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Love your life on your own terms . Today's workout (and the last workout of the holiday series 😢): . 5min 10 butt kick 20 high knees 10 burpees 20 shoulder taps 10 jack knives 20 flutter kicks . Block 1 10 push ups 20 squats 10 shoulder taps 20 squats 10 jumping lunge 20 squats 10 side shuffle 20 squats 10 burpees 20 squats . Rest 60s REPEAT Block 1 x 2-3 . Rest 60s . Block 2 30 high knees 30 burpee tuck 30 jumping jacks 30 mountain climbers 30 side to side hops . Rest 60s REPEAT Block 2 x 3-4 . Rest 60s . Block 3 30s plank 30s plank jacks 30s L-side plank 30s R-side plank Rest 30s 30s slow flutter kick 30s bicycle crunch 30s hold up (on your back, legs up and reaching for your toes) . . . #HIITFIT #stellies #training #gains #summer #summerbody #summergoals #fitness #bodyweight #fast #effective #noexcuses #intense #goals #workforit #noshortcuts

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Comment from Kevin Windolph:

Hühnerbeine 😂. Heut steht wieder Gym an. Hauptsächlich Beintraining 🏋🏻. Das macht mir zzt. echt am meisten Spaß 👍🏻💪🏻. Nach dem letzten Training konnte ich kaum einen Schritt vor den anderen setzen😁👌🏻. Habt ihr bestimmte Lieblingsübungen? Zwischen den Gym Tagen schiebe ich in den letzten Tagen viel Freeletics und Madbarz ein. Immer so, dass ich den einzelnen Muskelgruppen einen Tag Pause geben kann. Reicht dann auch 😂. Schönen Start in den Tag zusammen🙏🏻 . . . #legday #fitfam #fitman #fettverbrennen #muskelaufbau #beintraining #kraftwerk #beinstrecker #healthy #gym #muscle #motivation #gains #sport #fitness #fit #göttingen #quadriceps #workout #workoutfriday #fitnessstudio #lowerbody #training #bodybuilding nopainnogain #active #fitnessaddict #fitness

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Comment from thecrossboxkampen:

09:00 WOD: 15 Minutes AMRAP 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Sit-ups 20 Lunges

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Comment from Elizabeth Sarah:

Pretty happy to be getting back to my old weights with some consistent training, finishing off a pyramid with 5x75kg squats. Need to work on that depth but slowly fighting the fear and getting there 😂 Happy Fri-YAYYYY! End the week with a bang kids 💥

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Comment from Loïs 🔴⚪🔵:

Bday present, buddha to buddha ❤

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Frullis innan dag 2 i backarna ⛷ Gröt med pudding på kärleksmumskasein från @tyngre och massa bär 💪

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THIS. IS. GORGEOUS! My insanely talented little bro! I miss you every day @zachdestyn . LINK TO FULL VIDEO IN HIS BIO.

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Comment from De Jaun Blackburn Jr:

Can't complain about shit on my plate when I'm the one who said I wanted to eat 🍴

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Comment from Brandon Spencer:

Into week 9 of an epic 12 week programme and things are ramping up like crazy ! Smashed out a crazy leg session yesterday and a really hard chest/shoulders/triceps session tonight. I consume extra calories on my main chest day of the week to try and force the growth 💪 Chest is one of my weaker ares but that will be a thing of the past by next year fingers crossed 😎 Have a good weekend team ✌ #creepingdeath #johnmeadows

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