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Seong Weon Joanne Lee


Comment from Seong Weon Joanne Lee:

이만큼 기르는데 일년정도 걸렸으니....기르기 힘드네😱😱😱 머리 기르기힘들다 제작년 2015 언제또기르나 힘들다 짧은머리의유혹 또다른나 여자여자하다잉 ㅋㅋㅋ 오마이갓 longhair growingback soon

13 Hours ago

Mariajose RojasDeLeon


Comment from Mariajose RojasDeLeon:

New hair style...🙄😒🤔🙄! mmmm dontlikeit newcut ranchostyle shorthair yavacreciendo growingback sunday procastinating sera hagalehuevos hair haircut pixie pixiecut pixiestyle latina chileroserchapin chillin finde

22 Hours ago



Comment from Alondra:

My hair has gotten pretty long so I had to manage with a new different hair style since I straighten it yesterday 😬 growingback makeup choker smile happy greenhair somethingdifferent

1 Days ago



Comment from jimmygoodboyjimmyno:

One week's growth haircut dogsofinstgram dogslife oldenglishsheepdogsofficial oldenglishsheepdog oldenglishsheepdogs oldenglishsheepdogpuppy oldenglishsheepdogofficial oldenglishsheepdogsofficial dog🐶 mistakeshappen growingback puppy puppiesofinstagram puppies puppycut

3 Days ago

Kymberly Blalock


Comment from Kymberly Blalock:

tbt when I said," bleep it" and removed the hat... onlyhair ownit growingback shorthairrocks 😍😀

4 Days ago

Arup Rajak


Comment from Arup Rajak:

When u have decided to grow it back again... 😊😊😉😉 beard growingback loveit menwillbemen😎

6 Days ago


Comment from LIZI/ELIŠKA:

Living my best bald life today 💗 bald growing growingback selfie makeup johnnycash johnnycashtattoo brows liner fiveguys nowig tattoo tattooedgirl tattooedgirls blackwork neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo blackandgreytattoo piercedgirl

6 Days ago



Comment from DEANrene:

Got some hair growing back!! I loved the shaved head but I am excited to have bad hair days again! shavedheadgrowingbackyegandrogynousandrogyny

7 Days ago



Comment from Sam:

gettingbigger muscles growingback gainz athlete mypassion muscles nolimits nofear nolimits noexcuses nothingisimpossible warrior focusedathlete dedicated determined determination gymmotivation gymrat gymlife growth cpawareness cpwarrior unlimited breakingtherules power positiveenergy

8 Days ago



Comment from Stephen:

Hairs growing back quick. Been a little over 2 months since the cut. Still unsure how long I'll let it get this time around. Any suggestions? • • • hair cut shorn shaved chopped growing growingback donated itsjusthair neverthebeardthough bearded beard beardlife beards pogonophile • • Considering this my sds (far right is today) for the tons I've let go unanswered - auttoman_empire murphyvillegoddess thenerdyscientist k2snowboardman _redneck_countryboy stlstephen30 red_iron_10 n0baddays90 chak_a_kahn abwolf23 huck_the_barber316 curly_wurly__ tattooz1977 adamthelumberjack phoenixbitchface mrs_huck316 ... think that's everyone, but if I missed you I'm sorry. ❤️️

9 Days ago



Comment from RuthyDoolittle:

hair shorthairdontcare growingback gingernut charitychop

10 Days ago

Bethan Handley😍


Comment from Bethan Handley😍:

With the aid of a few Bobby pins and half a can of hair spray, I managed to tie up my mane! Side note, I'm not cross eyed 😂 don't know what happened there! 😳😱😂,.⊙ω⊙ shorthairproblems shavedformacmillan growingback sideshave alternative pierced tattooedgirls mum

13 Days ago



Comment from Emz:

Almost enough to run my fingers through buzzcut growingback tomboy waitingforsummer

14 Days ago



Comment from Lou🍄:

Trying to be beautiful without hair. shavedhead 1month rollercoaster growingback rebuildingmyself

14 Days ago



Comment from Doms:

ᕼᗩIᖇ Iᔕ GETTIᑎG ᔕO ᒪOᑎG, TᕼᗩᑎᑎᑎᑎK Gᗩᗯᗪᗪᗪᗪ🤓.. devilsrejects robzombie instadaily halfsmile tongueout tonguepiercing piercings girlswithtattoos owltattoo content girlswithpiercings glasses growingback loser loner mugshottattoo otisdriftwood

14 Days ago



Comment from Lourdes🅿🅱:

💅🏼Love ❤️ love ❤️ love my new orlyledlamp opihellokittycollection lookatmybow neverhavetoomanifriends◾️ goldchrome ezflownailsystems opigel lulunails81 lulunails lulu natrualnails dothemmyself saturdaynight homebody nailsdone grrrrrr leopardprint stilettosnails growingback hands ✋🏽🤳🏽

15 Days ago



Comment from Doms:

ғaĸe ѕмιle тнroυgн тнe вυllѕнιт.. eh selfie me girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings piercings tattoo crazy glasses longhair growingback ugly mug pattern sweater instadaily fakesmile

15 Days ago

Ashley Holden


Comment from Ashley Holden:

Row row rowwwwwww back lats traps reardelts row growingback fitchick babymuscles fitnessgirl fitnesschick fitlife fitnesslife backday fitnessfreak fitnessaddict fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney fitnessjunkie

17 Days ago

Lexi Níchol


Comment from Lexi Níchol:

For the first time in a while I feel like my hair is finally getting back to what it used to be 😍 chopped off close to 18" a little over two years ago and no I did regret it, I was the ready for the change, but about a year into growing it back I began to miss it.. and I finally feel like it has some length and those long luscious locks are back 🙈😍cutandcolorbyme hair hairstylist colorist allmyhair lotsofhair blonde balayage growingback growhairgrow balayagehighlights blonde blondebalayage wellafreelights hairpainting hairpainted wella kenrarapidtoner

17 Days ago

⚜Frank Netzel⚜


Comment from ⚜Frank Netzel⚜:

Welcome back facial hair! You have been truly missed ! GrowingBack TheReunion WorkGrind TrueGentleman

18 Days ago