #antiflexion #sportsperformance #functionaltraining #trainsmarternotharder #altuspremiernutrition #aesthetic #rogue #fitness #fundamentals #livefit #edm

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— What's up guys? If you follow us on social media, you best believe that whenever there's class footage, there shall be an interview video up next. Hence, this photo-- Stu's @stueytellar interview is up on our YouTube Channel. This guy, such a wise one. He's very soft spoken but you'll learn a lot from him fo' sho Fam! Link in bio.🙃 Thanks Stu for sharing your knowledge. We appreciate you! 👍🏼

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When the ball doesn't like you and getting hit in the face 😂. Practice, Practice, Practice! 🏀 #CoachMykeyBloopers

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Comment from Danny McLarty:

Nick working on getting up different shots when coming off the screen. A couple key points ... 1️⃣ he goes shoulder-to-shoulder with the screener which makes it tough for his defender to fight through the screen. 2️⃣ on the two jumpers he uses his inside foot (left foot in this case) when squaring up to shoot. #mvptraining #trainhardtrainsmart #fundamentals @schorr11

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Comment from Drew:

Shooting @trexarms warm up target. There's some good targets out there besides mine. The important part is getting in good training and making sure you are progressing. Doing the drills the right way, challenging yourself and making sure you aren't just feeding your own ego is how you get better. If you are key holing your shots speed up, add distance, or both. Have a plan and execute # #training #fundamentals #baersolutions #glock #ragnarok #ragnarokholster #kydex #tacticalhipster #getoutandtrain #tacticaltraining #military #glock19 #glock34 #sof #pewpew #shooting

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