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DeLeon Digital


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The older I get the more I value having a small inner circle. Need to select a handful of really good friends/mentors that will keep you accountable and support you through the thick and thin. Plus for the good and the bad, they will rub off on you, so be cognizant of those you allow in. striveforgreatness deleondigital disruptthequo getunstuck reverseengineer hustle leadership motivation inspire work legacy grind startnow ambition sidehustle gamechanger qotd entrepreneur entrepreneurlifestyle digital edtech technology lifeonmyownterms workhard

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Hands up if you’re as thankful for coffee as we are today πŸ™ŒπŸ» Started this week as we mean to go on! ---------------------------------------------------- Click the link in our bio to find out more and take advantage of our 14 days money back guarantee. ---------------------------------------------------- workoutmotivation motivational positivevibes gamechanger mood grind motivation inspirationalquotes inspire goodvibes goodvibesonly instagood pulseroll foamroller vibratingfoamroller doms massage portablemassager vibration foamrolling sportsmassage fitfam fitspo beastmode crossfit bodybuilding legday instafit strong gainz

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Kimar Cain


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it's not ab what they do nor what they have but it's ab who they are.. and it takes time to learn that.. the more you're willing to work, the more you'll learn and if you don't - you won't.. it's really that simple.

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Get Motivated with Misha


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Head over to to check out this week's Feature on yours truly πŸ€—! Allow me to reintroduce myself 😎 GirlBoss SelfLove Introduction AmbitiousWomanOfTheWeek MetroDetroBusiness DetroitAuthors DetroitBloggers IntuitiveWriters SandiegoBloggers SanDiegoWriters SanDiegoAuthors StayAmbitiousStayMotivated LinkInBio LifeAfter25 WomenInBusiness BlackBusinessOwners Ambition OPPORTUNITY OwnYourLane GameChanger Influencer ThinkAndGrowRich StartWithWhy Mindset MotivateYourMental Hustle YearOfYes GrowthMindset LiveOnPurpose CatapultYourLife

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Chase Viator


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So I saw falkstrengthandconditioning put 10lbs on his deadlift in a week so I put 10 on mine. Training at egostrengthandperformance not only do I gain vaulable knowledge everyday but its changed my mindset of what strong is and I'm far from it. The motivation is unreal! 315x5, 335x1, 345x1 at 147 bodyweight! whatsinyoursack teamosg fookyourfeelings maxeffortmuscle

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Personas que inspiran. El periodista escritor y el empresario visionario. Cierre de un gran dΓ­a en HIP2017 con francoismonti y JeansebastienRobicquet Bar&Co HIP2017 luxuryspirits gamechanger gvigne laquintinye madrid mixology france

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maurice dunlap


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I been wearing this man of steel necklace for years just to remind myself to always stay super😎 that's my geek , what's yours? beingsuper staysuper superman manofsteel dcfan comicgeek hero comiccon cosplay reallygeeklife mauticed justdoit amazingpepple gamechanger whaysyourgeek geekout havefun liveyourway

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Sushi 🐢 Trips πŸš™ Photo πŸ“·


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Beati i cani perchΓ© per loro il lunedΓ¬ Γ¨ un giorno come tutti gli altri e non un dramma esistenziale come per noi poveri umani πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BUONA SERATA da un SUSHI SUPER FELICE πŸΆπŸ’™ unmulonamilano WikoItalia GameChanger Trieste italia italy 2017 tourism ig_italia ig_italy ig_europe italy_vacations igtravel italian_places thefullcolors folkmagazine landscape awesome_earthpix communityfirst eartpix teampixel colors_of_day framesofitaly volgoitalia topeuropephoto bestdiscovery worldtravelpics huffpostgram amazingplaces

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martinez cabrera


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El brayan peguiando. Aca sus cuenta de insta bryanmejia5992. gamechanger. iluminati

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His Heiress & Co.


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CHANGE is a great thing! BE a GAME CHANGER! ~HH&Co. gamechanger daretobe differentisgood differentwomen setapart ownlane chosen addyourownstyle own crownyou daretobelieve getradical change thegame business life exceptionalism

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Well that's it. Half term is over and it's back to routines tomorrow. I've kept the kids alive πŸ˜‚ and mainly happy [apart from when almost strangling them!] so this calls for a glass of wine and a delve into my favourite book ever. I always revisit this when things are tough or I need a little reminder of staying present and in the moment and it's been in constant read mode this week! It is Quite possibly the best book I've ever read. I heart eckhart! avoidingthefootball anewearth eckharttolle spiritualjourney awakening mindfulness gamechanger halfterm halftermholidays backtoschool thekidsarealright mummywin

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Kody Bramlett


Comment from Kody Bramlett:

Most people are so afraid of changing something in their lives because it's unfamiliar. There are countless positive aspects of change, you grow and become stronger.

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Poppy Renegade


Comment from Poppy Renegade:

COMMITMENT is the glue that bonds you to your goals, so whatever it takes, Make it happen πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ πŸ“Έ therickilee

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Aran Azkarate


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🍯 By CommeDesMachines proyectoNORA Design 3dprinting Sustainability goldenhour textiles dyeing gamechanger JumpToTheFuture

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It'sJustDionne For NGA | Media


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Ask not what your business can do for you … ask what you can do for your business. So often in business we are focused on what our business can do for us. How much wealth can our business generate? How many clients can the business serve? How many people can our business can employ? What if we flipped the script? What if we asked ourselves what we can do for our business? Can we be more present - Show Up? Can we provide better or greater service? Can we maintain our health? Can we employ the best people to do their best work? What can you do for your business? Invest in yourself. Join or Host a Mastermind Developing relationships with like minded business owners and entrepreneurs and business owners will serve your business in a number of ways. Shared journey - Your friends and family may not understand your journey, or your reasons why. A lot may not even understand what you are talking about (ie, lead magnets, auto responders, sales funnels, SEO, etc) Others may have already been where you are going, and can offer valuable experiential advice on best practices and pitfalls to avoid. Your group may have access to resources you never even dreamed of, and may refer or provide you access just because you are in the β€œin” crowd. Be in a constant state of research and development. Don't get stuck thinking the ways it's always been done ... is the only way it can be done! Webinars can be great learning opportunities, and goodness knows there are enough of them out there. Just be careful to pick one (1) subject area per week, attend the webinar, learn the lessons, and apply (if you can!) Apps, platforms, cloud based - OH MY!! Be careful not to get caught in shiny object syndrome, but you should always be on the lookout for ways to better yourself, and the services you can bring to your business. Take care of yourself. As an entrepreneur or business owner, one of your greatest to your business is YOU! Hopefully you have hired a team to support you, but you are the driving force. Talk care of yourself, for you, your family, and your business.Get Rest - Getting 8 hours of sleep/rest will make you more productive than working 24 straight. Get the blog - link in bio

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i Read, You Ask | Nick Caras


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Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook How To Tell Your Stories In A Noisy World By: Gary Vaynerchuck If you are looking for a comprehensive how to on social media, you needn't go any further! Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook complements all of Gary's other books but takes much more time getting into the technical aspects of how to use each social platform. He provides great examples of native content for each platform along with the do's and don'ts that you need to keep in mind. Whether you run your own business, are part of a large firm, or simply a casual user of social media this book will provide you great value. Avoid the common pitfalls of social media and move towards becoming an expert.

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