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✪Stefanie✪Altes Land✪


Comment from ✪Stefanie✪Altes Land✪:

...Meryl Streep...her speech at the Golden Globes was EPIC! Without naming names, she totally nailed it. ♡ merylstreepgoldenglobespeech2017epicspeechimpressivecourageselflessfromtheheartintotheheartsdeepinmyheartmorningmoodcoffeeaddictbutfirstcoffeelobhudeleicoffeelovemorningmoodmoinmoin

133 Days ago



Comment from Aubrey:

HERO. merylstreep goldenglobesspeech goldenglobespeech2017 truewoman someonetolookupto reallady ❤

134 Days ago

Brittani Louw


Comment from Brittani Louw:

This woman though 🙌🏼 "Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose" ... "Take your broken heart, make it into art" merylstreep carriefisher goldenglobespeech2017 womenwhoinspire

134 Days ago

Saurabh Mishra


Comment from Saurabh Mishra:

These are the types of people we should listen to, who we should read about because they are worth listening to. They empower people to think, and thinking is where great ideas are born, and how the world becomes a better place. Meryl Streep, if you continues to show how legends carry themselves.....merylstreep goldenglobes legends goldenglobespeech2017

134 Days ago



Comment from bbmac64:

Meryl Streep. That is all. GoldenGlobes GoldenGlobeSpeech2017

134 Days ago