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⭐Sabrina Kuehner⭐


Comment from ⭐Sabrina Kuehner⭐:

We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been. - { horse horses horsesofinstagram equine equestrian themaninblack johnnycash cash western westernriding barrelhorse 4D training gelding blackhorse thegeldinginblack LakotaYPA }

6 Minutes ago

Bridget Bean


Comment from Bridget Bean:

Love my older horses, and I'm so excited to show them Saturday! Darby may be 20 but she is still the same spit fire mare that I have come to love over our many years together. Starbuck is my special guy who will be taking a kid in her first walk jog classes and trying to win western with me. oregon arabian 20yearsold cute gelding horsephotography horse horsesofinstagram horses_of_instagram showhorse reiningprince instahorse blessed love sweet beautiful paint mare painthorse firsthorse eclipsefoxydotts darby megastar starbuck

6 Minutes ago

Jess ☀️


Comment from Jess ☀️:

Hello Maxy you beautiful boy! ☺️🐎 missyou maxy mymate tb gelding J miss our rides... happyfriday! ✌️🐎🌞🐎

42 Minutes ago

Nicole Naugle


Comment from Nicole Naugle:

My boys💙 . . . . horsehorseshorsesofinstagramaphapainthorsethoroughbredthoroughbredcrossthoroughbredsofinstagramgeldingequinebarnalberta

46 Minutes ago

The Breezeway Babes


Comment from The Breezeway Babes:

Checkout the amazing companies who we are ambassadors for 😊🐴 also shoutout to socaleq for picking us as her sponsored riders! 💖 - the_charminghorse - horsetreatery CODE: TBB10 - katherinecosmetics - socaleq jump follow like hunterjumper hunter jumper equitation bareback barebackriding horses horseoftheday ticho velvet horseshow showjumping horsebackriding instahorse horsesofinstagram horselover horseriding youtuber equestrianyoutuber polowraps polo gelding pony ponylove showjumper zendell

50 Minutes ago

Girls Love Bays


Comment from Girls Love Bays:

Goodbye for another day! View of my boy in my rear view mirror as we left the barn. . We're talking about getting the vet back out in about a month for new x-rays of his foot. I'm excited but I'm scared to psych myself up too much in case it's not good. I'm also nervous of the next step of getting my green brained guy back into work without re-injuring himself and positively. I really should be blogging my heart out, work through all this! So many thoughts and emotions! . . . horse🐴 horseblog horsesofinstagram twohearts roadtorecovery barnlife thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram warmblood gelding goodvibes positivethinking

54 Minutes ago

River Lane Ranch


Comment from River Lane Ranch:

Captain gets some down time in the shade, while listening to Dave and I have a meeting with the team. captainjack riverlaneranch healingwithhorses gelding gypsyvanner

1 Hours ago

Cupid And Julia


Comment from Cupid And Julia:

I flipped off Cupid tonight... // We were jumping 2'6, two jumps, because he's jumping that at the show on Saturday. He jumped the first one, then rushed up to the second one. I half halted him and he slowed down too much. I two pointed but I thought he was going to stop (so did my instructor) so I sat down so I wouldn't fall off when he stopped, but he jumped it.. when I was sitting in my saddle. I flew over his head and flipped on the ground. I'm okay, he's okay. He really didn't do anything wrong. Actually he was being good not stopping. I got up and got him. After I waited a few seconds to make sure I felt okay, I hopped back on and finished my lesson. After that he jumped them perfectly. Love him more then life. ❤️ /// This picture wasn't taken tonight. I didn't get any pictures or videos sadly. 😕

1 Hours ago

Ludger Thole


Comment from Ludger Thole:

Madeleine preparing for shepherd at Thole Farms💫• • • • • • eventing usea jumping playhardworkharder eventersofinstagram ranger gelding geldingsofinstagram charlesowen c4belts

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Comment from striving.for.blues:

i was able to take this while he was distracted👏🏼😅 but the pic after this was cute too 😍👉🏼👉🏼 SLEWS CHEWS//🎉USE COUPON CODE: LoveZack for 10% off your next purchase!🎉• {tags} • ~devonequestrianacademy equestriansofinstagram equestrian equestrianteam horses horsesofinstagram horsetagram instahorse equine zacktheburtle zackattack ottb ottbsdoitbetter thoroughbredmastercat offtrackthoroughbred horsetagram gelding instahorse thoroughbredsofinstagram hunters jumpers equitation hunterjumper

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Comment from Kayla🐴❤️:

tbt 2 years ago from our photo shoot❤️ still and always will be madly in love with him😻 joe arena gelding aqha aqhaproud love of my life

1 Hours ago

Maya Savoie-O'Hara


Comment from Maya Savoie-O'Hara:

rocky_all_the_way and I are having way too much fun with the slow-motion option. riding bareback horseriding nosaddle cantering fun balance votd slowmotion horsephotography gelding western paint painthorse

1 Hours ago

Sierra Hoss


Comment from Sierra Hoss:

He's honestly the best Man I could ever ask for 😂 Spirit Won the 2D tonight and got 2nd in the 2D. Can't wait for Effie tomorrow ❤️🦄 Palomino Gelding spiraclethemiracle grandcowboyjac86 QuarterHorse BarrelRacing BarrelRace Rodeo

1 Hours ago

Sierra Hoss


Comment from Sierra Hoss:

Spirit winning the 2D tonight ❤️ BarrelRacing BarrelRace Horse grandcowboyjac86 spiraclethemiracle QuarterHorse Gelding Palomino

1 Hours ago

Stevie Paulson


Comment from Stevie Paulson:

Whatcha looking at boiii

1 Hours ago

•New Like Some •Tysm For 1.9k!


Comment from •New Like Some •Tysm For 1.9k!:

Sweet Poncho❤️ This was from our ride tonight(only walked) If u have any questions about why I only walk poncho DM me! -Be Active -Go turn on notifications -Ask question -Blow up my feed -DM me if you want to talk👑 horsebond horserider horsebackriding horsesofinstagram horselover appaloosa twohearts tagsforlikes barrelrider barrels bond unbreakablebond horselove gelding cute besthorseever bestfriendgoals friendsforlife forevertogether

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Comment from mcangel08corn:

Another great pic I took of George yesterday! So majestic gelding ottb horse chestnut

1 Hours ago

Jessica Moriarty


Comment from Jessica Moriarty:

When phantom just wants to do what phantom just wants to do. lookslikeadonkey gelding bestfriendshorse

1 Hours ago

Rorie And Ferdinand.


Comment from Rorie And Ferdinand.:

Happy Thursday. Going to ride again tomorrow hopefully will get some vids to make a edit!! ferdinand ferdi love thoroughbred chestnut gelding hooves converse

1 Hours ago

Cassie Lynn Photography


Comment from Cassie Lynn Photography:

Ears Armani equitation horse horses showjumper showjumping pony vsco vscocam equestrian equestrians cheval armani bay thoroughbred hanoverian horsesofinstagram gelding warmbloods FF, instafollow, l4l tagforlikes followback. love, instagood, tbt photooftheday summer

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