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Gracie Barra Jacarepagua


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Transforme sua raiva em criatividade. graciebarra gbjacarepagua legadogb bjj bjjlifestyle gblifestyle jiujitsuparatodos

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© EV


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repost....Credit to gbwear : Coming Soon --> MODERN x TRADITION graciebarra gb1kimono

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Nicholas 'No Face' Martin


Comment from Nicholas 'No Face' Martin:

My teammate Tyson Jeffries is coming for the KOTC belt August 5th! mma mmafighter striking boxing kickboxing muaythai grappling bjj jiujitsu judo wrestling yoga yogi graciebarra graciebarraportland hardworkpaysoff sadiecooks fisticuts hansenmechanical hardworkpaysoff studioghibli ghibli miyazaki noface thenoface thepeopleschamp motivation begood

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Repost goitiyamauchi (get_repost) ・・・ Treino com pimpolhogb bjj graciebarra brazilianjiujitsu

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Nicholas Gonzales


Comment from Nicholas Gonzales:

As you can see I took a a beating but it was worth it thank you some much professor andrewvgbwc for what you continue to show me and thank you for the first tag on my belt bjjlifestyle graciejiujitsu bjjfamily graciebarra bjj🇧🇷

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Vivian Luna


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T E C H N I C A L R O L L S • Always technical rolls with my brother. No light days with this guy, we always make sure to push each other. Proud of how far you've come. Congrats on your promotion, you deserve it! alexlunatic89 • GracieBarraFullerton GracieBarra BrazilianJiuJitsu JiuJitsu Family Blood Lunas Strength Technique HipMovement Movement JustMove CombatSports Fitness Passion CantStopWontStop HardWork Love Life BjjLifestyle Lifestyle

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Tales Henrique


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Mais um treino cabuloso pago 💪👊 oss GBOB wbteam professor welingtonrsantos Venha fazer parte dessa família GRACIEBARRA

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🔺Gracie Barra Vila Ivonete Ac🔺


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🔺Gracie Barra Vila Ivonete Ac🔺 ............................................ gbguerreiros gbrondonia gbacre gbfamilia gbbrasil GracieBarra gbBlackBelt Deus gbkids gbNoGi gbshop gbjiujitsuparatodos gbPink gbjiujitsuparamulhes Osu🔺

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Comment from cabelos:

Looking back a couple years ago at a seminar i got to attend with the legend edwinnajmi My Jiu Jitsu changed more on this day than most will realise. Edwin opened my eyes to the back take that changed my whole game. bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu graciebarra gb72 martialarts mma sport fitness

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Guilherme Veríssimo


Comment from Guilherme Veríssimo:

You will be impressed to see what incredible things your child is capable of doing in such a short time. Is not he athletic? Is not strong? Is very shy? So maybe he still has not found the right sport, and the right spot! JiuJitsuForEveryone terrinhadraculinoteam graciebarranewengland graciebarra BJJ bjjkids jiujitsueveryday antibullying jiujitsulifestyle graciejiujitsu martialarts selfdefense Hopkinton massbjjf ibjjf BJJMassachusetts framingham Milford southborough Holliston

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Repost marinasmska (get_repost) ・・・ graciebarramoscow❤ oss bjjfamily bjjgirlsmag bjjgirls graciebarra graciebarramoscow graciegirls bjj bjjwomen_ myteam dreamteam

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Fausto Garcia


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Gracie Barra Valencia tonight thank you coach Devon and coach Edgar for having us. graciebarra

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Jason Su


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Drop seo nagi! 😭😭everybodylovessusu gbmurfreesboro graciebarra jiujitsukids jiujitsuforeveryone brazilianjiujitsu guamstyle 柔術 巴西柔術 주짓수 ブラジリアン柔術 jiujitsulife sharejiujitsu toddlerjiujitsu

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Comment from 🔱ZOTEA, EVOLUTION🔱10yrs.old:

genesiswrestlingzoteaevolution My advice to young wrestlers is that your surroundings really make a difference. You want to put yourself in good, positive surroundings. -Dan Gable Teamzoteabrothersscway gsup familykingsmma rvca rvcasport gb72 wrestlinggraciebarra ufc gbcostamesa compnet wrestlingtournament beast grappling alliseeisgoldlegacy brazilianjiujitsu nogivirusintlonevs bjj jiujitsu

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Amy "Resurrection" Montenegro


Comment from Amy "Resurrection" Montenegro:

My Professors are AMAZING!! 🙌🏽✨Thanks for helping me get ready for EBI12!! Watch it live on ufcfightpass Sunday at 6pm. Cali here we come! teamgb graciebarra gbnw TheFlyweightFemales eddiebravoinvitational CombatJiuJitsu eddiebravo10 ebiofficial

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Fabricio Rocha


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Sem dúvida, o estrangulamento mais selvagem que você verá!! Youngsu kim Vs Tiago Bravo grand Slam tokyo 2017 Luta completa 👇🏼 gbpiraquara gbcuritiba gbbrasil bjjlifestyle bjj bjjforlife bjjgirls bjj4life jiujtsu jiu jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsuparamulheres jiujitsuparatodos graciebarra graciebarrabrasil graciebarrapiraquara family familia piraquara parana redshield gbshop gbshop72 Escudovermelho

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Arnaldo Cardozo


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That's my idea of after lunch dessert! Organic green tea with grapes! foodmatters paleo kaylaadams graciebarra graciebarranewcastle braus

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Chris Shuman


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brownbelt bjj graciebarra gb

45 Minutes ago

Eduardo "Tyza" Schmidt


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Ah mas está Frio? Ah! Mas é Muito tarde? Quem quer acha jeito, que não quer, acha desculpas!!! Turma das 23:00!! Galerinha sinixtra!!! Heeey 💪👊🇹🇭

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Alvaro 💪🏼


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🔴GRACIE BARRA TALCAHUANO🔴 bjj bjjgb bjjgi bjjlifestyle bjjlife bjj4life bjjaddict jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle brazilianjiujitsu graciebarra graciebarrachile graciebarratalcahuano graciebarraconcepcion concepcion concegram talcahuano bjj👊

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