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Comment from Absentee:

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Comment from MissChelseaPro:

"And we fight for the people who haven't had a voice. Fight for the first amendment, fight for freedom of choice. Fight for women's rights, if she does or doesn't carry. We ride for all the queer folk and fight for all to get married..." maklemore Wednesday Morning __ 🍍 🍍 🍍 __ americanflag freedom disabilityrights womensrights equalrights lgbtqia alliance queer transgender bisexual asexual gay lesbian human bethechange beunique beyourself together wecandoit changetheworld inspire create believeinyourself believeineachother hamptons longislandphotography farmhouse nevergiveup MissChelseaProCollaborative

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Comment from minmiester:

Just 8 weeks till this holiday! I'm calling my 4 days in Barcelona over Circuit rainbow flagged because'll be pretty gay and also that makes it a nice and easy-to-depict 9 flags ☺ instatravel countdown instagay canada scotland spain morocco austria germany london england usa america

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Rob Ulitski


Comment from Rob Ulitski:

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🇧🇷 GrandeUrso-Brasil


Comment from 🇧🇷 GrandeUrso-Brasil:

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☠️🔥👌|-/ Austin |-/👌🔥☠️


Comment from ☠️🔥👌|-/ Austin |-/👌🔥☠️:

Song of the day 2: We Don't Care by Kanye West I love this song!!! My favorite lyric has to be when the kids sing "we wasn't supposed to make it past 5 jokes on you we still alive" because I've always felt that the universe doesn't want me to survive (I know I sound emo) and that lyric really captures the 0 fucks I have left to give 😋😍👌🙌🤙🔥 • • • ftmtransgender lgbt trans transgender ftm bisexual gay queer twentyonepilots tøp panicatthedisco patd emo piercetheveil ptv rap hiphop aesthetic music bands style fresh boy me stylish wild kanyewest kanye spotify

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Randy Martinez


Comment from Randy Martinez:

Yo sé que algunos van a seguir bajando, otros talvez frenen a ver la foto, otros a darle me gusta o hasta comentar. Quiero compartirles una foto que verdaderamente me llamó mucho la atención al tomarla porque ? Porque han pasado 6 años y medio desde que entre a ese colegio. La foto es tomada en el C.T.P Roberto Gamboa Valverde he vivido más de 6 años en ese colegio, he pasado por tantisimas cosas en ese colegio, una de las mejores etapas de la vida dicen que es la del colegio, creo que no pude escoger mejor colegio que el Roberto Gamboa, experiencias, sonrisas, lloradas, viví bullying, hice bullying jaja, bailadas, amigos desde bailarines hasta de la gente más pata, tristezas, aconsejar personas, los famosos "liguesillos" jaja, personas que marcaron mi vida, profesores, gracias a ese colegio conocí la Danza Urbana... Saber que si Dios quiere estas a 2 meses fuera del colegio es un poco rudo pero a la vez se siente algo tan hermoso, un capítulo que ya casi se cierra y que lo único que me queda es disfrutar los 2 meses que me quedan, disfrutar con mis compañeros de aula, y algunos compañeros de vida... dicen que las despedidas no son lindas pero creamen que salgo de ahí con una gran sonrisa. La gente que me conoce sabe lo sentimental que soy, les digo desde ya, esto no es un adiós... Y quiero decir que esto no es un adiós esto es un hasta pronto ❤ A disfrutar lo último que me queda de este camino TAN hermoso. Prometo que antes de irme de ese colegio tengo que bailar esa va hacer mi despedida ❤ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lifestyle photography photo gainpost gainparty photographs life sunset happy dancer sun water love nature man gaystagram face gayguy instasize gay instagram gaycr instagood date naturaleza fotografia felicidad

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• Antonella 🖤 •


Comment from • Antonella 🖤 •:

Non sai che ti perdi. 😉😈

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Comment from whenyouyes:

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Comment from KYLIE JENNER:

bynight gay

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David Lane


Comment from David Lane:

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Burly Men TM


Comment from Burly Men TM:

Every so often we have to put some kinky stuff in. This guy is on tumblr. He loves wedgies. If you want his account just ask us. Want to be featured? 👉🏼 Follow burlymen 👉🏼Share one of our logos on your page 👉🏼DM us your photo or use on your photo 👉🏼Please be patient. bearstud beardedlove beardsofinstagram beardedgay bearstud bearlove bearded bearcub beards beefy beard bear cubby cub shirtless scruff stud muscle growlr grindr gay photo follow hairy hairyguys hairymen

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❌BillyJoe❌Extreamly Creative


Comment from ❌BillyJoe❌Extreamly Creative:

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Gabriel Gregório


Comment from Gabriel Gregório:

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Comment from Absentee:

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Paul DaSilva


Comment from Paul DaSilva:

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The Relatable Lego


Comment from The Relatable Lego:

I wanna make a joke of how I want Bruce Wayne to be my birthday present since he is in a bow but I got nothing 😂 - shitpost ships ishipit legoharleyquinn legorobin legojoker legobatman tlbm thelegobatmanmovie relationships batman joker tumblr favoritemovie fandom spam spamming iregretnothing batjokes fanart cosplay jaredleto zakgalifianakis suicidésquad heathledger dccomics gay lgbt jarley

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Jonathan Lefer


Comment from Jonathan Lefer:

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Kyleanne Conway


Comment from Kyleanne Conway:

TBT My favorite part of our birthday party was when I inadvertently channeled phaedraparks and led the room in a restoration service. (📸 iyyak)

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T Mor


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