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Living The Mum Life ✌


Comment from Living The Mum Life ✌:

How many shrines have you done? I'm at 73 😍 zelda link nintendo nintendoswitch switch shrines village gaming gamer girlgamer geek geeky nerd nerdy retro new breathofthewild wild love addicted controller system cute

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Ashley Armitage


Comment from Ashley Armitage:

New zelda T! zelda geek nintendo

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Comment from elvesgonewild_:

So Magiccon is over and the con blues hit me so hard. It was lovely meeting so many of you guys β™‘ so you may know I am a huge Sherlock fan and Moriarty is (with John) my favourite character. AndrewScott was my highlight this magiccon because he is an amazing and inspiring actor and a kind person. convention sherlock moriarty geekgirls geek

23 Seconds ago

#ThouHolyMemes πŸ˜‡


Comment from #ThouHolyMemes πŸ˜‡:

Come at me with part 2! . . . . . l4l meme ThouHolyMemes MayTheMemesCleanseYourSoul RedeemAMeme MemeTeam lol comedy πŸ˜‚ f4f bants banter lmao music nerd geek 2017 haha love hood worldstar lmao happy funnymemes bae girlfriend wife women feminism

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Comment from Bxby:

Vibes . . . . girl makeup eyes eyebrows lips hair grunge grungegirl alternative alternativegirl edgy aesthetic aesthetics tumblr tumblrgirl nerd geek hippie hippy hipster teen teenager

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Rahul Malhotra


Comment from Rahul Malhotra:

β€’ ❀ Start Each Day Of Great Full Heart πŸ’• β€’ marco_ruhl autohash NewDelhi India Delhi people portrait child young fun cute business girl beautiful technology tech techie geek gay techy instagood in instadaily instamood instapic picoftheday beast love nature style dishamadan

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Geek Girl Fitness


Comment from Geek Girl Fitness:

Folks ask me how I stick to this healthy lifestyle when we're constantly going places and can't just eat at home. Nowadays, most places have a healthier option. Also, since I deal in macros and calories, that info is fairly easy to find online. At least a close enough version. Most importantly, though, it's about understanding food and making the best possible choices without stressing out too much. For instance, at a ballpark, I'll opt for some lean meat, like turkey, and always get a water. I also make sure I eat beforehand so I'm not expecting to eat a whole meal while there. . . . . . . geekgirlfitness geekfitnessgoals geekfitness geekfit geek fitness fitnesschallenge fitnessjourney fitgeek noexcusemoms nem losingweight 120lbs weightloss fitmama fitmom transformation healthydiet diet healthyeating fuelyourbody iifym iifymgirls momsofig fitgirlsofig thickfit momsofinstagram selfie fitspiration fitfam

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Comment from ronaway:

Kleine Manga Ausbeute vom letzten ComicLaden Besuch 😊 ...außer FireFire, den gab es bei eBay πŸ˜„ Ziel war PlatinumEnd und TheOnesWithin mit dem coolen Extra πŸ˜† TheRisingOfTheShieldhero und DragonsRioting kamen spontan dazu πŸ˜… Hashtags: tokyopop_gmbh kaze.deutschland tokyopop mangas mangaloot nerdstuff action adventure gamer nerd geek otaku merchandise mangalove booklove panda

57 Seconds ago

Jules Royce


Comment from Jules Royce:

nintendoswitch hamdmade geek sewing first attempt haha!

59 Seconds ago

Ismael Morais


Comment from Ismael Morais:

livre.... feriadΓ£o boatarde goodafternoon buenas gamer instaboys instagay gaymer geek geeklife maelzombie instabeard beardboys goodvibes model glory positividade gayfriendly gayfriend player1 boys cuteboys goodvibes positividade ganjaboys legalize

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Comment from T_A:

Japan Touch 2017chillotakupower geek japantouchharu lyonautop

1 Minutes ago

Harley Kat


Comment from Harley Kat:

Slowly starting to think about what to make for lojmasquerade this year... pretty sure it will have poof Photo by omartheblueadept Taken at ocwonderlandstudios Outfit by wonderlandcorsets Wig by epiccosplaywigs angel lightness whiteandblack light ocwonderlandstudios corset corsets corsetry poofyskirt tulleskirt princess photoshoot photography cosplay cosplayer cosplayersofinstagram cosplaygirl cosplaymodel modeling model fashion fashionmodel geek geekgirl instageek photooftheday

1 Minutes ago

Granit Spahiu


Comment from Granit Spahiu:

?🏼Look at this awesome spinner! 😱

1 Minutes ago



Comment from misstanyajane:

Love my little space nerd πŸ€“ space nerd geek planets

1 Minutes ago

James Renfree-Reeve


Comment from James Renfree-Reeve:

wh warhammer wh40k gamesworkshop gw ork orks citadel waaagh painting miniaturepainting wargaming warhammer40000 warhammer40k model models modeling geek nerd paintingwarhammer paintingforgeworld FW forgeworld tank grotmegatank

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Comment from DP:

3 of my favorite things...minus J.A.R.V.I.S of course...and coffee...and davidbowie's a cool pic! MayhemEnsues hero superhero disney lootcrate marvel muppets kermit dccomics nerd geek comics comic comicbooks

2 Minutes ago

Sophie Mason


Comment from Sophie Mason:

New signage in our lounge! ⚑️

2 Minutes ago

daniele di nunzio


Comment from daniele di nunzio:

gameboardgeek bird geek

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Comment from masterdesign3d:

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| By author sculpting_characters Playing with the new arnold 2.0 in maya 2017. Only a wip color map for now. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| More interesting projects and ideas for creativity, you can find here keyshot3d zbrushatpixologic 3d_s_max Photoshop ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ZBrush Armor 3D 3DArt CG CGI 3Dmodel DigitalArt Scuplture Sculpting InstaArt DigitalSculpting masterdesign3d cinema4d Gaming CharacterDesign robotic pilot artwork rendered with 3dsmax and vray Anatomy geek designer dragon game gameart artwork girls masterdesign3d Blender

3 Minutes ago

John Salkowicz


Comment from John Salkowicz:

4 Minutes ago