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Comment from Penny:

Day2⃣9️⃣1️⃣: all smiles 😁 as its FRIYAYYYYY!! Have a greyt start into this weekend sweet fwiends! Love, P. ❣️ friday fun

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Comment from quaintlyquirky1:

For Sale! Vintage greyhound charm. More detailed than modern castings. White metal (no markings so can't say it's silver). DM me if interested as not listed anywhere else yet! greyhound vintagegreyhound vintagecharm charmbracelet vintagejewellery quaintlyquirky1

2 Minutes ago

Abbey (Axi)


Comment from Abbey (Axi):

My household recently got a new addition! This cutie's Dash and he's a former racing Greyhound. I never really thought I could bond with a dog to be completely honest (I've always liked dogs but considered myself more of a "cat person") but there's just something about this cutie that makes me want to dote on him, even when his gas has me gagging. dog dogsofinstagram doggo greyhound cutie buddy couchpotato butalsonot goodboy

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Comment from Bobbi:

Uh yeah mom... I'm gonna need you to stay in bed and snuggle. 🐶 iggy iggylife italiangreyhound italiangreyhoundsofinstagram greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram whippet whippetofinstagram snuggle snugglebug cuddles bed sleepypuppy sleepy fridaymorning rainydays

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Comment from เสื้อผ้ามือสอง:

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Comment from Romeo:

I'm so happy sitting at my dad's lap💗

9 Minutes ago

Jon Adcock


Comment from Jon Adcock:

So while in the park with the dogs, the bigger stupider one decided to run away, out of the park across a petrol station forecourt, over a main road and down the path along the dual carriageway. With help from an incredibly kind young lad who witnessed this I caught Roxy by a roundabout and headed down the road to see Jess boarding the X47 bus!!!! The driver was bewildered, as were all the passengers. I approached cautiously as I feared she'd run onto the road but thankfully caught her and got her on the lead. The sheer surprise on the faces looking out from a busy double decker bus will remain with me for some time. Curiously enough I'd only just taken out a new insurance policy on her about an hour earlier. Thankfully nothing bad happened but I think she'll be on the lead for a while until her recall improves. greyhound greyhoundrescue greyhoundsofinstagram runawaydog probablytookyearsoffmylife

10 Minutes ago

Antonio RA


Comment from Antonio RA:

rino bestfriend galgolover galgo greyhound sayinghello

11 Minutes ago

Muppy 🍾➰➰💥🐓


Comment from Muppy 🍾➰➰💥🐓:

Recently, he doesn't hate to sleep the chicken because sometimes it work as a good pillow.🛏 italiangreyhound chicken dog dogs_of_instagram dogs greyhound cutedogs instadog iggylove apollo puppy iggies iggysofinstagram galgoitaliano italiangreyhounds dogsofinstagram イタリアングレーハウンド Собака イタグレ doglover doglife dogoftheday 犬 chien petitlevrieritalien わんこ piccololevrieroitaliano italiangreyhoundsofinstagram cane italienskvinthund

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Comment from Marta👣+🐾=❤️:

Jack e Bella 4 anni fa ❤️ ricordi memories dog rescuedog greyhound retiredracer amore love famiglia sweet occhi instadog doglover

12 Minutes ago

Lauren & Grace


Comment from Lauren & Grace:

Blaser the trail blazer furballs_atx flowers flowerbed walk atx stoptosmelltheflowers pink purple technicolor curious puppy puppygram furballs babygirl blaser trailblazer greyhound blacklab labmix greyador friday

12 Minutes ago

Ryan Cody Ayers


Comment from Ryan Cody Ayers:

greyhound stuck for a while but finally got a ride to be home way sooner to be with the pregnant sick wife in the hospital! Thank you so much vanna I owe you big time!!!!

14 Minutes ago

Chai & Harley 😙


Comment from Chai & Harley 😙:

After 10 minutes of Mamma squatting, coaxing, and countless blurry pictures we decided we had laughed enough at Mamma and consented to an unblurry picture 😎😎 Happy Friyay!! . . . harleyworm littlechaibug retiredracer theinstagreyhound adoptdontshop greyhoundsofinstagram 45mphcouchpotato greyhound greyhoundlove

15 Minutes ago

wicker emporium


Comment from wicker emporium:

Kai the retired greyhound stopped by to test out the area rugs! He approves ☺️ wickeremporium dog dogs dogsofinstgram rugs greyhound retired greyhoundrescue greyhoundsofinstagram

16 Minutes ago

Sir Edward


Comment from Sir Edward:

Mom tried this with a ball first... hit me in the face.. But POPCORN on the other hand.... Get in ma bell-ayyy. 🍿 . . downthehatch goodcatch goodboy popcorn greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram tricks woof adoptdontshop adoptagreyhound sighthound

18 Minutes ago

Cleveland Dog Walk


Comment from Cleveland Dog Walk:

Roo & Moon on a Friday afternoon! tgif cledogwalk cledogs cle ohiodogs lakewood greyhound retiredracer instadog doglovers dogs dogsofcle dogsofinstagram dogwalkersofinstagram

19 Minutes ago

Emma Edwards


Comment from Emma Edwards:

That Friday feeling rescuedog greyhound rescuegreyhound petsofinstagram blackdog

21 Minutes ago

I like to play, eat, and poop

Comment from I like to play, eat, and poop:

Hey everyone!! The next couple of days I will be with Tia Ana and cousin Hansel while my useless parents party in Spain ilovewhippets puppiesofinstagram petsofinstagram petscorner petsagram pet italiangreyhound Italiangreyhoundofinstagram whippet greyhound whippets pup puppylife

23 Minutes ago

Amy Riehl


Comment from Amy Riehl:

prettything of the day! Beau lying in the lap of luxury. greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram adoptagreyhound couchpotato

24 Minutes ago

Andy Fennell


Comment from Andy Fennell:

Beautiful! sighthound greyhound

24 Minutes ago